Monday, December 31, 2018

"Your spectators won't believe their eyes!"

RETRIEVE (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Smagic Productions

RETRIEVE is an extraordinary and unusual effect! Incredible visual magic!

With a TAP, you can make an object appear right in front of your spectator's eyes - instant and amazingly visual. This effect was created for walk around and professional magicians. Produce a card corner, a coin, a bill, candy, even a butterfly with no angles to worry about. Perform with confidence! You'll enjoy performing this as much as your spectators will love being mystified by it!

This is RETRIEVE - check it out!



Tonight at 11:59pm, lift your left leg...........So you can enter the new year on the right foot!


From us here at MJM Magic, we wish you all a very safe and HAPPY New Year!   We thank you for supporting us in the 2018 year, and we definitely look forward to walking alongside you in 2019!

Friday, December 28, 2018

"Shrink an entire deck and show both sides!"

"This is visual EYE CANDY!"
Micro Red (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Alchemy Insiders

One of the very first tricks we carried in the MJM Magic store was the Shrinking Card.   A great effect, but there was always one problem: you could only show one side of the card.

Now check THIS OUT:

With this gimmick, not only can you show BOTH sides of the card, but you can use it to shrink the entire deck!

You can purchase red or blue, depending on the color deck you usually perform with:


Humans eat more bananas than monkeys.

I can’t remember the last time I ate a monkey.


Thursday, December 27, 2018

The Vault - Solid With Happy Ending by Paul Harris - Download Today!

The Vault - Solid With Happy Ending by Paul Harris video DOWNLOAD

One of the most popular card effects is where a deck of cards turns into a SOLID BLOCK.   It blows people away!

Well, the great Paul Harris has come up with a handling that goes full circle, turning a deck solid, and then back to normal.

If you have an extra deck laying around and want to prepare one of these, you can watch this and learn the routine today:



Sometimes I use big words that I don't really know the meaning of.  It's an effort to appear more photosynthesis.


Friday, December 21, 2018

"Banked is the new innovation of the Coin To Bottle effect."

"Prepare to be amazed!"

Banked by Taiwan Ben - Trick

If you're looking to perform a Coin in Bottle effect, then definitely check this one out:

Demo video:

What makes this one different than other versions and other selling points:
  • It doesn't need any magnets or PK rings to perform.  
  • Bottle and coin can be borrowed.
  • The spectator holds the bottle while the penetration happens.
  • The coin is removed from the bottle and immediately drops into the spectator's hand to examine.
  • Bottle and Cap are handed out for examination.
If you own a double folding coin, then you can do this effect.   (You can pick one up here if you don't:

Depending on the kind of bottle you want to use, this is sold in three different colors:
It comes with an online instructional that covers all the handling, allowing you to borrow a coin, borrow a bottle, perform the effect, and then hand the coin, bottle, and cap back when you're finished.



Brand and I hope you all have a fantastic holiday with your families.   We will be closed from the 24th through the 26th, although we will periodically check our emails to try and answer any questions that people may have.   The MJM Magic website will remain open to take any of your holiday orders, and we will resume normal business hours when we return on the 27th.

Merry Christmas!



My kids want a cat for Christmas.

I was going to cook a turkey, but hey, whatever makes them happy.


Thursday, December 20, 2018

"You have complete control over the change!" - Download

"A card change that happens slowly and right in front of their eyes!" 

The Vault - Refraction by Nacho Mancilla video DOWNLOAD

Your spectator has chosen a card and it is lost back in the deck. Let's say they chose the 6 of Spades. You now show them a different random card, the 4 of Diamonds. You take the random card and place it against any light source. Tell them to look at the refraction (shadows) of the card through its back... They see the shadows of the pips belonging to the 4 of Diamonds clearly through the back of the card... then the shadows start to visually change and morph into their chosen card!

You can use the spectator's phone flashlight to make the miracle work! Or hold the card against the sky.

Watch the video here:

You have complete control over the change... You can perform sitting, standing, one on one, or with multiple spectators. This happens under many lighting conditions, from dark to bright, indoors and outdoors. Almost any light source will work!

Make your own gimmick with any cards. Includes multiple options.

Download it today!



Why are candy canes so expensive?

Because they're in mint condition!

Monday, December 17, 2018

"Winner's Dice - force ANY NUMBER between 1 to 6!"

"Not only can you force ANY NUMBER to roll, but you can CHANGE IT at any time!"

Winners Dice (Gimmicks and Online Instruction) by Secret Factory

This is something are customers have been asking us about for a LONG time!

Winner's Dice is a normal-looking die that can force ANY NUMBER between 1 to 6.
Demo video:

It uses a very special technology which makes our die fully examinable. The spectator can check the die and he can try throwing it to make sure the results are random. But actually, you are in control of the outcome!

THESE ALREADY SOLD OUT WITH THE SUPPLIER AND WE ONLY HAVE 12 UNITS TO RESERVE!  So the first 12 people will get this, and the rest will have to wait until more are available.

The forcing result can be changed during the performance, so you can do something like having two different predictions written on two white cards facing down -- one for you and one for your spectator. You throw the die, show the result and turn over the first card -- the prediction matches the number. Then the spectator throws the same die -- the result is different from the first time. Then he turns over the second card -- this card's prediction matches the second result!


You can use this to make a prediction (even an open prediction) or mindreading routine, or you can also just use it as a force in your own routine. The power of this gimmick is limited only by your imagination!!!

