Friday, February 28, 2014

A TON of new INSANE Discount Items!

Happy Friday, everyone!  Hope the weather is great where you are.   Here in California, we've been getting rain and some thunderstorms, which is AWESOME!  I mean, freaks out  my dog and my youngest daughter, but there is something really cool about seeing bright flashes of light, followed by loud thunderous sounds!

Anyway, I have slacked the last couple of weeks and didn't bring you anymore INSANE Discount Item this newsletter is PACKED with a ton of new items to choose from.

Remember, all of these items will only be this low until we sell out, and then prices will go back to normal!  Mix and match however many you want, and add them to your next order!

Hustle by Peter Wardell - DVD

Price: $45.00  New Price: $14.95
Hustle is a performance piece that looks at magic, fortune telling, card cheating and proposition bets. It ties these together with stories and characters, both real and imagined.

About Face by Jay Sankey - DVD

Price: $20.00  New Price: $6.75
A killer effect combined with an ingenious handling!

Batty Game (Large Size) by Richard Turner

Price: $10.00  New Price: $3.50
Batty is the anywhere, anytime card game of challenge and skill!

Maxi Thimbles - Blue

Price: $13.00  New Price: $3.50
This ingenious effect opens many possibilities and offers the perfect climax to any thimble manipulation routine.

Maxi Thimbles (Green) - Trick

Price: $13.00  New Price: $3.50
This ingenious effect opens many possibilities and offers the perfect climax to any thimble manipulation routine.

Psycho Balls

Price: $40.00  New Price: $13.50
A Truly Mind-Boggling Experiment Of Mind Over Matter!

Silver Wonder by Victor Jamnitzky - Trick

Price: $100.00  New Price: $39.95
After showing his hands empty, the magician produces a large silk from the air. From the silk a gleaming 10" silver bowl is produced. Now the magician reaches into the air and plucks cards from nowhere, dropping them into the empty bowl! Finally, the magician takes the filled bowl into his hands and within the blink of an eye it is transformed into a large card fan!

The Works by Steve Dobson - DVD

Price: $35.00  New Price: $11.95
For over 25 years, Steve Dobson has performed magic that runs like a fine Swiss timepiece. Night after night the Dobson magic machine delivers precise doses of the stuff that works to the people that matter. Now we open the mechanism to give you a look at The Works

Wipe The Slate Clean by Chris Webb - Trick

Price: $30.00  New Price: $9.95
 A blue backed deck of cards are shown and any card is freely chosen and signed. The card is placed into the center of the deck and in an instant all the cards have changed from blue to red backed cards except one card. Of course, this is the spectators signed card, but then for the kicker. the card's back visually changes half to red then full to red, and the card can be given out.

Return of the Big Flap by Titanas and Chris Webb - DVD

Price: $35.00  New Price: $11.95
Imagine you show any bill or banknote of any value and a playing card which is chosen and marked. In full view with no switches instantly the card changes into the bill and the bill into the card. Give the signed card out as a souvenir!

Movie Magic (with DVD) by Twister Magic - Trick

Price: $50.00  New Price: $16.95
It is very easy to do and a strong visual impact, one can say that it is almost automatic.

Jumbo Card Deck for Silk Production by Uday - Trick

Price: $14.00  New Price: $5.00
A colorful production of silks from jumbo cards fan.

Spotted Silk 36" by Uday - Trick

Price: $35.00  New Price: $11.95
A white silk square has black polka dots all over it on both sides.

Dove Pan - Single Load by Uday - Trick

Price: $104.00  New Price: $33.95
The Dove Pan is a classic Magic Prop and hundreds of routine and presentation ideas with this have appeared in magic books and magazines.
Remember, that is just a SMALL PORTION of the slashed discounts that we have on our site.   To see the entire list, click this link:

Thursday, February 20, 2014

"A self working mirable that's easy to perform!"

Okay, I admit it.  I'm a SUCKER for card tricks.  I always have been.  There is just something magical about taking a deck of cards (something I used to play "Solitaire" and "Go Fish" with as a means of entertainment), and then perform magic with it.

So when I just saw this new release by Big Blind Media, I wanted to send a fast blast email to let you all know that it's now available!

The Last Prediction (DVD and Gimmick) by Kneill X and Big Blind Media

Price: $25.00

A self working, insanely clean and utterly impossible Open Prediction!

The magician writes a prediction and places it in full view of the audience. A spectator takes a freely shuffled pack (yes, freely) and deals cards face up onto the table until they choose to deal one card face down. This selection is secured under a rubber band on the card case and remains in full view, protected from any chicanery by the band.

The spectator now continues dealing through the remainder of the pack face up. Everyone watches the deal, looking for the predicted card in the face up cards dealt. It does not appear.

The card under the band is cleanly and openly removed and flipped face up.

It matches the prediction.
  •     A Self Working Miracle
  •     Simple To Do. Incredible impact.
  •     No Forces
  •     Regular Shuffled Deck
  •     No Memory Work
  •     Perform it in the hands
  •     Fast Reset
  •     Comes with specially made Bicycle Gimmick. (Works with Red Bicycle Deck, but Kneill X teaches you how to construct alternative gimmicks for other designs!).


