Thursday, October 19, 2017

"A $5.95 miracle that fooled Penn and Teller!"

Boy do we have a TREAT for you!   How would you like to learn a variation of a trick that FOOLED Penn and Teller?   And what if I told you it was only $5.95?   AND......what if you could begin watching and learning the trick RIGHT NOW without waiting for the mailman to bring it to you?
It's an EASY to do card trick, but it FOOLS PROFESSIONALS alongside of laypeople!
This trick allows you to find TWO spectator selected cards, even though they have been thoroughly mixed and shuffled into the deck by the spectator's themselves!   Watch this official demo video to see how powerful it can be:
If that trick looks familiar, it's because a variation of that trick was recently performed on Penn and Teller's FOOL US show.   Want to see it performed there?   Here is the link as performed by magician Sigfried Tieber:
And you can learn it today at MJM Magic!!!   Have fun with this one!

BONUS ITEM - If you like Juan Tamariz and his incredible magic, then check out this latest 5 DVD set!  When you purchase it with MJM Magic, we will 1) give you FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE in the USA, and 2) You will earn $7.00 in reward points to deduct off your next order with us:

Did you know that my grandfather used to circumcise elephants for a living?   It's true.  He told me the wages were poor, but the tips were enormous.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

"This is physically IMPOSSIBLE!! How did you do that?!"

Ripped and Fryed - video DOWNLOAD
Imagine getting STAGE SIZE reactions to a pocket size effect!!
You all know about the classic "Saw a Lady in Half" illusion, right?   That's where a lady is in a box on stage, she gets sawed in half, and the box is separated to show that she really is in two pieces.   Then the box is put back together and the lady jumps out of the box in one piece.
Imagine doing that with playing cards, in a walk-around setting!   
You take a folded card (representing the lady) and insert it into another folded card (representing the box).   You tear BOTH in half, and then SLOWLY and VISUALLY, you restore the lady back together!  
And yes, the card can be SIGNED and EXAMINED to prove it's the same card!
Check out the video here and watch TWO PERFORMANCES of the effect:
And the best part: this is an INSTANT ACCESS video, so you can immediately begin watching it after purchase!
Start performing Ripped and Fryed today!!!


Did you hear about the two guys who stole a calendar?   They each got six months.

Friday, October 06, 2017

"This trick will gain you TONS of followers on social media!"

IG by Josh Janousky - DOWNLOAD

Imagine this.   You have a spectator shuffle a pack of cards and select one of them.

You then have them take THEIR PHONE, open THEIR INSTAGRAM APP, and have them go to your Instagram page.   They scroll down and see that MONTHS AGO, you happened to post a picture of the exact same card that they happened to pick!

But that's not all: the CAPTION on the photo is PERSONALIZED, even mentioning THEIR NAME and WHAT THEY WOULD BE WEARING!

Let that sink in:
  • The photo was posted months in the past.
  • The card in the photo matches their selection.
  • The CAPTION on the picture mentions their NAME and the OUTFIT they would be wearing.
  • They use their own phone to see it.
Watch the demo video here:

The best part is that you have now exposed your Instagram page to them (and whatever crowd of people happens to be watching you perform this miracle)!   They can take a screenshot of your personalized prediction and they will end up sharing it on their own social media pages.

CONGRATULATIONS - you just performed a miracle and consequently exposed your Instagram account to countless numbers of people, thus increasing your popularity and opening up future doors for yourself!

DOWNLOAD THIS TODAY and begin performing this at your next event:


I was fired from the keyboard factory today.   I wasn't putting in enough shifts.

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

These effects will FREAK people out on Halloween!

It's October, and that means one thing: HALLOWEEN is fast approaching!  Brandi spent a lot of time condensing all of our Halloween items into one convenient category for you, so you can check that out here:

Be sure to browse through there and stock up for the upcoming event!

If you want some recommendations, here are a few favorites that you should definitely pick up before the end of the month:


Trust us, this will FREAK PEOPLE OUT and get their heart pumping!   Easily one of our bestselling effects!



Quite possible the scariest trick in the world!   In fact, some people say DO NOT do this effect, simply because it starts out so innocently, but ends with a STARTLING REACTION!


3.  CUT 2.0

Not for the squeamish!   Imagine cutting a deep gash into your hand, and then magically healing yourself!

"It's one of these tricks that people will never forget, it's so perplexing to think about...Cut 2.0 will change the way people look at you. Period."
- Andrew Gerard



Electric Touch Plus gives you the extraordinary ability to deliver an electrostatic shock that will not only surge through your fingertips, but through your entire body as well --- and that's just for starters!


5.  EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon)

EVP is an incredibly easy to use device in magic to ever allow the spectator to keep the evidence of a seemingly paranormal event on their own phone. Use your newly discovered power wisely.



For you stage or children's performers! If you ever wanted to see a real professional children's entertainer performing a 100% Halloween tribute show, then you will want to get this DVD. There are plenty of wonderful magic effects to add to your existing show or you can create one from ground up!


Remember, holiday themed magic is ALWAYS a memorable way to leave your mark in the minds of spectators!   So this Halloween, be sure to stock up on these seasonal items and have some fun!

Halloween Category on MJM Magic:


Q.  Why do cows wear bells?
A.  Because their horns don't work.

Friday, September 22, 2017

"One of the BEST and EASIEST card tricks to perform! Anytime, anywhere!"

