Monday, February 26, 2018

"A brand new item from the special effects wizard behind Harry Potter!"

It's not often that a huge player in the special effects industry releases at item like this, but MJM Magic is proud to present PyroPlastic!

PyroPlastic at MJM Magic

Nothing gets your audience's attention like visual magic.  And when you need a moment of misdirection, nothing works better than this stuff!

Created by Jared Manley, a special effects wizard behind Dr. Who, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and Sherlock, PyroPlastic is a flash product disguised as common plastic wrapping. Never again dig into your pocket to pull out a random piece of paper that never makes sense in a routine. PyroPlastic can be hidden in plain sight, ready to be used organically at a moment's notice.

Check out all the variations and the demo video here:

PyroPlastic at MJM Magic

  • Disguise it as cellophane on a tuck box, and use it to produce any card.
  • Pull a piece of plastic off a cigarette pack and impossibly create a cigarette from out of the flames.
  • Pull plastic off a piece of candy wrapping and magically create a second piece of candy.
  • Unseal a pack of cards using nothing more than a bit of fire.
  • Visually see the change of FriXion pen-type predictions/transformations with transparent plastic!
  • Comes complete with two ultra-clear PyroPlastic sheets (197mm x 127mm).
  • No residue, harmful chemicals, or lingering vapors!
This is fiery misdirection hidden in an ordinary strip of plastic! Turn up the heat, with PyroPlastic!

Choose the ones you want and we will ship them out on the release date next week:


Two men were drinking in a bar during their lunch break.

Feeling hungry, they pull out the sandwiches that their wives had lovingly made for them.

The bartender, noticing this, quickly comes over and says "You can't eat your own food in here!"

So they swapped sandwiches.

Friday, February 23, 2018

"This looks absolutely impossible!"

FIVE IN A HOLE by SMagic Productions - Trick

What's great about this trick is that it's DIFFERENT.   It involves money, but it's not your standard money trick ("Hey look, the bill changed to something else, etc.")

Check this out.  You take two bills out of your wallet: a $1.00 and a $5.00 bill.

You hand the $1.00 to the spectator to hold.   And in a SPLIT SECOND, you cause the number FIVE from your bill to PRINT onto the $1.00 bill!

Not only is it printed on there.....but the number FIVE is completely GONE from the $5.00 bill!

Check out the demo here to see what it looks like:

Think about it.  If you really could do magic, wouldn't you want to manipulate MONEY?   Show off your power to change something that people use everyday!

Preorder it now and we will begin shipping as soon as the product hits our doors on March 5th:



A woman is sitting beside a businessman on an airplane.  The businessman is quite bored, so he tries to get the woman to play a game with him.

"Let's play a game. We take turns asking questions. If I can't answer one of yours, I'll pay you $5 bucks, but if you can't answer one of mine, then you'll give me $5 bucks."

The woman ignores him and tries to sleep.

"Okay, how about if I lose I give you $100 dollars, and you only give me $5."

Again, the woman declines.

"Okay, okay, how about I give you $1000 dollars if I lose?"

The woman, finally had enough, agrees. The businessman goes first. "What's the circumference of the sun?"

The woman doesn't know and pays him $5 dollars. Then she asks the businessman "What has 6 legs, goes up a hill with 10 legs, and comes down with 5 legs?"

The businessman realizes he has NO CLUE of the answer, and he would have to pay up. He searches it up on google, asks everyone on the plane, and calls all his friends, but no one knew the answer.
At last, he reluctantly pays the woman $1000 dollars. The woman, satisfied, goes back to sleep.

The businessman taps her shoulder. "I have one last question. What was the answer?"

The woman sighs and takes out $5 dollars.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

"It's time to get NAKED and STRANGE!"

The Vault - Naked Strange by Paul Harris video DOWNLOAD
One of my favorite (and no longer available) effects was "Strange Travelers", performed by David Blaine.

Here's a version of that trick which you can DOWNLOAD today, and it uses a regular deck of cards (no gimmicks)!

