Friday, July 30, 2010

Where did Highflyer come from?

This is a quick background story on our latest bestselling effect, "Highflyer by Peter Eggink."

A lot of people have asked me, "Jeff.......where did Highflyer come from? It hit the market out of nowhere and now all I hear people talking about is this effect!"

The truth is that it's been an underground secret of Peter's for over three years now. Back in 2007, Peter was goofing around filmed this hilarious piece of underground footage (some adult language near the end):

That was spread around virally throughout the magic community, and for years, magicians begged Peter to release the effect. I even heard a rumor that one magician was willing to sacrifice his firstborn son just to get his hands on the secret. Three long years, Peter kept this closely guarded, much like fat person guarding his last candy bar.

Then in 2010, Peter decided to release this baby to the world. Perhaps he did this put this killer effect into the hands of millions of magicians worldwide. Perhaps he wanted to contribute more to his legacy in this wonderful industry. Or perhaps, as I like to think, he is such a fan of MJM Magic that he tossed and turned, for years on end, just waiting for the perfect opportunity to share this with us!

And now it's here! Get yours today, only at MJM Magic:

Highflyer for Blue Decks:
Highflyer for Red Decks:

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back In Stock!

Some of our most popular new releases are back in stock! Available for immediate delivery!

The Hawk 2.0 - One of the most visual card effects you'll ever see:

Consignment - You have to see this one to believe it! A SIGNED card appears in a sealed envelope which has been set aside in plain view the entire time:

And don't forget.....

The hottest selling effect right now is Highflyer by Peter Eggink! Take your ambitious card routine and inject it with STEROIDS! Pick this up at our super low price of $30.00:

Friday, July 23, 2010

HOT PREORDER: Biokinesis (Change eye color!)

Ships in 6-8 weeks! It's going to be a HOT seller, so don't miss out. Preorder at MJM Magic and you WILL be guaranteed to get one the day it's released.

This is one of the most astonishing things you will ever see: Imagine that you are performing your favorite effect and at the key moment you ask your spectator to stare into your eyes. Your eyes close as if you are falling in to a trance and when you open them again they have turned completely white! That’s right – your eyes have totally changed colour!!

It's time of open your mind to the power of BioKinesis...

What is Biokinesis?

Biokinesis is the ability to use kinetic energy to rearrange or control the genes in your own body. So if you mastered Biokinesis would it be possible to genetically reprogram yourself? The answer, in theory, is yes!

This is one of the most astonishing things you will ever see: Imagine that you are performing your favorite effect and at the key moment you ask your spectator to stare into your eyes. Your eyes close as if you are falling in to a trance and when you open them again they have turned completely white! That's right - your eyes have totally changed colour!!

Believe me this will freak out even the most cynical of spectators. And then whenever you choose, you can close your eyes, come out of the trance and your eyes are totally back to normal! You really have to see this in action to understand how amazing this actually looks. It's like a special effect done live! And unbelievably, it can be instantly repeated.

Berk Eratay's original version of Biokinesis helped him win the title of Uri Geller's Phenomenon in the Turkish version of the TV show. He spent over 8 years developing and refining this incredible effect and with the help of a top eye surgeon Berk has created the perfect custom made gimmicks to apparently achieve the impossible.

In developing his effect Berk tested well over 200 prototypes until he was 100% satisfied that the gimmicks were perfect in every way. The gimmicks you will receive are the very same design that won Berk title of The Phenomenon.

Berk's highly-original Biokinesis effect with allow you to change the colour of your eyes at will and more importantly instantly change them back to normal.

On the DVD Berk covers every aspect of his method, which includes:

• The correct set up.
• The proper care of the gimmicks.
• Full handling details, including the tips and tricks he has mastered over 8 years and thousands of performances!
• Full instructions on activating and deactivating the gimmicks during any performance.

This really is one of the most original & astounding things you will ever see. It was the talk of MindVention 2008 and this is the first time Berk has ever revealed the full secrets behind this miracle.

Full Instructional DVD and precision engineered custom gimmicks are included.

Preorder it here:–-preorder-p-11418.html

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

VLOG: Highflyer by Peter Eggink - Now shipping!

Do you want the ultimate card effect for your Ambitious Card Routine? Then look no further than Highflyer by Peter Eggink!

We are busy shipping these out to all who preordered them, but in case you missed it, we have another special offer. If you order it this week, we are throwing in a free card effect to celebrate this new release!

To order Highflyer, click the link below, and be sure to add your free effect into the cart:

Highflyer (Red Gimmick):

Highflyer (Blue Gimmick):

Add Free Gift to Cart:

Friday, July 16, 2010

EMC Conference Happening Now!

Attention: we still have tickets for the EMC Conference! Get your tickets now! Don’t worry if you don’t have the next 3 days to sit and watch the conference; your tickets and codes are good to watch the conference on demand even after it is over. And with your registration you will get a dvd set of the complete conference.

Just click this link to purchase the item, and we can then email you the access code to watch the conference online:

The Essential Magic Conference is the world's first web conference for magicians. 33 speakers over 3 days of conference streamed live worldwide. Register to attend today - access passes are limited.

The EMC will take place on the 15th, 16th and 17th of July 2010. The entire conference will be broadcast via the internet. It features lectures and demonstrations by some of the most important thinkers in magic. You can watch the lectures live from your computer. Or you can view the lectures on-demand immediately following their broadcast up to July 2011. There are opportunities for you to interact with and question the conference speakers. As an additional bonus, every subscriber receives a set of DVDs containing every lecture. And we want you to be part of it.

Speakers include:

•Luis de Matos
•Marco Tempest
•Bill Stuart
•Barry & Stuart
•Richard Wiseman
•Max Maven
•Lennart Green
•De'vo vom Schattenreich
•Gaetan Bloom
•Cyril Takayama
•and Many More!

