Friday, September 30, 2022

"Ambitious LEGO is like a toy for magicians! WATCH THIS!"


"A red Lego on a stack of 3 bricks, then visually “jumps” each brick one by one until it reaches the top."

You won't believe your eyes when you see this!

You take some blue Lego pieces, and put a single red piece on the bottom of the stack.

And with just a slow shake of your hand, you cause the red piece to by one.....up the stack!

Watch it performed here:

It's the Ambitious Card but with LEGOS!

This is one of Julio Montoro's favorite effects that he's ever produced!

This can fit in your pocket and be performed at a moment's notice!

This can be reset to perform back to back!

Includes a special set of Lego bricks, ready to perform out of the box, plus tutorial video.

Purchase Ambitious Lego here:



Here are 15 additional items that we just added to our permanent Overstock Sale!  Get 40% off or more on these items (but only for the in-stock quantity listed below):


1. Encyclopedia of Card Tricks by Dover Publications - Book - (1 Available)
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2. Sankey Skutt Sessions by Jay Sankey - DVD - (6 Available)
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3. Criss Angel Mindfreak Complete Season One (2005) - DVD - (1 Available)
Link -

4. Sankey Live! by Jay Sankey - DVD - (5 Available)
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5. Sankey 1999 by Jay Sankey - DVD - (5 Available)
Link -

6. Magic Pen Trick - (1 Available)
Link -

7. Magic Penetrating Marker - (8 Available)
Link -

8. Jacks To Backs - DVD - (2 Available)
Link -

9. Python Pen - (1 Available)
Link -

10. Public Transit by Jay Sankey - DVD - (4 Available)
Link -

11. Split Decision by Kenton Knepper - (24 Available)
Link -

12. Cards You Softly by Zenneth Kok - (4 Available)
Link -

13. Mental Fusion by Jeremy Moncrief - (1 Available)
Link -

14. Master Mindfreaks by Criss Angel - Volume 3 - (9 Available)
Link -

15. Watch Magic by Oz Pearlman - (4 Available)
Link -

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How does a computer get drunk?

It takes screenshots


Wednesday, September 28, 2022

LIGHT YEAR is the most innovative trick we've seen in 2022!


"Sci-fi mind-reading tiles that can reveal a thought-of number using light!"


You have your spectator come up with ANY TWO DIGIT NUMBER.   You then show that THIS SAME NAMED NUMBER is displayed in random holes that have been permanently drilled through solid acrylic tiles!

Watch the video here:

This almost reminds us of an old classic (Spreadwave) where a spectator's card would appear written in ink along the sides of your deck.

But we like LIGHT YEAR even more, because the spectator gets to come up with their own number, and THAT NUMBER is the only number that appears when you bring the acrylic tiles together!

It's completely examinable and no one else will be able to make numbers appear!

This is as stunning as it gets. Nobody can even figure out how Kyle thought of making this trick, let alone how the trick works!

"This is really great! Kyle's obsession allowed him to crack the code for creating an amazing, unexpected alignment that reveals a surprising prediction through a very cool use of your phone. Everything is examinable, it has a nice presentational hook, and people are really fooled." - Michael Ammar


1. The magician has a two-digit number secretly written down by the spectator.

2. Eight black sci-fi looking tiles are introduced, each with holes randomly all over their surface. The tiles are mixed and then shown to the spectator, who is asked to play a mental game of connect the dots, tracing their number over the holes with their eyes.

3. The tiles are then fairly dealt into two piles and placed on a white phone screen or held up to the sky.

4. When the tiles are squared, light shines through the only holes that align, and the light forms the image of the two-digit number the spectators were merely thinking of.

The tiles can then be handed out, and no one is able to line the holes up to produce any other number.

Order LIGHT YEAR here:




Did you hear about those new corduroy pillows?

They're making headlines.


Monday, September 26, 2022

TIME BOMB DISCOUNT - Save 10% off EVERYTHING but ticking down fast!

