Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"A whole bunch of new products at MJM Magic!"

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Curious? Click HERE for the trailer and more info. Curious? Click HERE for the trailer and more info.
Alien Concepts
by Anthony Asimov

  • 9 amazing traditional effects done in an unusual, creative way that you have NEVER seen before.
  • 45 minute LIVE show.
  • Over 2 hours of instruction
  • 3 visual performance-only routines that Asimov regularly performs in his close-up show.
  • Available in a 2 volume set or individually
Curious? Click HERE for the trailer and more info.
The Silencer
by Jeff Prace and Blue Crown

  • The ability to mute any device that plays music with NO unnatural movements.
  • Bonus teachings: Scribble and Split.
  • Easy, practical and powerful
  • Gimmicks included.
Release Date: Tuesday,
August 13th
Full Bloom (2 book set)
by Gaetan Bloom & Kevin James

  • 2 Volume Set.
  • Over 150 effects.
  • Stage magic, close-up, illusions, cabaret and mentalism.
  • Includes Bloom's marketed effects and scarce magazine routines.
  • All of Gaetan's lecture notes
  • Many new previously unpublished effects.
Release Date: Wednesday, August 14th
by Gaetan Bloom
and Luis De Matos

  • Used in Gaetan’s own show for years.
  • Torn and Restored card in an impossible location.
  • Includes gimmick and the comprehensive history behind it.
  • Running time: 2h 27min
Release Date: Thursday,
August 15th
Rope, Nut & Knot
by Giovanni Livera and
The Magic Estate

  • Shocking productions, incredibly visual penetrations and a surprise ending!
  • Taught by Golden Cup winner Giovanni Livera
  • Professional Props included
Release Date: Thursday,
August 15th
Miracles Without Moves
by Ryan Schuktz & Big Blind Media

  • JAWDROPPING card magic with the barest minimum sleight of hand!
  • Includes 7 incredible routines.
  • Self-Working.
  • Fool the audience, magicians and even yourself!
Release Date: Monday,
August 19th
by MO & RYU-KA

  • 5 card tricks & 5 coin tricks.
  • Taught by MO, third prize winner at Japan Close-Up Contest 2013.
  • No gimmicked coins used.
  • Instruction in English as well as text and graphics.
  • Real world workable coin magic!
Release Date: Tuesday,
August 20th
Flicker Coin
by Rocco

  • Available in Half and Quarter versions.
  • From the creator of D’Lite!
  • An extremely visual version of “Coins Across”.
  • Bonus! Also included is an elegant hand-to-hand production, a snappy spellbound type change and more.
Release Date: Monday,
August 19th
by Arnel Renegado

  • One of the most visual card rises that we've ever seen.
  • Best of all, the signed/creased card can be handed out for examination immediately!
  • Looks like trick photography!
Release Date: Friday,
August 16th
The Red Envelope
by David Sousa &
Luis De Matos

  • Award Winning Silent Act from David Sousa.
  • Can be used in any stage act and applied to thousands of productions, vanishes, etc.
  • Some effects included: Ball to Scarf, Cane Production, T&R Jumbo Card and more!
  • Running time: 1h 35min
Release Date: Friday,
August 16th
The Egg Bag
(DVD and Gimmick)
by Luis De Matos

  • Produce a live chick in the finale!
  • Has been a highlight of Luis de Matos shows for over a decade.
  • Full instructions and details, including how to present and handle livestock.
  • Running time: 1h 04min
Release Date: Friday,
August 16th
V Deck
(with DVD and Gimmick)
by Peter Nardi - Available
in Red or Blue

  • Spectators can pinpoint the moment the magic happens!
  • Easy to do and almost completely self-working.
  • Complete with instructional DVD.
Release Date: Monday,
August 19th

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