Friday, November 16, 2012

Bestselling NEW Items for the Week of 11/16/12

Happy Friday, everyone!  It's been a very busy week over here at MJM Magic headquarters.   With the latest release of the new TENYO Magic items that came in, I've literally been shipping out packages nonstop to all who preordered them!

I wanted to share with you the top selling new items in our store, just to give you a glimpse into some of the bestselling new items on the market.

It should come as no surprise that the Top 4 items just happen to be the hot new Tenyo releases:

5. 21 by Shin Lim, Donald Carlson & Jose Morales - DVD ($26.15) -
(If you like card magic, then prepare to get your mind blown with this DVD.  21 impromptu effects you can do with a regular deck of cards!   We also offer this as a Streaming Video in case you don't want to wait for the post office to deliver the DVD.)

4. Clear Surprise by Tenyo Magic ($26.15) -
(Produce real money from a transparent envelope!)

3. Miracle Coin Thru by Tenyo Magic ($26.15) -
(Take a an empty glass......turn the glass upside down, and make the coin penetrate right through it.  Yep, it's that visual!)

2. Card Surgery by Tenyo Magic ($33.17) -
(You have to literally SEE this to believe it.  The most hands off, visual card restoration I've ever witnessed.  Click the link to watch the demo video!)

.....and the number one best selling NEW ITEM right now.....

1. Magic Memo Pad by Tenyo Magic ($26.15) -
(Well what do you know, another Tenyo item!  This one is CRAZY!  Real coins disappear into a drawing pad!)

* All quoted prices above are factoring in the MJM Magic Returning Customer Coupon code, given to all returning customers.

Remember, that is just the top five list for NEW ITEMS.  If you want to see what all of our best selling items are, then click this link below.  It gives you a REAL TIME BREAKDOWN of all the best selling items, broken down by price point.    So you can see the top performing items which are under $10.00, or under $30.00, etc.

I hope you all have a FANTASTIC weekend!  I plan to do lots of BBQing and relaxing!  For me, that is how I like to escape after a long work week: sitting in my backyard, cooking some food, reading a good book, and just contemplating the positive things in life.

Thanks again for all your support and for continuing to shop at MJM Magic, Inc.  Don't for once think that I take any of that for granted.  I appreciate each and everyone of you.

Your friend in magic,
- Jeff Mash
MJM Magic, Inc.

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