Friday, December 27, 2019

"A coin thru glass that you MUST SEE to believe!"

"One of the best versions of Coin Thru Glass we have ever seen!"

ROLLER COASTER (With Online Instructions) by Hanson Chien

With Roller Coaster, you will be able to perform Coin Thru Glass routines like a boss!
Watch the demo and then keep reading:

There is no electricity involved, making this easy to carry, easy to handle, and it's a REAL COASTER that you will use in real life. 

Almost any coins in this world can be placed in this coaster. You can also penetrate two coins at once, or use other objects. The surface of the coaster is made by Tyvek®, which keeps it stronger and waterproof.

Begins shipping soon but we only have a limited supply coming.  Preorder this today:


Because we are on a limited shipping schedule this week, most orders won't ship until at least Friday the 27th.  The remaining orders will be shipped beginning Monday and Wednesday (after the New Year holiday).

From our family to yours, we hope you have a safe and Merry Christmas!


I want to go to Vegas next year....

But I can't find any information about what happens there.

"The most ASTONISHING color change effect EVER!"

"Brand new visual effect, a creative way to do color change in slow-motion!"

TRUE COLORS by Eric Chien & TCC
You won't believe your eyes when you see this.  No really, you won't.  It fooled us, and it fooled the judges on America's Got Talent!

With ONE FINGER, you cause a card to visually change colors!

Just watch:

This beautiful slow motion color change is easy to handle gimmick that comes ready to use right out of the box.  These will SELL OUT QUICKLY!!!

We are offering FREE USA SHIPPING on any order which has this item, and these will begin shipping to our preorder customers first!  Release date is right after Christmas so get your orders in now!



Guy at a grocery store: "Are those genetically modified eggplants?"

Store worker: "Why do you ask?"

Eggplant: "Yeah, why do you ask?"

"A guaranteed reputation maker that every magician should own!" - Richard Sanders

"Melt a label through a bottle and hand it out for examination!"

The Vault - Labelled Evolution by Ben Williams video DOWNLOAD

You fairly show the spectator a cola bottle and write something on the label, even peeling it back to show that the contents of the bottle are perfectly ordinary underneath. With a casual shake, the spectator will see the marked label VISUALLY MELT inside the bottle, before their eyes. You can instantly hand it out for examination and leave it as a memorable souvenir with your spectator FOREVER! Everything is fully inspectable, even if they if open up the bottle to take the label out.

Demo video:

"Labelled evolution is next-level visual magic that you can not only perform, but you can give it away. Outstanding!"
- Kieron Johnson

"Labelled has been in my close-up set for around 10 years. Labelled Evolution will ensure it will remain in my act for at least 10 more."

- Alan Rorrison 



Our first batch of Mental Dice literally sold out in about two hours.  It took a few weeks, but we got another SMALL batch again.   And now we are down to less than a dozen left.

Don't miss your chance to own the hottest piece of mentalism in your act:


How do you make a waterbed more bouncy?

Add Spring Water.

Monday, December 16, 2019

"They name any object, and your video on YouTube predicts it!!"

"This is PERFECT to promote yourself and your social media on a SPECTATOR'S PHONE!!!"

PASSWORD by Mariano Goni - Trick

Imagine that a spectator thinks of a brand of car, completely free choice, and then you show that you predicted it by showing a video of the exact same car on your YouTube account, uploaded months prior!

Or how about predicting a person's favorite color by showing them a pre-uploaded YouTube video?

Watch demo:

Password is your own video prediction system, using your spectator's phone that promotes your social media.  100% customizable.  They can name anything and when they enter your Instagram or Facebook account, they find a Youtube or Vimeo video of you showing their selected item. 

There are MULTIPLE WAYS to accomplish what you're seeing in the video, some easier than others.  So you can rest assured that one of the ways will be preferable to you and your performing style.

This can be performed in any setting, whether it be walk around or even STAGE!

If you're not computer literate or don't like apps or technology, then this might not be for you.   But if you use social media and want to absolutely BLOW PEOPLE AWAY with your predictions, then we definitely recommend this one!




*does so perfectly*


"Allo guvnah! Pishy poshy crumpet cheerie-o old bean!"

"This is CGI level magic!!"

One coin changes to another with this CGI level magic.  No sleeving, no covers and is extremely easy to do.  Perform with any currency and be able to show both sides of the coin right after the change.

Skymember Presents: NOMAD COIN (Morgan) by Sultan Orazaly and Avi Yap - Trick

 What if we told you that you can perform a super visual and impossible coin change, that doesn't require any knuckle busting sleights?

Then you may want to pick up one of these NOMAD coins!


A small coin changes into a HUGE coin, right in front of your spectators eyes!

This comes in many versions, so choose the one that you prefer to work with:


My wife told me that she's leaving because I'm too immature...

Good luck with that, the floor's made of lava.

Friday, December 13, 2019

"Impromptu anywhere, anytime magic at it's finest!"

"A masterclass in impromptu magic!"

