Saturday, October 02, 2010

RECAP: Top 20 Items Sold in September 2010

Well now that the month of September is over, I want to do something new and publish some of the top sellers for the month! This will help you gauge what's been hot in our store.

Who knows, perhaps this published monthly list from MJM Magic will be looked forward to in the industry, much like polling companies who publish forecasts for elections to help gauge the outcomes of political races!

Most of the items that made September's list are staple items that are consistent sellers, like flash products and cards. But you can also see some of the best selling effects that are still making our Top 20 list after being out for months and months, which is a testament to how well they're doing for magicians:

1. Crimson Decks

2. Flash Paper

3. Plastic Card Wallets

4. Ungimmicked WOW Sleeves

5. Bicycle Playing Cards - Blue

6. Flash Cotton

7. Bicycle Cards GOLD Standard - Red

8. Loops by Yigal Mesika

9. Highflyer Red by Peter Eggink

10. Tarantula by Yigal Mesika

11. Toosh by Steve Haynes

12. Cockroach Gag

13. Extreme Burn 2.0 by Richard Sanders

14. Smoke by Alan Rorrison

15. Thumb Tip Junior

16. Mandolin Playing Cards Red

17. Bicycle Cards Red

18. Fanning Powder

19. The Gecko by Jim Rosenbaum

20. WOW 2.0 by Masuda

Congrats to all the creators and magicians who made the top 20 list for September!

Here are some honorable mentions, who didn't come in the top 20, but still sold well for the month of September:

- Consignment by James Howells

- Highflyer Blue by Peter Eggink

- Instant Radio version 2 by Magigadgets

- Mesika Elastic by Yigal Mesika

- The Hawk 2.0

- Sheridan Course in Card Manipulation

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