Wednesday, March 20, 2019

"50% OFF - The BEST Routine in Magic!" - Almost Sold out!!

"The best routine in magic!" - Rocco

R2 by Chris Randall - DVD Only


If you perform on parlor or stage, then you most likely do some form of the Linking Rings in your act.  It's something that most people THINK they know how it works, until you disprove their assumptions with your clever handling.

The PROBLEM with many linking ring routines is that you can't hand out the rings for examination......UNTIL NOW!

Chris Randall (2015 Stage Champion, 2018 IBM Award of Merit Winner) will teach you his CLEVER and DECEPTIVE handling to do exactly that!  Learn this entire routine from one of the best who performs it.

It's a secret so fooling that he once was DISQUALIFIED from a competition because the judges believed it was impossible without a stooge. Chris's secret transforms an already great effect into something truly miraculous.

Watch the demo video:

Yesterday this was $25.00, but today we are giving it away for only $12.50.  It's a DVD with over one hour of detailed instruction.   If you already own rings, then you owe it to yourself to pick this up at this low price.   (And if you don't own rings, you will want this for when you do)!

SUPPLY LIMITED AT THIS PRICE.   Price will jump back up to $25.00 tomorrow (or if we sell out of our current stock later today).


(NOTE: This is also sold as a separate download item, but that version is not part of this special 50% off price.   This is for the DVD Only version.)


I threw a boomerang a few years back

I now live in constant fear.

Monday, March 18, 2019

"A Walk Around Performers DREAM - Check out FLASH OUT!"

"A surprise kicker similar to NFW only ten times easier!"

FLASH OUT (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by James Anthony - Trick

FLASH OUT is a simple yet ingenious trick that allows you to perform either an INSTANT VISUAL CHANGE or a FACE DOWN CHANGE.

Watch the Demo Video here:

Imagine clearly displaying the FOUR ACES and then dealing them down onto the table or the spectator's hand. Now to the surprise of the spectator, the Aces have COMPLETELY VANISHED leaving behind a set of four 2's... OR the words "LOOK IN LEFT POCKET."

The magician then INSTANTLY produces the Aces from his/her left pocket.

Both versions are included in the package.


Why not place the Aces into the spectator's left jacket pocket ahead of time for a MEGA STRONG FINALE!

  • Easy to perform
  • Fits in a wallet
  • Comes with 2 variations and all the gimmicks required
  • Fast or slow change
  • Extremely commercial
  • Instant reset
  • Magic happens in the spectator's hand
  • Easily "add to" or "remove from" any Bicycle deck of cards


Me: "I invented a new car. It's powered by silence!"

My friend: "Wow, this is going to revolutionize the industry!"

Me: "Yeah, it goes without saying."

Sunday, March 17, 2019

"50% OFF - The Instant Memorized Deck is a Game Changer!!" - LIMITED SUPPLY

"Learn how to do all of the best memorized deck tricks WITHOUT having to learn a stack."

Instant Memorized Deck by Woody Aragon - DVD


WAS: $30.00  TODAY: only $15.00 (limited supply.....keep reading)

There is no doubt about it.  Some of the GREATEST magic you can perform is done with a memorized deck.  The problem for most people is that in order to do this, you already have to have the stacked deck memorized before you begin.


With this DVD, you will learn how to take a BORROWED and SHUFFLED deck, and through a series of clever moves, you secretly put the deck into an order that allows you to perform miracles!

AND BEST OF ALL: The routines require no difficult sleights and are easy to remember and perform.


Plots include Poker demonstrations, mentalism, prediction effects, and stunning impossibilities. You'll learn:

4 Card Prediction - From a borrowed, shuffled deck, the magician removes two prediction cards. The spectator then removes two cards in the fairest possible manner... and these two cards match the predictions.

Weighing the Cards - In this classic, the spectator cuts off any packet of cards and the magician instantly knows how the number of cards cut.

Name Any Card - The magician knows the exact position of any card the spectator names.

Memory Exhibition - The spectator chooses any card and moves it to any other position in the pack while the magician's back is turned. With just a gaze at the new order, the magician can pinpoint the spectator's chosen card and where it is.

C.A.A.N. - A selected card goes to any position called for.

Instant Poker - This is a highly entertaining and multi-phased Poker routine.

This is a well produced DVD that you will be sure to benefit from.  And all of that for only $15.00!

REMEMBER: We only have a SMALL SUPPLY at this discounted price!  Once we sell out of this supply, the price will go back to $30.00.  So don't wait!   Every time we have a deal like this, we always get customers who miss out and express remorse.  Don't let that be you!



The sweater my wife gave me was picking up static electricity, so I went to the store to change it.

They gave me another one, free of charge.

Friday, March 15, 2019

"A MEMORABLE Effect using Houdini's Diary!!"

"No Sleight of Hand required, and Instant Reset!"

Houdini's Diary (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Wayne Dobson and Alan Wong - Trick

This is Wayne's take on the classic Diary Card effect.

