Monday, September 28, 2020

"A card stab routine without the knife!"


"All the excitement of a card stab routine without the danger!"

Sharpierce by Maxence Vire and Marchand De Trucs - Trick

We love the premise of a card stab routine.  A spectator picks a card, it's lost in the deck, and then you take a knife and STAB it into the air as the cards are tossed upwards.  You pierce the spectator's card!

But what if you don't want to carry a KNIFE around with you?  Well, we got the perfect solution for you!

Introducing SHARPIERCE!  You perform a similar card piercing effect, without the knife and with a funny twist on the classic routine!

Check it out:

Sharpierce is a cool utility item that incorporates a production, transposition, and a card stab into one gimmick. It’s the perfect trick for close-up, strolling and parlor performances as it takes up virtually no space and incorporates a gimmick into something most magicians already carry, a Sharpie marker!

  • Highly visual
  • A card stab routine that you can take with you when you travel (no knife!)
  • Easy to perform
  • High-quality, multi-purpose gimmick that can be used for a wide variety of effects
  • Includes a custom-made Sharpie, an additional gimmick, and video explanations of all the routines, including a special bonus video from Greg Wilson that shows you a range of ideas using the Sharpierce gimmick




Check out Sad Tale!  It's a funny story about your dear Uncle Reg, and it revolves around a gambling theme!  It's got a great surprise ending, and all the cards can be examined!



In Switzerland it is illegal to own just one guinea pig.



If I ran a nightclub, I would hire a rabbit to guard the front door.

I heard they’re good bouncers.


Friday, September 25, 2020

"Yes, a SIGNED card passes thru a BORROWED bill!"


"A classic in magic is redesigned and better than ever!"

Across (Red) by The House of Crow - Trick

Passing solid objects through each other is always a guaranteed reputation maker.  People remember that stuff.   You could perform 10 card tricks, but the one they talk about is the one where a card passes through a solid object!

Check this out:

What we love about ACROSS is that it can be used with a SIGNED card, and a BORROWED bill!   That means you can involve multiple spectators if you wanted to......or simply perform this solo for your Zoom or Skype audience members!

Comes in either a RED or BLUE version, so choose the one that matches your preferred deck color:


OVERSTOCK SALE - A Huge Success!

MJM Magic Overstock SaleYesterday, we announced a brand-new feature on our website, and word has been spreading like crazy!  You will find some AMAZING DEALS on our Overstock Items:

What are Overstock Items?  Simply put, they're brand new items that we have EXTRA STOCK, and we want to make room for more upcoming products.  So we have slashed the prices and we're passing the savings directly to you!

Check this out:

  • New Overstock items are added DAILY!  So this list will constantly be changing and updating all the time.
  • Prices will remain slashed until we clear out the inventory and then it will go back to regular price.

You can find our Overstock category in the TOP Menu Area of our website.....or on the Left Hand Categories Menu!   Or just bookmark the link here:



A little girl was talking to her teacher about whales. The teacher said it was physically impossible for a whale to swallow a human because it was a very large mammal, its throat was very small.

The little girl stated that Jonah was swallowed by a whale.

Irritated, the teacher reiterated that a whale "could not swallow a human; it was physically impossible."

The little girl said, "Well, when I get to Heaven, I will ask Jonah."

The teacher asked, "And what if Jonah went to Hell?"

The little girl replied, "Then you ask him."


Thursday, September 24, 2020

Permanent OVERSTOCK Category - 40%+ Off Everything!!!


"Take advantage of MASSIVE DISCOUNTS while we make some space!"

It happens, but occasionally we purchase too many items.  We like to make sure we always have inventory on-hand for our customers because we pride ourselves in fast shipping!

But this usually means we have a lot of LEFTOVER STOCK that we need to move out the doors.   So we created this brand-new feature on our website: the Overstock Deals category!

So while we are thinning out our stockroom supply, YOU BENEFIT from it!

Everything in this category is on sale (either by a direct deep discount, or with an attached coupon):

All items you see are READY TO SHIP, and BRAND NEW!

The only reason why we are selling this low is to help make room for upcoming holiday products!

This is a permanent NEW FEATURE to the MJM Magic website, meaning whenever we have more OverStock items, we will always add them to this category.

To find the Overstock Category on future website visits, just look for it at the top menu, or the left side menu.

All the items you see in this Overstock Category are priced to sell, and they're only good WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

So once they sell out, they will no longer be available at these low prices!

Be sure to bookmark this link or check back each time you visit, because we are constantly planning to add additional Overstock items to this list!`



A man is praying to God and asks, "God, how is it you created all this in 7 days?"

God replied, "Well, you see time is different for you and me. A million years in human time is only a second in time for me. I created everything in 7 days my time, not yours, so the time frame is much greater than interpreted."

"Oh my God, that is incredible!" the man exclaimed. "So what, like a penny to you is a million dollars for us?"

