Tuesday, March 05, 2013

MJM Reward Points - How Does It Work?

This is something that I have been working on at MJM Magic for quite some time, and I'm excited to finally roll it out for you!

With the magic industry moving further away from discounting products, I wanted a way to still reward our customers for purchasing items at MJM Magic.  This led me to roll-out our new MJM Rewards program!


What are MJM Magic Rewards Points?


Quite simply, they are MONEY!


How do they work?


Certain items in our store earn you Rewards Points.  You can redeem these points as REAL MONEY on future orders.

How much are they worth?


The values vary, but as a general rule, 1 point = $1.00!   So if you purchase an item that has 3 Reward Points, you just earned yourself $3.00 to use on your next order!

How can I see how many reward points I have earned?


Simply log into your MJM Magic account and you will see your points on the left side of the page like this:


How Do I Redeem Reward Points?


If you have Earned Points which you would like to use, you simply apply those points during our Checkout Process.  Here is a screenshot of what it would look like:

That will automatically apply the value towards your order!

Let me get this straight.....I earn money for spending money?


ABSOLUTELY!  If an item you're purchasing has Reward Points attached to it, then you will automatically earn those points when you purchase it with us!

Reward Points = Money in your pocket! 

How can I tell if an item has any rewards points?


It's easy.  If you go to the product's description page, we will display the number of Reward Points underneath the price.  Also, when you add items into your shopping cart, we will let you know how many points that shopping cart is going to earn you.

Is there a minimum amount of points I have to earn before I can spend any?


No!  Unlike other stores, we don't require you to accumulate any minimums before spending your points!  Heck, you earned them, you should spend them when you want!  So whether you only have one point, or if you have a thousand points, you choose when you want to use them!

Now that MJM Magic is offering reward points, are you still going to offer any other promotions?


Of course we are!  The beauty about this new system is that we can configure it to offer DOUBLE or TRIPLE reward points during certain promotions!  So on certain days, we may say, "Double reward points earned between now and tomorrow", etc.  To make sure you stay on top of when we have these special promotions, be sure to follow our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter) and subscribe to our newsletter!

If you have any other questions, just CONTACT US and let us know!

- The MJM Magic Team

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