"Our most exciting discount event is now happening, but ticking down fast!"

First off, if you've never experienced one of our TIME BOMB events, then you're in for a treat!

Our TIME BOMB discount is simple: use the TIMEBOMB discount code to save a certain percentage off your ENTIRE ORDER!

Books, Downloads, Tricks, anything you want!

But here's the catch:

  • Each day that passes, the TIME BOMB is ticking down to its expiration.
  • Each day that passes, you will SAVE LESS, and have to SPEND MORE to get it.

That means that RIGHT NOW is always the best time to use the discount, in the present time!   Because every day that passes, it's going cost you a little bit more to get the same items.

Today's savings is better than tomorrows!  But tomorrow will be better than the next day, etc.


Simple.  On the checkout page, simply use this coupon code: TIMEBOMB

That will then deduct whatever percentage the TIMEBOMB discount is giving away on that date!

NOTE: You can see the current percentage and minimum spending amounts by going to the MJM Magic website and looking at the top of the page!

Use this discount as many times as you want during the TIME BOMB event.   Once the event is over, the coupon will no longer work, so take advantage of this incredible offer!

TODAY is the greatest discount for the TIMEBOMB: 10% off your entire order, minimum spending of only $25.00, but that will change at the stroke of midnight!  Then it will go down to 8% and $35.00 minimum tomorrow!


  • Discount cannot be applied to any orders placed prior to 11:00am PST on Monday the 26th.  Sorry, no exceptions.
  • Discounts may not apply correctly if also trying to use any other coupons or rewards.  So choose one or the other to use during this promotion.

If you have any questions or run into any problems using that TIMEBOMB coupon code, then please contact us!  Have fun using it and be safe!



My wife asked me who my favorite vampire is.

I replied, "The one from Sesame Street."

She said, "He doesn't count."

"Oh I assure you, he does."


Saturday, September 24, 2022

"Make a wad of cash appear …and much more!"


"Overdraft went instantly into my wallet. My mind is bubbling with routine ideas!" - Alan Rorrison (Penn & Teller Fool Us, Prolific Magic Creator)

We strongly believe in magic that you can carry around with you, at all times.   OVERDRAFT is one of those products, because it can fit in a single slot of your wallet!

Check out all that you can do with OVERDRAFT:

  • Make a banknote appear from between two credit cards, and later in the tutorial, you will learn how to produce an entire wad of cash! (Works with all currencies and denominations.)
  • Make two credit cards switch places under seemingly impossible conditions. (Think the classic two-card transposition but with credit cards.)
  • Visually "clone" a credit card, directly in front of your spectators' eyes. (Breathtaking pickpocket-themed magic.)
  • Repeatedly predict which credit card will be chosen, long in advance. (Influence or empower your spectator.)
  • Apparently control your spectator's memory and prove it afterwards with a photograph taken on your spectator's mobile phone! (Possibly the freakiest effect on the project.)

ALL OF THAT will fit in a single slot of your wallet!

Watch the demo video here:

So to summarize:

  • OVERDRAFT will make a wad of cash appear (all currencies and denominations), “clone” a credit card, make 2 credit card switch places…and much more!
  • Easy to carry because the gimmicks fit in the SINGLE slot of your wallet.
  • Paul is a working pro so the gimmicks and routines are tried and tested. Lewis Le Val also teaches routines and ideas for mentalists and magicians.

Order OVERDRAFT here:


NOW SHIPPING - CRAZY SAM'S HANDCUFFS (with rubber bands included)

Speaking of effects you can carry with you at all times!   This one still fools us, even though we know how it's done!

Take two rubber bands and cause them to penetrate each other!  Not just each other, but other solid objects!

Watch the demo video:

  • New methods beyond using your fingers to include scissors, markers and more.
  • NO set up, 100% examinable and so impactful even LIVE.

This actually comes WITH rubber bands, so you don't need to purchase anything else!   Once you learn how to perform it, just carry a couple rubber bands on you and you can perform anywhere, anytime!

