Friday, July 18, 2014

Want a SLICE? Check it out for only $1.00!

Yaaaay, it's Friday!  Not only is MLB Baseball starting up again, but it's the start of a nice relaxing weekend!

Whether you're getting away, or just staying at home, I wanted to share with you a great opportunity that we're offering at MJM Magic.  And it only costs a buck!

Slice of At the Table: Live for $1.00!

First off, what is it?  MJM Magic features WEEKLY lectures by some of the industries TOP performers.  We call these lectures the "At the Table" series, because we literally take you up "at the table" with the greatest minds in magic.

Now, you can purchase these weekly lectures individually for $24.95 each, but the FAR BETTER WAY is to purchase our VIP Monthly Pass, and you get every lecture that month for only $10.00 each.

For example, the latest lecture to come out was this awesome one with Rick Merrill:

Rick Merrill Lecture:

You can purchase that for $24.95, can purchase the VIP Pass for the month of July, and get that lecture plus FOUR MORE for only $10.00 each ($49.95 total):

VIP Monthly Pass:

As you can see, you get WAAAAAY more bang for your buck by purchasing the Monthly Pass, because you will get automatic access to ALL THE LECTURES that month, and the savings makes it a no brainer decision!


We understand that you may be on the fence about purchasing a lecture.  Is it for me?  What is it all about?  What if I don't like the format?  Therefore, we are offering this special $1.00 package.   For only a buck, we will share with you:

    - The first 15 minutes of Marcus Eddie's recent At the Table lecture.
    - 3 performances
    - 1 trick

This is a great, NO RISK way of seeing how the Lectures are, and give you a taste of why so many people are purchasing them!   If you don't like it, you only spent a buck.  But if you do like it.....then you can now feel CONFIDENT to purchase the VIP Monthly Pass (getting all 5 monthly lectures for $10.00 each), or you can simply purchase individual lectures for $24.95.


I will give you two reasons:

1.  You learn from the best.  Just as music lovers go to concerts to hear their favorite bands, magicians go to lecture tours to see their favorite magicians.  Except now, you don't have to go anywhere!   We bring the lecture to you!

2.  They are all downloads!  That means nothing to ship, so no shipping charges, or delivery times.   You just purchase it on our website, and BOOM!  Begin watching it right away!

And the best part is that we store the files on our servers, so you can access it anywhere.   On the road?  In a hotel?  Just log into your MJM Magic Downloads area and begin watching it over your internet connection!

So please....take advantage of this special offer.  Try the SLICE OF AT THE TABLE for only $1.00 --- see what it's all about, and then purchase more with confidence!

You can see a list of ALL of our "At the Table Lecture" downloads right here:

Your friend in magic,
- Jeff Mash, CEO
MJM Magic, Inc.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

The PERFECT Vanish - Learn it today at MJM Magic!

Since today is Hump Day (Wednesday), I wanted to send out a quick newsletter to spice things up a little bit!  Instead of thinking about how slowly it's taking Friday to get here, let's check out some brand new DOWNLOADS that we are offering here at MJM Magic!

Price: only $4.95

When I saw the demo video for this, I was like, "What....WHAT?!  How the......!"  

Magicians have been searching for the perfect retention of vision vanish for well over 100 years. A vanish that is practical, has ease of handling, versatile and visual is not only difficult, but almost impossible to find. That is until now. Enter Tony Polli from Italy. An award winning MASTER of sleight of hand. He has built a reputation in Europe for a technique he calls The Perfect Vanish. Now he's sharing his secrets with you.

On the download, you will learn:

The Basic Vanish - Tony will give you the REAL WORK on The Perfect Vanish for multiple camera angles. He will take you through all the ins and outs that make this one of the most visually striking coin vanishes to date.

The Multiple Vanish - Not only can you perform this vanish with a single coin or small object, you can also perform with a fan of 3 or 4 coins. Imagine being able to visually get ahead in a coins across routine all in one kick-ass move. You'll learn the secrets here.

The Change - Tony gives a detailed description of one of the coolest, most practical routines on the download. Imagine being able to show a coin and change it into another small object like a ring, a smaller coin, or even a bank note! Tony reveals the inner workings so you an add this to your working repertoire today!

