Thursday, January 23, 2020

"TODAY - Download over 180 MINUTES of John Bannon Magic!!"

"This is easy-to-achieve, yet staggeringly powerful card magic!"

The Vault - Fire When Ready by John Bannon video DOWNLOAD

An immense 180-minute running time, "Fire When Ready" will arm you with some of the strongest card magic imaginable. From Bannon's go-to opener for more than a decade 'Line Of Sight' to the impossibly clean think of a card 'Proxy Shock'.


The ten featured routines are audaciously constructed and require only the most basic sleight of hand, yet, they are tricks that are destined to be in your arsenal for EVER!

Download it today and begin learning these powerful card routines for your weekend!



For those of you who preordered these, they are about to ship very shortly!  And if you haven't, you really need to check them out:


My grandfather always used to say, “I put blood, sweat, and tears into my work!”

Good man. Disgusting bartender.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

"Pull off and RESTORE a Soda Can TAB completely SURROUNDED!"

"WARNING - This is not a camera trick!  What you're about to see is REAL!"

Skymember Presents PULLED EXTREME (Silver) by Alan Rorrison - Trick

This trick is profoundly mind-blowing; you restore a torn tab from a can in an incredibly visual way!

Don't just take our word for it; watch the trailer.


Super easy to do so that you can focus on your presentation.

Anyone can perform it AND perform surrounded!

There is a quick setup to prepare the can of your choice, but after that, you will be performing it over again with quick reset time!   Perfect for street magic and walk around environments!

Choose which color tab you prefer:


How does Moses make his coffee?

Hebrews it!

"This will completely CHANGE the way you perform card magic!"

"Even in SLOW MOTION, you cannot detect how this is done!!"

Revolve (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Nicholas Lawrence - Trick
A folded card is dropped from hand to hand, and as it drops the color visually morphs from red to blue. It can then be handed out for examination.  Adaptable to bills, receipts, etc.  There are multiple handlings taught, so there is something for everyone.

NO DIY.  Comes ready to go and is extremely durable.  

Watch the trailer:

Trust me, when I first saw this, I thought I knew how it was done.  Must be some complicated elastic thread, right?  WRONG!  No thread!   Okay, okay.....must be hard to perform, right?  NOPE!  It comes ready to use out of the box!  Just watch the instructional video first to really see how powerful this is!



They sold out within the first three hours of release, and now they're back!   Check out TRUE COLORS for another way to visually change the color of a playing card!

(It's currently #2 on our bestsellers list for the month!)



How did we know that communism was doomed from the start?

Because of all the red flags.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

"HOW does this happen in real life?!" - Today's DOWNLOAD!

"Two hands.  One coin.  No long sleeves.  Coin vanish.  MIND BLOWN!"

The Vault - Da Vinci Vanish by Leonardo Burroni and Medusa Magic video DOWNLOAD
Sleeves rolled up, no gimmicks, nothing at all, only your two hands and a coin. The spectators can clearly see the coin placed in your hand, a magical gesture, and it disappears under their nose! Your hands and your wrist are completely empty after the vanish.

The Da Vinci Vanish is a gimmickless method to make a coin completely vanish.

Your hands are completely clean after the vanish! Take a look at the trailer to see how good this looks.

Leonardo Burroni tested this vanish in real-world performances, so it is completely practical.
  • No gimmicks, sleeves can be rolled up
  • Works with any coin
  • No reset, can be performed again immediately
  • Ends completely clean, hands are empty
  • Instructions are very detailed with over the shoulder shots to make learning easy


Speaking of coin magic, be sure to pick up this amazing effect!  Make a coin completely penetrate through solid glass with ROLLER COASTER!  Watch the trailer video at the link below!


TIME BOMB DISCOUNT is still active!

Right now, we have a TIMEBOMB discount on our website, giving you additional discounts off your order!  To see what the discount currently is, just visit our website.  It will be displayed on the top of every product page!


I told my boss three companies were after me and I needed a raise to stay at my job...

We haggled for a few minutes and he gave me a 5% raise.

Leaving his office, he stopped and asked me, “By the way, which companies are after you?”

I responded, “The gas, electric and cable company.”

BLINDED - A spectator's signed card turns INVISIBLE!

"It's like a cartoon illusion - A spectator's card DISAPPEARS and then REAPPEARS!!"

BLINDED RED (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Mickael Chatelain - Trick
This is a FANTASTIC illusion.  And it can be done with a SIGNED card!