  • There is No switch. No other dice. Just one die can force 6 numbers
  • You can control and change the results in real time
  • No electric device
  • Spectator can throw the die themselves to complete the force
  • Fully examinable
  • Use any borrowed Cup or Glass or Bowl
  • Very Practical



A young woman reportedly froze to death.

Her boyfriend had repeatedly warned her it was cold outside.

(I'm sure this joke is not going to translate well outside of America right now, but still!)


Friday, December 14, 2018

"THESE Sold out at FISM 2018" - Infinity Watch 2.0!

"This is over $200 CHEAPER than similar items on market."

Infinity Watch 2.0

I can't tell you how long people have been WAITING for something like this to come along.   It's the old Time Machine effect on STEROIDS and with an amazing new look!

Check it out.
  • It took our team two years to research and develop.
  • It is one of the most famous mentalist effects!
  • It sold out at FISM's first day.
  • It is an incredible ice-breaker - it can be used in walk-around situations, trade-show work, and more.
You show a watch.  Yes, a REAL WATCH that tells time and works like a normal watch!  You hand it to the spectator to examine because it's a REAL WORKING WATCH!

You say you are setting the watch to a predicted time. After setting it, you let the spectator hold it by the end of the watch's strap, with its face turned away from them. You never touch the watch again.

You now ask the spectator to first call out ANY hour. Then you ask the person to call out ANY minute which together result in a time of day.

After doing so, the spectator slowly turns the watch around by himself. The face of the watch is set to their time!
  1. No force. Can be predicted anytime and anywhere.
  2. Easy to do. No sleight of hand.
  3. Remote control. No magnets.
  4. Absolutely examinable before and after the performance.
  5. Fully functional watch that really keeps accurate time even though you have turned the gimmick off.
  6. Real stem that can be pulled out to set the watch.
  7. The measurement of the watch is 40mm and the thickness is 9.6mm.
  8. High quality quartz watch with genuine leather strap and stainless-steel watchcase.
  9. Watch is waterproof for up to 30 meters.
Comes in a variety of styles to choose from:


To the man who invented autocorrect: I ducking hope you burn in hello.


Thursday, December 13, 2018

"Ultimate Bill Penetration, Blows All Others Out of the Water!!!" - Download Today

"This is incredible!!!! I'M FOOLED!"

The Vault - A.E.2.0 by Peter Eggink video DOWNLOAD

One of the greatest pieces of walk-around magic is the Pencil (or pen) Through Bill effect.   Most of you know how this works.   You take a pencil, take a bill, and stab it through the center.   Then you pull it out and the bill restores itself (no holes).

Many versions exist on the market, and most involve some sort of gimmick pencil (or pen).   Not this one!

Peter Eggink has developed a way to perform this illusion with a borrowed bill AND borrowed pencil.   Of course, most of the time, you will just use your own bill and pencil, but the option is there for you if you want to use it.

Demo video:

Now, there IS a gimmick involved which will only take you a few minutes to make, and then you're ready to perform over and over again.

Peter also explains how to handle it so that everything can be examined at end.

Download it today right here:



How do you find Will Smith in the snow?

You look for fresh prints!


Wednesday, December 12, 2018

"5 Great Selling Products now BACK in stock!"

It's HUMP DAY (Wednesday) and we wanted to take this quick moment to share some of our bestselling products which were previously out of stock, but now are back in limited quantities!
If you don't already own these, we invite you to click the links and check them out:
Bare by The Other Brothers
A special, hand-altered Sharpie marker allows you to cause ANY card, initials, number, or simple shape to appear ON A SPECTATOR'S HAND. As performed on the Tonight Show.


Sucker Punch by Mark Southworth
"Sucker Punch is a real world answer for those who want to perform gaffed coin magic for a fraction of the cost of traditional coin sets."- Eric Jones
Static Marker by Wonder Makers
7 incredible effects with a Sharpie. Including Shock, Magnetic, Stopping Time, Telekinesis and Mental Prediction Effects! 
Mesika Elastics by Yigal Mesika
"Your single-thread container will make the impossible that much easier!" -Michael Weber

Open Warp by Zoyu and Hondo

WITHOUT folding ANY cards you can make one card turn completely over, and visually back again in a blink!



Why do Norwegians put barcodes on their ships?

So when they dock, they can scandinavian.


Friday, December 07, 2018

"The Most Technologically Advanced Effect for Close Up Magic!"

"I was completely fooled by 'this' and when I saw how it worked, I realized only João could have invented such a clever solution." 
- Joshua Jay

TIMELESS (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Joao Miranda

Guys, this effect is AMAZING. 

A beautifully packaged box is placed on a table before the performance begins. The magician then borrows any small object from the audience, has it signed then makes it vanish!

The magician then walks over to the table and picks up the mysterious package.The package is opened, and from it the spectator removes a red gift box tied with a golden bow. The spectator then unties the bow, removes the lid and finds inside a beautiful wrist watch. The watch is cleanly placed on the spectators palm.

Without ANY suspicious moves the magician cleanly unscrews the back of the watch. The back is then lifted off of the watch and the borrowed object is found inside!
Watch Multiple Demo Videos:

TIMELESS combines everyday objects and modern technology, making the trick 100% automatic and self-contained.

Take a look at these features:
  • The cleverly gimmicked boxes and hidden electronic system do all the work for you.
  • You will be blown away once you see the ingenius method behind the trick!
  • The trick works 100% automatically, and the boxes and watch can be handled freely by the spectators.
  • The trick can be performed in close-up situations, parlor, or on stage.
  • Due to the clever way the gimmicks are built the trick is very easy to perform.
TIMELESS comes in 2 different designs:

We know it's not cheap, but this is something every serious magician can (and WILL) use in all your performances!