Thru The Table - Most magicians have performed some version of coin through table before. Tony's Thru The Table combines the visual nature of The Perfect Vanish with the coin through glass table effect with startling results.

The Perfect Vanish Link:


THE BLANCO CHANGE - Video Download
Price: only $3.95

"If you're a card guy, always thirsty for the next sleight or visual move, then this one is for you!"

This is one of the coolest flourish changes we've come across in some time. A card is chosen and lost in the pack. A new card, not the selected card is shown. With a flick of the wrist and a spin between the hands, the card changes into the chosen card. This and many other beautiful possibilities are possible with The Blanco Change.

The Blanco Change Link:


REMEMBER THIS - When you purchase one of these products, you get INSTANT ACCESS to it, right away!   That means you can begin learning these effects right now, with no waiting, and nothing to ship!

In this day and age with instant access at our fingertips, you would be cheating yourself if you didn't take advantage of our instant DOWNLOAD products!  From single trick ponies to full length DVD's, MJM Magic has it all.

So click this link and you can see our HUGE LIST of downloads that you can access right now:

For any other questions, just drop me a line and let me know!

Your friend in magic,
- Jeff Mash, CEO
MJM Magic, Inc.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

"New LOW PRICE Downloads that will BLOW YOU AWAY!"

This is going to BLOW YOU AWAY!  I'm just warning you upfront.  Seriously, you may want to hang onto something when you watch these videos, because you may  literally be lifted off the ground with amazement!

Today, I'm bringing you two new DOWNLOADS......but not just any downloads.   These are from the great Woody Aragon.

For those of you who don't know how BIG that name is in magic, then look no further.   Check out these new downloads and begin learning them TODAY!


Price: only $4.95 <----wow b="">

When I began watching this video, I first thought, "Okay, I know what he's doing here.......", and then BOOOOOM!   I was like, "What just happened?  How did he do that?  What is my name?!!?"

Effect: Four cards are chosen and lost in the deck. Woody pulls out a card, not one of the four selections, and what happens next has to be seen to be believed.
Woody rips the card into 4 pieces, and with a magical blow, the pieces change to the first spectators card. He then squeezes the pieces and they magically change to the second spectators card. But it doesn't sot there!!! A gentle shake and the pieces morph into the third spectators card. The pieces change one last time into the spectators last card, and the pieces fuse together, making the card whole again so the spectators can examine!

For less than five bucks, you can't beat this from one of magic's biggest names!


OMEGA = ALPHA by Woody Aragon - video DOWNLOAD

Price: only $4.95!

QUICK - You're handed a deck of cards at a moments notice.  Someone says "Show me a trick."  You're not prepared.  What do you do?!?!

Woody Aragon offers a great piece of self working magic that can be done with a borrowed deck of cards. The cards are shuffled and a card is simply thought of. The deck is shuffled again and with a bit of banter, the cards are dealt into two piles. One pile is eliminated and the process is repeated until a single card remains....The card merely THOUGHT of by the spectator!!!!!


As with all of our MJM Magic Download products, you can literally begin learning these effects RIGHT NOW!   Just purchase them through our website, and once you submit your order, we give you the access link directly on the Thank You page which displays on our website!

Nothing to ship, nothing to wait for!  Just purchase, and begin watching immediatelely afterwards!   If you ever have any issues or concerns, one of our friendly staff is available to help by sending us an email at!

And if you liked these two new downloads and want to add more into your Download Library, just click this link below to see the rest of our download items:

Your friend in magic,
- Jeff Mash
MJM Magic, Inc.

Friday, June 13, 2014

"New GAFF Card Deck and Slashed Retail Prices for You!"

Happy Friday!  I don't know about you, but for some reason, my internal clock was one day OFF this entire week.   I think it directly related to be being out of coffee yesterday.  AGGHHHH!!!   So I thought it was Friday YESTERDAY and it really screwed me up!   You can imagine how happy I am to see that TODAY is actually the last day of the week. 

But before we all have a couple days of relaxation, I wanted to share with you some MJM Magic news and updates!


We have been releasing a TON of New Downloads lately, and we've just added a couple more!   If you like card magic, check these two out:

Slow+Ring by Lu Chen ($20.00):

Creation by Lu Chen ($7.00):

As with all of our MJM Magic Downloads, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to learn these as soon as you place your order!  So purchase it today, and begin learning these effects.