The Vault - Tom Mullica Expert Impromptu Magic Volume 1 video DOWNLOAD

Without a doubt, the best kind of magic is the IMPROMPTU kind.   The kind where you can perform anytime, anywhere.

Tom Mullica was the best at this, and now you can download a huge volume of his favorites!

Things like:
  • Broken & Restored Match
  • The Book Test
  • Pencil Thru Bill
  • Perpetual Balls
  • and so much more!!
Purchase today and begin watching immediately after in our Downloads Area!



How do mathematicians get rid of constipation?

They work it out with a pencil.


Did you know that in my free time, I like to do artwork?  More specifically, I like to draw portraits of people.   Since my dad recently passed away, I was inspired to draw something for my cousin who was with me when he died.

If you would like to see a time lapse of me drawing it, you can view it on YouTube here:

"OMG! This feels like it was developed by Steve Jobs!"

"No words can explain how amazing this is. This is a whole other level of creativity...Make way for the GREATEST trick of 2019, 2020, 2021.......and beyond!"

MENTAL DICE (With Online Instruction) by Tony Anverdi - Trick

You hand out three dice, each of a different color. Even though your back is turned, you know with confidence which number has been chosen on EACH colored die.

This classic effect has been 100% upgraded with today's modern technology and materials.

However, the possibilities are endless. Way beyond the typical "I know your number" routines. And we included some creative routines to get you started.

  • Free USA Shipping
  • Remember, we pay you $30.00 back in credit when you spend $300 or more each month.  So by purchasing this from us, most of you may already be eligible to redeem the $30.00 back in credit!  [More info]
"Your jaw will drop the moment you remove the lid off the box. And when you start playing with this incredible product - your jaw will drop again!! The design - from packaging to product, is amazing!"
- Menny Lindenfeld

"AMAZING! I can see so many possibilities with this!"
-Shin Lim



What did the left eye say to the right eye?

"Between you and me, something smells."

Monday, December 09, 2019

"THIS item will make you ABANDON what you're currently using!"

"Secretly control and retrieve the spectator's signed card instantaneously!"

Abandoned (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Dennis Reinsma & Peter Eggink - Trick

This is called ABANDON for a reason, because once you use it, you will completely abandon your old card box!

With this specially designed box, you can pull out a spectator's signed card at will!

Imagine the specator names ANY NUMBER, and their signed card is exactly at that number!

Or imagine putting the cards inside the box, closing it up, and in less than a second, being able to immediately extract from your pocket the spectator's signed card!


This comes in either RED or BLUE bicycle design, so choose the version that you use the most!
We begin shipping very soon, and the price is perfect for this kind of device!


The cleanest all around color changing box your spectators will ever witness.  All 6 sides can be clearly shown.  Then, with no force, your spectator names any card and you show it to be the only blue backed card in the entire deck.  An easy to do, Mark Mason ingenious effect.  Comes with gimmicks.  Supply your own USPCC Bicycle deck.


"I must say that this looks so good. It is by far the cleanest ALL-AROUND color-changing card box I have ever seen."  - Mark Mason

Shipping in just a few days, so preorder it now!



Yep, today is the very last day of our extended Black Friday Sale!  We started with over 2000 items that were discounted by at least 50% we are down to about 1800 items......but they will all go back up in price tomorrow.

Check out the list here (broken down into price categories for your convenience):


You know what’s worse than shaking someone’s wet hands after they’ve used the restroom?

Shaking someone’s dry hands after they’ve used the restroom.


So my dad passed away one month ago today (on November 9th).   Yesterday, I was sitting with my mom and brother.   We were talking about my dad, and wondering if he was hanging around watching us, or if he was busy up in heaven doing some kind of work.   If only we could hear from him........

Well, my mom asked that we start to clean out some of my dad's things (like his dresser, go through his clothes, etc).   One of the things we opened was his safe.

Inside of the safe, hidden inside of his High School Diploma, there was a small envelope which fell out.   On the front of the envelope, it said. "Only open if I'm dead."   Then there was a date on the envelope: March 31st, 1978.

My dad had sealed this envelope 41 YEARS ago......and it went undiscovered until now.   We opened the envelope, and inside was a note in my dad's handwriting.   It was addressed to my mom, myself, and my brother.

As we read the note together, we were all crying.   In the letter, my dad was saying how proud he was of us, and that he's sorry that he can no longer be there to watch us go on with our lives.

It was as if he reached out through time and across heaven, and he was giving us this personal message from him.

It's so fascinating that we found this letter when we were all there at the same time.  (Had my mom found it on her own, it wouldn't have been the same.......but we happened to find it when we all were in the same room, and the letter was addressed to all three of us.  Amazing).

I just wanted to share that with you, because it's one of the many confirmations I feel we receive from the other side when a loved one passes away.  Like I said, we just were talking about my dad and wondering if he was there, and then 10 minutes later, we get a note from him, written 41 years ago, in his own handwriting and talking directly to us.   #MindBlown

If anything like that has ever happened to you, please feel free to share it with us!

"Vanish a borrowed object and make it appear anywhere!"