I made a belt out of watches.

I regret it so much. It was such a waist of time.

(See what I did there?   I made a joke about watches because of the awesome new TIMELESS effect.  You know, because both deal with time?   Eh, nevermind......)

Thursday, December 06, 2018

"Go Ahead, TRY to Figure THIS One Out!" - Download Today

"I've watched this four times, and I still can't wrap my brain around it!"

The Mysterious Puzzle of the Missing Dollar Bill by Nicholas Einhorn

You're going to LOVE performing this mind bender!

There is a natural mathematical law that states "Two plus two equals four."   Numbers don't lie.   And yet, watch this video and see if you can explain it:

Demo Video:

This is the MYSTERIOUS Puzzle of the Missing Dollar Bill!   What's GREAT about it is that you can perform it over and over again, as you see in the demo video.

"Every time you repeat it, and that dollar bill is vanishing, the mystery gets deeper and deeper." - Bro Gilbert

It's a smashingly fun puzzle that you will show at dinner parties and gatherings, where they will scratch their heads in disbelief. Open and honest deception has never been so much fun.
  • Works in all currencies
  • Easy to learn and perform
  • Instantly repeatable
  • Carry it and perform it anywhere
Download it today:



My wife just called me and said, "Three of the girls in my office just got some flowers for the holidays. They're absolutely gorgeous!"

I replied, "That's probably why they got flowers then..."


Friday, November 30, 2018

"The Most VISUAL Way to Start a Magic Trick!" - WOW

"Turn a pencil into a Sharpe, INSTANTLY!"

Maxwell's Signature Opener (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by The Other Brothers

Watch this demo video and keep in mind: this can be done with no clothing restrictions, and can be immediately used for your next card or coin trick!


Hook your spectators from the very start with the most visual and surprising way to start a magic trick! Turn a pencil into a Sharpie, instantly!

From the creators of Bare, Hands Down and SNAPPED, Maxwell's Signature Opener adds a new and surprising way to begin a magic trick. From those just beginning their journey into magic to the most experienced magicians, Maxwell's Signature Opener is a great addition to routines for magicians of all ages and experience levels. With one quick motion, you will be able to turn a pencil into a Sharpie and immediately hand it out for use in any signed card/bill trick.

  • Multiple methods taught, from simple switches to complex changes
  • Handmade gimmick with ink refill included
  • Ready to perform out of the box
  • No pulls, no magnets, no strings, no clothing restrictions
  • Add it to the routines you already perform!



Today I met Bruce Lee's vegetarian brother.

Broco Lee.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

"Predict their dream vacation!" - Download Now!

"Predict their dream vacation!"

The Vault - Mind Journey by Luca Volpe video DOWNLOAD

This is a triple prediction with an emotional twist. Your spectator really does go on a journey in their mind and you have correctly predicted all the elements of it!

Demo video:

Luca Volpe explains his original take on a classic method in mentalism. A mixture of four different concepts that are blended together to create an impossible and stunning mind reading routine.

Once you discover the methods involved in this routine a new world of possibilities will open up! The props required are very easy to find and the routine can be performed in any kind of situation.

In this download you will find the full live performance and a detailed explanation in which Luca Volpe covers all technical and psychological aspects of the routine.

Download the video and begin your journey today!



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What did the cannibal get when he was late for dinner?

The cold shoulder.


Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Watch This! "This is the Rarest Effect in Magic - SUSPENSION!!"

"You will not believe your eyes when you see this one!!"

Balance (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Joshua Jay

I thought long and hard about what to say about this product, but I'm honestly SPEECHLESS.   IT'S THAT GOOD!

Check out this demo video because it speaks for itself:

One by one, you take objects and balance them ON TOP of each other.  Each one is more impossible than the next!   Just when you think you cannot possibly add something else, YOU DO!

Perform it Immediately: Joshua's creations take years to develop and, in some cases, years of practice to perform. Happily, Balance can be performed within MINUTES of opening the box for the first time. The only skill you'll need is FAKING the difficulty of doing it.

Now, it's not cheap......but an effect like this is meant to be in the hands of serious professionals who want to make a lasting impression on people.

Keep the following in mind:
  • Supply is EXTREMELY LIMITED!  We only have a small batch arriving on first launch.
  • Price is SPECIALLY DISCOUNTED $50.00 off right now!   After December 31st, the price will go up again.
  • FREE USA SHIPPING to anyone who purchases this product!



Our Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale is still in full force!   If you want to save over 50% Off on thousands of brand new tricks, DVD's. and books, then click this link to read all about it:

Sale Details:

Here are some top sellers on the 50% off sale:
Full list of 50% Off Products here:



What gun doesn't kill animals?

A Vegun.


Saturday, November 24, 2018

"The BEST card control that I have EVER seen!" - Download Today!!

"This is not, I repeat, NOT trick photography!!"

The Vault - Selenium Shift by Chris Severson and Shin Lim Presents

This is probably the best card control you will ever learn.   Big statement?  Watch it for yourself:


Check out what other top pro's are saying:
"The best control that I've seen."
- Charlie Frye

"The BEST card control that I have EVER seen!"
- Justin Miller

"Upon learning the technique, I was amazed that this could have ever worked. It has become a favorite move, one that I know that I can always fool myself with in a mirror that I can't stop smiling at."
- Daniel Madison

"This is by far the sexiest shift I have ever (not) seen! I love this move!"
- Adam Wilver

"*Casshan died... seriously. He dead."
- R.I.P. Casshan Wallace

"This is as fun to do as it is to watch!"
- Chris Ramsey

"Is that what's going on?! I can't see you do a thing."
- Chris Mayhew

Check out the Selenium Shift here:

This is a DOWNLOAD file, so you can get instant access to it over the holiday weekend!