Anyone who does card magic will know the importance of having a few gaff cards on hand.  Things like Double Face cards, Blank Face cards, Double Backs, etc.   Some of the most powerful and unexpected magic involves these gaffed cards, but who wants to purchase an ENTIRE DECK of Blank Face cards if you only need one or two?

So now, MJM Magic has produced our own VARIETY GAFF DECK, which gives you a handful of MANY DIFFERENT gaffs in one shot, without having to purchase entire decks of each kind.

Check it out - For the cost of one deck, you now get the following 48 card set:
  • 12 Double Back Cards (6 Red/Red, 6 Blue/Blue)
  • 6 Double Back Cards (Red/Blue)
  • 12 Blank Face Cards (6 Red, 6 Blue)
  • 6 Double Face Cards
  • 6 Blank Back Cards
  • 6 Double Blank Cards
Get it here for only $9.95:

Now check out these SEVEN NEW ITEMS that we slashed prices on, just for you!

Welcome To The Firm by The Underground Collective - DVD
Was: $35.00  Our Price: $11.70
This 2 hour extravaganza has it all - self workers, mentalism, brand new sleights, some eye popping card chicanery - it's all there! These guys have a STELLA reputation in the magic world - and 'Welcome To The Firm' will show you why!
Impromptu and Colorful Prediction by Pablo Amira and Titanas - Book
Was: $30.00  Our Price: $9.95
Are you able to know beforehand the outcome of random events or influence on them?

If you wanna learn new existing ways to create precognition experiences, this Book is for you.

Effects that are tested in the real world and probed as effective and meaningful.

Restless Vol. 2 by Dan Hauss and Paper Crane Magic - DVD
Was: $35.00  Our Price: $11.70
Restless is the result of many sleepless nights where Dan created some truly unique and sometimes bizarre magic. On these DVDs there is magic with shoe strings, gum, name tags, water bottles, matches, straws, candy, coffee creamers and many other ordinary everyday objects.
New York Coin Seminar Volume 16: Methods, Performances, and Presentations
Was: $35.00  Our Price: $11.70
Volume 16 is the perfect closure to the three volume set, with fifteen additional wonderful coin routines. In Dr. Michael Rubinstein's Bent Coin Routine, not one, but two coins are bent by brute strength, one belonging to the spectator. Oil and Water is Rubinstein's take on the classic card plot, adapted to coins. Nest of Boxes is an update on a routine taught on an earlier DVD, where the loads occur right under the noses of your spectator.
Radio Magic: The Interviews Season One by Jay Fortune
Was: $50.00  Our Price: $16.70
A huge amount of magic is covered in these pages from hypnotism and NLP, sleight-of-hand, magic book publishing, history of magic, starting your own magic business, mentalism, mind-reading, stage illusion, breaking into television with your magic, manipulation, famous magicians, creativity, bizarre magic, close-up, scripting, theory and philosophy.
Brain Damage by Maxime Montier - DVD
Was: $40.00  Our Price: $13.35
One of the hottest releases of the year. Includes the incredible Torn and Restored Carte: Fully explained on video for the first time! You will be fooled! 
Contents:  Torn and Restored "Carte" -one of the most convincing piece-by-piece torn and restored cards...ever! 
Freak Coins -3 dollars change into 3 Chinese coins
Double Impact by Terry LaGerould
Was: $20.00  Our Price: $6.70
The performer repeatedly reveals cards merely thought of from his playing card collection.
Terry LaGerould has been showing Double Impact for over 25 years. This unique double-forcing deck renders a powerful mental routine.
If you like those INSANE DISCOUNTS, then be sure to check out the FULL LIST of them by clicking this link below.   We have over 115 products that are slashed between 50% - 67% off:

Have a great weekend!
Your friend in magic,
- Jeff Mash
MJM Magic, Inc.

Monday, June 09, 2014

Two HOT NEW Downloads - Available Starting RIGHT NOW!

Holy smokes, it's HOT here in Calfornia right now.   Feels like it's about 135 degrees Fahrenheit.......but according to the weatherman, it's only 104 right now.   Brrrrrr, chill!