"Vanish a BORROWED object and make it appear anywhere! "

Invisibag by Joao Miranda and Rafael Baltresca - Trick

It's one thing to vanish an object and make it appear.  It's entirely different when you use a BORROWED object, something that cannot be duplicated!

InvisiBag is a specially designed bag that allow the performer to vanish a borrowed object and make it reappear anywhere!

Use a borrowed watch.  A house key.  A cell phone.   It will disappear from inside the bag and end up wherever you want it to be!

Watch the THREE VIDEOS here:

InvisiBag is VERY easy to perform with right out of the box and will certainly BOOST your creativity to the next level!

To get you started we teach you two complete and professional routines using invisiBag and a borrowed object.

InvisiBag is destined to become a classic in magic and its available in either red and black colors.

Comes in two colors:


We don't mean to beat a dead horse, but it would be a shame if we didn't constantly remind everyone about our huge DISCOUNTED SALE that's ending soon.

Take 50% or more off thousands of items.  All go back up in price next week, so don't wait!


I shouldn't have eaten all that alphabet soup.

Now I'm going to have a massive vowel movement.


I haven't posted one of these in a few weeks since my dad passed away.   He was cremated last week, and it was definitely hard not seeing him for Thanksgiving.   Since he isn't having any funeral service, tomorrow will be his "Celebration of Life" that we are having in his honor.

Basically a bunch of friends and family will be gathering to honor my dad, and to share stories about him.   Food and fellowship will be afterwards.   I will definitely say a few words about my dad, and I hope I don't break down into a crying idiot when I do!  LOL

Thanks again for all your prayers and support for me and MJM Magic during this difficult time in my life. 

- Jeff

Thursday, December 05, 2019

DOWNLOAD Now - "Visual Eye Candy for all occasions!"

"Four extremely well thought out visual routines for live performances and your social media!"

The Vault - The Trix by Joel Dickinson video DOWNLOAD

Four visual effects for only $12 bucks.   And it's a download so you don't pay any shipping.  Begin learning these as soon as you purchase it!

Watch the demo video:

The effects are well thought out and are pure eye candy.

"All I can say is that The Trix is one of my favorite magic purchases this year." 

This will show up under your Downloads Area as soon as you purchase it.   Get it today!



Check this one out's highly recommended to learn very deceptive false cuts.


It's a must-have for any stack worker!

50% OFF - Ends on Monday!

Our huge Black Friday sale is winding down, but we still have THOUSANDS of items that you can grab at huge discounts!


I just invented a thought controlled air-freshener.

It makes scents, if you think about it.

Friday, November 29, 2019

"Proof that you're the MINDREADER of the Year!" - FREE USA SHIPPING

"Your Mindreader of the Year MEDAL will prove that you got the skills to back it up!"

The Medal by Harry Robson & Matthew Wright - Trick

A medal is displayed in full view.  Your spectator then selects a card by looking at a card from a face-up spread, cutting the deck, counting down to a card... whatever way you prefer.

Then, the medal is shown with their selected card ENGRAVED within the medal and it can be handed out for examination. 

Fits in your pocket and resets in seconds.  Comes in blue or red.
All USA orders who purchase this can choose our Free Shipping option during the checkout process!  Shipping soon to all who preorder this product today!


Today is officially Black Friday, but our sale has been in effect for a few days now.  During that time, so many of you have been scooping up the extreme discounts we are giving!

See all the items here:

The sale will last throughout next week, but only while supplies last!   So be sure to pick up the items while you still can.   You can narrow them down by price range here:


What smells better than it tastes?

A nose!

Thanksgiving DOWNLOAD - Perform this for your family today!!

"Undeniably one of the strongest pieces of rubber band magic I have ever seen!"

The Vault - Lazy Man's Penetrations by Danny Urbanus video DOWNLOAD

I hope you're having a wonderful time with your family this Thanksgiving!  If you're looking for a visual trick that you can access RIGHT NOW, then check this one out:

You visually make a sharpie penetrate through a rubberband!  It's easy to do, impromptu. and requires no gimmicks!

Download today and begin performing this!

BLACK FRIDAY EVENT - Tons to choose from!

We have thousands of items that are discounted so low, we are practically giving things away!   Be sure to stock up on all these great deals!
Sale ends soon so don't wait too long! 


What did the cannibalistic teddy bear eat for Thanksgiving?


Tuesday, November 26, 2019


"Our biggest sale of the year is finally here.......starting RIGHT NOW!"

It's our annual Black Friday Sale, and we have extended it for 14 DAYS!   Get the biggest deals of the year now and save a ton of money!


Check out all the items here:

We even have a ton of items which have never been discounted like these:
If you want to narrow things down, here are some price-specific links:
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As you're compiling your Black Friday deals, keep the following in mind:
  • Any USA order that has $50.00 or more will get a FREE SHIPPING option to choose
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I tripped over a box of Kleenex this morning and thought I had broken my ankle.

Thankfully, it was just soft tissue damage.

Monday, November 25, 2019

"Read minds with NO markings, NO electronics and EASY!"

"A professional routine that is easy for even the absolute beginner to perform!"