NOTE: Registration Code is Case-Sensitive.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Some Product Highlights

OUT NOW: Rune's World
The highly-anticipated book on Rune Klan's magic by Joshua Jay

Rune's World is a departure from any magic book you've read. Part instruction, part theory, part graphic novel, this new volume by Joshua Jay will challenge you to think in new ways, about new possibilities with your magic.

Rune's World

Rune Klan is the most famous magician you've never heard of. An extremist in nearly every way, Rune is a walking contradiction: among magicians he has gained an international reputation as a guru of coins. Yet Rune has achieved celebrity status in his native Denmark exclusively for stand-up comedy magic.

Rune's World explores both the close-up and parlor magic that makes Mr. Klan such a dynamic force. Part magic book and part graphic novel, this is an innovative 180-page collection unlike any other in both form and content. Plus, get a FREE: hour-long performance DVD with every purchase of this book; for a limited time only.

Check out Rune's World at our website today!

ALSO AVAILABLE: Three Pieces of Silver
Rune Klan's cult classic video, Three Pieces of Silver has been unavailable for 15 years. It's back and on DVD and now available from our website!

"This [DVD] has it all: excellent material, performances, explanations, and production values. If you're a coin man looking for interesting and challenging commercial routines, do not pass this by! Highly recommended." -Michael Close

More great magic from the Vanishing Inc. line
Tricks, books and DVDs produced by Vanishing Inc. Magic

Prevaricator Prevaricator by Patrick Redford
Patrick Redford's "Prevaricator" is more than a mentalism effect-it's a concept that uses no gimmicks or props. Redford shares his diabolical method for detecting a lie, and discovering who is hiding a borrowed object and which hand they are hiding it in.
Experience: The Magic of Jon Allen Experience: The Magic of Jon Allen
For the first time ever, Jon Allen is tipping his most prized routines, and ideas-fifty effects packed into more than 200 pages of polished, performance-ready magic. More than 400 photos are included to make your learning experience a pleasurable one. Written with the inimitable style and wit of John Lovick, this important book will challenge and delight any lover of magic. Learn the brand of magic that Seinfeld's Jason Alexander called "Brilliant":
High Spots High Spots by Caleb Wiles
Over SEVENTY PAGES OF DIABOLICAL NEW MAGIC. Rarely does thinking so fresh and so mature surface from a new name in magic. This is a collection of eleven completely flushed-out and considered card routines. It ranges from completely self-working to intermediate level, and even features "Reswindled," Caleb's version of "Reset" (regarded universally as the best version ever created). And Caleb's "Semi-Automatic Luck Test" is so deceptive and unexpectedly easy you'll use it right away.
Holy Blank Holy Blank by Caleb Wiles
You ask someone to NAME A CARD. No forces. You show that THE DECK IS COMPLETELY BLANK EXCEPT FOR THE NAMED CARD. It's that simple and it looks that good. The handling is totally self-working and can be learned in minutes, but this is no amateur-magic fad. Professionals are flocking to Holy Blank because it offers a rare, simple, MEMORABLE EFFECT: "I named a card, and it was the only one in the deck."

All of these great products and more, available at our website today!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Highflyer by Peter Eggink - MJM Exclusive!

HOT NEW ITEM - Only at MJM Magic!

We are carrying the hottest new effect by Peter Eggink, and we want everyone to know that it can only be purchased at MJM Magic! Not only that, but we have a special PREORDER OFFER that's only valid for the next few days!

If you PREORDER Highflyer by Peter Eggink, we are knocking $5.00 off the price! That is a preorder special only!! Once the worldwide release takes place around July 20th, the price will go back up to it's regular retail price. DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY TO SAVE on this visual new effect!

What is Highflyer? It's a killer two phase climax to the Ambitious Card Routine! Check our website for further details on this product, along with a killer demo video:

Demo Video and Detailed Product Description:

BONUS: In addition to offering a special preorder price of only $25.00, we want to include something else special. As you know, Peter Eggink's last big project was Ghost Tag, which we continue to sell in high numbers. If you don't already own Ghost Tag, WE WANT YOU TO HAVE IT! We're trying to get it into as many hands as possible!

So as an added bonus, if you purchase Highflyer along with Ghost Tag at the same time, we will give you Ghost Tag for only $10.00 instead of the regular $50.00 retail price! Just purchase both together and the discount will be displayed on our checkout screen!



We were running a promotion where all orders over $250.00 would get a $90.00 Criss Angel DVD package for free! Well, we wanted to take it up a notch. We are now giving away the set for orders only $150.00 or greater! All you have to do is place a $150.00 order and say "Free Criss Angel DVD's" in your order comments! We will take care of the rest.

For further details, see this link:


FREE $40.00 Gift Certificates with Purchase!

We got our hands on a DVD set by one of our favorite magicians, Gregory Wilson! If you have never heard of him, then this is the set to get. It's a 3 DVD package called "In Action by Gregory Wilson." In the past, we have sold this set at regular price, but right now, the next 40 people who purchase it are going to get a $40.00 Gift Certificate included in their order! This will be emailed out to you after purchasing the set, and you can use it anytime towards other items in our store on your next order!

Click here to take advantage of this deal:

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Criss Angel Promo just got better!

A couple weeks ago, we were giving away $90.00 in Criss Angel DVD's for all orders over $250.00 (if you asked for it).

Well now, we've sweetened the deal even further! We're now extending this offer to any order above $150.00! No need to spend an extra $100 for this great offer.......simply spend $150.00 and ask for the Criss Angel DVD's, and we will throw them in your order for free!

See our website for details, or look at this old link here with videos and rules: