Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hot New Card Magic DVD's: Shinanigens and Inspiration

MJM Magic is now selling two new DVD's which feature some of the most visual card magic we've ever seen!

Shinanigens by Shin Lim - DVD
Price: $50.00
Our Price: $43.65 with Returning Customer Discount


Shin Lim is one of these magicians who puts out hard hitting items, and they always sell out.  Always.  His previous items (Think DVD and The Vanishing) are still popular sellers!  If you haven't checked those out yet, click those links and watch the demo videos!

So now he is coming out with Shinanigens, a TWO DVD SET featuring over THREE HOURS of magic eye candy!!

I could sit here and try to explain how visual it is, but you just need to see it to believe it!  Click the link to read more about the contents of the DVD, and to see the video demo!


Note: This is a preorder item.  We recommend you purchase it separately right now, and when it's available very soon, we will ship it out to you!  These are forecasted to sell out, so by preordering it with us, you will be guaranteed to get your copy.  Purchasing it separate from other items insures that your entire order isn't held up awaiting this release.

Inspiration Volume 1 by Vallarino and Bebel - DVD
Price: $25.00
Our Price: $23.57 with Returning Customer Discount


This one looks equally as visual as Shinanigens, only it's put out by J.P. Vallarino.  You will recognize that name from his previous best sellers, such as Ultimate Wild Card and Ultimate McDonald's Aces.

Here is what our good buddy Tomas Medina said about this DVD:

"Buy this dvd.  It's AWESOME.  Seriously, it's going to be popular.  The card magic on here is like getting kicked in the face by a horse....but in a good way.  Bebel is an underground card magician from France.  The guy doesn't really want to market any products, that's why you probably have never heard of the guy. Many have said he's the world's greatest card magician.  The dude's got some seriously slick chops." - Tomas Medina

So click the link below to read more about it, and be sure to check out the demo video!


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