"Um, yeah, kinda. Something like that...." God says

"Well, in that case, can I just have a penny, God?" The man shoots his shot.

"Sure," God agrees, much to the surprise of the man. "Just gimme a second to find it...."


Monday, September 21, 2020

"THE most practical wallet for the modern performer." - Joshua Jay


"This wallet is Fun, Practical, and Sophisticated.  It's our FPS Wallet!"

FPS Wallet Black (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Magic Firm - Trick

Our latest THIN PROFILE wallet is the perfect Card-To-Wallet for those who want an EVERYDAY wallet, but not something bulky.

These days, many wallets are designed as a magic device FIRST, and then they try to adjust them to be an everyday wallet.   What you end up with is a wallet that isn't the most practical to carry around.


With our FPS Wallet, it was actually a real normal wallet that was used and tested for 6 months BEFORE any modifications were made.  After it was decided that it was the most functional and comfortable thin-profile wallet, the creator (Brent Braun) had it professionally designed to work as a beautiful Card-To-Wallet!

Watch the Demo:

What you end up with is a perfectly functional, absolute easy to master Card to Wallet!   It's designed to easily load a signed card in seconds.

  • Works to easily load a card in both your FRONT or BACK pocket.
  • Comes with a removable money clip (in case you don't want to carry cash)
  • Designed to protect your privacy (no credit cards or ID on display on the outside)
  • Operates like a real wallet because it IS a real wallet!

If you already own a wallet that does a Card to Wallet routine and you're currently happy with it, then you don't need this one.

But if you're looking for a well designed, THIN PROFILE wallet that is easy to use, we recommend you pick this one up.




Poop jokes aren’t my favorite kind of joke.

But they are a solid #2.


Friday, September 18, 2020

"Our Mental Dice just got BETTER!! Now SINGLE DIE version!!"


"After you try this, you will wonder what you ever did without it!"

MENTAL DIE WHITE (With Online Instruction) by Tony Anverdi - Trick

Last year, we released our MENTAL DICE and they instantly sold out.  In fact, they STILL sell out, and that is a $300.00 item!  That tells you that it's so good, people are spending a lot of money just to own it.

But if that was out of your price range, then we are SUPER EXCITED to share with you the single die version!

With the Mental Die, you get to do all the same stuff and more!  

You hand out a single die. Even though your back is turned, you know with 100% confidence which number has been chosen on the die!  POWERFUL STUFF!

This classic effect has been 100% upgraded with today's modern technology and materials. However, the possibilities are endless. Way beyond the typical "I know your number" routines. And we included some creative routines to get you started.

At half the cost as the original, you can easily add the Mental Die to your arsenal and impress people with your mental powers!

Choose the color die you want:

If you already own the original Mental Dice (see below), then these individual ones can still be paired with it!  For example, the original comes with Red, Blue, and White.  So if you purchased the Black Die version above, you could then have four color dice to use in your routine!



In case you want to get all the colors, here is the link for the original Mental Dice which are still very popular!  It has three color dice, and you will be able to tell which color and which value are on ALL the dice, 100% of the time!

What's impressive about this Mental Dice set is that it allows you to know the value of THREE different die, and which color they are! So you could say, "Blue is showing 2, Red is showing 5, and White is showing a 3", and you would be correct without ever seeing the dice!!



Mike Tyson is a religious guy.

He punches people in the faith.


Thursday, September 17, 2020

Hands Off Card Magic for stage, Zoom, or Skype!


"It's completely HANDS OFF!  Perfect for remote or social distance performances!"

The Vault- The Evolution Project 2 Distance by Alejandro Navas

Some of the most powerful magic is the kind that is completely out of your hands!  And believe me, you've never seen magic like THIS before!

With Evolution Project Volume #2, you will learn THREE amazing effects that can be done 100% in the spectator's hands!

This is an entire routine, perfectly streamlined so that one trick bleeds into another.

This is perfect whether you're on stage, or over a video call (where your spectator is holding their own deck at home, and you're simply directing them via the camera).

Watch the demo:

You will learn:

  • DIACHRONY (card to pocket): A card is chosen and lost in the deck. The card appears in the spectator's pocket!
  • SYNC (ACCAM): Two spectators say a number at random and the third spectator's card appears in that position in the deck they are holding...
  • SUCCEDING (Triumph): The most surprising triumph effect that happens in the hands of the spectator, even after they mix the cards. A hard to believe, impossible method that you will love!

Download it today here:



If you didn't purchase the original Volume #1 of the Evolution Project, then you can pick that one up here!  It features five effects that you can perform remotely for people!



My friend from Prague finally got his US citizenship approved..

He is a cancelled Czech now.


Monday, September 14, 2020

Produce ENDLESS Coins at your Fingertips with Lucid Coin!


