Thursday, December 09, 2010

FREE Packet Killer by Simon Lovell (Deck + DVD) - WOW!!

First off, a big THANK YOU to everyone who has been scooping up all the freebies we've been offering this month! We have another great giveaway item: Packet Killer by Simon Lovell! This DVD teaches you some of the best packet tricks on the market, and we include a FREE GAFFED DECK along with it, so you will have all the cards to perform these packet killers at your disposal!!

I must stress this point ----- this item normally sells for $50.00 in our store, and it sells CONSISTENTLY. However, we are GIVING IT AWAY to our customers as long as they place a $100 order or more!

This is something that WILL GO FAST. Because we're giving away both the Packet Killer gaffed deck and the Instructional DVD as a bundle giveaway, we could only afford to give away 24 of only the first 24 orders that qualify will get one.

If you go to the front of our website, you will see a counter showing how many are left. Don't let the number fool you. If you see that there are still a lot of these left, and think to yourself, "Ahhhh no worries, I have time to place my order," be forewarned. A lot of people seem to scoop up our promotions quickly and one minute, there will be 10 left, and within 30 minutes, they could be gone.

So here's what you need to do:

1. Place an order with us through our website:
2. If you put $100.00 or more into your shopping cart, we will automatically include the free Packet Killer DVD with free Gaffed Deck!

That's it! There are only a few rules and regulations.

Promotion Rules:

  1. This doesn't apply to any orders placed prior to 12/09/10 at 11:00am, nor can we extend this after we have given away all of our units. Sorry, no exceptions. Thank you for understanding.
  2. The promotion only applies to SINGLE orders. You cannot place two separate orders of $50.00 and then get the $100.00 freebie.
  3. The $100 spent cannot include shipping, tax, or discounts. An order of $95.00 with a $5.00 shipping charge doesn't qualify because you are only spending $95.00 in merchandise. Likewise, an order of $100.00 prior to using a 10% discount coupon will not apply because you are not spending the full $100.00 in our store.
  4. If this item is added to your shopping cart automatically, but then you fail to meet any of the above rules, we will manually remove it from the final order if you don't spend the minimum $100.00 after shipping or discounts are factored in.
  5. Once all supplies are gone, the promotion will abruptly end.

As usual, if you have ANY other questions about this, please contact us by using THIS FORM

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