Monday, July 23, 2012

Spider Pen Pro Almost Gave Me a Heart Attack!

Holy crap.  Can I say 'crap'?  I think I can, considering the roller coaster and mini-heart attack I've had over the past couple of days!  Allow me to explain!

As you all know, the most hotly anticipated item of 2012 is finally upon us: the Spider Pen Pro by Yigal Mesika.

I could go on and on about how great this item is, but that's not really the point of this message!  The point is that I personally UNDERESTIMATED how huge this release really was.

You see, I'm in charge of purchasing all items that we bring into our store.  Many times, a product hits the market and it's up to me to gauge how much we think we can sell.  Purchase too many, and we waste money in our tight budget.  Purchase too few, and we are left with unfulfilled orders.  It's a tight balancing act that I have to follow on a daily basis, and even after almost ten years of purchasing for MJM Magic, you would THINK that I'd have a formula to figure these things out by now!  Well I don't!

But I digress!

So after a month of delays, we finally get word that the Spider Pen Pro is now shipping from the supplier.   We had reserved a modest amount of these things, just enough to cover our preorders and a little extra for new customers.  I knew that these were $150.00 a pop, and that the extra little reserves I had left would easily be able to cover any new orders coming in.


In a matter of SECONDS, right after I announced the arrival of these things, the orders began to FLOOD IN like an avalanche.  Normally that's a good problem to have!  However, I quickly realized that this onslaught of new orders couldn't be fulfilled, because all of the Spider Pens were gone in the blink of an eye.

I was kicking myself.  Literally.  I bent over and kicked my own butt with the heels of my shoes, mad that I didn't proactively purchase more of these things.  Was I blind?  Did I not know that these would sell way more than I had reserved?  Apparently so.

Quickly I threw on my cape and superhero outfit, making a few calls to try and scrounge up some more Spider Pens.  I had high hopes that someone.....ANYONE......would have a few to spare for a handsome, shaved headed Californian like me. 

Unfortunately, my hopes were deflated when I found out that the supplier was all out of them.  Since that devastating news caused me to  violently defecate in my superhero outfit, I slowly took it off in shame, and threw my trusty cape in the hamper.

I then began the painstaking task of telling all of our recent orders that the Spider Pen Pro, the very item I just finished announcing was finally available, had in fact sold out in SECONDS and is now on backorder.  I was embarrassed, but more than that, I felt HORRIBLE.  MJM Magic is a family run business, and it's my life's MISSION to make sure we take care of each and every customer.  I didn't want anyone to feel like I misled them to purchase an item which wasn't available.  The truth is that one second, we had enough, and the next second after announcing it, they completely sold out faster than we could update our website.

So where's the good news in all of this, Jeff?

Here is it.  I busted my BUTT all day today, frantically calling my sources and literally begging to see if we could get some more of these.  I tried everything.  I pleaded.   I grovelled.  Finally, by what can only be described as a MIRACLE, I had a source who was able to find a secret stash of these Spider Pen Pros!  Not only did we find enough to cover our recent onslaught of orders, but I was able to purchase three times MORE than we originally did to cover any new orders that haven't yet come through.  We went from having a shortage to having a SURPLUS

So bottom line: at least right now, in this moment, MJM MAGIC HAS PLENTY OF SPIDER PEN PROS to last for at least the next few days!

What usually happens is that these will continue to sell steadily on our website.....but once all the other dealers sell out, then everyone will come to us and our supply will disappear even faster.  So if you haven't yet picked this up yet, don't wait.  I speak from the heart when I say that I haven't seen anything move this fast in a very long time.


- Jeff Mash

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