Friday, August 26, 2011

WORMHOLE NOW SHIPPING! - Still Giving Away Free Item!

Great news! As you know, MJM Magic is having a special PREORDER SALE right now. Basically, anyone who preorders the hot upcoming release, Wormhole by Ali Nouiri, would also get a free $20.00 DVD thrown in by us (About Face by Jay Sankey).

This ONLY applies to people who PREORDER Wormhole, because once it's released, the freebie giveaway will no longer be included.

Well, we have some good news, and some GREAT news!

The good news is that instead of this item being released in September, it's actually being ON ITS WAY TO US NOW! We expect it to arrive on Monday to ship out! So everyone who preordered Wormhole by Ali Nouira can expect to have theirs shipped as early as Monday.

Now for the GREAT NEWS! Since we are actually getting this item EARLIER than expected, we are still going to honor the special giveaway that we had! That means that if you order this between now and August 31st, we will still give you the free $20.00 DVD along with it, even though the item is no longer on preorder!

It simply wouldn't be fair to our customers to pull the freebie away just because we got Wormhole earlier than expected!

So please, if you haven't taken advantage of this deal, don't wait any longer! We got a call from the vendor who puts these out, and they are COMPLETELY SOLD OUT OF THEM! That means MJM Magic is going to be your number one place to have Wormhole available, and we're also giving away this $20.00 value along with it until the end of the month!

Wormhole is A SELF WORKING signed card to pocket!

Two freely selected and signed cards are lost in the deck (you don't even control the cards). You offer to dead cut directly to their selections. You make ONE CUT and show the top card. You missed.

But you know what, that's not surprising is it? Why not? Because after cleanly showing your hands are empty you slowly reach into your back pockets and remove BOTH SIGNED CARDS!!!

A supernaturally miraculous 'Signed Card To Pocket', WORMHOLE is dead easy to do.

No moves (no palms, forces, breaks - NOTHING). The special gimmicks do the work for you.


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