If you don't want the download version, we also sell it on DVD which you can purchase here:


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As I get older and remember all the people I've lost along the way, I think to myself...

Perhaps I shouldn't have pursued a career as a tour guide...

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

MJM 50% OFF Black Friday starts NOW! + Additional Discounts!!

"This is the largest Black Friday event we have ever launched!"

MJM Magic 50% Black Friday Sale

This is it!  Today is the day where we launch our HUGE Black Friday Sale!   We will make this really simple for you:
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Not to mention, Brandi will be busy giving surprise "Free Priority Upgrades" to random customers all throughout this promotion!  :)

This Black Friday Promotion is good for ALL ORDERS placed between November 20th through Monday December 3rd!   After that time, the promotion will abruptly end, and the 50% Items Sale, extra Discount Code, and lower free shipping rules will expire!



In order to spend quality time with our families during the Thanksgiving holiday, MJM Magic offices will be closed Thursday through Sunday.   While myself or Brandi may log in periodically throughout the weekend to try and answer emails, we won't be physically shipping anything out until Monday when we return from the holiday.

Of course, our website is completely OPEN and ONLINE for you to purchase these Black Friday deals, but our response to customer service emails may not be as lightening fast until we return.   Thanks for understanding and we hope you have a great Thanksgiving holiday!



A man goes to a job interview.

"Well, everything looks great," the employer said. "But I see here there was an 8 year gap since your last job. What happened there?"

"Oh, I went to Yale," the man told him.

"That's greatt!" The employer responded enthusiastically. "You're hired! You start on Monday."

"Yay!" the man exclaimed. "I got a yob!"


Monday, November 19, 2018

"This is the best Card Warp I've ever seen!" - Nicholas Lawrence

"This is the best Card Warp I've ever seen, you don't even need to fold the cards... it's direct, visual magic." - Nicholas Lawrence

"Card Warp has been of my favorite plots in card magic and in modern time. This is what it should look like. Visual and clean."- Patrick Kun

Open Warp (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Zoyu and Hondo

We have always LOVED the Card Warp effect.   If you're not familiar with it, that's where you take two cards and one warps into something different as you pass it through another card.

Common problems with other versions is that it requires you to fold cards, but not with OPEN WARP.

Check out the demo video:

This is something that looks great in both LIVE performances and VIDEO (online) performances!  If you're looking to add a Card Warp routine to your magic set, then check out Open Warp for an affordable price!




Bro, do you want this pamphlet?



Thursday, November 15, 2018

"Belly Button Magic?! Yep, and it's AWESOME!!" - Download Today

"It creates this amazing reaction. It's strange, it's unique, it's fun."
- Bro Gilbert

The Vault - Belly Button by Paul Harris video DOWNLOAD

You asked, and we delivered!   This is a penetration effect that happens in the SPECTATOR'S hands - and THEIR tucked-in shirt!  Plus, it's EASY to do and you can download it today!

Watch the demo video and see if you can figure it out:

A great effect that's UNIQUE, and something they will never figure out!

Download it now at MJM Magic:



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I'm not saying my wife's a bad cook........but she uses a smoke alarm as a timer.


Friday, November 09, 2018

"The Very Best Diary Trick Ever!" - 50% OFF TODAY ONLY


The Gordon Diary Trick by Paul Gordon

WAS: $45.95  NOW: $22.98!   TODAY ONLY!!!!!

The Gordon Diary Trick is, in our opinion, the best diary effect ever. The great news is you can perform it with absolutely no memory work at all!

The Gordon Diary Trick has long been a favorite with the pros. It has gained recognition from some of magic's great performers.


Read what other top pros are saying about this;

"I regularly use The Gordon Diary in my close-up work. It provides one of the strongest reactions to anything I perform. It hits people on an entirely different level from other tricks they see. Highly recommended."

"The Gordon Diary Trick is a superb addition to the diary genre!"

"The very best diary trick ever!"
- PHIL WILLMARTH (The Linking Ring)

"I use Paul Gordon's Diary Trick on a regular basis. It's wonderful."

"Paul Gordon's Diary Trick is excellent. Wonderful magic and wonderful mentalism."

"If ever there was a mentalism startler, Paul Gordon's Diary Trick is it. Bravo!"


If you don't want to use your own diary, you can purchase the LITE version here (which comes with everything minus the diary):

WAS: $24.95  NOW: $12.48!  TODAY ONLY!!!


These prices will go back up tomorrow so place a quick order for this and take advantage of the FLASH SALE!

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A slice of apple pie costs $2.50 in Jamaica and $3.00 in the Bahamas.

These are the pie rates of the Caribbean.


Thursday, November 08, 2018

"The best Matrix I have ever seen!" - Richard Sanders

"The best Matrix I have ever seen! I thought my eyes were malfunctioning." - Richard Sanders

"If you had powers, this is what your Matrix would look like!" - Felix Boden

The Vault - CHINK-A-CHINK Elements by Patricio Terán video DOWNLOAD

This is pure magic to witness.   Don't believe me?   Watch the demo video:

What's great about the matrix-type effects is that they are universal.   You don't need to speak.   You don't need any patter.   You just perform the effect and it's UNIVERSALLY DEVASTATING no matter where you are at!