A spectator gets to freely choose any card they want.   They sign it.   You then place the card behind an INVISIBLE KEYHOLE card......and their card turns invisible!  You then make it reappear and they can examine both their card AND the keyhole card!


There is no forcing, no manipulation and the keyhole cutout is large so your spectator can easily see that nothing is behind it.  Nothing to hide in your hands or anywhere else.  Comes complete and ready to go.
  • No forcing.
  • No manipulation.
  • No black art!
  • The keyhole is huge and your spectators will easily see that nothing can hide behind it!
  • Reset immediately!
Choose your color gimmick:
Begins shipping soon so get your order in today!!!


What do you give a dog that has high temperature?

Mustard, it's the best thing for a hot dog!

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Digits of Deception with Alan Rorrison - DVD or Download Today!

"If James Bond was a magician, Alan Rorrison would be Q!"
- Paul Wilson
Digits of Deception with Alan Rorrison - DVD

Make no mistake about it.  Digits Of Deception is a deep dive into some of the most commercial, fun, and just purely magical magic conceivable.

Every routine on this packed TWO HOUR project could have been released as a stand alone trick - but Alan has slammed them all together for you in a veritable feast of awesomeness. PLUS he shows you how to make the necessary gimmicks yourself (from easily obtainable bits 'n bobs you'll have lying around), rather than charging you huge, overly inflated sums for making them up as 'ready-made' miracles.

Pick your preferred format:

A FEW LEFT - True Colors by Eric Chien

It's #1 on our current Bestsellers list, but we have less than ten left!  If you want something visual, then check this one out.   It blew the minds off the judges of America's Got Talent!



Why did the bird go to the clinic?

To get a tweetment!

Your TIME BOMB Discount - Every second counts! HURRY!


For the first time in the history of our store, we are launching a brand new feature: the TIMB BOMB DISCOUNT!

What is it?

Starting right now (Wednesday), the time bomb discount is ticking down!

It will give you an additional discount off your entire order!  All you have to do is spend a certain dollar amount, and use the discount code TIMEBOMB during checkout!

(Today it's at 7% off and minimum $30.00 spent.)

But hurry!  The time bomb is ticking, and tomorrow the discount will DECREASE.....and the minimum amount to spend will INCREASE.

So the sooner you use it, the more you will save!  But even if you wait, you will still be able to take advantage of the TIMEBOMB while it's active!

Head over to our website to see if it's still active, and to see what the current requirements are to use it!

HINT: The Time Bomb will explode and go away on Sunday!
Have fun and let us know if you like this idea!
(Note: Cannot apply the discount to any previously placed or already existing orders.)


Sometimes I tuck my knees into my chest and lean forward.

That’s just how I roll.

Friday, January 10, 2020

"This is a total upgrade for ring magic!"

"These rings have an innovative double-sided edge milling to enhance all of your sleights and flourishes."

Collusion Complete Set by Mechanic Industries

Ring magic is very popular these days.  Think about it.  With just a ring, you could be a walking magic show wherever you are.

This is why Mechanic Industries has developed an all new SET for you take your ring magic to another level.  They are cast in high-carbon stainless steel and finished with a dark ebony inlay. Extra grip, superior handling and a showroom finish, this is a total upgrade for ring magic.

Watch the demo video and see some of the things you will be performing with it:

The set comes with with a matching coin for coin to ring effects, a chain to wear the ring around your neck (and to use in some of the supplied routines), and a new “Morph” gimmick, allowing you a very unique and visual way to change the coin into the ring that looks completely impossible.

This comes in three sizes:
We suggest choosing a size that easily slides over the knuckle of your index finger. The best fit for use in magic performance is a size that can be worn on your thumb or middle finger.

This is the complete set, so it comes with the ring, the morph gimmick, the full dollar coin, the chain necklace, and the swag bag.

If you want the RING ONLY without all those extras, then you can get that here:
Again, choose the size that can be easily worn on your thumb or index finger.


I swallowed a penny, and then vomited it afterwards.

Change should come from within.

Thursday, January 09, 2020

"Reveal a freely thought-of PIN code!" - DOWNLOAD SECRET TODAY

"With absolutely no forces, peeks, or awkward unexplained processes, this system will assist you in revealing a participant’s freely thought-of PIN code. You can even do it over Skype!"

The Vault - Sherlocked 2.0 by by Thad Barker Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

The PIN code divination is one of the most impressive feats you can perform for a modern audience.

