Wednesday, June 15, 2011

20% OFF COUPON - Father's Day Special!

If there is one thing that I LOVE even more than running MJM Magic, it's being a daddy. In fact, I dare say that the happiness I feel from being a father is what carries over into the success of MJM Magic.

My oldest daughter (Madison) is almost 7, and my youngest (Katelyn) is almost 4. Both of them are the light of my life.

When I get to spend time with my two little girls, it makes me feel nothing could ever go wrong. Then when I go into "work mode" and begin processing all the daily orders we get at MJM Magic, I am clear headed and very well grounded.

I can't tell you how many times I was playing with my kids, or out with my family, and that spawned an idea to give something away for free in our store. It's like, I'm paying the goodness I feel FORWARD to all of our customers. When I'm happy, I give things away to make others happy! Karma in action.

So today is no different! This weekend is when we celebrate Father's Day. It's where we remember our own father's, and those of us who have kids also get to reflect on our own good fortune.

So as usual, I'm feeling very generous and I'm giving away something for free. No, it's not an item this time. It's MONEY back in your pocket.

Starting right now through Sunday, you can use this special 20% DISCOUNT COUPON towards EVERYTHING in our store! The coupon code is: fathersday2011

Here are the rules for the promotion:

- This fathersday2011 coupon is valid between June 16th at 7:00am PST through Sunday (June 19th)! Take your time.....add as much to the cart as you can, and the more you spend, the more you save!

- This fathersday2011 coupon is only good ONE TIME per customer. So make sure you place a large order and make it count!

- This fathersday2011 coupon is only good on orders $75.00 or higher. It won't work unless you have AT LEAST $75.00 in your shopping cart. Orders lower than $75.00 can still use any regular discount codes you may have previously used.

- This does NOT apply to any orders placed BEFORE June 17th at 7:00am PST, or after the 19th.....period. We can make no exceptions, so thanks for understanding.

- Hurry Expires on June 19th!

Once again, I want to tip my hat to ALL FATHERS out there who provide for their children, and make the world a better place. Happy spending!

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