Wednesday, October 16, 2019

"Predicted Card at PREDICTED NUMBER - a self working miracle!"

"A Self-working, quick reset trick that's perfect for beginners!

Fixed Fate aka 'Predicted Card at Predicted Number' (DVD and Gimmick) by Cameron Francis and Big Blind Media - DVD

We love this effect because it's EASY to perform, and can be repeated with different card selections!

Someone names a random number, and you deal down to that card in a blue deck.  Then you prove that you predicted they would choose that card, because 1) it's the only card with a RED back, and 2) it has the spectator's randomly chosen number written on the back!


We are highlighting this effect because it checks all the boxes:
  • Self Working
  • No sleight of hand
  • Can be a different card and number every time
  • No gaffs, sticky stuff, rough & smooth, mathematics or memory work
  • Resets in seconds
On sale at a new low price:


My friend has an unhealthy obsession with ocean life.

I told her to sea kelp!

"This fooled me! And it will fool you too! BRILLIANT!!"

"You will NOT BELIEVE that this is done with a SHUFFLED, BORROWED deck of cards!"

Good Intuition by Bernardo Sedlacek video DOWNLOAD

We have been sitting on this one for weeks, and we can FINALLY announce it to everyone!
It's called "Good Intuition", and it's a completely impromptu version of the great Triple Intuition by Dani DaOrtiz.

It's so good, you get (not one, but) THREE unbelievably powerful moments of magic in this routine.

Watch the demo video:

Please believe me when I tell you, the real value isn't just in the trick.   The creator (Bernardo Sedlacek) eloquently explains a lot of amazing tips and subtleties that you will be able to apply to ALL your magic tricks. 

This isn't just a quick explanation video, either.  You will get access to almost 60 minutes of video that teach you the entire routine, and clear instructions on how to perform it.   And after you watch it, you will see how fine-tuned and well thought out this entire routine is.

So grab your deck and begin learning Good Intuition!!

Get access to it today immediately after purchase:


Interviewer: "How do you explain the three year gap on your resume?"

Me: "Oh, that was when I went to Yale."

Interviewer: "Amazing, you are hired!"

Me: "Hurray! I got a Yob!"


My dad and meI had a good visit with my dad this weekend.   I drove the usual 180 miles round trip to see him on Saturday.   It saddens me to see him getting weaker.   I found out that he has now been falling when he tries to walk just a few feet, because he literally has no energy or strength left in his legs.

The word "hospice" is now being talked about.   Up until now, my dad has REFUSED even considering it, because to him (and to many people), hospice feels like you're "throwing in the towel" and giving up the fight.  But as Brandi told me, hospice really should be called "Comfort Care", and that sounds so much better to me!

Of course, my dad (who is ALWAYS conscious about money-matters) found out that hospice won't cost him anything, so I think THAT might be opening him up to trying it out.   Not to mention, apparently when you're on hospice, when you die at home, the hospice folks handle all the leg-work to get you to the funeral home.   Without hospice, you would have to call the local sheriff who then has to get the coroner involved, and the family has to pay all that money for the transportation to the funeral home.

I am just thankful to God that I am (so far) able to compose myself when visiting my dad.   I only cry when I'm alone.  Thanks to all of you who have reached out and encouraged me to be strong.  Love you all for that.

- Jeff

Monday, October 14, 2019

"One of the EASIEST gaffed triumph decks you will own!"

This is a great version of the Triumph plot because both sides can be shown to the audience so they can verify the cards ARE facing different ways!

Charming Chinese Triumph (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Bocopo Magic & Silver Wing - Trick

Today we present to you another excellent (and surprisingly EASY) triumph routine that you're going to love.

It's a routine that you can REPEAT, and a DIFFERENT card can be selected!


What we like about this is it's easy to do, repeatable, and the instructional video is clearly explained.  So if you're worried about it being subtitled or some hard-to-understand speaker, don't worry.   We had no trouble listening to the excellent teaching on this one.

There is very little preparation to begin performing this out of the box, and you can even use it to do a FOUR ACE PRODUCTION.   So instead of the spectator choosing a card, you would mix the deck face up/down, do a magic snap, and then the four aces will be the only cards reversed in the deck.


(Earn up to $2.00 back in reward point credit when purchasing this item right now!!!  This item begins shipping soon so preorder this now and get yours out the door before anyone else!)