ESP Test Kit (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Steve Cook - Trick

Read minds with NO markings, NO electronics and it's super easy to do.  Set a prediction that comes true in the end and as a kicker, give your spectator the ability to read YOUR mind.  Yes, this is all in one trick.

Each set comes complete with:
  •     5 plastic ESP symbol cards
  •     Custom envelopes designed for this effect
  •     Real leather wallet
  •     Full online training
Check it out:


Three conspiracy theorists walk in to a bar...

You can’t tell me that’s just a coincidence.

"A shape shifting RING that changes from square to circle!"

How can a square be a circle?   With our new Ambi Ring!

This is a high quality, stainless steel ring (in either black or silver) which allows you to change it's shape depending on the angle you display it!

It also comes with a matching necklace for added value!

Watch the demo:

This tactile piece of illusion is meant as a conversation starter or can be applied to your favorite ring routine.

Choose your favorite style below and we will begin shipping them soon:


How do you tell the difference between ravens and crows?

The long straight tail feathers on these birds are called pinions. Crows are known to have 7 pinions, while ravens have 8. So the difference between a raven and a crow is a matter of "a pinion."

Thursday, November 21, 2019

"A clean, quick and practical ripped and restored card!"

"Rip off the corner, make it vanish and instantly restore it!"

The Vault - Retorn by Arnel Renegado video DOWNLOAD

Tear off a corner of a card.  Make it vanish.   Then restore it.

Oh yeah, and did we mention that you can immediately hand out the restored card for examination without a switch?

Check it out here:

A card is selected. The corner of the card is ripped off. The corner instantly vanishes from your hand and reappears attached back to the playing card it came from. The restored card can now be handed out for examination with no switches whatsoever.
  • Easy to perform.
  • Simple to construct.
  • Fully examinable at the end of the routine!
Download the video and start leaning.



My wife left me because she thinks I'm too insecure...

No, wait, she's back. She was just making a cup of tea.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

"10 hyper-visual effects all done with a STRAW!!"

Amazing secrets hidden inside every straw wrapper. "
Project Straw by Brandon David & Chris Turchi video DOWNLOAD

We absolutely LOVE when you can take an ordinary, organic object (like a straw), and then perform magic with it.

Straws are everywhere.   Whether you're in a restaruant, at Starbucks, or even a bar, you will be able to amaze people with it.

Check this out:

With this download, you will learn things like:
  • Straw through bill or receipt
  • Torn and Restored Wrapper
  • Torn and Restored Straw
  • A moving ink routine
  • A Straw THRU Straw effect
  • and more!!
Nearly TWO HOURS of instruction will be given to you after purchase!   Who needs a magic wand when you have a billion straws to perform with!



Did you know crocodiles could grow up to 15 feet?

But most just have four.

Monday, November 18, 2019

"A serious piece of eye candy." - John Bannon

"You've just taken the best trick deck in the world and made it better!" - David Regal

FADEAWAY by Chris Philpott - Trick

Imagine a deck of cards S-L-O-W-L-Y fading from normal to totally blank!

This requires no sleight of hand, and it's easy to perform:

The Fadeaway Deck will take your basic mental photography deck, and upgrade it to a super powerful effect.   You can do so many things with it, such as:
  • Have a regular deck of cards slowly vanish, leaving only the spectator's chosen card
  • Taking a blank deck, and slowly making it turn into a regular deck
Unlike buying a mental photography deck, with the Fadeaway Deck you will get access to short videos that teach some easy-to-learn sleights that you can add to the routine, taught by Steve Valentine, Apollo Robbins, Paul Green, Michael Rangel and Tom Frank.

Purchase today:

40% OFF SALE - Ends Soon

Last week, we secretly announced a 40% Off Sale on hundreds of items!  The good news is that it's still going on, and you can see those items here:

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So check out the list, take note of the available quantity, and pick up anything that interests you before it's gone.


Why do seagulls fly over the sea?

Because if they flew over the bay, they'd be bagels.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

"WOW! Transmit your thoughts to a spectator using THIS!"

"Also check out our 40% OFF SALE below!"

The Receiver by Jimmy Strange - Trick

Construct an examinable cup and string telephone (just like when you were a kid!) that will transmit a message to your spectators without you saying a word.

The 100% customizable gimmick is very easy to use, and the online instructions include how to record your own messages and change the batteries. This is a quirky and unique idea with a very versatile gimmick. Supply your own cups from anywhere!

Watch the demo video:

It could be used close up, on stage, parlor, YouTube or street magic.

Perfect for Halloween, Christmas, weddings, parties or any other special occasion.

Perform as a comedy act, give it a spooky twist or any other style that fits your routine.

You will receive a specially made gimmick for your performance.

Take any paper cups from any coffee shop. Let the spectator handle them freely to see that they are indeed empty.

If you want to WOW your audience with a totally unique piece of magic, then The Receiver is just the right one for you.



We didn't announce anything (until this moment), but we secretly discounted almost 400 items and put them on a 40% off sale!