Monday, February 17, 2014

The Streets by John Archer and Vanishing Inc.
Price: $80.00 (for London or Boston Map)


From the man who fooled Penn & Teller in their hit show, we bring you "The Streets." The plot is simple: someone picks a city street map and thinks of ANY street they see on the page. You read his mind and tell him many details about the page he is looking at and even EXACTLY what street he is thinking of.

The quantum leap forward with "The Streets" is that, finally, John Archer has solved the biggest issue with any book test: why use a book? People don't need books to think of words, so why use them at all? But here you change the game: you ask someone to think of a STREET, and provide a book of maps to help. Now, there's a very logical REASON to carry a book of maps.

"The Streets" comes with two custom-printed map books (London and Boston) that do all the work for you. These books are subtle works of art. They look JUST like the real thing, but these maps have all sorts of built-in features that force various streets and features. The package also includes a beautiful storage box for both books, two indexes, a 50-page booklet (including two full routines by Luke Jermay) and access to a 30-minute video download of John Archer performing and explaining the routine.

This is a full routine that can be performed anywhere in the world. The presentation is perfectly justified even if you don't live in London or Boston.

"The Streets is more than a single trick; it's a practical tool for the working mentalist-which means if you use it wisely, it might actually keep you off the streets!"
- Max Maven

"This is a professionally designed piece of equipment which looks good, works well and offers time-tested methods built-into a deceptively convincing and modern package. The Streets can turn any performer into a human GPS."
- Michael Weber

"A utility tool that will allow even those left cold by traditional book tests to craft exciting demonstrations of super memory, telepathy or body language reading."
- Luke Jermay

In the UK?  Get the London Map right here:

BONUS - If you want both maps, then purchase this combo pack and save $40.00:

Monday, February 03, 2014

New Changes at MJM + More New Items at 65% Off!

Notice any new changes to our website?   We are constantly making improvements to help make MJM Magic even better than before:

1.  Real time inventory stats: While we have a TON of In Stock items which are always available, we also offer many special order items that take a day or so to ship.    A common question we get about these special order items is, "Are they truly available, or am I going to place my order and then find out that they're on backorder?"   Well, now we display how many items are left on most of our inventory, so that you can accurately gauge their popularity!

For example, if you see that a special order item only has three units left, you will know that you should purchase it as soon as possible.   However, if you see that there are 100 left, then you know that you could probably wait a few days to add more items to your order.

2.  Better display of NEW ITEMS:  Let's face it, checking out the New Items area of our website is the most popular choice amongst our visitors.   So we put a lot of effort into making it more INTUITIVE and easier to read.    We enlarged the pictures, and we added the availability directly to the page, so you can see at a glance what the status of the item is (in stock, special order, preorder, download, etc), AND you can see how many units are left:

Check it out for yourself:

Bottom line: We want our customers to have as much information as possible before making their purchase.   So by coming to MJM Magic, you will have a more comprehensive shopping experience (coupled with our usual reputation for customer service).

Now, onto some NEW ITEMS we added to our INSANE DISCOUNT DEAL category!  These items have all been slashed 65% or more off the retail price:

ScreenBurn by Mark Elsdon - Trick

Retail: $100.00   Our Price: $33.95
Four professional mentalism effects which ultimately end with the same effect: at anytime the performer chooses he can invisibly switch on or off any standard, plasma or LCD TV screen.

Key Chain Revelation - Trick

Retail: $15.00   Our Price: $5.00
A card is revealed on the magician's keychain. 

Precognition Video Prediction System by Martin Lewis - DVD

Retail: $35.00   Our Price: $11.95
Precognition: Clairvoyance relating to an event or state not yet experienced. In this case to foretell a video event before it occurs.

Psychokinetic Times (Spanish Edition) by Banachek

Retail: $20.00   Our Price: $6.75
For our spanish speaking customers, this is for the serious magician, mentalist or conjuring enthusiast - but can be mastered by anyone!

Nice Cut (With DVD) by Stefan Schutzer

Retail: $65.00   Our Price: $21.95
Cut your finger in half, and then restore it!

Gambler's Wildest Dream by Reed McClintock

Retail: $25.00   Our Price: $8.50
This routine, even though labeled as an expose revealing gambling's biggest secrets, will take your audience down the garden path only to have them find out they have just walked into a tsunami.

Coin Patriot by Reed McClintock - DVD

Retail: $30.00   Our Price: $9.95
If you have ever wanted to handle more than four coins (say, up to twenty), then this is the DVD for you. Coin Patriot not only shares the work that has earned Reed a reputation as one of magic’s most skilled and innovative coin workers, but also reveals his growing mastery in the art coin magic.
And to see the ENTIRE LIST (almost 50 items) of price slashed goodness, then click this link and check out these other bargains:

I will be following this up with another newsletter soon, to give you some final thoughts about the UPCOMING Michael Ammar Online Lecture for only $1.00 here at MJM Magic!

Your friend in magic,
- Jeff Mash
MJM Magic, Inc.