Friday, December 04, 2009

Happy Birthday, Brandi!

Shhhhh......she doesn't know that I'm secretly letting the cat out of the bag, but today is Brandi's 29th birthday!

For anyone who has ever shopped with MJM Magic, you most certainly know who Brandi is. She is the glue that keeps this operation together. You name it, she does it. From emails, to inventory management, to shipping/receiving!
So if anyone would like to wish her a happy birthday, simply go to our Contact Form and send her a birthday message! I KNOW she will get a kick out of it!
She is the only person I know who actually loves her birthday more than a fat kid loves ice cream. If you called her personal cell phone right now, she would answer the phone, "It's my birthday, where's my present?" No joke.
I actually called her yesterday and her voicemail said, "Hi, this is Brandi. You should be out buying a present for me right now instead of talking on the phone. Leave me a message!"
So if you want to leave her a message, just do two things:
1. Leave it to her through our Contact Form
2. Don't tell her you heard it from me!
Keep smiling,
- Jeff

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