In this download, you will learn how to perform this HYPER VISUAL effect today!




When I went to Japan on vacation, I didn't see a single ninja.


Wednesday, November 07, 2018

HUGE Discount - "A Diabolical, Secret Gimmick to Perform Impossible Vanishes, etc"

"We have never discounted this product so low!!!"

Camouflage (DVD & Gimmicks) by Jay Sankey - TrickCamouflage features a diabolical, secret gimmick that allows you to perform impossible penetrations, revelations, fusions, and even a levitation.

The secret gimmick also works with ANY brand of playing cards in the world.

Watch the demo video:


Some of the tricks taught are:

APERTURE - A pencil is slowly pushed through the pack. A moment later, the deck is completely undamaged and can be handed out to be examined. NO DECK SWITCH IS INVOLVED.

51GONE - The pack of cards visually disappears from inside the card case, leaving only the selected card. And yes, the card case can be examined! A perfect closing effect.

COLLAPSIBLE - Two halves of a deck of cards visually FUSE together into one solid pack. The pack can be immediately handed out for examination. A perfect opening effect.

Comes complete with the very special gimmick + a full-length instructional DVD!


Discounted Price only good for the next 12 units sold!!!



I just started my new job at the recycling plant and I hate it.

Crushing cans is soda pressing.


Tuesday, November 06, 2018

"Perform Incredible Suspensions from your Hand!" - FREE USA SHIPPING


Suspenz (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Eric Bedard and Vortex Magic

Eric Bedard created his original suspenZ 25 years ago. During that time, he shared it with a very small handful of professional magicians who have been performing it in their act.

Recently VORTEX magic approached Eric and together created an updated machined gimmick that allows you to perform incredible suspensions from your hand.

Use ANYTIME in your act - Check it out!!

A variety of ways to use this gimmick...


suspenZ allows for THREE amazing moments.

1) You spread the cards between your hands further than your normally could.
2) You take one hand away and the cards remain suspended.
3) You can reach over and take out a chosen card, and then hand the deck out.




- Learn how to use the gimmick
- Variations on suspensions
- How to care for your gimmick

LEARN TWO EFFECTS - Chosen card from suspension and BLANK DECK suspension



What do you call Iron Man without a suit?

Stark naked.

Monday, November 05, 2018

Over 40% Off - "MUTATE a Playing Card in REAL TIME!!"

"This looks like a special effect but it's 100% real!!"

Mutation by Peter Eggink - Trick

Peter Eggink has done it again, and this time, you can MORPH and MUTATE a playing card which can be fully examined!

Watch the demo video:

Spectator's LOVE visual magic.   It's different, and something they will never forget.

LIMITED OFFER: The next 12 people to purchase this will get it at almost half off the retail price!  

Once we sell the next 12, the price goes back up.   Sorry, no exceptions!

And even if you miss out, this is still a great effect to check out at an affordable price:



A weasel walks into a bar. The bartender looks over and says, 'Wow, I've never served a weasel before. What can I get you?'

'Pop', goes the weasel.


Friday, November 02, 2018

"A Self-Working Think of ANY CARD Trick!!" - Check this out!!

"Like an Invisible Deck that works with any regular, shuffled Bicycle deck, instant reset, and no complicated sleights!"

John Bannon's PAINT IT BLANK (Gimmicks and DVD)

We absolutely LOVE John Bannon.   His creations are so straight-forward and effortless.  If you're looking for an EASY trick, which requires NO FORCES, NO SPECIAL DECKS, NO RESET TIME, and NO MEMORIZATION, this check this one out:


It's like being able to perform The Invisible Deck, except you use your own deck and there's nothing to memorize (no patterns or stacks)!    It comes with everything you need (including the always educational instruction from John Bannon himself)!

If you perform any sort of card magic, you should definitely add this to your routine today, because it's a double climax effect that immediately resets and can be performed over and over again with DIFFERENT CARDS!


P.S. As a magician, you may watch this demo and think, "I know how he does that."   But think like a non-magician.   The people you perform this for will NEVER know how it's done, and they will remember that the card they thought of materialized out of nowhere!



These two items are severely discounted and almost gone:
  1. INFLUX -
  • Only 14 Left - Current Price is $17.97.   Going back up to $30.00!
  1. $WAP -
  • Only 8 Left - Current Price is $15.00.  Going back up to $25.00!
Once we sell those quantities, those two bestselling items will go back up so don't miss out!



Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend.

Inside of a dog, it would be too hard to read.


Tuesday, October 30, 2018

"Never have BUYER'S REMORSE again with this HOT new trick!"

"OMG - This is perfect in so many situations!!"

Buyer's Remorse (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Twister Magic - Trick

Let's face it, we have all had Buyer's Remorse.   We go to a department store, buy something, and later regret spending that money.

Don't you wish you could magically get it back?

Check out Buyer's Remorse:

You take a receipt from something you regret purchasing, and you change it back into money!

This is a concept so many people can relate to, and what better way than to illustrate your magical ability than to show others how magicians deal with Buyer's Remorse!

The price is SUPER AFFORDABLE, and we're ready to start shipping these out while supplies last;



We added a TON of new products to our Buy One Get One FREE category!  Take a look at this HUGE LIST of products:

Pick any two items from that list, and you'll get the cheaper item for free!  Discounts will show up on the checkout page, only while supplies last!

