Thursday, June 11, 2009

CAPtivated and M.C. Hammer - Huh?

So it seems that the latest "HOT" selling effect is CAPtivated by Alex Lourido. We had our initial batch some in and then sell out in a matter of hours! So we then went to get more but the supplier ran out just as fast!

So we did some hunting, paid a few bribes here and there, and we were able to secure a few dozen more for you guys! Now, many of those are already spoken for because we're allowing you to preorder it, but we do have some left.

We expect these to arrive next week since they are already in transit to our store.

This is an effect you can literally carry with you wherever you go, like an instant miracle in your pocket!

Just check out this You Tube video to see what you can do with it:

M.C. Hammer is Back - Tune in!

This is a little off topic, but I like to support friends and family whenever I can. I have been friends with MC Hammer's family for over 12 years now. What many people don't know about Hammer is that he is a great dad and family man........and his new A&E television show is set to premiere this week (June 14th) which brings you into his life and home.

They live right here in Tracy, hometown to MJM Magic, so in a way it's putting our city on the map as well! I want to wish him the best of luck as he's super busy making appearances and promoting the show all across the country right now.

I'm also sharing this photo of us together, taken at the funeral of my grandfather a few years ago. Hammer used to call my grandfather "Pops," and it meant a lot to my family to see him pay his last respects to Gramps who always had a story to tell.

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