Friday, July 19, 2019

Wow - A MUST SEE Coin and Card Trick! TGIF!!

Hi friends - In this email, I wanted to highlight two brand new items which I think you're going to love.

If you're looking for some great COIN MAGIC, then look no further than this!

No Sense (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Kyle Littleton - Trick

"This is the only coin trick I actually like. I've always been a card guy but looks like I am now a card guy that does one coin effect."
- Ryan Schlutz

"New and novel plots in coin magic are rare. What Kyle has created is special, unique, and memorable."
- Brent Braun

What you get is a memorable and visual effect: three half dollar coins change, one by one, into three different objects: a Chinese coin, a copper coin, and a button (yes, really!). But the whole is so much better than the sum-total of the parts. No Sense is a complete package: the technique, the presentation, the original plot.

Better still, EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS INCLUDED with No Sense, including all of the required gimmicks and a gorgeous Vanishing Inc. own brand Chinese coin. Creator Kyle Littleton takes you through the method in extreme detail so that you can perform this stunning routine with confidence.



If you're a card magic aficionado, then prepare to be blown away by this now available item:

CRA Change (DVD and Gimmicks) by Rich Li - DVD

Imagine frying your spectator's brain with an absurd sequence of color changes before changing it back like nothing ever happened.

Why stop at one color change when you can do 10? Rich not only goes into detail on how to execute the sleight, but also variations that leave you with a clean card to handout.



Just threw a rock 5280 feet.

That’s a real milestone.

Monday, July 15, 2019


"A deeply fooling and memorable routine!"

Midnight Breakfast (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by The Other Brothers - Trick

If you're looking for a multi-phase routine, that's both easy to do AND fun to perform, then check out our latest release: Midnight Breakfast!

Check out the demo video:

Midnight Breakfast is a gigantic leap forward in the "Out to Lunch" principle and can be used with ANY currency. Versatile utility gimmick. Torn and restored bill, object to impossible location in one routine. NO DIY or palming. Use paper or plastic bills.

It requires no rubber bands, no clips and is 100% organic with everyday objects. With this invisible gimmick, you can perform every Out to Lunch effect to create powerful, visual moments.


(We begin shipping in a few days so those who preorder with the link above will get their units shipped first!)


Legacy V2 (Gimmicks, Book and Online Instructions) by Jamie Badman and Colin Miller - TrickWe are super excited about this one, and you will be too once you see it!

Legacy is the kind of trick we search for as magicians. It's self-contained, can be carried with you at all times, and is engaging from start to finish. Your audience gets to know YOU and YOUR MAGIC during the effect.


This is a blockbuster effect that you will be proud to carry with you.

Package includes wallet, cards, and video instructions.


The demand has been high, and now Deep Clear is shipping out to customers.  What is it, you say?

Deep Clear will allow you to display a spectator's favorite word inside of your wallet!   Sounds crazy, but check it out:


How do you make a water bed more bouncy?

You use spring water.

"WOW - Watch this new THINNER Illusion PLUS 40% Off Special Offer"

"Flatten the card case and the entire deck of cards one fourth at a time, leaving you with ANY 4 cards you want. NO palming and self contained."

 THINNER (Gimmick and Online Instruction) by Mathieu Bich

This was Mathieu Bich's CLOSING ACT in his Magic Castle routine for many years, and you can see why.

With just a few cuts, you make the deck shrink smaller and smaller until only four cards are left!

Watch the demo;

Whether you want to use this to show off a four card production, or if you want to close your act with something powerful like Mathieu did, THINNER is perfect for your parlor shows.

THINNER can also be customized to work with any brand of cards, so if you prefer a different back design (or different four card production), you can tweak it to your style.

Each one will come ready to use out of the box, so you can begin playing with it the day it arrives!



We currently have 12 brand new units of IN PLAIN SIGHT, a fantastic magic square routine that you will carry everywhere you go!

40% only to the first 12 people who purchase it here:

(Price goes back as soon as these are taken!)

HOT NEW DOWNLOAD - Jerry Andrus Card Control Volume 1

The Vault - Andrus Card Control 1 by Jerry Andrus video DOWNLOADThis is one of the best card controls you will ever perform, and it would be a SHAME if you don't incorporate this at least once into your card magic.

Have a freely selected card inserted into the center of the deck, and watch it magically appear on the top!

No really, it REALLY goes into the middle of the deck (no dupes)!

Watch the demo and download this one today:


 Within minutes, the detective figured out what the murder weapon was.

It was a brief case.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

"The Trick that CAN Be Explained!!" - Blackpool Sellout is Here!

"NO sleight of hand, NO outs, NO memory work."

The Trick That CAN Be Explained! by Mark Elsdon - Trick

"How come you guys don't show ENTIRE UNCUT PERFORMANCES on your tricks?"   That is a criticism we sometimes hear directed at companies who release new tricks.


Pretty amazing, right!!!  You can now see how THIS WAS A BLACKPOOL SELLOUT ITEM!!
The performer introduces a small envelope and says that there is a playing card inside. He places the envelope on the table and never touches it again.