For example, if you buy this (, then you can get this $35.00 item for free because it's cheaper (!   Just add both to your shopping cart and the discount will apply during the checkout.

Works with any two products from that huge list!!   Add FOUR and get the lower TWO for free, etc.  No limits!



I named my dog "5 Miles"...

So I can tell people I walk 5 miles every day.


Monday, October 29, 2018

"This REALLY looks like a CAMERA TRICK!"

"So many people on the internet think it's's NOT!!"

SNAPPED (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Justin Flom and The Other Brothers - Trick

When we were first shown SNAPPED by the Other Brothers, we were INSTANTLY intrigued at how it was possible.

You take an object, for example a candy bar, and make it completely disappear!

Knowing how other gimmicks work, we immediately thought, "Ah ha!  Must have pulled into the performer's open jacket."   OH open jacket?  Only a t-shirt?   Okay, so that isn't how it's done.

Then we thought, "Surely you need long sleeves for this to work."   NOPE!  It can be done with short sleeves, long sleeves, no shirt (if you're in that kind of venue), etc.   :)

Magnets?  Strings?  Nope, no hook ups!

Watch the demo video of SNAPPED:

You can use SNAPPED to make things like receipts or money disappear too.   Heck, the Other Brothers even show you a routine using playing cards. 

If you like what you see, pick one up and we will begin shipping them very shortly!



When you watched that video above, did the Other Brothers look familiar?  They should.   We recently sold their popular POKER TRICK as an instant download, and it's fantastic!    If you like card tricks (and especially POKER), then be sure to download this one:



R2D2 is the most obscene character in film history

They had to beep out every word he said.

Friday, October 26, 2018

"This is the Subtlest Switching Device on the Market!"

"Once you see this, you'll want to own it!  LOW PRICE TOO!"

IVY ENVELOPE (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Danny Weiser, Bond Lee and Magiclism Store

I'll make this easy.   This is one of the cleanest and easiest switching devices you will ever use.

You show a clear envelope with a folded card in it.   It's in view the entire time.

Spectator signs a different card and loses it in the deck.  With a magic wave, the card vanishes and ends up being the SAME ONE inside of the sealed envelope!  (They see you take the card out and open it up!!)

That's just ONE example of the many things you can do with IVY ENVELOPE.

Check out the demo here:

You can use this to:
  • Do card to impossible location
  • Do open prediction effects
  • Do vanishes and transposition effects
  • Incorporate it into mentalism routines
The possibilities are endless.   Oh, and it's only $24.95 (a FRACTION of what other switching devices will sell for these days).

Order it now and it will begin shipping soon after it's released in a few days:



In case you missed it, we still have this hot item on sale for a limited time:

Only 13 LEFT at the time of this email!   Once those sell, the price will almost double.



A young woman is at her doctor's appointment when the doctor says, "Ma'am, I've got your results, and it appears that you are pregnant."

The woman appears shocked. "What!? You've got to be..." She pauses for a moment. "...Kid-in-me."

After a a few moments of her giggling, the doctor replies, "Did you seriously get pregnant just to say that joke?"

The woman says, "It was totally birth it."


Thursday, October 25, 2018

"This is PRACTICAL, ORIGINAL, and STUNNING!" - Special Limited Price or FREE!

"It’s a cute idea that can be carried in your wallet and performed at any time." -Paul Romhany

$wap (DVD and Gimmick) by Nicholas Lawerence - DVD

It's not often that we see effects look this CLEAN and DECEPTIVE.   But our friends at Vanishing Inc. have come out with a winner.

$WAP (or SWAP) is what happens when you visually move the green insignia from one side of a bill to another.   Check out the DEMO VIDEO here:

This is well produced, and the instruction is clear to follow. 

Best of all, you can carry this in your wallet all the time, and you're ready to perform!

LIMITED PRICE: We are offering a special price to our MJM Magic customers only for our first batch, so be sure to click this link and place your order before it goes back up!

DOUBLE BONUS: When you add $WAP to your shopping cart, be sure to click this link below and add another item from that list to your order.   You will get the cheaper of the two for free:

For example, if you add $WAP and any item (from that list) which is more expensive, then you will get $WAP for free.     If you add something less than $WAP, then you will get that other item for free!   Discounts taken off during checkout.    This double bonus special is only good while $WAP is on sale.



We still have a few units left of our amazing INFLUX DVD, which teaches you nine different effects you can do with gum.   If you like walkaround magic (who doesn't, right?), then consider adding INFLUX to your order with $WAP:



Why was the broom late for work?

He overswept.


Friday, October 19, 2018

"The most AMAZING metal bending tool I have ever seen." - FREE USA SHIPPING

"DEFORMER™ by Menny Lindenfeld is the most amazing metal bending tool I have ever seen."

Deformer by Menny Lindenfeld

If you're looking for an easy way to bend metal, then look no further!

With the DEFORMER, you can transform the shape of spoons, forks, nails, and keys!   This tool is so hidden and invisible that no one will ever see you using it!

Since it only takes a few seconds to use, you can concentrate on the PERFORMANCE of your metal bending, and not worry about the execution!

Let's face it.....the BEST kind of trick is the one that's over before the spectator even knows that it started.   This is a perfect tool to put that principle into action!

Read more about The Deformer here:

It's not cheap, but this is an investment into yourself and your mentalism act.  That's also why we are offering you a limited time special below:

LIMITED TIME SPECIAL: This trick begins shipping in just a few days, but if you preorder it now at MJM Magic, we are returning $10.00 back to you in REWARD POINTS plus FREE USA SHIPPING!  ** This special bonus is only available to you now during this brief preorder period!