Purchase Crazy Sam's Handcuffs here (now shipping):



After my prostate exam, the doctor walked out and the nurse walked in.

Then she asked me something no man wants to hear.....

"Who was that?"


Friday, September 23, 2022

"Dramatic Smoke Effects now possible!"


"This is the best smoke producing pad on the market!"

In the past, we have seen many close-up pads which produced smoke.   However, they always had some kind of fault.   For example, some required you to have your hand on the pad to push smoke through a hidden air tube.    Others only produced smoke from one spot.   And others were just too noisy.

But our new SMOKE PADS by Bacon Magic solve all these issues:

  • They are super quiet
  • They produce smoke in up to three places
  • It's controlled by remote, so your hands don't have to touch the pad

Watch the demo video here:

If you perform any sort of magic at a table (or even a flat podium when busking), then you should consider one of these Smoke Pads.   It adds that extra magical touch when performing things like Cups and Balls, or card changes.

Includes Smoke Pad itself, remote control, charger, additional smoke oil and instructions.


And because it's not cheap, we have a bunch of money-saving incentives for anyone who purchases this:

  1. * FREE USA SHIPPING to any USA location
  2. * At least $15.00 cash back rewards into your account (standard Reward Point rules apply)
  3. * Another $30.00 cash back rewards for qualifying for the $300 monthly achievement prize (if you haven't yet claimed it for this month)

That's up to $45.00 in cash back, plus free shipping, which is an excellent way to get a brand new product with bonus savings!



Here are 15 additional items that we just added to our permanent Overstock Sale!  Get 40% off or more on these items (but only for the in-stock quantity listed below):


1. 1.5 inch Regular Sponge Balls (Red) Bag of 50 from Magic by Gosh - (2 Available)
Link -

2. Piece by Choi Hyo One - Trick - (1 Available)
Link -

3. The Complete Walton (Vol. 3) by Roy Walton - Book - (2 Available)
Link -

4. Mr. Monopoly (Gimmicks and online Instructions) by Julio Montoro - Trick - (11 Available)
Link -

5. BERMUDA (RED) by Nicholas Lawrence - Trick - (2 Available)
Link -

6. Stack Watch by Peter Turner - (1 Available)
Link -

7. Cherry Casino House Deck Playing Cards (Flamingo Pink) - (3 Available)
Link -

8. SHADE (Gimmicks and Online Instruction) by Jeki Yoo - Trick - (1 Available)
Link -

9. Easily Influenced (With Online Instruction) by DARYL - Trick - (2 Available)
Link -

10. VULPINE Creations - Amazing Coffee Cups and Beans (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Adam Wilber - Trick - (1 Available)
Link -

11. Definitive (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Chris Rawlins - Trick - (1 Available)
Link -

12. Red Heart Double Cross - Trick - (6 Available)
Link -

13. FOCUZ (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Peter Eggink - Trick - (2 Available)
Link -

14. Cherry Casino House Deck Playing Cards True Black (Black Hawk) by Pure Imagination Projects - (3 Available)
Link -

15. PARTY TIME by Adrian Vega - Trick - (1 Available)
Link -

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A European is visiting the United States for the first time and asks: "So how many cents are in a dollar?"

The American: "100, of course."

The European: "100? Why not 62, or 37?"

The American: "62? What are you talking about? It's 100. It's a nice round number and easy to calculate. 62?  Are you out of your mind?! You crazy Europeans."

The European: "Right, gotcha. Thank you! So how many feet are in a mile?"

The American: "Go back to Europe!"


Tuesday, September 20, 2022

"You create an actual PORTAL through a solid playing card!"

"A close-up illusion that mimics the Acme Black Hole!"

Do you remember in the cartoons when a character wanted to escape, so they threw a black hole onto a solid wall, and then jumped inside the hole?

This new effect, Portal by Peter Eggink, replicates that perfectly!

Take a card, put a black sticker on it, and prove that it can create a portal to pass through the entire card!  Then remove the sticker and show that the card is completely solid!

