Thursday, January 10, 2019

"WOW - Immediately Impress with Four Card Shoot!" - Download Today

"Fast, visual and surprisingly simple to do!"

The Vault - Four Card Shoot by Eric Chien video DOWNLOAD

Sometimes the best way to impress a spectator is to catch them off-guard and knock their socks off quickly!

FOUR CARD SHOOT, you accomplish that!  This download will teach you one of the fastest four-card productions they have ever seen.

Or you can produce three of a kind and then, with an empty hand, reach into a deck being dribbled to the table and pluck the remaining card to complete the four of a kind.

Check out the demo and begin learning this today:



There was a man named Johnny who had a cat.

He loved the cat more than anything, and when he was going on vacation he decided to leave the cat with his brother, Max.

A few days into the vacation, Johnny calls his brother to check in on the cat.
“The cat is dead,” replies Max.

Johnny is devastated. “How could you break the news to me like that!?” he cries into the phone. “At least start out by telling me that the cat is on the roof or something. And then tomorrow, perhaps let me know that the cat fell off the roof, but he’s at the vet and he’s doing ok. And then maybe that there have been some minor complications at the vet. And then maybe....MAYBE.... I would be ready for you to break the news that the cat is dead.”

“Anyway,” continues Johnny, “how’s Grandma?”

Max pauses for a second and then replies, “Grandma’s on the roof.”

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