Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Jeff McBride on Cardini - Sleight of Hand Master

Here's a nice, entertaining clip that I picked up from my boys over at iTricks. It's a clip talking about Cardini (if you've never heard of him, you really should check this out).

Narrated by Jeff McBride, it really stirred me up and now I want to start practicing card manipulations again! There is even a nice clip of Lance Burton in there, showing why he's one of the great Vegas performers of our time:

By the way, we have a GREAT DVD series with Jeff McBride which teaches you how to do these exact same card manipulations. It's called the Art of Card Manipulation, and it's three part series. Pick up the first one if you want to start, or get the entire set at once for a cheaper price!

Volume 1:

Volume 2:

Volume 3:

Entire Set and Save:

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Mago said...

Un Genio, hay que hacer esa magia en ese tiempo, con esos guantes y con tanta perfección!