Tuesday, January 22, 2019

"The BEST Color Changing Deck you will ever own!" - 50% OFF

"You will want one of these after you see the performance!"

Mutation (DVD and Gimmicks) by Adam Cooper - DVD

We have always been a sucker for color changing deck routines.  No one (and I do mean NO ONE) ever sees it coming.   They think you're doing a simple card trick, and when the color change hits them, they go insane!

Check out the demo here: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/-p-26774.html

Now get this: it's 50% OFF RIGHT NOW!!!!   Not even joking.

BUT...........we only have a LIMITED SUPPLY to give away at that $19.95 low price.   Once these sell out, the price jumps back to $40.00. 

So if you're reading this, click the link and add one to your order!   Even if you miss out on the sale price, you still may want to purchase this because it's super visual and well produced:





Love means nothing to them.


Monday, January 21, 2019

"A REVOLUTIONARY Gimmick for Rubik's Cube Magic!"

"A Rubik's Cube that remotely communicates with you!!"

PSI by Wenzi Magic & Bond Lee

I'm just going to come out and say it: this isn't cheap.   But then again, it's not meant for the average person to get their hands on either.

With this gimmick, you will be able to tell which way a Rubik's cube is facing WITHOUT LOOKING.   It comes with TWO cubes which work like regular cubes.   They can be handled by spectators and mixed up by them.   But inside, there is a secret which allows you to know things about the orientation of it.

With that secret knowledge, you can perform so many effects!

You can know which color is facing them.   You can do routines where the spectator mixes the cube, and then you describe the exact pattern that is facing them.   And yes, you can do this all blindfolded if you wanted to!

Check out the demo: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/-p-28303.html

Now again, it's not cheap......but consider the following:
Due to the price and availability, we are only getting a limited supply of these.    Order it now and we will begin shipping it soon.

Link: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/-p-28303.html



I know a lot of you are sad because it’s a Monday...

But don’t forget, only 48 hours ago, it was a sadder day.


Friday, January 18, 2019

"Every card magician should add this to their toolbox." - Dan Harlan

"Change An Ace Into Four Kings. Jaws Drop. Minds Blown."

Anomaly (Gimmicks and Online Instruction) by Michael Scanzello - Trick

If you're looking to do an IMPOSSIBLE card transposition, then look no further!

This really is as good as it looks!  In fact, just watch it here: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/-p-28280.html

What's great about this is that what you see in the demo video is exactly how it looks in real life.  What you see is what you will perform. That is why they shot the trailer in broad daylight and up close.

PLUS - It's affordably priced (under $25.00), so you're getting an incredible value on this.

Preorder this today and be the first to get it when we begin shipping in about a week!  (Waiting to order may cause you to miss out on the first batch and wait weeks or months longer):

Link: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/-p-28280.html



If Shrek had been just an average movie, it would’ve been......Mediogre!

Thursday, January 17, 2019

"Your Spectator PREDICTS all 6 Numbers of the LOTTO!" - 50% Off

"This works 100% of the time!  It's CRAZY!"  50% OFF ONLY FOR THE NEXT 18 PEOPLE!

LOTTO PREDICTION by Jean-Pierre Vallarino - Trick

NOTE: Yesterday's 50% item sold out in a matter of hours!   Don't miss out on this one today!!

Yesterday: $70.00  Today: only $37.50!! (Price goes back up after we sell this initial batch!)

Ask yourself, "Who doesn't want to win the lotto?"  It's a universal dream of anyone you ask.   The problem is that it's so RARE to hit the jackpot.

Most people only hit one or two numbers.   But to hit all SIX of them?!

Now you can PROVE that it's possible.

You show a deck of numbered cards, which represent all the numbers of the lottery.   You have the spectator shuffle the cards.   Really!   They mix them up themselves.

You then pull a lotto card out of your wallet, explaining that this lotto card has six numbers circled.   You leave this card out in full view the entire time, BEFORE THE CARDS ARE DEALT!   There is no way to change these numbers.

The spectator then deals the top six cards from their shuffled pack, which will represent the random numbers they selected.

MIRACULOUSLY, the numbers on the lotto card EXACTLY MATCH the same random cards that your spectator shuffled!  WOW!

The demo video doesn't do it justice, because this really plays big when you build it up: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/-p-26541.html

Not only is this 50% OFF (to the next 18 people), but it comes with everything you need, including a really nice wallet!

Don't miss this chance to own an EASY TO DO lottery prediction trick, and get it at half the regular price!

Link: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/-p-26541.html


Anyone wanna join my prayer group for woodworkers?

It's called "Oh, Ye of Whittle Faith."

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

"A Self Working MIRACLE with TWO Surprise Climaxes!" - 50% OFF

"This is a self-working powerhouse of playing card mentalism!"