In case you aren't familiar with the effect:
  • Spectator #1 simply LOOKS at a card from a group of cards.   She doesn't say what the card is.   She simply LOOKS at one mentally from a bunch of cards.
  • Spectator #2 is handed those cards to hold onto.   The cards are counted to show that there are only ten cards in that packet. 
  • Spectator #1 is given a separate group of cards to hold.
  • With a magical gesture, Spectator #2 counts her cards, and suddenly one is missing!  That's right.....there are no longer ten cards in her hand.  She only holds nine.
  • The one card that's missing happens to be the one that Spectator #1 was merely thinking of!   Remember, she never mentioned what the card was: it's just gone!
  • Spectator #1 then turns over the packet she was holding to find that her card magically traveled over to it!
This is a great effect that involves TWO people, which is always a BONUS when performing (to get as many people involved as possible!

Download it today at our low price:


 I was going to post a funny joke about veganism.......but it's too cheesy.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

"Your Special 25% Discount Starts RIGHT NOW!"

Today is a special day for me, for two reasons.   1) It's my Mom's 65th birthday today (Happy Birthday Mom), and 2) It's Murphy's Magic 20th birthday!

Murphy's Magic puts out some of the BEST magic in the industry, and we have been a proud supporter of all their products for the last 13+ years.

So we have chosen 20 of their TOP BESTSELLING items, and we are giving you a special 25% DISCOUNT off all of them!

Here are some of our favorites:

1.  THE REAL MANS WALLET - This is a real wallet, made from nice leather, which you will use as an everyday wallet.   However, it also doubles as a miracle machine, because you can do some amazing things with it!   Normally $40.00, you can quickly pick this up for only $29.96!    That's cheap for a wallet, let alone a wallet that you can perform magic with!


2.  SUCKER PUNCH - This one came out last year, and it sold out in seconds.  It took MONTHS to get more, and for good reason: it's a reputation maker.   Instead of using coins, this one uses Poker Chips (which is INGENIOUS because it fits perfectly with gambling themes and making money).   Like the Real Man's Wallet, this one is now down to $29.96 instead of $40.00


We have 18 OTHERS which we have discounted, including the popular BANSHEES Playing Cards for Throwing, Bandwidth (a trick using a spectator's borrowed finger ring), and CUBE 3 (a mind blowing Rubik's Cube routine using a real cube)!

Check out the entire list here:

These deals EXPIRE ONE WEEK FROM TODAY.   On February 28th at 2:00pm PST, the prices will go back up to their regular prices, so do yourself a favor: don't pass up on this sale!

These items are best sellers for a reason, and now you can pick them up lower than ever before!


Parallel lines have so much in common.......It's a shame they'll never meet.

Monday, February 19, 2018

"This could be a POWERFUL secret weapon you NEVER thought about using!"

Imagine being able to show a real deck of cards (showing the entire faces), having it change to a completely BLANK DECK of cards.....and the deck can be handed out for examination.   How is that possible?   Easy, by using a deck switch.

But many people haven't considered using a deck switch into their act, because they either never gave it serious thought, or they thought it would be too difficult and obvious.

Check out REAL DECK SWITCHES by Benjamin Earl!

Real Deck Switches by Benjamin Earl


Ben Earl has long been a master card man and prolific inventor. Now he has turned his attention to the venerable deck switch, updating it for multiple environments. Thanks to his expert instruction and considerable skill, you'll soon be comfortable with switching decks under any conditions. Check out the trailer for examples. These switches look impossible, but they are not! They are well within the reach of any intermediate card magician.

You'll get:
  • 25 brand-new deck switches, most unpublished before now!
  • In the hands and on the table
  • Deck switches for all environments taught
  • Shot on location in Las Vegas
  • Visual deck switches and covert deck switches

Just think of the possibilities of switching from a shuffled deck to a memorized deck right under their noses! Real Deck Switches is ready to make the impossible possible and turn deck switches into a powerful new secret weapon for you. Order yours today!



Prison may be just one word.......but to others, it's a whole sentence.

Friday, February 16, 2018

"This will become an instant CLASSIC." - Titanas

Imagine being able to separate all of the red and black cards in a deck......INSTANTLY!   With zero difficult sleights!

Cosmos 3 (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Greg Rostami

The ULTIMATE Color Separation.