See items here:

Those clearance prices are only good for our current quantities.   Many of those items have only one or two units available at that price.   Once they sell out, the price goes back to normal and they'll be removed from the sale.

So if you see something you like, don't wait.  Get it while it's on the sale, because the price literally can go up a few minutes later if someone else gets it.



Pure Imagination by Scott Robinson - Book

All of Scott Robinson's works available in one place.  304 heavyweight, glossy pages with in excess of 740 color photographs detailing an equal mix of knuckle-busting and easy-to-do material.



Bread is like the sun.

It rises in the yeast and sets in the waist!

Thursday, November 14, 2019

"No gimmicks, all routines use regular cards."

"A collection of routines all based on Dai Vernon’s classic Triumph effect!"

The Vault - Triumph Volume 1 video DOWNLOAD

The basic effect is this: cards mixed face-up and face-down magically righting themselves while at the same time revealing a selected card.

This is an opportunity to learn a classic of magic from the masters, and then see how different performers have taken the core Triumph effect and made it their own.  The classic Dai Vernon routine is taught by master Johnny Thompson (who called this the greatest card trick ever invented), who learned it directly from Dai Vernon.

This is followed by variations by Larry Jennings, Bill Malone, Boris Wild, Jon Armstrong, and James Swain, each providing new twists and presentations to the classic plot. This download is of great value to anybody wanting to study the classic routine, see where other prominent performers have taken the routine, or develop their own routine.
  • Learn the classic routine from a master and new twists and presentations from some of the best thinkers in magic
  • No gimmicks, all routines use regular cards.
  • Routines for all situations: Sitting, standing, no table, etc.


Instantaneously transform the color of your deck AND box, and end with a completely ORDINARY deck of cards!



Do you guys remember when I told you about my spine issue?

It was about a week back.

Monday, November 11, 2019

"The most innocent, yet diabolical gaffed deck of cards!"

Crimson Deck (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Laura London and The Other Brothers - Trick

Unlike most gaffed decks, this is not a one trick pony. Multiple, different style routines are taught and once you have it in your hands, you'll find yourself inventing your own routines as well!

You can perform standard sleight of hand card magic, then use the features of The Crimson Deck to achieve the impossible, then end with your favorite card trick closer, all without a single deck switch. Try doing that with an Invisible Deck!

Watch the demo video here:
  • Ready to perform right out of the box
  • Comes with full routines by: Laura London, Nicholas Lawrence, and The Other Brothers
  • Simple enough for beginners, powerful enough for pros.
  • Includes multiple, separate, in-depth instructional videos


Because today is Veterans Day, we are offering an additional 5% Off your ENTIRE ORDER!   All you have to do is type in this coupon code during the checkout process: TAKEFIVE

That code is only good for TODAY, MONDAY the 11th.  Tomorrow it won't work.


What’s Paul McCartney’s favorite letter?

Letter B.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Take an extra 5% Off EVERTHING - Veterans Day Special

"A special discount in honor of all our Veterans!"
Take 5% Off your magic order!  Expires Monday night at 11:59pm
I'll make this one short and sweet.  If you're reading this, you have between NOW and 11:59pm MONDAY night to take an extra 5% off your entire order!

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  4. Enjoy the extra money saved!
Only good on new orders between now and Monday night.


If I had a dollar for every time I didn't know what was going on...

I'd be like, why am I always getting all this money?


I'm sorry to say that my dad passed away on Saturday after a quick, aggressive battle with cancer.  It's left a pretty big hole in my heart, but I'm truly grateful to all of you who have reached out, sent me messages, and offered your prayers.   You really helped give me strength during this painful time in my life.   Losing the man who made you a man is hard for me to come to grips with.

- Jeff Mash
MJM Magic, Inc.

Together 2.0 - Incredibly Visual Torn-and-Restored Effect!

"This torn-and-restored effect joins two systems, allowing 3 different ways to repair the torn card.  It's simple to use and will last a long time."

Together 2.0 by Snake - Trick

This incredibly visual torn-and-restored effect is surprising, and its method is unique in the world of magic. We join two systems in one, allowing you to perform different ways of reconstruction.

Producing Together 2.0 took us a year. Handmade one by one and examined to deliver the best quality.

This system has surprised many magicians around the world. Its development began in 2017, and now you can have it in your hands.

It has everything you need to perform the effect: gimmick, additional elements and a video tutorial of approximately 40 minutes where we explain in detail how to use it.

It includes 3 reconstruction methods and a bonus on how to replace or repair it if you damage it. It has a duration capacity for more than 200 performances when using it correctly.

As with all effects, we recommend watching the video before handling the trick.


Every year, people anxiously await the new line of Tenyo Magic items.  They are always very visual, easy to perform tricks.  Many of them are so good, you'd think they are optical illusions.

Click this link to see the latest Tenyo items and add a few to your next order:


I am so grateful to say I've been sober since 2015.

Or for those that don't use military time, since 8:15 p.m. last night.