Omen (DVD and Gimmicks) by Chris Congreave

NOTE: Yesterday's 50% item sold out in a matter of hours!   Don't miss out on this one today!!

If you're looking for a card trick that's SELF WORKING, EASY, and with MULTIPLE CLIMAXES, then we have a killer deal for you!

"Omen by Chris Congreave" is normally a $40.00 effect, but we purchased a couple dozen of these to offer at a special 50% OFF PRICE.  So guess what?  That means a lucky few of you will be grabbing it lower than anyone else!

Was: $40.00  Now: $19.95!!  (Price goes back up after we sell this initial batch!)

Demo Video: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/-p-26629.html

You can watch the video to see it in action, but here's the basics.  You make two correct predictions, and both are revealed in a very surprising way!

It's a fun effect and the deck does all the work for you!

Link: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/-p-26629.html


Is your order going to be over $100?  If so, add one of these to your order for free, while supplies last!   Heck. it's a free DVD with a ton of great instructive magic on it. 



 An origami artist wanted for murder, has been sending tantalizing clues to police.

The investigation is unfolding.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Your 50% Discount - "We are SORRY that this WILL NOT LAST!"

"These might be GONE by the time you read this."

Conscious Magic Episode 5

We love love LOVE having Flash Sales, because they're LITERALLY a spur of the moment thing.  We see a product we like, we purchase a small batch of it, and we give it to our customers at HALF PRICE!

It' FUN, and those who are lucky get an incredible deal.

The PROBLEM: these ALWAYS SELL OUT quickly.   Don't let that happen to you on THIS one!

Today's Flash Sale item is the incredible Conscious Magic Episode 5, where you will learn some downright SPOOKY and UNEXPLAINABLE mental magic.

Things like knowing who a person is thinking of, bending keys in a spectator's hand, and more!

Did you see the long demo video yet?  Check it out here: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/-p-27333.html

We are currently giving this away at 50% OFF, but only while supplies last!   Once this deal is over, the price will jump from $17.50 back up to $35.00.

DON'T MISS OUT!   Pick up this high value item for the low cost price:




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It's a great DVD packed with magic, and we are giving it away to qualifying orders placed today WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!



I just invented a new soup.

Its alphabet soup mixed with laxative. I call it Letter Rip.

Monday, January 14, 2019

"It's like a CARTOON in real life!!" - Cupid's Bow

"This is PERFECT for upcoming St. Valentine's Day!!"
Cupid's Arrow (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Olivier Pont
If you're looking for a trick that is both VISUAL and RELATABLE, then Cupid's Bow is perfect for you.   It combines the subject of LOVE and MAGIC with an impossible climax.

Seriously, check out the demo video here: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/-p-28248.html

This is NOT just a "pick a card" trick.   It involves an animation and a story-line that people can relate to (especially women).  Cupid's arrow will always find the loved one, and that's a good feeling to walk away with!

Affordably priced, you can order this today and it will begin shipping in less than a week:




I didn't even want to mention this (we only have 11 left at this moment), but if you place an order that has $100 or more worth of items in it AND we still have these left, then add this product to your order FREE:


It's a great DVD packed with magic, and we are giving it away to qualifying orders placed today WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!



A guy walks into a lumberyard and asks for some two-by-fours.

The clerk asks, "How long do you need them?"

The guy answers, "A long time. We're gonna build a house."


Friday, January 11, 2019

"This EASY Routine is a BLAST to Perform!!" - FREE USA Shipping!

"You're GUARANTEED to get APPLAUSE with this one!"

Mr Golden Balls 2.0 (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Ken Dyne - Trick

Whether you're performing on stage, in small parlor settings, or in front of a group of people on the street, this one is MADE FOR YOU!

It's simple: you show a bag with five colored balls inside, and one of them is gold.   You put them all in the bag, and have four people reach into the bag to secretly remove one ball.

In the end, not only do you know who is holding the golden one, but you also predict which colored ball will be left in the bag for you!!

All without peeks, no electronics or magnets.
Watch the demo video: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/-p-28246.html

Comes complete with various presentations from comedic to serious. This is a true worker of a routine that promises not just one, but two climaxes!

Important Points:
  • No ambiguity. You know exactly who picked the gold ball.
  • No peeks. The bag is completely opaque.
  • No magnets.
  • No electronics.
  • The prediction can be displayed before the routine begins. There are no multiple outs -- there is only one prediction.
  • Basic written instructions are included in the box; full video instructions are available online.
  • Supplied complete with high-quality, solid resin balls produced to a custom size for this routine by a pool ball factory.
  • The bag is beautifully stitched to an even higher quality than the first version of Mr Golden Balls.
  • Downloadable graphics in PowerPoint and Keynote versions to make this play huge.
  • Alternative handlings using alternative objects (instead of balls) to customize this fantastic, hard-hitting, surprising routine.
Link: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/-p-28246.html


I just swallowed a load of scrabble tiles

My next trip to the bathroom could spell disaster!

