Saturday, September 15, 2012

TMZ Card Trick with Jason Alexander and Wayne Knight!

You know, one of the things I find myself doing all throughout the day is keeping up with current events.  In addition to reading the news (which can get real depressing), I distract my mind with pop culture and visiting TMZ all throughout the day.

So I was pleasantly surprised to see some MAGIC being featured on there!  Check out this fun clip and enjoy.  Thanks to our friends at TMZ for providing this.  By the way, the magician you see in the TMZ newsroom performing this is our buddy Chris Lesinski, who is a Magic Castle member.  He was performing an effect called Angle Zero by Daniel Madison, which you can learn on this dvd set:

Great job, Chris!  I almost thought Harvey was going to start gyrating violently like Gangham-style when he saw the climax!

Check out MJM Magic's website here: MJM MAGIC INC

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