Friday, July 30, 2010

Where did Highflyer come from?

This is a quick background story on our latest bestselling effect, "Highflyer by Peter Eggink."

A lot of people have asked me, "Jeff.......where did Highflyer come from? It hit the market out of nowhere and now all I hear people talking about is this effect!"

The truth is that it's been an underground secret of Peter's for over three years now. Back in 2007, Peter was goofing around filmed this hilarious piece of underground footage (some adult language near the end):

That was spread around virally throughout the magic community, and for years, magicians begged Peter to release the effect. I even heard a rumor that one magician was willing to sacrifice his firstborn son just to get his hands on the secret. Three long years, Peter kept this closely guarded, much like fat person guarding his last candy bar.

Then in 2010, Peter decided to release this baby to the world. Perhaps he did this put this killer effect into the hands of millions of magicians worldwide. Perhaps he wanted to contribute more to his legacy in this wonderful industry. Or perhaps, as I like to think, he is such a fan of MJM Magic that he tossed and turned, for years on end, just waiting for the perfect opportunity to share this with us!

And now it's here! Get yours today, only at MJM Magic:

Highflyer for Blue Decks:
Highflyer for Red Decks:

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