However, I'm not here to talk about the weather........I'm actually sharing something HOTTER than the weather (if you can believe that).

Check out these two NEW DOWNLOADS that we just threw up on the MJM Magic website:
They are PRICED TO SELL, with one being under $5.00, and the other under $3.00!


Pole Change by Braden Pole - video DOWNLOAD

Price: $4.95

Underground sensation Braden Pole offers a feat that looks impossible, yet is well within the skill set of most practitioners of sleight of hand.

Imagine displaying a card face up in the middle of a spread of playing cards held in the hands of the magician. Then with a gentle shake, the card changes to the Chosen or even thought of playing card. The change is visually striking, happens in the open while isolated in the middle of a spread.

You will be able to add this into your arsenal of sleights minutes after learning it.

Braden also teaches you how to incorporate this into a Red Hot Momma/Chicago Opener style effect so you have a context to practice this wonderful piece of impromptu magic.

Watch the DEMO VIDEO and purchase right here:

Roller Coaster by Alessandro Parabiaghi - video DOWNLOAD

Price: $2.95

Want to add a bit of flair to your next card trick? Well look no further than Italian underground sensation Alessandro Parabiaghi's Roller Coaster Double.

This amazing new flourish double lift looks difficult but can be mastered with minimal practice. Alessandro will walk you through all the details and will give you professional tips to make the move loos as effortless and accessible as it does in his hands.

Watch the DEMO VIDEO and purchase right here:

Don't know what video downloads are?  In a nutshell, as soon as you purchase one of the above titles, you can begin to watch it INSTANTLY right through our website.   No waiting for something to ship!   Begin learning these effects right now at our everyday low price!

Thanks again for being a part of the MJM Magic family!   GROUP HUG FROM ALL OF US!

Your friend in magic,
- Jeff Mash
MJM Magic, Inc.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

"Mentalism’s best kept secret!"

Happy Thursday!   This is just a quick email blast, to let you know about some brand new downloads that we are giving our customers access to.

"Jonathan Royle has been mentalism’s best kept secret."

We now have his E-BOOKS on download!  You can instantly access these from your computer, tablet, or smartphone, as soon as you place your order!

Check them out today:

While most of his e-Books cover mentalism, cold reading, and hypnosis, there is something for everyone.    For example, check out his "Any Card At Any Number" effect:

ACAAN - The Holy Grail of Mentalism - It's so practical and clean, you won’t believe it.

This isn’t marketing spin.  You got to check this out.  Even magicians that don’t like ACAAN effects like his approach:


To check out all of our other DOWNLOAD products (which you can access instantly as soon as you place your order), just browse through our huge list of downloads here:

Your friend in magic,
- Jeff Mash
MJM Magic, Inc.

Monday, May 12, 2014

SPINNERETS by Steven X, plus 14 Hot Items at 50% Off!

I hope you all had a great weekend!   In this newsletter, I wanted to share with you a brand new item coming out soon (we're currently offering our awesome MJM customers the chance to preorder this and reserve your copy)!

And below that, we are sharing with you 14 NEW ITEMS which have 50% OFF PRICES!   It's just our way of continuing to pass on some fantastic deals and savings to make your shopping that much more enjoyable with us!

NEW RELEASE AT MJM MAGIC: Spinnerets by Steven X - Trick (shipping Tuesday 5/20)
Retail: only $39.95 (used to be $149.00!)
Watch the Video Trailer:



Spinnerets are the smallest thread reels in the world, and can be spun easily. With Spinnerets you can float an enormous variety of objects such as: cake, ice cream, meat balls, and much more. Spinnerets are undetectable from start to finish. Spinnerets eliminate the need to walk around like a marionette, always attached to a string. If the thread breaks, spin another directly under the spectator's nose. Your hands are always empty. There is nothing to hide or ditch.

Powerful new weapon, bringing magic to new heights.

Spinnerets have opened new doors for the magic world and you! Spin webs anytime, anywhere. EVEN IN THE NUDE!