Watch the PORTAL video here:

As you may have guessed, this effect relies on the Black Art principle, so you will want to wear a black shirt during performance.....but the payoff is HUGE when you freak people out by creating a portal in the card!   

  • Portal is a clever NEW gimmick and handling!
  • Comes with ready to go, hand-build Portal gimmick, 2 black circular stickers and online instructions.

Order your PORTAL here:



This effect uses ordinary rubber bands, can be performed in a LIVE environment, and the illusion is extremely powerful.

You slowly (and I do mean SLOWLY) show that you can pass two rubber bands through each other. 

Watch it performed here:

You can easily carry a couple rubber bands on your wrist or in your pocket.   Perform this impromptu and on the fly!

We begin shipping the product this week!

Order Crazy Sam's Handcuffs here:

NOTE: They recommend you use Size 19 bands, which we have in a variety of colors in bulk packaging!   Check those out here: Recommended Rubber Bands



Over the weekend, we secretly announced a killer deal!  Get our $45.00 Agility Battle Card Game (mind reading) deck for only $17.95!

This deck is designed to look like a battle card game.   However, you will prove that you can win every time by knowing the outcome of the cards!

It's a two phase routine, and because of it's unique design, you can whip this deck out anytime to show your ultimate skill at playing it!

The $17.95 price is only good for the next 17 people!  Price goes back to $45.00 afterwards!

Order AGILITY here:



I think I need to see a doctor about my testicles.

One of them seems to be bigger than the other two.


Sunday, September 18, 2022

WEEKEND DEAL - This AGILITY mind-reading deck is only $17.95 (normally $45.00)!


HURRY - Normal Price: $45.00 Weekend Price: $17.95


"This deck is SELF WORKING. It is a Top Trump kind of battle game, and they can select ANY CARD... you will ALWAYS KNOW EVERY PIECE OF INFORMATION TO READ THEIR MIND, PROVE THEM WRONG AND PERFORM MIRACLES. The method is INSANELY devious and has NO HEAT - The spectator would never suspect a thing." - Andrew Ace

AGILITY is a fantastic, hard-hitting mentalism routine.   It's designed to look like a battle card game, and it allows you to perform some seriously great mentalism effects with ZERO memory work!

PHASE 1:  You can have your spectator cut the deck anywhere and deal both you and them a hand of cards. You can now accurately tell them exactly what you will beat them on with each card played and get this: you are NOT reading marks and you don't even need to look at the cards! You could have predicted every win or loss in advance if you wish!!

PHASE 2: Have your spectator remove any card from the pack and with your back turned you can start giving them detailed information about their chosen character including their overall star rating, strength rating and even the exact name of their character (all without memorizing a thing).

Watch an entire performance here:

Because this is designed to look like a battle Card Game, you can literally perform this anywhere without raising suspicion.  You can slip it into your existing set, or perform it on the go as a stand-alone routine.

The cards are beautiful, and it comes with a fantastic instructional DVD.


Currently only $17.95, it will JUMP BACK UP to $45.00 next week!

Order AGILITY at our special $17.95 price here:

(We only have 24 units left, and once this sells out at this price, the deal will be over.)



If you didn't see this one yet, you won't believe your own eyes.

Watch in slow motion how a rubber band can pass through solid objects!

Click here for the video:

  • New methods beyond using your fingers to include scissors, markers and more.
  • NO set up, 100% examinable and so impactful even LIVE.

Order Crazy Sam's Handcuffs here:



Do you know what Mexicans use to cut their pizza with?

Little Caesars.


Saturday, September 17, 2022

"IMPOSSIBLE! We have NO IDEA how he does this!"


"The two rubber bands MELT through each other like real magic!"

We are announcing (more like SHOUTING) this awesome new effect called CRAZY SAM'S HANDCUFFS!

It only uses two rubber bands, and you make them IMPOSSIBLY penetrate each other.  Even when the spectator is holding onto one of them!!