As ever, he has routined it to be SUPER-SIMPLE to perform:


Watch the demo video:
Not only is it a strong effect, but the Houdini theme is intriguing and memorable.

You offer to show them the trick Houdini claimed as his favorite card trick!

It involves a vintage diary - and you managed to get hold of one of Houdini's original private diaries.

As a man fascinated by the occult, Houdini liked to write the name of a playing card against every day in the diary, in the belief that particular cards had resonance with certain days of the year.

The spectator calls out any date in the year that means something special to them: a genuine, free choice.

When you spread the deck face down, every card is blue-backed except for one card - which is red-backed AND bears Houdini's signature on the back!

The spectator only now turns to the date and confirms that the cards for that week are all different. For the first time, they tell you the name of the card at that particular date.

The amazing coincidence is that their chosen date was the very one that Houdini's pet dog died; the single red card is now shown to be the very same card.

You'll love the antique diary and photograph Bob Gill designed and Alan Wong produced especially for this effect.

But most of all, you'll love Wayne's very funny comedy presentation that is the making of this routine: one you'll enjoy performing - every time you do it.



Where do you put Giraffes that don't feel good?

Giraffe-Sick Park

Thursday, March 14, 2019

"Show off your Card Skills with this EASY Pop Fly move!" - DOWNLOAD TODAY

"A fun and ADDICTING way to show off your card skills!"

The Vault - Pop Fly by Bizau Cristian video DOWNLOAD

If you're looking for a way to EJECT a card out of the MIDDLE of the deck, with no apparently throwing action, then look no further than Pop Fly!

Demo Video:

In this download, you will learn how to completely throw out a card like magic!   This can be done with an ORDINARY and BORROWED deck.  There are no complicated setups, threads, or anything like that.

With your purchase, you get access to a 33 minute video teaching you everything you need to know!
The basic move (ejecting a single card) is something you will master with only a little bit of practice.  It's ADDICTING to do!!

For those who are looking for more advanced moves, Bizau teaches you how to do the Pop Fly with MULTIPLE cards, which is perfect for revealing multiple selections (or for producing four of a kind).   You even learn some SANDWICH effects as well.



Why did the chicken cross the playground?

To get to the other slide!

Tuesday, March 12, 2019


"We guarantee you've NEVER seen anything like THIS before!"

CTC Project (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Peter Eggink - Trick

I have to admit.....when I saw this, I absolutely could NOT figure it out.  

You take a coin.   Yes, it can be borrowed and signed if you want to.

You then take an EMPTY soda can, and have the spectator hold it.   Read that again: the SPECTATOR CAN HOLD THE CAN.

You step a few steps away, and flick the coin into the can, and BOOM!   The coin penetrates the can in the spectator's hands.  They can HEAR and FEEL the coin the exact moment of the penetration!

You can then take the can back, tip out the coin, and have them examine it!


This is truly a one-of-a-kind gimmick that we have never seen before, and you're going to love it.

As you can imagine, the SUPPLY IS LIMITED.   In fact, once these sell out, it could be MONTHS before they're available again.

Get yours today at MJM Magic:


6:30 is the BEST time on the clock

Hands down.

Thursday, March 07, 2019

"$6.00 for THREE Brilliant Effects from a SHUFFLED Deck!" - Download Now!

"One of our BESTSELLING downloads is bring highlighted in today's VAULT!"

The Vault - Revolt by Geraint Clarke video DOWNLOAD

This is probably one of our bestselling downloads, and if you haven't purchased it in the past, now is your chance to pick it up!

At only $6.00, it's a fantastic value!

Watch the Demo Video:

In this download, you will learn three brilliant playing card divinations from a shuffled deck in use. But these are far from your standard 'pick-a-card' trick. Each effect is more impossible than the one before, with the magician revealing the chosen card though there was no way to for him to have any idea what the card was. Each effect is diabolical, practical and most of all, potent for a lay audience. This is Revolt. Here's what you get:

Essential: A FREELY CHOSEN card is selected at random and the spectator is then able to shuffle the card into the deck, losing it completely. The magician is able to locate the card despite these test conditions. This effect relies on a very clever principle that, once mastered, will help you create miracles in this and countless other effects. Geraint offers several ways to get into and out of the effect, and offers advice on how to handle less than optimal conditions to create the strongest effect possible.

Alter Ego: A card is chosen at random and lost in the pack. The spectator can then shuffle the cards, losing the card legitimately. The magician is able to divine the name of the card without ever having to touch the deck. The method is genius, can be set up while interacting with the audience between tricks, and has the potential to create a real moment of astonishment.

Momentum: You'll be using this one within moments of seeing this clever method. Again, a freely chosen card is selected and replaced in the pack and can be lost in the deck. Before the cards have been handed to the spectator to be shuffled, and without turning ANY cards face up, you will instantly know the name of the selection. Momentum allows you to take a very commonplace item, one that you carry with you daily, and turn it into an impromptu gaff. Get miles ahead in your card work, creating true miracles with pasteboards.

Download this video today and start performing!




A limbo champion walked into a bar.

He was disqualified.