Sherlocked is a system that can be used by itself, or in conjunction with other PIN code revelations. While it may take some study initially, once learned, it is easy to recollect and you can use it in virtually any environment - stage, close up, parlor, etc. - regardless of region or language barriers.

It is meant to be a foundation upon which you can build your own glorious performance variations, as many performers and creators already have.

With absolutely no forces, peeks, or awkward unexplained processes, this system will assist you in revealing a participant's freely thought-of PIN code.

You will also learn a variety of old school principles that you can use in many other areas of mentalism which will ultimately aid you in simplifying your methods so that you can work on your presentation.

Download and learn!


NOW RELEASED - VISUAL BOX (only a few left!!)

With a single shake, anything you'd like appears inside the transparent lidded box.  Perform completely surrounded!

No hiding, no sneaking, everything clearly in front of your audience.



I once bought a wooden car. Wooden engine, wooden doors, wooden wheels, wooden seats, put the wooden key in the wooden ignition.

Wooden start.

Thursday, January 02, 2020

Top Bestselling Tricks of 2019 - Did you miss out?

Happy New Year from MJM Magic!

Happy New Year everyone!   We had some big ups and downs in 2019.   Of course, I had to deal with the death of my dad right before Thanksgiving, so that will always overshadow this year for me.

On the PLUS SIDE though, we saw a ton of amazing NEW products, and we grew even more with the help of your word-of-mouth testimony to your friends and family.

So THANK YOU for all your support!  We look forward to being your go-to magic supplier in 2020!

Here are a few TOP BESTSELLING LISTS of items that we sold the most of in 2019.  If you never purchased any of these, then you might want to check them out and see why everyone else was doing it!


(These are all physical products that we ship out to you!)
  1. Anomaly (Gimmicks and Online Instruction) by Michael Scanzello
  2. Level One (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Christian Grace
  3. Anarchy by Ryan Goh - Trick
  4. Dealing With It Season 2 by John Bannon - DVD
  5. PRINT by Anthony Stan and Magic Smile Productions - Trick
  6. Stasis (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Jambor - Trick
  7. Blade (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Nicholas Lawrence - Trick
  8. Flat Pack Red (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Jason Knowles - Trick
  9. Lucid Dream (DVD and Gimmicks) by Jason Yu - DVD
  10. Skynet Project (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Marc Lavelle - Trick


(All of these are downloads, so you will get instant access to learning them today when you submit your order!)
  1. The Surprise by Think Nguyen video DOWNLOAD
  2. Lazy Man's Penetrations by Danny Urbanus video DOWNLOAD
  3. Revolt by Geraint Clarke video DOWNLOAD
  4. Evanese by Eric Jones video DOWNLOAD
  5. Good Intuition by Bernardo Sedlacek video DOWNLOAD
  6. The 3 Words of Wizardry by Losander video DOWNLOAD
  7. ShinSplint 2.0 by Shin Lim video DOWNLOAD
  8. Pop Fly by Bizau Cristian video DOWNLOAD
  9. ALTER by Kelvin Chow and Lost Art Magic video DOWNLOAD
  10. The Red Pill by Chris Ramsay video DOWNLOAD


(These items have only been released recently, so they haven't made our yearly top list yet.....but they deserve to be mentioned due to their popularity!)
  1. MENTAL DICE (With Online Instruction) by Tony Anverdi - Trick
  2. TRUE COLORS by Eric Chien
  3. ROLLER COASTER COKE (With Online Instructions) by Hanson Chien
  4. NOMAD COIN by Sultan Orazaly and Avi Yap - Trick
  5. WOW CUBE by Tejinaya Magic - Trick


What do you call a cowboy's outfit?

Ranch dressing!

"A BLISTER effect that hides in plain sight!"

"This invisible index gives you the freedom of choice without the hassle of difficult misdirection."

WAJTTTT Presents - Method 01 by Calen Morelli - Trick

We love blister effects because they effect something that is solid and constant.....namely, your skin.   A spectator thinks of any card or two digit number.  NO FORCE.   When they reveal the card, you show them that their selection is actually BLISTERED onto your fingers!


Here is what we like about it:
  • Other blister effects only let you predict a certain pre-forced card.  This one lets you show ANY card or ANY two digit number!
  • Other effects require you to put your hands in your pocket......this one is done right out in the open.
  • The gimmick is hidden in plain site, and goes completely unnoticed by the spectator, even if it's placed on their hand!
We are taking preorders now and will begin shipping those first when it's released in a few days!  Get y our orders in today!



Did you know?  You can't hear a pterodactyl urinate.

It has a silent pee.