Monday, December 31, 2018

"Your spectators won't believe their eyes!"

RETRIEVE (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Smagic Productions

RETRIEVE is an extraordinary and unusual effect! Incredible visual magic!

With a TAP, you can make an object appear right in front of your spectator's eyes - instant and amazingly visual. This effect was created for walk around and professional magicians. Produce a card corner, a coin, a bill, candy, even a butterfly with no angles to worry about. Perform with confidence! You'll enjoy performing this as much as your spectators will love being mystified by it!

This is RETRIEVE - check it out!



Tonight at 11:59pm, lift your left leg...........So you can enter the new year on the right foot!


From us here at MJM Magic, we wish you all a very safe and HAPPY New Year!   We thank you for supporting us in the 2018 year, and we definitely look forward to walking alongside you in 2019!

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