Dad Update: He's now heavily sedated on a few different meds.  No more pain, which is a blessing......but also very hard for me to come to grips with.   On the one hand, he looks so peaceful.  On the other, I still see him there in his bed and long to have a conversation with him, but I can't.  I see his eyes open but they don't fixate on me.  I tell him I love him but I don't get any acknowledgement.

I wrestle with all kinds of irrational thoughts, such as "Is there ANYTHING more I can do to make him better?"  Or "Should I leave him alone so that he doesn't hear my voice and feel like he has to hang on?"

I pray no one ever has to go through this, and if you have, I know exactly what you were going through.   I only hope I can comfort others in the future who might experience this horrible situation, just as so many of you have helped me with your awesome comments and prayers for my family.

With love to all of you,

- Jeff Mash
MJM Magic, Inc.

Friday, November 08, 2019

"7 Powerful Coin Tricks with NO GIMMICKS!"

"Devastating coin magic from one of the worlds best!"

The Vault - Skymember Presents Saplings by Yu Huihang video DOWNLOAD

The coin magic you'll find here are classical coin magic plots, BUT, with a slight twist to it that will be sure to leave your audience in awe.

Saplings contains 7 powerful coin tricks that are designed such that it will exceed the audience's expectation. It takes what the audience expects one step further to throw them off their feet! What's more, you require NO GIMMICKS! This eliminates the need to shop for extra pieces and leaves all the coins examinable at the end of the routine!

The tricks are taught in great detail and include over-the-shoulder view to help facilitate learning. We've also included some tips and subtleties to help you raise these effects to their maximum potential.



If you're looking to purchase more downloads (which you get instant access to), we recommend FIZZ MASTER!

The ultimate gimmick-free miracle for close-up and stage!


Want to test if you can view our downloads from your computer or device?  Then add this FREE ITEM as a separate order and you will see how the downloads work:


I just bought this cool pen that writes underwater!

It writes other words too, but that one is my favorite.

Tuesday, November 05, 2019

On Target - "This is as impossible looking as they come!"

"On Target by Sean Taylor is as impossible looking as they come!"

On Target

Your spectator makes every decision, and does all the work BUT amazingly they manage to choose the exact card you want them to!

So what's the effect?

Well, the effect is super simple to follow. Two decks are introduced -- one red and one blue. Your spectator is asked to choose one as the target deck (let's say they choose the red deck). You remove the red deck from its box, spread them on the table to clearly show 52 different cards, and your spectator cuts the deck. They choose one of the halves and start dealing through them FACE UP, stopping on any card they wish (the card is put to the side and the blue deck comes into play).

You tell them that you are going to count through the blue cards face up and all they need to do is remember the number that their card appears at in the blue deck. You count all the way though the blue deck but there are only 51 cards!! One card is missing and it is the target card they chose from the other deck.

This will get gasps from your audience but now it's time for the kicker. You turn over the card they selected from the red deck and it has a blue back, making your deck complete!

Watch the demo video:

On Target is a self-working masterpiece from Sean Taylor. It's super easy to do, packs one hell of a punch and it all happens in the open and under your spectator's control.

On Target uses no rough and smooth, no sticky and there really are only 51 cards in the second deck -- and their chosen card is genuinely missing.

You will absolutely love performing this. If you're looking for an effect to really fry your spectators, this one is not only On Target but hits the bulls eye!



Why do people never eat clocks?

Because it’s really time consuming.


It's now been over one week that I've been away from my home, my wife, my kids, and my office.  Every second of my day has been caring for my ailing father.   A man who is only 68 years old but barely hanging on due to a fierce fight with Stage IV esophageal/stomach cancer.   A disease that has robbed him of his ability to eat or drink anything.  A disease that has caused him to lose over 110 pounds in just a few months.     I never knew that a person's thigh could be as skinny as their ankle.
Saturday evening, we thought we lost him.   In the midst of holding his hand, crying, we silently prayed with him.   After about ten minutes, he slowly opened his eyes and with tears, he told me that he just saw his deceased sister.   She was waiting for him on the other side.   She looked thinner and younger than when she was alive here on this Earth.  He asked her if she could help him leave this place, but she told him no.   He then asked if he could drink water over there where she was (since he has been robbed of that ability right now).   She told him YES!

And that was all of that particular encounter.  Today, Monday, I asked him what he is thinking about, and he said, "Why have I not died yet?"

I don't know how much time I have left with him.  It CAN'T be long now.  If this were an animal, we would have put it down a long time ago.   But this isn't an animal.   He's my dad.   He's my friend.  And I'm at the point where my sadness is being surpassed by the desire to have him at peace.  My grief, as great as it is, cannot possibly be more than the suffering he is enduring.   And if he can go through all this, then I can get through the heartache that I'm going through.

Thank you all for your prayers for both me and my dad.   And thank you for listening while I vent these very personal feelings.

- Jeff

Sunday, November 03, 2019

"Eugene Burger: From Beyond - 240 Pages of unpublished material!"

