Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Product Release: RE, Self Bending Paperclip, The Sting, and More!

Happy Wednesday everyone......or as my wife likes to say, "Happy Hump Day!"  Although whenever I hear that expression, my mind immediately thinks of something else!

But I digress!

I've been so busy filling orders these days, I am starting to slack on sending these product newsletters out!  So here are some new products which have hit the market recently. Just doing my part to keep you all up to date on the latest and greatest!


A selected playing card is torn into four pieces. Then with one piece at a time and the hands being shown cleanly at every phase the card repairs itself. The card is then handed out for examination.

With this self-contained gimmick you will be able to perform a visual four piece torn and restored card with ease. The gimmick can even be personalized to match any deck. You will be taught the 360 version allowing you to show the card back and front in most of the phases. Filmed in HD, with in depth teaching including extra tips, ideas, & how to perform the effect with a signed card.

Comes complete with DVD and a hand crafted gimmick 

Price: $30.00 (+3 Reward Points Earned)




This one has been preselling like a banshee!  Scheduled to be released in just a couple of days, this one has been getting a lot of attention.

In the 1st episode of METALISM - The Self Bending Paperclip - magic inventor, Menny Lindenfeld, teaches you two methods (gimmick and impromptu versions) to perform a powerful and highly visual metal bending effect with an easy-to-find object, a paperclip! Learn to fully control bend timing, pace and shape, while causing the paperclip to impossibly bend by itself.

PRICE: $45.00 (+5 Reward Points Earned!)

NOTE: This is a preorder item, scheduled to arrive around May 21st.  Preorder it now with us at MJM Magic and you will get it shipped to first!


What is The Sting?
The Sting is a stage routine for the classic ring flight effect. What separates this from other ring flight routines, is Lou's work to make it play for audiences of thousands of people. Instead of a simple "here's your ring - now it's gone - now it's on my keycase" routine, Lou has weaved a believable story around the routine that is accessible to every audience.

Lou explains every tip and trick that he has gleaned over the thousands of paid performances to flatten out your learning curve and get you up and running asap. Everything from the right clip to use, the best ring flight device to choose, how to manage the audience volunteer on stage and how to get the most response from that volunteer and even more from the audience as a whole.

Price: $99.95 (+10 Reward Points Earned!)



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