If you pull a pin from a grenade, how do you put it back in?

Quick answers please.


40% OFF for the next 24 People - "NINE Effects for the price of one!"

"Nine delicious effects that will fill your spectator’s sweet tooth."

Influx (DVD and Gimmicks) by Tom Elderfield - DVD
What a fantastic deal we have for you today!  If you aren't doing any GUM magic when you're walking around, then you're really missing out.

Most non-magicians think that magic always involves cards or coins.  So when you bust out an organic "non-magical" item like a pack of gum, they are taken completely off-guard!

INFLUX is an amazing package that teaches you NINE different routines with gum for one low price.   AND BEST OF ALL, only for the next 24 PEOPLE, we are giving you an additional 40% OFF this bestselling item!

Watch the demo video here:

As you know, these FLASH SALE items go fast.   So fast, in fact, that we start to feel bad when people miss out on them.  So don't wait.......pick up INFLUX today at this special price.

NEED MORE CONVINCING?  Go here and read the reviews at the bottom of the page:

This price is ONLY AVAILABLE for the first 24 people who purchase it!  After that, the price will go back up to normal, so if you click these links and the price is normal, that means you missed your chance.



I bought a hair piece for just $1.00.

It was a small price toupee.


Thursday, October 18, 2018

DOWNLOAD 'A Poker Trick' by the Other Brothers!

The Vault - A Poker Trick by The Other Brothers video DOWNLOAD

Are you allowed to play cards at the casino? A question many of us have been asked multiple times. With A Poker Trick, you can now show your spectators exactly how skilled you are and why casinos have you banned for life!

One spectator chooses to become the cheater. The cards are then cut and shuffled. A bet is made and then the cheater deals the cards. The outcome of the game will leave your spectators in awe of your unbelievable card and premonition skills. After performing A Poker Trick, everyone will truly believe you must be banned for life from every casino all over the world!

Download the video and enjoy your new, mind-blowing skill!




My wife and I wear the same size shoes

We're solemates.


Wednesday, October 17, 2018

40% OFF for the next 12 people - "This trick is both FUN and EASY to do!!"

"If you are looking for a strong routine that packs a real punch this is for you." -Paul Romhany

Prevision (Red) by Peter Eggink - Trick

Last week, we had a Flash Sale on an item (  It sold out so fast, we actually had a few customers upset that they missed out on it.

Don't let that happen to you on this one!

From the moment you read this, THE NEXT 12 UNITS OF THIS TRICK WILL BE 40% OFF:

This open prediction with a twist resets in seconds, is perfect for table hopping and leaves an unbelievable souvenir.

WHAT HAPPENS?  You remove a RED card (your prediction card) from a blue backed deck.   You have the spectator select a blue card and sign it.   Their signed card disappears from the blue deck.......and it ends up being the red backed card that was in FULL VIEW the entire time, and which was sitting on the table BEFORE the trick even started!

This blows people away!



After we sell out of the next 12 units, the price will go back to normal.   So if you click the link and it's not on sale, then I'm sorry but you missed out.

(We try to have a Flash Sale on individual products a few times a week, so be sure to act fast on these when we announce the next one!)



How does Bigfoot know what time it is?

He looks at his sasquatch!


Monday, October 15, 2018

"FREAK people out with this Chinese Coin effect!"

"Finally a fantastic illusion revolving around the HOLE of the Chinese Coin!"

Aperture (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Eric Jones and Tango Magic - Trick V0021
You're going to love this one.   It's pretty much common knowledge that a Chinese Coin has a HOLE in the center of it, right?   I remember as a kid being fascinated with that, for some reason.  Why is there a HOLE in the middle of the coin?

But I digress.......

With this new effect from Eric Jones and Tango, we present to you an easy illusion which makes your finger (or your SPECTATOR'S finger) pass right through the center of the hole!


At the end, you hand the coin out for examination and watch as people scratch their heads in disbelief!

Watch the TWO DEMO VIDEOS on this page:

Comes with everything you need, and as usual, we are giving our customers a special limited time offer below.

LIMITED TIME SPECIAL: This trick begins shipping in just a few days, but if you preorder it now at MJM Magic, we are returning $5.00 back to you in REWARD POINTS!  ** This special bonus is only available to you now during this brief preorder period!




What do fish smoke?

Sea weed!


Friday, October 12, 2018

"Gripper Coins are incredibly easy to grip. They truly are incredible." - Shin Lim

"The Gripper Coins work amazingly well, and the grip is Fantastic. These coins are a must have."
- David Stone

"The Gripper Coins are a terrific new development in coin technology. I see many possibilities with this utility item."
- Joshua Jay

Gripper Coin by Rocco Silano

The verdict is in, and the new Gripper Coins are getting a LOT of positive feedback from top professionals in the industry.

Whether you're wanting to learn coin magic, or if you're looking to take your coin magic to the next level, we highly recommend you check out the new Gripper Coins.

The Gripper Coin is a special, handmade coin that has a space-age silicone band embedded into the edge of the coin which prevents it from slipping in just about any palming position you decide to use.

Check out the demo video here

These come in a wide range of currency denominations, and we are selling both individual and multi-packs of them.

Available in: US Quarter, US Half Dollar, Euro 50 cent, and British 10 pence sizes!