"FREE USA SHIPPING!  A must have book for any lover of magic!"
Eugene Burger: From Beyond by Lawrence Hass and Eugene Burger - Book
In 2010, Eugene Burger asked Larry Hass to write and oversee two books that would share all of his unpublished material - books that would appear only after his death.
EUGENE BURGER: FROM BEYOND is the first of these two extraordinary books. It includes:
  • Complete details of over 15 parlor, stage, and spirit theater routines that Eugene had intentionally held back, including his legendary SPIRIT SLATES and the first-ever complete revelation of his work on the GYPSY THREAD.
  • Access to 13 video performances of these routines and 2 audio performances.
  • Rarely seen photos, essays, interviews, public talks, and scripts.
  • EUGENE BURGER: FROM BEYOND is a treasure trove of astonishing secrets from one of the most celebrated magicians of our time.
Hardcover, 240 pages with color insert.


REPAIR by Juan Capilla

Ends absolutely clean with NO force and NO refill cards and resets INSTANTLY!


GUMBELIEVABLE by SansMinds Magic

A pack of gum that appears and disappears.  Includes everything you need but the gum.


I asked my wife to dress up as a nurse tonight.
… fulfill my fantasy that we have health care. 

"Learn Precision Aces and you will look like a Card Master!"

"Prove once and for all that you are a true MASTER with a deck of cards!"

Learn this and you'll certainly be viewed as a powerful card manipulator!

The magician shows the four Aces and keeps them aside. Three spectators remove any three cards from anywhere in the deck. The magician then places the four Aces into four separate parts of the deck. The selected cards are returned to the deck, being nowhere near the Aces. Nevertheless, magic happens! After several shuffles, the Aces are found to be in the center of the deck, each separated by a card - those cards turn out to be the spectators' selections! A real crowd pleaser!

Download the video now!



We all know Albert Einstein was a genius,

But his brother Frank was a monster!

Thursday, October 31, 2019

"The BEST MAGIC I have Ever Seen!" - Simon Cowell

"This trick earned 40 MILLION VIEWS on YouTube.  That's how VISUAL and UNIQUE it is!!"

Visual Matrix AKA Rose Act Valorous Silver (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Will Tsai and SansMinds - Trick - Click Image to Close

Every now and then, a product comes along that creates an AMAZING moment.   The Rose Act on AGT was so good, it got Simon Cowell to publicly declare that it was the best magic that he's ever seen!

If you never saw this routine, check out the video on our website:

MJM Magic is so fortunate to have access to A SMALL QUANTITY of these items, and they're ONLY AVAILABLE to those who preorder them.

It's not cheap, but consider the following:
  • FREE USA shipping on this 16+ pound item!
  • Earn $15.00 back in reward point credit after purchasing it!
  • No arts and crafts needed.  It comes fully assembled and ready to use!
  • VERY LIMITED RELEASE!  This will not be available for long.
Comes in two styles:


Why was Abraham Lincoln never put in jail?

Because we was in a cent!


My Dad, Me, and my brotherJust giving you a "dad update" for those who like this section of the newsletter.   As you know, every Saturday I have been spending the day with my dad who is on hospice with stage 4 esophageal cancer.
Well, this last Saturday was the first time I became extremely worried about his condition.   In fact, I was so concerned, I never left.   I have been here by his side since Saturday, and I don't think I can bring myself to leave.

So I have been answering emails and writing this newsletter by his bedside....and Brandi has been kicking butt back in my hometown while she handles all the shipping and receiving for your orders.
We really LOVE and appreciate all of you who shop with us, and we thank you for the prayers of support.

With love, Jeff

"This Will Be Your New Favorite Prediction Style Effect!"

"A brilliant method, self-working, repeatable, and a quick reset!"

Fourtunate (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by David Jonathon and Mark Mason - Trick

I'm going to make a bold prediction: you will LOVE this effect!

You draw a circle with a prediction on the cellophane of the card box.   Your spectator is invited to FREELY STOP on any card in the deck.   It matches your previously written down prediction!

Watch the demo:

This is a Mark Mason produced effect, and it's no secret that we absolutely LOVE Mark's effects.  They are EASY for beginners, but they absolutely FOOL the pants off other magicians!

With your purchase, you will receive your Fourtunate gimmick, and a link to a very good online instructional video.   As always, Mark's teaching is top-notch, and very easy to understand.
What's not to love about this?!   Order today and we will begin shipping very soon!


Yesterday, we were excited to release one of the BEST coin to soda can effects we have ever seen.

In case you missed it, you HAVE TO check it out here:

(And yes, you can even have the coin SIGNED!)

Anyway, we had some customers reporting issues with the video not displaying when using Chrome Browser.  If that was you, we have some good news.  It looks like we found the problem, and it appears to be working now!

So if you had any issues accessing your downloads or getting them to display, you might want to try again and let us know if you still experience any problems.



I’m a big fan of whiteboards.

I find them quite re-markable!

Thursday, October 24, 2019

"Breakthrough is by far one of the best pieces of magic I've ever seen."

"This is the most direct, flexible and practical Coin Into Can effect for any situation."

The Vault - Breakthrough by Johannes Mengel video DOWNLOAD

You visually slam a coin through the bottom of an empty can.

Immediately show the coin inside and hand everything out for examination.