A participant takes the deck out of the box and shuffles it. Then they cut the deck and the top card is immediately turned over. It is, for example, the 7 of Spades. The deck is turned face-up and clearly spread to show that there are no duplicates.

The participant opens the envelope and removes the card inside. It is a perfect match - the 7 of Spades.

AND THERE ARE NO OTHER OUTS - the card in the envelope is ALWAYS the card they choose!

NO sleight-of-hand required. This literally is as easy as it gets!

Alternative endings: You can have a photo of the card posted on your Twitter feed, Instagram or other social media. Or you can WhatsApp or message them at the start and they check the message at the end.



What is the number one cause of dry skin?


"The HOLY GRAIL of Book Tests!" - Reserve Today!!

"Alice allows you to read someone's mind under the fairest conditions. Not only are you not fishing for letters or asking any questions, but you are not even touching the book. The spectator holds onto it from start to finish and you still know exactly which word they are thinking of. It's brilliant!"

Alice Book Test (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Josh Zandman - Trick


Alice is the first book in the Zandman Book Test series that allows you to instantly know which word and picture someone is thinking of without touching the book. You don't ask any questions, there is nothing written down, no need to fish for information, and best of all, it can be performed completely in the spectator's hands!

Watch the Demo:

A new principle
A game changing new method

Alice also includes the original Zandman Book Test method found in Gatsby, Sherlock, Scarlet, and Christmas Carol:
  • Riffle through pages until your spectator says stop.
  • They think of the first word on the page.
  • Without ever seeing the word they look at, you instantly know it!
Nothing to memorize. No forces. No questions. 



Last week, we had two exciting preorder items ('Choice' and 'Light') which are now available.  Those of you who preordered it got it shipped already.   If you haven't, you may check those two items out here which are now available but going fast:


What’s the cheapest meat you can buy?

Deer testicles.  They’re under a buck.

Friday, July 05, 2019


"Looking for that LAST GASP SHOW STOPPER?  Then look nor further than Deep Clear!"
Paul Harris Presents Deep Clear by Paul Harris - Trick

The favorite part of my job at MJM Magic is seeing how BRILLIANT and CREATIVE magic creators are getting.   The method behind this one is GENIUS!

The great Paul Harris is releasing another outstanding effect here at MJM Magic, and we couldn't be more excited!

The showstopping effect climaxes with the spectator's FREELY SELECTED WORD being inside of your wallet the entire time!

Watch this demo video since words can't do this one justice:

Pretty unbelievable, right?   After we watched it, we THOUGHT we knew how it was done, but we were wrong.

Secret writing?  Nope.  Some crazy memorization work involved?  Nope!   Complicated card palming or master sleight of hand?  NOPE!

This is a masterpiece exquisitely designed to be your transcendent last-gasp show-stopper.

Also consider:
  • The New skinny Deep Clear Wallet is a joy to use.
  • One touch and it's done. Easily fits in your shirt pocket.
  • Prediction cards have a DIFFERENT COLOR BACK than deck.
  • No force: use any short word with different letters.
  • No palming. Very easy to do.
  • No cue cards or memory work.
  • No secret writing.
  • Adapt to your favorite deck backs.
  • Draw your own prediction letters in any style or colors you'd like.
  • Works in ANY language!
Comes complete with ready-to-use gimmicks and USPCC deck of cards.



With the rise of self driving cars,

It's only a matter of time until there's a country song about a guy's car leaving him.

Wednesday, July 03, 2019

"Check out SWEET SIMPLICITY by John Carey - Now Shipping!"

"Ten self working or super easy to do card tricks that will slay any audience!"

Sweet Simplicity by John Carey - DVD

Before heading into this 4th of July holiday, why don't you treat yourself to some amazing NEW magic from the great John Carey!

This collection of effects is called SWEET SIMPLICITY, and like the name suggests, these are all EASY to do.   But don't let that deceive you.......these are KNOCKOUT effects that will get you great reactions!

Watch our demo video where we show you one of the tricks being performed:

So much to play with on this video title, you will surely incorporate many of these into your act!

It's available in TWO formats:
Have a great weekend and remember, we are out of the office tomorrow but we will our resume regular shipping schedule on Friday.



I don't always put an orange wedge in my beer

Except maybe once in a Blue Moon.

"CHOICE will prove that there's no free choice at all!" - Watch This!!

"Easy enough for the beginner and strong enough for the pro!"
Choice (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Jerome Sauloup and Magic Dream - Trick
Spectators love to THINK that they have a free choice.   This effect will SHATTER that illusion.

You have two spectators come on stage and take a deck of cards.   They begin dealing down, one by one, until they stop at a card.   FREE CHOICE, NO FORCE.   One may choose to stop at a card near the top, the other may keep dealing and stop at a card near the middle.......but they have the free choice to stop whenever they want.

They exchange cards with each other and place them into the opposite color deck.

RECAP: they each now have a deck of cards with ONE card different inside.....the other spectator's card.

When they spread the deck to find the card, they remove them to find that BOTH CARDS MATCH!   Their free choice ended up on the exact same card!  Remember, the magician NEVER TOUCHES THE DECK!

