Friday, September 28, 2012

Top Bestselling Items for the Week - 9/28/12

Well, today is Friday, and that means a busy week is coming to a close!  We just wanted to take this time to send you a quick update, highlighting some of our TOP SELLING ITEMS for the week.

I think this will be helpful to our customers, because it will give you some inside information as to what items are moving in the industry, and perhaps allow you to give a second look at anything which you may have been thinking about buying.   I will break this down into two parts.  First we will look at the top five NEWLY ADDED items, which will let you see some hot sellers that are still new to our store. 

Second we will look at the TOP 10 SELLERS for the WEEK, regardless of when they were released.  These may be new items or old items, it doesn't matter.  It's simply what sold the most of during the last 7 day period.  

Top selling NEW ITEMS ONLY that we added to our website recently:

The following items have only been in our store for a short amount of time, and these are the top sellers.

5. Pass Pass Silk -
(You have to see it to believe it!  Pass a silk through solid objects!)

4. Horse of a Different Color -
(It's a great triumph routine combined with a color changing deck!  Comes with online video instruction!)

3. Sub Zero by Wayne Dobson -
(A killer climax on this amazing card effect.  Watch the demo video on our website!)

2. Burning Connection by Andy Amyx -
(Probably one of the best made Business Card to Fire wallets we've ever seen.)

1. Asura Deck Limited -
(It's limited, it's artistic, and they're selling fast!  Pick one up for your collection.)

Now that we have looked at our top selling new items which we recently added, let's look at our products as a whole, and isolate the top selling items for the week (regardless of release date).

TOP 10 BESTSELLING ITEMS THIS WEEK (Regardless of release date):

Here is what is selling the most in our store this week.  A few good ones in there, as well as necessary accessories that no magician should be without!

10. Vernet Writers (Nail writers, Swami) - Thumb Tip -
(A must have for any mentalist!)

9. Pass Pass Silk by JL Magic -
(The first item to make both our top NEW ITEM sellers, and our top ALL ITEM sellers for the week!)

8. Flash Bill Ten Pack ($20.00) -
(This looks so much like real money, it's a shame to light it on fire!)

7. Woodyland (4 DVD Set) by Woody Aragon -
(The only DVD to make the list, this set is well worth every penny!)

6. Spider Spooler (2 piece pack) -
(A must have for your Spider Pen Pro!)

5. D'Lite Green Pairs by Rocco -
(Ahhh yes, the famous D'lites!  You would be surprised at how many laymen still have no idea how this is done!)

4. Flash Pad by Fantastic Flash -
(Always a best seller!)

3. Flash Cotton by Fantastic Flash -
(And so is this!)

2. Invisible Deck - Red - Bicycle -
(Don't underestimate the power of an invisible deck!)

1. Black Ghost 2nd Edition from Ellusionist -
(We saw a recent surge in sales for this deck.  Almost sold out for good on these bad boys.)

Hey, do us a favor.  If you liked us providing information like this, respond to this email and let us know.  If this is something you find useful, we will try to send something like this every week for you guys.  Heck, if you like this idea but want to see us change anything about it, we want to know that too!  Bottom line: we listen to our customers, so if this is something you like, tell us about it!

Your friend in magic,

- Jeff Mash
MJM Magic, Inc.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

David Blaine's Latest Stunt: Electrocution

It's no surprise that I'm a big fan of David Blaine.  Not only is he an icon in the industry, but he is constantly pushing the boundries for what the human body can endure.

Like many of you, I became a fan from his early TV specials where he popularized street magic and drew us all into a very magical mindset.  But he has really grown and evolved a lot from those early days.  He has now shown us that all of us human beings have magic inside of us, and he usually proves it by showing great feats of endurance.

His latest special which is set to take place next week will involve doubt a very DANGEROUS stunt, and one that is sure to leave us all hinging on our seats.

You can read more about this here:

Your friend in magic,
- Jeff Mash
MJM Magic, Inc.

Monday, September 17, 2012

New Asura Deck Promo, and TMZ Magic!


This just in - the LIMITED new deck by the USPCC! It's called the ASURA deck, and let me tell you, these things look amazing.

The amount of detail on the design is mind-boggling, and I've literally been staring at them ever since they hit our doorstep this weekend!

Go to this link to see more detailed pictures of the deck, including the custom Ace of Spades and Joker cards!

Asura Deck

SPECIAL: THIS WEEK ONLY AT MJM MAGIC - Purchase one or more Asura Decks, and if you add one of our best selling Crimson Resurrection decks to the same order, we will automatically give you a whopping 60% OFF the Crimson Resurrection deck! WHAT!!!!! That's right, you will save over $5.00 off each Crimson Resurrection Deck for every Asura Deck that you purchase!

Crimson Resurrection Deck:

Again, not only is this a limited time offer, but the actual Asura decks are EXTREMELY LIMITED in quantity. In fact, I can't guarantee that they won't sell out before the week is over. Only 2500 were made, and we only got 70 left!

So let me repeat that one more time!

The next 70 people to order BOTH an Asura deck AND a Crimson Resurrection Deck in the same order will automatically get a whopping 60% OFF the Resurrection Deck when they proceed to the checkout page. This is only good for this week only, OR until all Asura Decks are gone. Just add both to your cart and we will take care of the rest!

What's even better is that there is no limit to this promotion. If you want to purchase four Asura decks, you can get four Crimson Resurrection decks at 60% off! So take advantage of this offer, because once it's over, it won't be happening again!



Here's a funny story I will leave you with before I go. The other day, I saw a cool clip on the TMZ website. I've always loved the guys at TMZ, and I'm constantly checking out their site for news in the entertainment industry. Anyway, they had a magic clip on there which I found very entertaining, so I posted it on our MJM Magic blog.

Click below to read the blog post and watch the video!

Anyway, the next day, the actual magician from TMZ (the guy who did the mind boggling card trick to Harvey Levin) contacted me! Awesome dude......his name is Chris Lesinski, and he's a Magic Castle member. In case you guys wanted to know the effect he blew everyone away with, he performed Angle Zero by Daniel Madison, and it's taught on our Dangerous DVD SET:

Thanks Chris and TMZ for supporting MJM Magic, and for keeping magic in the media!

We hope you have a great week everybody!

Your friend in magic,
- Jeff Mash

Saturday, September 15, 2012

TMZ Card Trick with Jason Alexander and Wayne Knight!

You know, one of the things I find myself doing all throughout the day is keeping up with current events.  In addition to reading the news (which can get real depressing), I distract my mind with pop culture and visiting TMZ all throughout the day.

So I was pleasantly surprised to see some MAGIC being featured on there!  Check out this fun clip and enjoy.  Thanks to our friends at TMZ for providing this.  By the way, the magician you see in the TMZ newsroom performing this is our buddy Chris Lesinski, who is a Magic Castle member.  He was performing an effect called Angle Zero by Daniel Madison, which you can learn on this dvd set:

Great job, Chris!  I almost thought Harvey was going to start gyrating violently like Gangham-style when he saw the climax!

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