Sunday, November 08, 2009

NOW AVAILABLE - Hand Out 500 by Steve Haynes

This is the hottest preorder effect we have sold in months, and it's finally here! That's the GOOD NEWS. The bad news is that out of all the stock that we purchased, 70% of it is already reserved for those of you who preordered it with us. That only leaves a small percentage left over for anybody that missed out on our preorder list.

Almost all stores are sold out of this and don't have it, but we still have some left! Don't miss this opportunity to grab one of the most visual pieces of MAGIC to hit the market.

There are many other effects like this one on the market, but only Steve Haynes' version removes all the bad angles, and doesn't require you to permanently gaff hundreds of dollars in bills to make this work! Once our inventory sells, there is no word when more will arrive (since 300 of them came and went LIKE THAT), so get yours today while we still got them.

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