Just watch the video here:

If you already are used to performing the Crazy Man's Handcuffs, then  Sam's version is the perfect ending to it.

And if you've never performed it, then you really are getting the entire package with this purchase.

Only $24.95, it's extremely visual, and you can even perform it in SLOW MOTION!

All you need are two rubber bands and your hands (one of which, I venture to say, you always carry on your body!)

  • No setup.
  • No get ready.
  • 100% examinable.
  • You can perform it anytime, anywhere.
  • What you see on the trailer is how it looks LIVE.
  • All you need are 2 rubber bands and your hands.

Order your CRAZY SAM HANDCUFFS here:



Here are 15 additional items that we just added to our permanent Overstock Sale!  Get 40% off or more on these items (but only for the in-stock quantity listed below):


1. Senor Mardo Egg Bag by Martin Lewis - DVD - (1 Available)
Link -

2. Cotta's Almanac #1 Transformation Playing Cards - (1 Available)
Link -

3. GRAVITY REEL by Joao Miranda - Trick - (1 Available)
Link -

4. CINEMAGIC STAR WARS (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Gustavo Raley - Trick - (1 Available)
Link -

5. Avengers: Red Edition Playing Cards by theory11 - (1 Available)
Link -

6. CCS BLACK by N2G - Trick - (2 Available)
Link -

7. CCS RED by N2G - Trick - (1 Available)
Link -

8. SWITCH (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Manoj Kaushal - Trick - (2 Available)
Link -

9. SOLID (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Juan Capilla and Julio Montoro - Trick - (1 Available)
Link -

10. Juan Tamariz Sessions (Download code and Limited Edition Playing Cards) by Juan Tamariz and Vanishing Inc. - (1 Available)
Link -

11. FLASH GUM WRAPPER by Eric Ross - Trick - (1 Available)
Link -

12. Mirror Standard Rubik Cube (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Rodrigo Romano - Trick - (2 Available)
Link -

13. Mirror Mini Rubik Cube (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Rodrigo Romano - Trick - (1 Available)
Link -

14. The Complete Walton (Vol.1) by Roy Walton - Book - (3 Available)
Link -

15. The Complete Walton (Vol.2) by Roy Walton - Book - (1 Available)
Link -

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Do you know why koi fish travel in groups of four?

To protect the group from predators. When attacked, koi A, B, and C will go in one direction. The fourth one is the D koi.


Thursday, September 15, 2022

"Two cards SWITCH places with NO MOVES or sleight of hand!"


"A moveless MIRACLE!"

If you're looking for a great HANDS OFF trick, look no further than this!

A lot of magic happens in this effect. The aces not only reveal a card selected by the spectator, but you also get a killer transposition that requires NO MOVES!

Check out THE HOFF:

This is one of those effects that makes the performer look like a sleight of hand wizard but in reality it will probably be the easiest trick you'll perform in your set. As far as the method goes there are several principles at work so there is nothing for the spectator to latch onto and discover. Not to mention the fact that there are no moves, it looks like you do nothing yet this incredible transposition happens right in front of their face.

Here’s what happens:

The four aces are produced and then placed off to the side. A spectator takes the deck under the table and cuts the deck to select a card. With a wave of the hand, one of the aces mysteriously turns face down. When the selected card is revealed, it is discovered that the suit of the selected card matches the ace that has turned face down. The deck is placed back on the table, and after a magical gesture, the deck is spread on the table to reveal that a card has turned face up in the middle of the deck. Impossibly the face-up card in the middle of the deck is the ace that was face down, and when the face-down card between the other aces is turned over, it is discovered to be the selected card.

The Hoff by Josh Burch is priced to sell and comes with everything you need. It's printed on Maiden back but blends in with bicycle standard backs. Just open the package and it's ready to go.

Order THE HOFF here:



I love this trick because all they do is just think of the card, and that card vanishes from one deck and reappears in another. The spectator doesn't do anything like select, touch or peek at a card. The magician doesn't do anything except spread the cards. This is the type of effect that you close a show with and the best part is it practically takes no skill to perform.

