Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Having Problems Checking Out?

Sometimes, we get a customer who writes to us and says, "I can't add anything to my shopping cart?"

If this happens to you, then read on!

First off, the reason why this happens is actually not caused by us or our website. It usually has to do with the customer's computer. Either they have third party plug-ins or software which prevents the page from loading, or it's blocking cookies that help store that information on their computer.

Either way, here is the solution if this happens to you:

- If you ever have problems loading the checkout page, then LOG IN FIRST. In other words, go to this link (https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/login.html), log in, and then try to add the items to your cart.

Once you login, then your computer won't rely on cookies to store the information, and it will directly add the items to your cart.

Think of it like this. If you weren't logged in, how would the system know who you are, and where to store the items you want? In most circumstances, this information is stored locally on your computer in a "cookie" file. However, once you login to the MJM Magic website, now it has a customer record to reference for you, and it no longer needs a cookie to remember the items you want to add.

Please let us know if that fixes the problem if you're experiencing it.

If not, then you may contact us via email, telling us the items you want, and we can work with you to have the order placed and ship without using our website.

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