Las Vegas Leaper by Paul Harris - video DOWNLOAD
"One of the best and EASIEST card tricks to perform!  Anytime, anywhere!"
Imagine that you have the spectator count ten cards which they hold in their own hand.   Remember, THEY count the cards themselves and they hold onto them.   You then take another ten cards in your own hand.
Not once, not twice, but three times, you make cards disappear from your hand!   Like magic, you show that you only have 7 cards left. 
BUT THE KICKER: The spectator now counts the packet they've been holding the entire time, and they have 13 cards instead of 10!   The three cards magically travelled into their packet (AND YOU CAME NOWHERE NEAR IT)!
This is Las Vegas Leaper by Paul Harris, and it's a CLASSIC in card magic!   I don't know anyone who has ever said anything bad about it.
  • You can do this with a borrowed deck
  • You can do this on the spot
  • You can do this walk around (no table needed)
  • Best of all, you can now DOWNLOAD AND LEARN THIS TODAY (nothing to ship, it's accessible online!)
And with a new twist, you can do this with MONEY!   Just watch the amazing (and cute) demo video to see Las Vegas Leaper in action:
Purchase today and you will be watching the video as soon as we process the order!



A few days ago, we launched a 50% off sale on 1250 new items.   In just a few days, we have already sold out of 365 of those products (we are down to 885 products left, and that number is shrinking by the hour).
So if you haven't already, VISIT THIS LINK and purchase these drastically discounted products:
In just a few days, the prices will go back up so please take advantage of this sale.   We are not sure when the next one will be.



I thought about inventing a pencil with an eraser at both ends.   But I didn't see the point.

Monday, September 18, 2017

"QUICK - 50% off SALE on THOUSANDS of New Items! - Starts NOW!"

WE DID IT AGAIN!  It doesn't happen often, but when it does, put on your seatbelt and hold on tight!!!

MJM Magic is clearing out even MORE inventory, and we've SLASHED prices on over 1200 bestselling items!!

You can view them all by simply clicking this link:

Everything in that category is 50% off.   Everything!
  • These are brand new items!
  • These are DVD's, Books, Tricks, you name it!
  • Over 1200 items to choose from!
  • This is NOT a joke!
TRUST ME ON THIS: You don't want to pass up these savings! 

Here is what I would do:
  1. Click that link above to be taken to the products
  2. Begin scrolling through each page and add the products you want into your shopping cart.
  3. Purchase and be happy knowing that these same products would have cost you twice as much when it expires in a few days.
Supplies are limited to whatever we have on hand, so once they sell out, there is no turning back time. 

PRICES WILL GO BACK UP TO NORMAL AFTER SEPTEMBER 30th!   That means you only have a few days (between right now thru September 30th) to stock up on as many of these as you possibly can!

Also keep in mind:
  • We ship worldwide!
  • USA orders will get a FREE SHIPPING option if they spend $50.00 or more!
  • EVERYONE qualifies for the free $30.00 Reward we pay you if you spend more than $300.00 by the end of the month!   (Doesn't apply to anyone who already earned the reward this month).   More details on earning the free $30.00 can be found here:
So click this link below and start scooping up these 50% OFF DEALS!


A lot of my friends tell me I'd look good in a straitjacket........But I don't think I could pull if off.

Saturday, September 09, 2017

"One of the BEST visual effects I've ever seen!"

XrayHey everyone!   I apologize for not sending any sort of newsletter the last week or so.   My youngest daughter (Katelyn) broke her ankle in three places and required surgery.    Needless to say, it's been a busy couple of weeks.

You can see the X-ray cast picture on the right which shows the screw she had put into her ankle (and if you look closely, you will notice the other side is still completely broken in half, but they said that should heal up on it's own).

She was out of school for two weeks but now she is on crutches and moving around just fine.   So thanks to all who contacted us and sent your condolences.   It meant a lot!   :)

Anyway, in this newsletter, I just want to highlight some of the BRAND NEW RELEASES which came into the store which are worth checking out:

MAGIKUB by Federico Poeymiro - Trick (ALMOST SOLD OUT)

Do you think you have seen everything regarding a Rubik's Cube?

Could you imagine putting the pieces together in just one second?

With MAGIKUB, you can do exactly that - solve the puzzle in one second!! In the blink of an eye, each side is a different solid color! Impossible!


RSVP Box by Matthew Wright

This is an amazing utility tool that can make any small object appear, vanish, and transform into another item. Here's an absolute classic of magic reinvented for the modern performer. This sleek-looking black ring box is extremely simple to use and comes with many routines suitable for walk around, close-up, parlor, and stage, including a variation of Matthew Wright's FISM award-winning routine.


X by James Conti - Trick

The power to manipulate ink! Change inked drawings or writing before your spectator's eyes!

A card is selected and returned to the deck. Next, the magician introduces the "X" card within the deck: a card with a big, bold "X" drawn onto its back. When its face is revealed, unfortunately it doesn't match the spectator's selection. But with just a flick, the "X" on the back of the card magically changes into the value and suit of their selected card!

This is super visual and happens in a blink of an eye! And it looks great - very magical!


Eyepad (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Wayne Dobson

This is a STUNNING and UNIQUE "think of a card" trick!

Just when the spectator thinks you've messed up, BOOM!

The one single card that is in full view on the last page is shown to be the spectator's thought-of card!
  • The spectator is never asked to reveal the card until the very end!
  • Very easy to perform
  • It comes with a very high quality printed "EyePad"
  • Ideal for cabaret, theater, and TV
  • Great for magicians, comperes, and children's entertainers
  • A great opener, middle or closer!


I’m a magician of sorts. I steal candy bars using sleight of hand.  You could say I have a few Twix up my sleeve.