"Easy to learn, super visual, a perfect wow!" - David Stone

LUCID COIN (Gimmick and Online instructions)by Marc Oberon - Trick

So you want to produce coins from your fingertips, but you aren't that skilled with your hands?  Then you need Lucid Coin:

With Lucid Coin, you can EASILY produce (and vanish) a coin at will.  Even a beginner can do this!

The coin is large and shiny, which is perfect for stage or parlor settings.   And with Lucid Coin, it would be the perfect addition to any Miser's Dream Routine where you produce an endless amount of coins to toss into a bucket!

So if you always wanted to produce coins from your fingertips but never had the physical dexterity to pull it off, then Lucid Coin is the answer you've been looking for!



The LUCID COIN also begins shipping the same day as our other upcoming release, "The Vision Deck!"

Vision Deck RedIf you didn't order your Vision Deck, you can do that here and we can ship both together!

Vision Deck allows you to predict exactly what a spectator is thinking of, before they even tell you the card!   You can also use it to perform a beautiful ACAAN routine (Any Card At Any Number), where a spectator thinks of a card, and it happens to be at the exact same position as another spectator's number.

Check it out:

If you wanted the blue version, you can get that here:



How do trees access the internet?

They log in.


A truly unbelievable prediction with the VISION DECK!


"Predict and isolate the spectator's THOUGHT of card (not written or named) from a shuffled face up deck!"

Vision deck Red by W.Eston, Manolo & Anthony Stan - Trick

"You have to see this one to believe it!"

1.  Show all the faces of the cards are different.

2.  Have the spectator THINK of a card.  Nothing said nor written down.

3.  You isolate your prediction under your hand.  Again, your prediction is set aside BEFORE the spectator names their card.

4.  The spectator finally names their card, and it's a perfect match with your prediction.

5.  BONUS - It also happens to be the only card in the deck with a different colored back!

Watch the demo:

Remember - They get to see that all the cards are DIFFERENT, and they only THINK of one........and yet, it matches your prediction!

Still not convinced?  Then check this out:

  • The trick resets quickly!
  • It can be performed again with a DIFFERENT CARD!
  • You get to learn MULTIPLE ROUTINES with your Vision Deck, including an amazing Card At Any Number effect!  Seriously, the ACAAN routine is one of our favorites!  A thought of card is at the exact same spot as a thought of number between 1 and 52!

Be sure to order yours today and we will begin shipping soon!  Just pick up the color deck that you prefer to use:



I just dropped my phone in the bath.

Now it's syncing.


Friday, September 04, 2020

Labor Day Weekend Sale starts NOW - 50% OFF or more!


"You won't believe some of these items we're discounting for you!"

Labor Day Weekend Sale at MJM Magic

Starting right now (Friday) all the way THRU Labor Day (Monday), we are giving you the chance to save 50% or MORE off a ton of brand new items!

Many of these have NEVER been discounted before.  In fact, most of these are TOO GOOD to discount (but we're doing it anyway)!

Here are just a few of them:

1. Profiteer (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Adrian Vega - Trick Profiteer (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Adrian Vega - Trick
$29.95 (now $14.98) - The Mystery Box is a classic plot that most magicians have in their repertoire. Having a freely selected, signed card, appear miraculously in an isolated container is a plot that is easy to follow, and it drives magicians and laypeople crazy. Adrian Vega, the creator of SCAANDAL, has taken this...... more info
2. Paul Harris Presents AVALANCHE Red (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Paul Harris - Trick Paul Harris Presents AVALANCHE Red (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Paul Harris - Trick
$34.95 (now $17.48) - "This is the best blank deck routine I've seen - the reactions I've been getting from AVALANCHE are some of the strongest I've ever had!" - Paul Romhany Paul's JOYOUS new EXAMINABLE Gimmicked Card Case starts off with... THE AVALANCHE BLIZZARD Instantly transform your...... more info
3. Outnumbered by Danny Weiser and Matthew Wright - Trick Outnumbered by Danny Weiser and Matthew Wright - Trick
$50.00 (now $25.00) - When two creative minds come together and create magic, you know that the end result will be something special. Outnumbered is a simple "blind" puzzle solve that will leave your audience amazed!! Rubik's Cube magic, magic squares, and memory feats are some of the most compelling,...... more info
4. Maxwell's Signature Opener (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by The Other Brothers Maxwell's Signature Opener (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by The Other Brothers
$30.00 (now $15.00) - Hook your spectators from the very start with the most visual and surprising way to start a magic trick! Turn a pencil into a Sharpie, instantly! From the creators of Bare, Hands Down and SNAPPED, Maxwell's Signature Opener adds a new and surprising way to begin a magic trick. From those just...... more info
5. CineMental (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Nikolas Mavresis - Trick CineMental (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Nikolas Mavresis - Trick
$34.95 (now $17.48) - "I thought I knew what was going on... then that second phase, phenomenal!" - Tom Elderfield "Simple, strong, powerful!" - Fraser Parker Nikolas Mavresis' Cinemental is a blockbuster two-phase mentalism routine that will leave your spectators begging for a sequel. The first phase gives you the...... more info
6. Backstab by Zak Mirzadeh (Online Instructions and Gimmick) - Trick Backstab by Zak Mirzadeh (Online Instructions and Gimmick) - Trick
$29.95 (now $14.98) - Zak Mirzadeh's Backstab is the most impossible "Stab To Your Card" trick ever! Your spectator selects a card and loses it in the pack. With nothing more than your trusty pocket knife (or your spectator's pocket knife) - you stab straight to their selection for a miraculous...... more info