For the last week, we have been promoting this amazing trick called STASIS.   In case you haven't seen it, STASIS allows you to impossibly balance BORROWED objects on top of each other in the spectator's hands!

We are only down to a few units left, and it may be months before more are available.   Check it out and pick one up while you still can:

** FREE USA SHIPPING on this item, plus you earn $3.00 back in credit **


How do you think the unthinkable?

With an ithberg.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

DOWNLOAD - "A Quadruple Punch of Amazing Card Tricks!"

"Four amazing card tricks for the low price of one!"

The Vault - Four Pack by John Carey video DOWNLOAD

John Carey is a brilliant magician, and he comes up with mind-blowing magic using very easy and simple moves that you already know how to do.

Check out today's Vault download where you will learn FOUR routines from John, and it's only $10.00!



If you're looking to pick up more downloads into your library, here are a couple other popular ones to check out:


I have a fear of escalators.

But I’m taking steps to avoid them.


I just wanted to give you an update on my dad.  For those new members of MJM Magic, you may not be aware of this, but my dad (who is only 68) was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in February.   Since then, he has lost over 100 pounds and is getting weak.   I am continually blessed to have so many of you reach out and offer your prayers for him.

It's been very strange for me.   My last conversation with my dad, he was telling me that he wants to be cremated, and then asking my opinion on different urns that he was looking at.   Part of me is like, "Don't talk to me about that, Dad!!" and the other part is like, "Please talk to me about anything, Dad, because I don't want our conversations to ever end."

This whole process has made me ponder some really strange questions, like: "Which would YOU rather have?  Would you rather have a loved one die suddenly and unexpectedly, without having the chance to say goodbye?   Or would you rather them die slowly over many months, but have the chance to prepare yourself for the inevitable?"

Morbid question, I know!   But this is what I have been dealing with.  Just take my advice: don't take anyone for granted in your life.  We hear that all the time, but it's good to remind ourselves about how precious life really is, and how fleeting it can be.

This whole experience has brought me closer to God and for that, I'm really thankful.  And I'm grateful to all of you who believe in the power of praying for others like my dad.  I believe that it's helping both myself and my dad during this time.

Love you all!
- Jeff

Friday, October 04, 2019

40% OFF - "Incredibly Strong Magic with a Normal Deck! No hard moves!!"

"This $12.00 special offer is only good until Sunday at 11:59pm!!!!"

Dealing With It Season 2 by John Bannon - DVD

We have an incredible DEAL for you, and it features one of our FAVORITE magicians.

We listen to feedback, and our customers agree:
  • They want easy to follow teaching on a DVD format.
  • They enjoy tricks that can be done with a NORMAL deck.   That means no gimmicks, gaffs, mirrors, flaps or bits of elastic.
  • They want MANY TRICKS to be taught so more bang for your buck.
So we present to you "DEALING WITH IT - SEASON TWO" by John Bannon!


This is normally $20.00, but for the next 48 hours, we are GIVING IT AWAY for only $12.00!!!   That's 40% savings, and you still get all the bullet points listed above!

But wait.....THERE'S MORE!

If you don't own Season One yet (which is highly recommended), then we want to give you a special COMBO offer on that.
  • Purchase BOTH TOGETHER (Season One and Season Two) and we will discount Season One at an additional 40% off too!!!
Normally Season One is $25.00 when purchased by itself, but if you add both of these to your order, you will get it for only $15.00!

SEASON TWO (40% off right now)

SEASON ONE (also 40% off)

So if you're buying one, you mind as well get BOTH and SAVE!

We hope you take advantage of this sweet offer!   And remember:
  • Offer expires in 48 hours (or on Sunday at 11:59pm)!
  • You will not be disappointed in these DVD's.   They are EXCELLENT!!


A couple of days ago, we highlighted a new preorder item called STASIS, which allows you to impossibly balance borrowed items in the spectator's hands!!

The item will be released in a few days, but we are ALMOST SOLD OUT of our preorder supply!  That means that if you don't get this NOW, then it might be months until more are available.

Check it out and add one of these to your order while we still have limited supply:


Why are hemorrhoids called hemorrhoids?

Because asteroids was already taken.

Thursday, October 03, 2019

Download the Annihilation Deck PLUS New Streaming Upgrades!

"A self-working miracle that can be repeated with ANY selected card!"

