Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Product Highlight: Blindspot (Gimmick and DVD) by Bob Swadling and JB Magic - DVD

Blindspot could be the best Coin in Bottle effect in 10 years. It is so good you will want to retire your other coin in bottle effects. You must watch the demo video abovr to see the clip and understand just how astounding it is.

Borrow a clear glass bottle from a spectator; it is fully examined by the spectator. They can even examine it while the coin is in there; you can even toss the bottle around with confidence. It is brilliantly done, simple to do, and almost effortless to demonstrate. We challenge you: Purchase this item and YOU WILL FOOL YOURSELF with this one.

Side Note: I had Mark Mason perform this on me personally.....I held the bottle in my hands, completely inspected it by looking inside the bottle, and I could not find any coins hidden in there. The bottle can even be tossed around and it's completely safe. This is probably the most under-the-radar Coin In Bottle effects I have ever seen. It should be selling out more than any other C.I.B. effect, and yet, not too many people know about it. You don't even need a PK Ring to perform this one, folks, and you can use almost ANY bottle!

Product Description:


JB Magic are proud to be working in conjunction with Bob Swadling, one of the worlds leading creators of magic effects. Bob has created a revolutionary gimmick for performing the classic coin in bottle effect, we call it BLINDSPOT. Every now and them something EXTRA SPECIAL arrives on the magic scene, this we know you will agree, is one of those times. Imagine holding a totally CLEAR BOTTLE, letting a spectator examine both the bottle and the cap, inside and out. Under these impossible circumstances you can still perform the coin in bottle effect.

Blindspot is an incredible, brand new gimmick that will allow you to perform the coin in bottle on a whole new level.

- NO gimmicked bottles
- NO gimmicked bottle caps
- ANY totally see through bottle
- NO covering the bottle of any kind.
- BOTTLE & CAP can be fully examined.

You have to see this, to believe it.

  • 2 routines and handlings are fully taught
  • Step by step DVD instruction
  • Resets in 5 seconds
  • Perfect for strolling, restaurants, stand up.

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