Watch it performed here:

I think this is not only a great effect but also a great for any performer:

  1. It's perfect for all skill levels.
  2. The effect is strong, it fools everyone so hobbyists and pros will love it.
  3. The method is practical so the workers will love it.

This is the type of effect that you close a show with and the best part is it practically takes no skill to perform.

Flight Of Fancy by David Regal is a trick for so many occasions but in my opinion it's the best card effect I've seen to use for those special moments when you only want to show a few tricks. It's a standout effect and I think one that would be very memorable because of how powerful and direct it is.

Preorder FLIGHT OF FANCY here:



Listen, I'm all for coloring books...

.....but connect-the-dots?  Now that's where I draw the line.


Tuesday, September 13, 2022

"Vanish a Card? - THIS is how it should look like!"

"The perfect visual card vanish!"

A perfectly visual, jaw-dropping vanish that happens in thin air! If you could truly perform real magic, it would look like Sky Magic!

The perfect visual card vanish!

There are numerous classic card effects involving a card vanish. There's only one thing missing - a perfect visual vanish.

Sky Vanish is a vanish that looks like real magic.

  • Angles 180
  • Perfect for live, zoom or social media.

You need this if you want people to believe that you are a real wizard!

Comes in RED or BLUE, so choose your preferred color:




Write ANY message or picture on a cup and instantly transform it into another message.

  • Perform up to 3 times in a row! Online instructions include various routines including having your name turn into the spectator’s name.
  • Cup can be customized with the business logo you wish. Can be a coffee or soda cup.

Check out what it looks like here:



Yesterday, at the zoo, I was allowed into the lion enclosure.

I said to the lion handler, "What do I do if the lion tries to attack me?"

He replied, "Don’t be afraid, it’s very simple.  If the lion charges you, reach behind your back, grab a pile of crap off the ground, and throw it in the lions face."

I said to him, "But what if I reach behind me and there's no pile of crap on the ground?"

And the lion handler said, “Don’t worry, it’ll be there.”


Friday, September 09, 2022

"WARNING: Impossibly clean version of the bill change!"


"The impromptu, no cover, easy to do, visual bill change!"

Check this out.  Patrick Redford is going to teach you his EASY TO LEARN bill change.   One that requires no cover, no gimmicks, and borrowed bills!

Watch it performed here:

Best part: it's a download!  That means you can begin learning and practicing this one TODAY!

We give Patrick an extra thumbs up for the no-nonsense, straightforward demo video.  No bells or whistles, just showing exactly how it looks in real-time!

Download FACADE here:



Here are 15 additional items that we just added to our permanent Overstock Sale!  Get 40% off or more on these items (but only for the in-stock quantity listed below):


1. Royal Road To Card Magic by Jean Hugard And Frederick Braue - Book - (1 Available)
Link -

2. Talk About Tricks (3 DVD Set) by Joshua Jay - DVD - (2 Available)
Link -

3. Red Streamlined Convertible by David Regal - DVD - (6 Available)
Link -

4. Genii Magazine - July 2013 - IMAM - (9 Available)
Link -

5. Tetra Deck Bicycle - 4 Way Fanning Deck - (3 Available)
Link -

6. Crushed & Cured - DVD - (4 Available)
Link -

7. At the Table Live Lecture July-August-September 2016 (6 DVD set) - (1 Available)
Link -

8. Gecko Pro System (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Jim Rosenbaum - (2 Available)
Link -

9. Untruth (DVD and Gimmicks) by Rich Li - DVD - (4 Available)
Link -

10. Sunshine Multiplying Wine Bottles by Tora Magic - Trick - (1 Available)
Link -

11. The Boyd Mystery (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Bill Abbott - Trick - (2 Available)
Link -

12. Five Elements Playing Cards Wooden Collection Set with 5 Dice by TCC - (4 Available)
Link -

13. Bill Abbott Magic: Wet Your Whistle (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Erick Olson - Trick - (1 Available)
Link -

14. DKNG Rainbow Wheels (6 Seater Box Set) Playing Cards by Art of Play - (3 Available)
Link -

15. Just the Soul BLUE by Adrian Vega - Trick - (1 Available)
Link -

To see the over 100+ items in our Overstock category, please visit this link and take advantage of all our limited deals:



I invented silent tennis...

