Friday, October 22, 2010

CHEER UP 20% DISCOUNT - Expires Saturday Night

Hey everyone. This has been, well, a rather rough week for me. In fact, I am still feeling rather down about some things which happened yesterday. But one thing I've learned from past experience is that if I want to personally feel better about a situation, I should give back to others, and take the focus off myself. There's something cathartic in GIVING SOMETHING to others that seems to make me forget about whatever issues I'm having to deal with on a personal level.

So therefore, I am having a 24 hour CHEER UP period, where you can get an ADDITIONAL 20% off all discountable items at MJM Magic.

All you have to do is use this discount code (instead of your normal one) when making a purchase. The code is CHEERUP20.

If you type in CHEERUP20 as your discount redemption code between now and Saturday, I will give you an extra 20% off whatever the current sale price is, on any discountable items in your order.

Keep in mind that some items in our store are NOT DISCOUNTABLE, so this CHEERUP20 code will not work on those. But if you also included other discountable items, the code is smart enough to detect them and offer the savings on those items.

Again, this is only between right now (8:00am Pacific Standard Time) on Friday the 22nd, and will only be good through Saturday the 23rd. This also cannot be applied towards any open or processing order placed before this period. Thanks for understanding.

Enjoy, and thanks for cheering me up!

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