Friday, April 19, 2013

New Paul Harris Download - The INVISIBLE DECK!

Okay, a couple of weeks ago, MJM Magic launched two exciting new Downloads by Paul Harris and Joshua Jay.  They were so popular that I did a thorough review on both of them.

To read those reviews, you can click this link:

Now I'm excited to announce that MJM Magic is launching the NEXT DOWNLOAD Volume in the series:

Price: $19.95 (+2 Reward Points Earned)
Download Link:

All effects are handpicked by Paul Harris, Tim Trono, and Joshua Jay. Expert coaching by Joshua Jay helps ensure your first performance experience is comfortable, solid, safe, and astonishing.

This is not an encyclopedic "every variation under the sun" collection. Out of the hundreds of routines and ideas, we have handpicked a handful of only the very coolest, most powerful, performer-friendly personal favorites from magic's top creators.

With this third volume of Handpicked, learn how to use the Invisible Deck to its full potential.

  • Invisible Deck Introduction
  • Cell Phone Presentation (how to involve someone from across the globe)
  • How it works
  • Jay Sankey’s X (possibly the best variation of the original)
  • Beyond Invisible (A totally new twist on the classic routine)
  • Invisible Deep 3 (Predict a spectator’s initials!)
  • Pit Boss (The perfect ending to a one-ahead routine by Thom Peterson)
  • Out of Sight
  • Cell Phone Presentation
Purchase this right now from MJM Magic and you can begin watching it as soon as we process your order!
Download Link:

See what the industry reviewers had to say:

“By using any one of the routines on this DVD your audience will think you have God like status! This made me get my Invisible Deck and put it back in my professional close-up act!! Quite possible the strongest piece of magic ever created and certainly this DVD highlights the strongest effects every created using this gimmick deck.”  Paul Romhany – Vanish Magazine

“The bottom line is that there are plenty of good ideas and subtleties on this video that it's very much worthy of your attention. You are being handed on a silver platter the actual routines from actual pros.” 4.5 Stars with GEM status  Full Review:  - Jeff Stone

“In 60 minutes he (Joshua Jay) demonstrates how to enrich the standard performing with subtleties and explains how you can raise the effect to an even higher level…Recommended for all who use the Invisible Deck, and all those who have never worked with it.”  Andreas Sucker – MAGIE and MAGISCHE WELT Magazine 

Download Link:


Now before you think to yourself, "Why do I care about an item which has been around for years?", consider the following.

Some of the greatest, mind-blowing magic is done with the use of simple objects.  A thumbtip, for example, is something that many of us take for granted.....but as we saw in my review from last week, after I watched Volume 1 on Thumbtips, I will NEVER look at a Thumbtip the same way again! 

To this day, the Invisible Deck is probably the number one best selling deck in all of magic.  If you have never used an invisible deck, or if you've only used it to reveal a face down card, then you are severely LIMITING YOURSELF!


To see the other two volumes in this amazing DOWNLOAD series, click this link:

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