Pick it up right here at MJM Magic:

AND NOW.......Here are some brand new items which you can pick up for 50% OFF:

V: Five Effects by David Forrest - DVD
Was: $30.00  Now: $15.00
"All five of these new effects are wonderful. In fact, I honestly think they are among Dave's best work to date - really clever thinking! Not only are you getting five great effects but some really ingenious utility devices that can be used in many different effects."
Commercial Carney by John Carney - DVD
Was: $35.00  Now: $17.50
Includes an Aces up the Sleeve routine, a very direct version of the Oil and Water plot with a great finish, a prediction effect with cards, a flashy production of four jokers which change to aces, and more!
Civil (Coin In Very Intriguing Location) by Sam Fitton
Was: $50.00  Now: $25.00
Any borrowed coin is signed and held tightly inside the magicians fist. Moments later it vanishes and appears inside the performer's shoe. You never go anywhere near your shoe. The spectator removes the coin.
You Ring? by Ed Ellis - DVD
Was: $20.00  Now: $10.00
A ring is borrowed, a rubber band is held at the fingertips of the right hand and placed through the center of the ring. A second rubber band is placed behind the other rubber band using your left hand. The spectator holds the ring as the bands instantaneously penetrate through the ring and each other and the spectator is left holding the ring with the rubber bands still at the fingertips of your hands.
Two Way by Kreis Magic - Trick
Was: $28.00  Now: $19.00
A beautiful prediction routine that involves two decks of cards and a sealed box.
Greater Magic Video Volume 26 - Our Best Vol.2 - DVD
Was: $30.00  Now: $15.00
The first volume of Our Best proved hard to match. But we've done it in this DVD.  Six of magic's most exalted close-up workers treat you to nine of their favorite routines. You'll enjoy the performance and explanation of these tricks, which were especially reserved for this volume.
Bold by Russ Andrews and Merchant of Magic - DVD
Was: $30.00  Now: $15.00
Bold is a collection of 'off the wall' effects by UK magician Rus Andrews. Rus works 'day in day out' in bars and nightclubs, so he has developed a repertoire of working routines that pack a punch and are very simple to understand and follow.
Dustin' It Off by Julie Sobanski and Dean Montalbano - Book
Was: $25.00  Now: $12.50
Dustin' It Off features routines based on Rope and Tape Principle, One Ahead, Thumb Tips, Coin Penetrations and so much more. There are children’s routines, bizarre magic, stand up, close-up and more. But more importantly, there is inspiration to encourage YOU to take some old outdated magic, and give it a face lift!
Horus by Luca Volpe and Titanas - Book
Was: $30.00  Now: $15.00
The 'Horus' contains some of Luca Volpes best kept secrets from his professional repertoire. Mixing a blend of clever thinking and easy to do methods, which creates stunning effects. Each routine is audience tested and contains everything you need to perform the effects, from the script to plenty of bonus tips.
Creative Coin Magic - 1986 Lecture by Dr. Michael Rubinstein - DVD
Was: $35.00  Now: $17.50
Dr. Michael Rubinstein's 1986 live lecture features some excellent original coin magic and techniques. Routines include: Crazy Coins Across, Twilight Zone Wild Coin, Quadra Coin Reverse Matrix, and Triple Coin To Card.
Q! - Toon Genius - DVD
Was: $35.00  Now: $17.50
Can you imagine what happens when the classic cardtoon meets modern technology?  That's right the answer is Q!  Q! is your personal assistant and he lives on your cell phone! Adults and kids love him. You already know the impact of such a charming and entertaining character.
Radio Magic Season 2 by Jay Fortune - Book
Was: $50.00  Now: $25.00
The sheer amount of magical advice and expertise contained in these pages is staggering. This book is not about tricks, but it is full of secrets. If you are looking to improve your magic and be successful then you really should own the Radio Magic Interviews Season One and Two
Let's Have a Dream (With DVD) by Dominique Duvivier - DVD
Was: $25.00  Now: $12.50
A card effect which is both visual and stunning!
Snap Shot by Thom Peterson - DVD
Was: $25.00  Now: $12.50
A unique effect done with cards which comes complete with instructional DVD, specially-printed cards and uncontrollable caffeine jitters.
Want to see a HUGE LIST of other insanely discounted items?   Just click this link below and pick & choose from any of these discounted items:

Your friend in magic,
- Jeff Mash
MJM Magic, Inc.