Friday, March 15, 2013

"Now earn Reward Points, and say GOODBYE to the old Discount Code!"

We have a very exciting new feature on the MJM Magic website!  In fact, it's already been there for almost a week, but I wanted to make sure it was working smoothly before sending out this global announcement!

Introducing the new MJM REWARDS PROGRAM!  Basically, we are giving you money back on just about EVERYTHING IN OUR STORE by issuing you Reward Points.  Each Reward Point is worth $1.00, and you can apply them automatically to your order as you accumulate them.

Why are we doing this?  For a couple of reasons:

First, we are slowly phasing out the Returning Customer Discount coupon.  Now before you freak out, let me explain.  Back when I started MJM Magic in 2004, there was no such thing as Price Protected items.  In other words, everything we sold back then had the freedom to be discounted.  Since we were allowed to discount EVERYTHING in our store, we created this Returning Customer coupon to give you even MORE SAVINGS to purchase those items with us.

Now fast forward to 2013.  It's become an increasing trend in the magic industry for creators to only release their items as long as stores don't discount them.  So if we want to carry these new items, we have to sell them at the same price as everyone else.  NO DISCOUNTS.  This is making our Returning Customer Discount less relevant and not very practical to use.

Also, the returning customer needs to be applied MANUALLY every time you make a purchase.  If you don't remember the code, then it isn't applied to the order.  Booo.  :(

So as a solution to these issues, I have been developing and testing out the new MJM Rewards Program, and I believe it solves both these issues above!

The main thing is that we can now give you MJM REWARD POINTS on just about every item in our store, even those which we can't discount!  Say goodbye to the days of trying to use a coupon code, only to discover that the items you want are price protected and not discountable!  With our new MJM Rewards Program, you will earn points on just about everything we carry, and that means MORE MONEY BACK IN YOUR POCKET!

Using a real world example, a customer (Joe C. from San Juan Capsistrano) just purchased the new Coinvexed 3rd Generation for $120.20.  That item is price protected, so no store can sell it on sale.  Howevever, by purchasing it with us through our website, Joe just earned 12 Reward Points, or $12.00 back into his account.  Now he can place a new order and apply that $12.00 towards his next order total.  What could you do with an extra $12.00?  If you're interenational, that may eliminate or greatly reduce your shipping fees!  Or it could completely purchase a couple new decks of cards, etc.  And that's just ONE ITEM in this example!

You could just as easily PREORDER the new ELECTRIC TOUCH + and earn yourself $20.00 back in Reward Points!  That's $20.00 which you can then use to apply on other items on your next order!
Second of all, you can use these points EASILY without having to remember any complicated codes!  You simply proceed through the checkout process, and there's a nice, easy checkbox to click which will automatically apply any points you have towards your new order!  It's so easy, you will be itching to make your next purchase just so you can get some more points!

Now, I am not going to discontinue the Returning Customer Discount right away.  In fact, through this weekend only, you can still use both the discount AND earn points on any discountable item in our store.  After this weekend, the code will be disabled and we will stick to a strictly Reward Point system to give you back the savings.

So if you take anything away from this newsletter, it's this:

1. The new MJM Rewards Points will now earn you points on almost everything we carry!  Anything item less than $10.00 won't earn any points, but anything more than that will.

2. The old Returning Customer discount is being discontinued after this weekend.....but you will still get the same savings given back to you automatically in Reward Points once it's gone, so you are still going to get the same amount back to you.  So don't think that you are losing a discount.  Think of it as GAINING even more savings with a more intuitive, hands-off system which does all the work for you!

3. This new MJM Rewards System is EASIER than ever to use.  No codes to remember, no more forgetting discount codes!  Any points you earn will be automatically tallied and distributed to your account!

FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS PROGRAM, please click this link for some easy Questions and Answers:


MJM Magic has been adding all kinds of new DVD DOWNLOADS to our website!  Check them out and start earning some MJM Reward Points on these purchases!

Your friend in magic,
- Jeff Mash
MJM Magic, Inc.

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