From the creator of Cosmos Duo and Inject.
  • Cards are genuinely shuffled.
  • Cards are shown shuffled.
  • With NO moves...
  • ALL the colors are INSTANTLY SEPARATED!!

"Just when you thought it couldn't get any better... he drops Cosmos 3!!!"
- Bobby Motta

"I LOVE the Out Of This World plot. Never has it been this clean or this DEVIOUS!"
- David Penn

"Greg's Cosmos 3 absolutely FRIED ME!! It's a real worker."
- Nicholas Lawrence

"I've never been a fan of Out Of This World until NOW! Fair, Direct and CLEAN."
- Patrick Kun

"The layers of deception in Cosmos 3 solve all the OOTW problems. He fooled me with it!"
- Justin Flom

"Cosmos 3 is truly beyond this world. Easy to do, self-working and packs a PUNCH."
- Marc Lavelle

"Cosmos 3 is out of this Universe! This will become an instant CLASSIC."
- Titanas

With this NEW multi-purpose deck, you'll perform astonishing:

Color Separations
Oil and Water
Memorized Deck Demonstrations (without memorization)
Impossible Predictions
and MORE...


What You Get:

- A quality, never-before-seen, deck created by The US Playing Card Co.
- Video instructions that will teach you 7 amazing effects.
- Access to the private Cosmos 3 Facebook group.
  • Easy to do
  • Instant reset
  • Perform surrounded
  • No rough and smooth
  • No sticky stuff
  • No difficult sleights

Your pocket space is valuable... Cosmos 3 is the most versatile deck with SO MANY performance options...

From instant visual magic to dramatic long performances, you'll do it ALL with ONE DECK!!

Empower yourself with the GREATEST tool that you'll add to your arsenal of card magic. Cosmos 3.



I was in a job interview today when the manager handed me his laptop and said, "I want you to try and sell this to me."

So I put it under my arm, walked out of the building and went home.

Eventually he called my cell phone and said, "Bring it back here right now!"

I said, "$100 and it's yours."

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

A metal bending dream package! - 50% OFF!

Holy metal bending, Batman!   Do we have a sweet deal for you?  You bet we do!

If you've ever wanted to perform metal bending magic, then we have TWO best selling products for you that you'll want to pick up at a super low price:
Psychokinetic Silverware with Gerry and Banachek - DVD

Psychokinetic Silverware by Gerry And Banachek - DVD

This is a MUST HAVE DVD on all things metal bending.   Yesterday, it cost $30.00 retail, but right now, you can pick this up at MJM Magic for only $14.98:

BioBender (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Eric Jones

BioBender (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Eric Jones

Imagine being able to bend a coin, warp a key, or misshape any small metallic object.   You can do that with the BioBender.   Normally this is $40.00, but you can get it today for only $19.98:

Don't miss these incredible deals, and add some of these mind bending effects into your act!



A man went to the card shop and asked, "Do you have any valentine cards saying 'you're my first and only love'?"

The shopkeeper said yes, And the man replied, "Great! give me five!"

Saturday, February 10, 2018

"Quite possibly the BEST Card At Any Number effect you've seen!"

"This may very well be the one Card At Any Number effect that you will use more than any other!"

SCAANDAL by Adrian Vega (Online Instructions and Gimmick)

What's amazing about this effect is that the spectator does all the hard work for you!

The spectator handles the deck.   The spectator names any number (NO FORCE).   The spectator deals down to their own card.   They turn it over themselves.   You never touch the deck.

And it matches your prediction!

AND THE KICKER: at the end of the trick, you show that ALL THE CARDS ARE BLANK except for the one they chose!

Most C.A.A.N. effects have one of those selling points, but not all of them.   For example, some allow any number to be named, but the magician has to deal the cards.    Or some allow the spectator to handle the deck, but you have to force a number, etc.

With SCAANDAL, the deck does everything for you!   Check out the demo:

With the spectator picking their number, dealing down to it, and flipping over the card, how can you pass this one up?   Oh, and the price is super affordable too (under $30.00).

SUPPLIES ARE LIMITED!   Once this batch sells out here in the next day or so, it won't be available again for about a month or longer.


If you're ever in a cold room, just stand in a corner.........They're usually 90 degrees.