Thursday, May 15, 2014

"Mentalism’s best kept secret!"

Happy Thursday!   This is just a quick email blast, to let you know about some brand new downloads that we are giving our customers access to.

"Jonathan Royle has been mentalism’s best kept secret."

We now have his E-BOOKS on download!  You can instantly access these from your computer, tablet, or smartphone, as soon as you place your order!

Check them out today:

While most of his e-Books cover mentalism, cold reading, and hypnosis, there is something for everyone.    For example, check out his "Any Card At Any Number" effect:

ACAAN - The Holy Grail of Mentalism - It's so practical and clean, you won’t believe it.

This isn’t marketing spin.  You got to check this out.  Even magicians that don’t like ACAAN effects like his approach:


To check out all of our other DOWNLOAD products (which you can access instantly as soon as you place your order), just browse through our huge list of downloads here:

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