Thursday, January 10, 2019

"WOW - Immediately Impress with Four Card Shoot!" - Download Today

"Fast, visual and surprisingly simple to do!"

The Vault - Four Card Shoot by Eric Chien video DOWNLOAD

Sometimes the best way to impress a spectator is to catch them off-guard and knock their socks off quickly!

FOUR CARD SHOOT, you accomplish that!  This download will teach you one of the fastest four-card productions they have ever seen.

Or you can produce three of a kind and then, with an empty hand, reach into a deck being dribbled to the table and pluck the remaining card to complete the four of a kind.

Check out the demo and begin learning this today: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/-p-28212.html



There was a man named Johnny who had a cat.

He loved the cat more than anything, and when he was going on vacation he decided to leave the cat with his brother, Max.

A few days into the vacation, Johnny calls his brother to check in on the cat.
“The cat is dead,” replies Max.

Johnny is devastated. “How could you break the news to me like that!?” he cries into the phone. “At least start out by telling me that the cat is on the roof or something. And then tomorrow, perhaps let me know that the cat fell off the roof, but he’s at the vet and he’s doing ok. And then maybe that there have been some minor complications at the vet. And then maybe....MAYBE.... I would be ready for you to break the news that the cat is dead.”

“Anyway,” continues Johnny, “how’s Grandma?”

Max pauses for a second and then replies, “Grandma’s on the roof.”

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

50% OFF - "An AMAZING Way to Make FIVE Correct Predictions!"

"HURRY - This is a 50% OFF DEAL for a small number of customers!!"

CONTROLE (Blue) by Mickael Chatelain

This is a FLASH DEAL we are giving to the next 12 people who purchase this effect!

We love ESP effects, because you usually can predict the symbol that a spectator will choose.

Well, in THIS effect, the SPECTATOR makes the predictions.   Not one....not two, but FIVE.......and they are all correct!

Watch the demo video: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/-p-26119.html

This is normally $30.00 but we are giving the next 12 units away for only $15.00!!   Once these sell out, the price will jump back up, so if you click the link below and the price is no longer $15.00, then we're sorry but that means you missed out!

Link: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/-p-26119.html



Waiter: How do you like your steak, sir?

Me: Like winning an argument with my wife.

Waiter: Rare it is.

Friday, January 04, 2019

"A Prediction Slate that can be EXAMINED!" - Fully Customizable!

"This was a complete SELL OUT at the 2018 Magic Convention in Argentina!"

A Lousa (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Alejandro Muniz - Trick

Imagine the following. The magician holds a slate that was examined by a spectator.

He writes a prediction on it. The spectator makes a free choice of, for instance, a country, a celebrity or an animal. THERE ARE NO FORCES. The choice is completely free.

Finally, the prediction matches exactly.

Check out the demo video: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/-p-28198.html

You can use any group of words. It is totally customizable. It works great for parlor magic or for corporate shows. You could use brand names, for example. It is a brand new concept!
  • A Lousa can be examined
  • The prediction always remains in full view
  • Spectator makes a free choice
  • No forces of any kind
  • Very easy to do
  • Use with words, numbers, figures, symbols, drawings, etc.
  • Fully customizable
  • Ideal for corporate events
  • Ideal for parlor magic
  • Great mentalism magic effect
  • Brand new effect
  • No double writing
  • No stooges
  • No electronic devices
Link: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/-p-28198.html


Has anyone ever thought of this?

The word 'Fat' is just the word 'Eat' with a bite taken out of it!

Thursday, January 03, 2019

"This is propless mentalism at its best!"

"I LOVE IT!" - Richard Osterlind

The Vault - Rock Paper Lies Plus by Jay Di Biase video DOWNLOAD

When great mentalists like Richard Osterlind and Banachek rave about an effect, you'd be smart to check it out and see why it's so good!

This DOWNLOAD is an effect that is pure mentalism at it's best. 

You turn around and have two people play a round of Rock Paper Scissors.  Not only will you be able to guess who is the winner, but also which symbol they played with, who is lying and who is telling the truth!

Link: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/-p-28190.html

What you'll love about this is:
  • It's completely propless!
  • Perform anytime and anywhere!
  • Doesn't rely on stooges, preshow work, or peeks!
This is part of our weekly VAULT download series, so you can begin learning this effect today:


What do you do to make an octopus laugh?

You give it Ten-tickles.