....and so much more!

At one point in time or another, all of these items were bestsellers.......and even yesterday, they were selling for full price.  But now through Monday, you can get them at these clearance prices!

To see the ENTIRE LIST (over 100 items), be sure to click this link:

Remember, after Monday, they will go back up to normal price!

Narrow Down Your Search - Click one of these links!



We still have some of our free TIME ZONE booklets that we are giving away!  If you plan to spend more than $20.00 on your order, then be sure to add one of these while they're still left:



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"A Mindblowing download with a SURPRISE ENDING!"


The Vault - Madness Display by Billy Debu video DOWNLOAD

Madness Display is a mind blowing and super visual card routine, with a surprise ending!

Just imagine three Jokers TRANSPOSING with the four aces and THEN four aces change in with the KINGS - - or any other four of a kind that you like!

Even display your own message at the end of your act to create a mind-blowing climax!

Possibilities are endless!
Perfect for Zoom shows and live!

Download this one right now and begin learning it today!



FREE $20.00 GIFT with all qualifying orders!

As a reminder, if you plan to purchase more than $20.00 when placing your next MJM Magic order, then you mind as well throw this item into your shopping cart:

Link -

It's a 3-Phase Mentalism Routine that gets more powerful with each phase!  And we are giving it to you for FREE!

Just add it into your shopping cart which contains at least $20.00 in items, and we will ship this out to you along with it!

Only good while supplies last!



What has 6 legs, red hair, and flies?

No, seriously. This thing is scaring the hell out me.

Get your FREE 3-Phase Mental Routine today - a $20.00 value!!


We felt like giving away something to our loyal customers, and if you're reading this, that means YOU!  :)

Time Zone by John Vincent & Alakazam is an amazing 3-PHASE Mentalism Routine that is really organic, and uses a borrowed watch! 

FREE with $20 Order - Time Zone by John Vincent & Alakazam Magic - Tricks

Phase 1: Borrow a spectator's watch, keep it face down, and prove that you can accurately guess what the second hand will be, even after a lot of time has passed!

Phase 2: You step it up a notch.  You randomize the watch again.  This time, the spectator rights down a random number between 1 and 60, and this too ends up matching exactly what's on their watch!

Phase 3: The best one!  The spectator merely THINKS of a number between 1 and 60.......and the number they thought of will match with the watch when they decide to look at it!

Check out the demo:

This is a $20.00 effect, but we are giving it to you for FREE with any order that is $20.00 or more!   Just follow these steps exactly to get yours:

  1. First, make sure you have an order ready which is at least $20.00 or more.  That is the minimum order amount to qualify.
  2. (Important) Add the free Time Zone effect to that order by clicking the links in this newsletter! 
  3. Proceed to the checkout (with your items and the free item) to complete your purchase!

As long as you have the free item in your order, we will pull one for you and ship it with your order!

NOTE: If you add the item to an order which doesn't qualify (because it doesn't meet the $20.00 requirement), then we will remove it before processing your order.

This is a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED promotion because we only have a limited supply of these TIME ZONE manuscripts!  Once they are gone, the product will be disabled on our website.




Me: "I'm afraid of random letters."

Therapist: "You are?"

Me: "screams"

Therapist: "Oh I see."

Me: *continues to scream*


"It's not fair. A gimmick like this shouldn't be allowed to happen."


"I was fooled badly. This thing is slick!" - Caleb Wiles

ACCOMPLICE by Danny Weiser & David Regal - Trick

A customizable utility gimmick that allows the deck, the signed card and the box to be fully examinable!

ACCOMPLICE is a customizable utility gimmick that allows the performer to perform a variety of effects with playing cards:

  •     FIND A CARD after the deck has been cased and pocketed
  •     TRANSPORT A SIGNED CARD from one place to another
  •     PENETRATE A CARD through the surface of a table

Watch the demo:

The gimmick is both fully seen and invisible. And best of all, when you are done with it, it can VANISH - leaving the deck, the signed card, and the card box all fully examinable.

Order yours today from MJM Magic:



Grapes don't cry when they're crushed....

But they do wine.