As a final kicker, the decks are turned FACE UP and the rest of the cards are completely BLANK!

So not only did they freely stop on the same card, but they couldn't have chosen any other card because they're all blank!

Watch the demo video here:

This doesn't have to be performed with two spectators if you don't want to.   You could perform with just you (the magician) and one other person (spectator).   But the real power is that you could perform this completely hands off with just two spectator's handling the decks.

There's even a "In Your Hands" variation taught for the strolling magician!
  • Decks and gimmick provided
  • The magician never touches the cards
  • Completely hands off and self-working
  • Quick reset



What is the difference between a Hippo and a Zippo?

One is really heavy, the other is a little lighter.

Friday, June 28, 2019

"LIGHT fooled MAGICIANS as well as Spectators! A Blackpool 2019 Winner!"

"This won over 650 professionals and amateurs at the Blackpool Magic Convention in 2019. Everything can be examined. A light bulb detects your spectator's freely selected and signed card."

LIGHT (Gimmicks and Online Instruction) by Mickael Chatelain - trick

A spectator picks a card, signs it, and it's lost in the deck.  A regular light bulb is placed on the table (or screwed into the card case, if you prefer).

As you hold the cards over the light bulb, nothing happens.........UNTIL you reach the spectator's card which cause the bulb to flash!   It's the only card that interacts with the bulb!

At the end, everything can be examined (the bulb, the card, etc).   Card can be given away as a souvenir!

Watch the demo here:

Don't forget these points:
  • Easy to do
  • No forcing or manipulation
  • The effect is incredible, the bulb seems to light up upon contact with the card. This is a stunning moment!
  • Resets immediately, no preparation
  • Both your hand and the card case are empty
  • Use your own deck of any brand
Get it today at MJM Magic and we will begin shipping soon!



At an interview they asked where I saw myself in five years

I answered: “Well, I think my greatest weakness is my poor listening skills.”

"My go-to HANDS-OFF card routine!" - Wayne Dobson

"My go-to hands-off card routine!"  - Wayne Dobson

Lucky Card Deluxe by Wayne Dobson & Alan Wong - Trick

LUCKY CARD is one of those effects that you will KICK YOURSELF for not using it sooner.   It is guaranteed to be in your Top 10 card tricks!

It uses a NORMAL SHUFFLED DECK.   Everything is examinable.   And yet, no one knows how it's done!

You put a card face down on the table, sealed inside of a solid plastic frame, and you explain that it's your LUCKY CARD.

You then have the spectator shuffle a deck of cards and find their lucky card.  They do this by spelling out the words along the lines of "MY LUCKY CARD".   Remember, this is a shuffled deck that you didn't touch.

The card they stop at MATCHES your lucky card!

Watch the demo:

With this DELUXE version, you get a nice sealed plastic frame to keep your lucky card in.  That way, ,there is no doubt that you couldn't have switched the card in some way.




Crossfire Book Test by Chris Philpott - From the creator of 100th Monkey, predict 4-8 spectator's selected words with NO writing and NO fishing. Includes kicker reveal of 8 total words in crossword fashion with one simple book.


FREE USA SHIPPING option on any order that has this item in it!

To see the rest of our new releases, check out this link:



Two windmills are in a field.

One windmill says to the other, "What type of music do you like?"

The other windmill replies, "Well I'm a big metal fan"

Monday, June 24, 2019

"They never see this one coming!! A 3-Phase Powerful Effect!"

"FINALLY we can REVEAL this to you!!"

JuxtaPad (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Alex Latorre and Mark Mason- Trick

I've been biting my tongue on this one for days.   We weren't allowed to announce it until today, and it was driving me crazy because it's super good!   In fact, it's a THREE PHASE effect, each one more powerful than the next!

Phase 1: 

You write a prediction on a Post-It notepad.  You then take a book and have a spectator yell stop on a page as you riffle through it.   They remember the first word and page number of the page they freely stopped at.

You turn over the Post-It notepad and it's a perfect match!   You predicted the word and page number!

TRUST US - That alone is a killer trick.......but this does MORE!

Phase 2: 

You have the spectator hold the Post-It notepad (or simply put it down on the table) and your prediction DISAPPEARS!  It's gone.  (No sleeving required).

But where did it go?

Phase 3: 

You take the book (which could have been held by a spectator this whole time), and with nothing in your hands, you turn to the page number selected by the spectator, and your Post It Note is now stuck in the middle of the page!


This gimmick allows you to make written text on a Post-It pad disappear AND REAPPEAR if you wanted it to!   It comes with instruction to use it with a Book Test and a Card Trick routine.


EXCELLENT TEACHING: This is produced by our good friend Mark Mason, and as you know, he has the BEST and CLEAREST TEACHING we have ever seen.   He is very thorough in explaining every little detail, and after you watch his explanation, you will have no questions on how to use your Justapad!

NOW SHIPPING, so order today and we will get it on the way to you:


Be sure to look through some of Mark's other fantastic effects.   They are all bestsellers and really visual:


My son told me he wanted to be an oyster shucker when he grew up.

I was displeased with his shellfish ambition.