Thursday, January 30, 2014

Time's Running Out - Michael Ammar Streaming Lecture on Wednesday!

Did you know that you have the chance to watch one of the GREATEST mind's in magic give YOU a LIVE LECTURE for only $1.00?  That's right: ONE BUCK!!!!  The best part is that you can watch from the comfort of your own home!

We first published our new At The Table Lecture series a few weeks ago, and many of our customers jumped on board for this incredible opportunity.  Michael Ammar is a LEGEND in the industry, and he is actually going to give one of his world class lectures THIS COMING WEDNESDAY for only $1.00!
Click the link below to watch the TRAILER and read more about it:
Keep in mind that normally, our lectures are $24.95 each, so being able to purchase this at $1.00 is INSANE!

Also keep in mind that this lecture will go BACK UP to normal price ($24.95) shortly please, don't miss out on this incredible deal!   You will KICK YOURSELF if you do!


1.  Simply purchase your ticket for the lecture by clicking this link.  It's only a $1.00 right now!:

You will then see the lecture under your MJM Magic Downloads Library (which you can access here):

Now, since the lecture doesn't take place until this Wednesday February 5th at 4:00pm PST, you won't be able to watch anything yet.   But tune in at that time, and the live video feed will automatically stream to your computer!

You can then watch Michael Ammar during his lecture, and even send questions you may have to the chat moderator, who will be screening them and passing them along to Michael. 

Our lectures work with your computer, iPad, or other tablet device!

If you aren't able to tune into the lecture while it's happening, then no worries!  By purchasing this item, you will have access to download or watch the lecture afterwards as well.  It will always be archived right here in your MJM Magic account!   If you don't purchase this now but decide you want to later (after all the rave reviews come in), then the price may already be back up.


As I mentioned, these MJM Magic Lectures are normally $24.95, and we have many other magician's coming up next (like Daniel Garcia, Alex Pandrea, Jason England, and Jon Armstrong).   Now, if you do the math, it would cost you almost $100.00 to watch all four of those upcoming lectures. 

However, we are offering a special SEASON PASS so that you can order all four of those RIGHT NOW for only $49.95:

That's roughly a 50% DISCOUNT and it gets you reserved for all of those upcoming lectures!   It's a FANTASTIC deal.....because even if you only planned to watch two of those guys, you might as well order this season pass (it pays for itself)!  It costs the same as two lectures, but you get FOUR of them instead!

As usual, if you have ANY QUESTIONS about how the lectures work, or how our MJM Downloads are accessed, please drop me a line and let me know!

Your friend in magic,
- Jeff Mash
MJM Magic, Inc.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

PUNKTURE by Jay Sankey


You hand out an ordinary safety pin to be examined. You then borrow a dollar bill, slowly stick the pin through the bill, and lock it shut for maximum security. Then you do the IMPOSSIBLE and slowly pulls the pin through the fibers of the borrowed bill! To finish, you can either pull the safety pin off the bill and hand out everything to be examined by forensic scientists OR you can even leave the pin sticking through the borrowed bill, and hand out everything stuck in an impossible state.
  • Easy to perform!
  • Instantly resets!
  • Includes special gimmick hand-crafted by world-renowned magic maker Roy Kueppers!
  • Works with dollar bills, playing cards, envelopes, business cards and more!
  • DVD features several devious handlings!
 Get it here: