Friday, June 05, 2009

5 for 5 Deal - Buy 5 Crimson Decks, Get Pad for only $5.00!

LIMITED OFFER - Only available for the first 25 people!

It's our FIVE for FIVE deal. Purchase five of our best selling Crimson Decks and get a Professional Close Up Pad for only $5.00!

Not only that, but we are taking a dollar off the retail price for each Crimson Deck! Not only are you getting the best selling deck of cards at the lower price, but with this 22.5" x 15.5" (57cm x 40cm) close up pad, you will have a professional surface to perform all your magic on!

Normally, purchasing five Crimson Decks and this same close up pad separately would cost $ don't miss this chance to get it all for only $34.75!

Remember, most people are purchasing five and ten of these decks by themselves....why not spend an extra $5.00 and get a professional close up pad to ship with it?!

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Close Up Pad Info:

Neoprene backing with a beautiful gaming table surface makes these close-up pads the best in the industry. Measuring 22.5" x 15.5" (57cm x 40cm) they are the perfect size and cushion for all card tricks, shell games, and much more! Available in Hunter Green only.

Crimson Deck Info:

This regular deck of playing cards has been custom designed by Dan Sperry, and believe us when we say that they look AWESOME!

There is something mesmerizing about the dark red and black pattern of the deck which immediately draws your eyes to it. For anyone who knows Dan Sperry and his magic act, it’s very cutting edge and different than most run-of-the-mill performers. That same style and flare has been put into the Crimson Deck, right down to the embedded razor blades in the cards design.

Over one year in the making, you will immediately see the quality and effort put into making the Crimson Deck. Every detail has been painstakingly thought out, and we spared no expense in the production of this deck.

* Professionally Printed by the US Playing Card Company
* Signature Air Cushion Finish for great handling and flourishes
* Custom backs, two custom Joker cards, and an Amazing Custom Ace of Spades card!
* Includes one free preview of the upcoming Silly Rabbit deck by Dan Sperry

Bottom line: these feel great in your hands and they look even better. Whether you're performing fancy flourishes or simply doing your favorite card effect, the Crimson Deck is simply a must have for anyone!


Dan Sperry is a working professional Las Vegas magician and graphic artist. Back in November of 2008, Jeff Mash (owner of MJM Magic) had the opportunity to spend some time with Dan Sperry. It was then that he saw the Crimson Deck in design, and he was immediately blown away. On the spot, he offered to produce them with Dan and the rest is history!

After finalizing things with the US Playing Card Company and waiting for the process to finish, the cards were printed up in April 2009 and delivered for sale by May 1st.


We have only produced a few thousand of these decks, so you don't want to miss the chance to get one of these first edition Crimson Decks. There are no current plans to print anymore after this, so whether you're a card collector or you simply want a new look to your cards, you will want to pick some of these up.

Make no mistake about it: the Crimson Deck is going FAST! There has been a shortage of good, custom designed decks in the market lately, and the Crimson Deck is like a breath of fresh air, ushering in a new generation of artistic card designs by someone who's a working professional and immersed in the industry we all know and love: MAGIC!

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