Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blue Rabbit Items are back!

It's been a long time since we did this, but I felt it was time to resurrect our Blue Rabbit specials!
What is a Blue Rabbit Item?

In a nutshell, ask yourself this question: how many times have you seen a BLUE rabbit before? That's right, never....unless you were under the influence of some very powerful hallucinogenic drugs!

Well at MJM Magic, we have some items that we will randomly throw under our New Items section of the store. Like a blue rabbit, these items will be listed at prices that you have never seen! We are talking about things that will be listed at HUGE DISCOUNTS, and only in very small quantities. Once they sell, they will be gone and removed from the site.

Just like a Blue Rabbit, you may THINK you saw it, but it will be gone so fast, you will doubt if it was only in your imagination!

You never know WHEN these little goodies will pop up. We may do many in one day, or wait a week and then throw one on the site! All you have to remember is this:

- Blue Rabbit Item deals are RARE! Once they are listed under the New Items section of our site, you will want to quickly add it to your cart and purchase it, because once it's gone, it is gone.

- Blue Rabbit Item deals are FAST! Don't make the mistake of seeing one and thinking to yourself, "I will add it to my wishlist" or "I will pick this up on the weekend." You may be out of luck if you do that! 95% of all Blue Rabbit items will be listed with a quantity of ONE, so whoever gets it will get the only one and walk away with the deal of a lifetime!

How Do I Find A Blue Rabbit item?

Look under the new items section, or do a search for "BlueRabbit" in our search engine. Or just click HERE to find any remaining items that haven't been scooped up yet.

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