The Vault - The Annihilation Deck by Cameron Francis Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

We are excited to share this download with you for two reasons:
  1. It's a great trick that you will definitely be excited to perform
  2. We upgraded our streaming service so it's more compatible with all your devices!
The Annihilation Deck is great because it requires NO SKILL, but still packs a massive punch!  And get this: it's REPEATABLE with a different card each time!

Check it out:

You are going to love performing this one, and because it's a download, you can begin learning it as soon as you purchase it!

Side note: In the past, we have had a minority of customers who experienced trouble accessing their download library from their devices.   These complaints were hit-or-miss.   What worked for most people didn't work for others, etc.   So we are hoping that these recent software upgrades that we made will completely eliminate any issues if you've experienced access problems in the past.   Just be sure your browser supports cookie files and it will work!

Have fun learning the Annihilation Deck today!



What did the mermaid wear to her math class?

An algae bra.

Tuesday, October 01, 2019

"Pocket VOODOO - Perfect for your Spooky October Performances!"

"These cards have special hidden features that make magic and mentalism EASY!"

Pocket Voodoo (Gimmicks and Online Instructions)by Liam Montier - Trick
Something like this is perfect to carry around this month of October!   You can use it as a fun trick, or something more spooky and mysterious!

With Voodoo cards, you can do many things with them.  The demo video below will show you one of our favorite routines which involves a stick figure mimicking the randomly selected pin of a voodoo doll!


It even comes in a nice protective carrying case!

This is just released and shipping now, so get yours today!  It's perfect for your October and Halloween performances!


If you're looking for more Halloween related effects, check out this link which features some of our other products that you can pick up:


I had a dream last night that I had a Magnesium deficiency.....

...I was like 0mg


We are always trying to listen to anything our customers say, in order to make our website a better experience for you.   No voice is too small, and all are important to us.

Recently we had a customer say that he didn't like how we display "Discontinued" or "Out of Stock" products when using the search engine on our website.

So as a trial, we have REMOVED those products from being displayed.

PROS: This means that when you use the search engine to look up items, you will only see products that are available to ship (even though some may take longer to ship than others, they will all be AVAILABLE).

CONS: This means that if you're looking for something that is temporarily out of stock, it won't be displayed and might give the false impression that MJM Magic isn't carrying the item.

So our advice: if you're ever looking for something and don't see it on our website, please feel free to email myself or Brandi if you're not finding what you're looking for.   We are more than happy to look things up in private and let you know if it's something we plan on getting, or if it's a discontinued product.

- Jeff

Friday, September 27, 2019

"This SOLD OUT AT MAGIC LIVE - It's that good!"


Stasis (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Jambor - Trick

Want to know a secret?  Normally when we see new items come out, we purchase a batch to stock on our shelves.   When we saw THIS TRICK here, we purchased THREE TIMES the normal amount!
Check out Stasis and you'll see why!

If it looks familiar, that's because it has a similar presentation to "Balance by Joshua Jay", which is a separate trick that sells for $250!   But this is a small scale version that allows you to impossibly balance objects on each other for a fraction of the cost!

You can balance borrowed objects one on top of another, and then collapse it on demand!
  • Perfect for strolling, parlor, or restaurant performers
  • Can be carried with you in your wallet or deck of cards
  • Durable gimmick and easy to use
These SOLD OUT at Magic Live, and we don't know how long our inventory will last!  Pick this up today and we will begin shipping orders in about one week.

DON'T FORGET: This is a preorder item that will be shipping in a few business days, but don't let that stop you from purchasing it right now.   We send out all the preorders first, and those who wait will have to hope that there's remaining inventory left.  If these preorder units sell out, we don't know when more will be available for everyone who decided to wait. 


There are two reasons why you shouldn't drink toilet water.

Number 1


Number 2


A few days ago, I mentioned how I recently uncovered an online multiplayer GAME that I was designing back in 2009. and I began to resurrect it!   That process of re-familiarizing myself with it is still coming along, and I hope to be able to share it with some of you guys soon.

If anyone is interested in help BETA TEST it, send me a message.   It's completely free to play, and I'd be looking for any FEEDBACK and bug reporting that you come across.

It's still in it's early stages of design, and definitely NOT a finished game.....but if you want to be a part of the beta testers, I'll put you on the list to access the game soon.

- Jeff