Sunday, November 25, 2012

CYBER MONDAY STARTS NOW - Today only at MJM Magic!

We had an amazing turnout for our Black Friday promotion, so first off, THANK YOU to all who participated in that!  If you missed out on that opportunity, then don't you worry.  We got something just as good for you right now!

CYBER MONDAY SPECIAL: Spend $100.00 or more on our products, and get a free $10.00 Gift Certificate for your next purchase!

We wanted to do something special for Cyber Monday.....something that EVERYONE could take advantage of.  So only this Monday (November 26th), all customers who spend $100.00 or more on any single order will be automatically issued a $10.00 store credit into their customer account, which can be used ANY TIME on a future order!

Let me further clarify how GREAT this is.  Many items we offer are already on sale (bonus).....many of you have coupons that you can use to discount them even further (double bonus).......and even more of you (in the USA or Canada) may qualify for FREE SHIPPING (triple bonus).  But on top of all of that, we are still giving away this $10.00 store credit if you happen to spend $100.00 or more on Monday (insane bonus)!!!

Many of you wrote to me on our last promotion (which gave you a 15% discount on thousands of items) and said, "Jeff - I love that, but there are many items that are price-protected so the discount won't apply.Well, this Cyber Monday promotion is tailor-made for you!  This is your opportunity to purchase those non-discountable items and still be rewarded!  As long as you purchase $100.00 or more on any items (sale or price protected, it doesn't matter), then you can qualify for this reward!


It's easy!  Head over to our website:  Then simply spend $100.00 or more on your order MONDAY ONLY, and we will automatically issue you the $10.00 store credit into your account when we process your order!  Make sure your order qualifies by reading the exceptions below.

EXCEPTIONS (Read Carefully)

1.  Doesn't apply towards Gift Certificates.  You must spend the $100.00 on merchandise or streaming products.

2.  In order to qualify for the $10.00 store credit, your order must be over $100.00 AFTER DISCOUNTS are applied.  You can't have $100.00 in merchandise, use discounts to lower the total BELOW $100.00, and then expect the reward.  The total must be over $100.00 AFTER any coupons are applied.

3.  Similar to Rule #2, you cannot use shipping charges to factor into your total.  For example, if you order $95.00 worth of stuff but then your shipping charges push your total over $100.00, that doesn't count.  Again, you must spend $100.00 after coupons and without shipping charges factored in to qualify.

4.  Must be spent on a single order.  We cannot combine two smaller orders to make one larger order.

5.  Finally - this CANNOT APPLY TO ANY ORDER PRIOR TO MONDAY.  If you have just placed an order the day before, or an order that still hasn't shipped yet, we cannot apply this promotion to those orders.  This is only for orders placed on Monday for the CYBER MONDAY SPECIAL.  Thank you for understanding.

As always, if you have any questions about this promotion, just send me an email and I'll be more than happy to clarify.

Your friend in magic,
- Jeff Mash
MJM Magic, Inc.

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