It's just like regular tennis but without the racket.


Wednesday, September 07, 2022

"Blow their minds with only 6 cards!"


"6 cards + 1 killer move = multiple explosive finale effects!"

I have to admit.....I've got a soft spot in my heart for packet tricks.   There's something liberating when it comes to performing magic using only a small packet of cards.

This is why you're going to LOVE our newest effect, JOKERS GAMBIT. 

WARNING: The demo video has some profanity in it, but the reactions are 100% genuine.

Watch video:

As you can see, you can perform JOKERS GAMBIT in a walk-around situation, and the surprise ending completely FOOLS people!

It's the perfect trick to pull out of your pocket when walking around because there's no prep, no reloading, and it comes in a stylish black envelope for easy carry.

We are shipping these soon, so get your preorders in today!




This has been unavailable for a while now, but we just got more in stock!

QUIVER is a switching device that you can easily carry in your pocket, and it's so smooth, so UNDETECTABLE, it looks like a camera trick.

In fact, watch the demo video located at this link, and see a demonstration of QUIVER doing the switch while you're looking inside, and you still won't be able to catch it happening!


Isn't that amazing?   The second you close the wallet, the switch happens!   You can change out anything that will fit inside of it (cards, rings, predictions, etc).

It comes in TWO SIZES, so choose which one works best for you:



This effect has BAFFLING in the title, and for good reason.  It's a real head scratcher!

You show three small solid blocks, and you have your audience pick lift them up.   Then, you have them only lift the top block, and the single block will be HEAVIER than the three blocks combined!

Watch it performed here:

This is perfect for table hopping or restaurant performers, because you already have a captive audience and a table to perform at!

  • Comes with 10 full routines and 5 tried and tested variations.
  • Perfect for mentalism, comedy, and children’s magic performances.




Chuck Norris was once bitten by a snake.

After five days of excruciating pain, the snake died.


Tuesday, September 06, 2022

"Change the ink writing on a Starbucks cup......MULTIPLE TIMES!"



This is Versatile. Organic and sooo good!

If you've ever gone to Starbucks, you know that they write your name on a cup when you order it.

Imagine being able to take your name, and have it transform to ANYTHING.  Yes, ANYTHING.   Not once, but MULTIPLE times!

You could:

  • Change your name into a symbol or emoji.
  • Change it into a playing card.
  • Change it into a number.

In fact, you change anything into anything (doesn't have to be your name).

See some of the possibilities performed in this demo video:

  • This can be customized to look like a cup from any of your favorite establishments, and it's EASY to perform!
  • Write ANY message or picture on a cup and instantly transform it into another message.
  • Perform up to 3 times in a row! Online instructions include various routines including having your name turn into the spectator’s name.

Comes with a specially designed cup (with an ultra resistant plastic gimmick) and 3 stickers.

Order your NAME CUP here and get FREE USA SHIPPING:



We are so busy over here, we didn't even realize that Monday is a holiday here in the USA.   That means that even though we may be answering emails, we won't be able to ship anything because all shipping carriers are closed for the national Labor Day holiday.

We will resume shipping on Tuesday though, and we hope you all have an amazing weekend!



My wife sorted out some of her old clothes that she no longer wears.

I said, "What are you going to do with them?"

She replied, "Give them to charity."

I said, "Charity?  They're old though.   Why don't you just throw them away?"

She replied, "There are a lot of poor and starving women out there that will appreciate them."

I replied, "Anyone that fits into your clothes definitely isn't starving."

.......and that's how I ended up sleeping on the couch this week.