Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Holy Cow! The PERFECT NAIL Bend! - Coming Soon!

Normally I don't like to hype a bunch of preorder items, but I have personally seen this one and it's going to be HUGE!

Imagine this. You take a regular metal nail. You hand it to the spectator to examine. They can FEEL that it's real. Now check this out.....NO SWITCHING! The nail begins to bend in the SPECTATOR'S HAND by your mental powers!

Well, not really by your mental powers, but the spectator will THINK that's the reason!

You can even do a follow up routine where the nail straightens back in their hand! WHOAA!

Never before have we seen a nail bending routing that:

a) didn't require a switch of some kind with a prebent nail, or
b) one that didn't require you to conceal some bending device, or
c) one that actually bends the nail in the spectators hand!

Like I said, I had a meeting with the supplier about this one, and they personally showed it to me! I'm really excited to carry it here at MJM Magic, and we ordered a bunch of them! If you preorder it with us using the link below, you WILL be guaranteed to get it the day they come out!


If we presell all of our reserved batch, the link will be dead, so if you still see the link being active, click on it and preorder because that means they're still some left!


We don't know the exact release date yet, but hopefully it won't be too far off. Either way, we will be first to get it and we look forward to shipping this one out!

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