That's it. It's that simple! It can't look more real than this.

"I've seen probably more magic than anyone in the world in my career. Breakthrough is one of those very rare items that reminds me why I love magic. It fooled me and then when I learned the method, it made me smile!" - Tim Trono

Check this out:

The reviews are coming in, and they are all RAVING about it!

"Breakthrough is like real magic! I'm gonna be doing this for everyone, it's the sort of magic I love to perform!"

"I never imagined that to be the method. Very clever. I will be showing this to Dynamo today, and hope to fool him with it."
- Doug Mckenzie, consultant for Dynamo and David Blaine

"Congratulations, it's a beautiful piece!"
- Wayne Houchin

Download this today!!!


Why do Moon Rocks taste better than Earth Rocks?

Because they're a little Meteor!

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

"Penn and Teller LOVED this effect - Now it's available for you!"

"Find a thought-of card at ANY number. Brent has been closing his shows with this for over 5 years!"

Position Impossible by Brent Braun

Not many card tricks can get you on one of the biggest stages in the world. Position Impossible did just that for its creator. A super clean method designed to fool magicians and laypeople. It's no surprise that Brent Braun chose this trick to fool Penn and Teller.

Watch the demo video:

Penn and Teller loved the effect and you will too!  Here's why:
  • Super fair and convincing displays
  • Easy to do at all skill levels
  • Tons of 5 star reviews

This is easily our favorite card at any number effect and I believe it can be yours too.



“I have fooled sooooo many magicians with this.”

Only $19.95!!  This is one of those great tricks that makes your spectator the star!  You will be giving a SPECTATOR the sixth sense and having THEM psychically locating a chosen card.



Which medieval knight came up with idea for the round table?

Sir Cumference!

"It's Different, It's AWESOME, it's Pretty Little Men!"

"The reveal is one to remember as each of your mistakes turn into a total win!"

PLM (Pretty Little Men) (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Vincent Roca and Magic Dream - Trick

We love two things: VISUAL magic, and tricks that are UNIQUE.   If you can be both unique AND visual, then you are going to create a strong impression in people's minds.

Check out Pretty Little Men (or PLM for short).

Not only is it unlike anything else you've probably seen, but you can reveal up to EIGHT DIFFERENT figures with this deck!   That means it can be repeated and have a completely different outcome!

It's designed to look like a Language Learning deck, so you can present it as a way to learn words (like C for Clown, M for Magician, etc).   And the card the spectator freely selects will always be revealed in a full-size form when you flip over the other cards!

SHIPPING STARTS SOON, so preorder this today using the link below:


I've reduced my wine consumption to just one glass before bed.

I went to bed 7 times last night.


Another Dad update for those of you who follow this personal section of mine.   I visited him on Saturday and introduced him to the Instant Pot!   For those who don't own one, think of it as a fancy digital pressure cooker.   I made two racks of ribs in it, and slathered them up in BBQ sauce.

My dad ate three whole ribs, which was AMAZING and a BLESSING.   Why?   Because for those of you who haven't been following, my dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 esophageal cancer in February and hasn't been able to keep most solid food down for months now.   He has lost over 100 pounds already......and in fact, he lost another 6 pounds in the last 6 days.   He is down to 167 right now (from being 270 in February).

So the fact that he was able to eat my meal AND hold it down, we were extremely thankful to God for making that happen.   My dad even called me the following day to say that he ate some more and it stayed down!

So a huge THANKS to all of you who have been reaching out and praying for my dad!   It's little things like seeing him eat a single piece of rib meat which makes me feel like I'm witnessing a miracle take place!  :)

Love you all......
- Jeff

Friday, October 18, 2019

"This will make HUGE FLAMES come out of your wallet!"

"These wallets are HOT!!!   (Pun intended)!"

The Professional's Fire Wallet (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc. - Trick

If you've never owned a fire wallet, or if you have been waiting for an affordable one, then we have just what you've been looking for!

Designed to function as every day wallets, these will emit a huge flame when you open them, catching the attention of all who are watching you!

Check out the video:

What we love is that they don't look bulky or like some hokey magic prop.  These are real wallets, complete with two money compartments, an ID sleeve, and credit card slots.

Whether you are just opening your wallet to purchase a coffee at Starbucks, or if you're doing a signed Card to Wallet effect (yes, that routine is taught to you when you receive your Fire Wallet), you will be making a HUGE impression on people!

Ask yourself: why would you use an ordinary wallet when you can use one that produces fire?  It's a no brainer!

It comes in two versions.  The Professional version, which is made of 100% genuine leather, and the Aficionado version which is made from a leather alternative.  Both have an adjustable, replaceable flint, magnetic lock and can be used as an everyday wallet.

 Check out the prices too, because they're probably the most affordable and nicely designed fire wallets on the market!



As the storm raged on, the captain realized his ship was sinking fast.

So he shouted out, "Anyone here know how to pray?"

Just one guy stepped forward and said, "Aye, captain, I know how to pray."

"Good," said the captain, "You pray while the rest of us put on our life jackets - we're one short."