Our recommendation: if you're a beginner, pick up a single coin and practice with it.   Then invest in the multi-pack to have a bunch more of these coins on hand.

Link to ALL the Gripper Coins:



A couple of days ago, we offered a 40% off special for this amazing money trick, where MULTIPLY your money without any gimmicks:

We are down to almost 10 left, and once they sell out, the price will go back up.

If you look at other effects like this, they run you anywhere from $25 to $50 in why wouldn't you get this for only $15.00?

Price goes back up as soon as we sell this current batch:



Witches and wizards don't fart.

They cast smells.


Tuesday, October 09, 2018

40% Off for 40 People Only - "A Truly GROUND BREAKING and CLEAN Bill Change!"

"40% OFF Only for the Next 40 PEOPLE!!!!  Prices go back up after that!"

400 Lux by Kyle Littleton - DVD

Let's face it, if you had real life powers, you wouldn't WORK for money.  Heck no!  You'd just take a few dollar bills and magically CHANGE THEM into $100 bills!

There's a lot of effects that do that on the market, but you'll struggle to find one that can do ALL of the following:
  • Use any bills you want (assuming they are the same size)
  • No gimmicks (meaning no magnets, no glue, no mess that you have to construct)
  • EXAMINABLE (meaning you can hand out the bills for examination when you're done)
Check out what it looks like here:

This is a limited special........we only have 40 units of "400 LUX", and we are giving 40% OFF to the next 40 people who purchase it!

Don't miss this chance to own this trick!  Price will go back up the moment we sell the 40th unit!!



I just got over my addiction to chocolate, marshmallows and nuts.

I won't lie, it was a Rocky Road.


Monday, October 08, 2018

"An EASY WAY to Make a Chosen Card appear OUT OF THE BLUE!"

"This is so EASY to perform, you will be doing it all the time!   It's something you'd see a television magician perform, it's that convincing!"

Out Of The Blue (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by James Anthony and MagicWorld - Trick

We love how smooth this one is, and the premise is super easy to follow.

You show a pile of red cards, and a pile of blue cards.   The spectator has a FREE CHOICE to select any red card they touch.   They memorize their card, and IN AN INSTANT......literally, in less than a second, the card VANISHES from the red deck.

You spread the cards and it's really gone!!

The other person who was holding the BLUE deck the entire time can spread the cards, and there is ONE RED CARD in there.   They can remove the card, and yep, you guess it, it's the originally chosen card!

Be sure to watch an UNCUT PERFORMANCE VIDEO on this page:

LIMITED TIME SPECIAL: This trick begins shipping in just a few days, but if you preorder it now at MJM Magic, we are returning $3.00 back to you in REWARD POINTS!  ** This special bonus is only available to you now during this brief preorder period!



I just started taking classes on sign language..

I gotta say, it's pretty handy.


Thursday, October 04, 2018

"The GREATEST Impromptu Illusion We Have Ever Seen!" - DOWNLOAD

"The first time I saw this, I thought I was living in The Matrix!"

The Vault - Linking Cigarettes by Akira Fujii video DOWNLOAD

Imagine taking two cigarettes, and visually pass them through each other!   Sounds impressive, but when you SEE it, you will wonder how it's possible.

Check out the demo video to see a real world performance of it:

Don't want to use cigarettes?  You can do this with two other objects of similar size.   The mechanics are the same.

BEST PART: This is a digital item, so you can begin watching it as soon as you submit your order (*)!


(*) First time customers will have access after we manually approve the purchase during regular business hours.


What do you call a Bee that eats other Bees?

Hannibal Nectar


If you have a question about a product on our website, there is now a link on the product's page called "Ask a Question."   You can use that to send us your question. 

The cool part is that when we answer it, the Answer will be displayed on the BOTTOM of the product's that means over time, our website will be a great place to see frequently asked questions about the products you're interested in.

This is something we are testing out, but if it works and we don't see too many bugs, we will keep it as a permanent section of our website!

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

50% OFF TODAY ONLY - "This trick is a MUST HAVE at this price!!" - Only 12 left!!

"What can I say but I LOVE THIS! I can’t stop performing it." -Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine

Polarity (Blue) by Pablo Amira - Trick
Today only, we are giving away this amazing card trick at HALF the price!   Watch the demo video and we guarantee you will be sold on it:

With Polarity, your spectator doesn't just shuffle the deck; they also deal the cards and select their own card. The best magic is the magic that your spectator controls and Polarity gives them the freedom to control the performance with the outcome that you want.

- Easy to learn, easy to perform
- Instant reset
- No sleight of hand
- No sticky stuff
- Live performance & multiple handlings included
- Custom Bicycle gimmick cards included

WHILE SUPPLIES LAST: get this at HALF THE PRICE!   Only good for this extremely limited time while current inventory lasts:



What do you call an origami artist from the Philippines?

A Manila folder

Friday, September 28, 2018

"Turn this GAME into a magic MIRACLE!" - FREE USA SHIPPING!!

"This stage size effect is now portable and hits just as hard!!"

Tic Tac Toe Mini (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Bond Lee and Kai-Fu Wang - Trick

Imagine playing a real game of Tic Tac Toe with your spectator.   Who doesn't love that game, right? 

It's impossible to force the spectator to make a move.   After all, it's their free choice to put the X's or O's in whatever spot they want.

When the game ends, they think it's over........but then you turn over the game to show that the pieces made a perfectly arranged picture!

WHAT ARE THE ODDS?!?!   A zillion to one, that's the answer!

Watch the demo here:

What we love about this is the portability, and the fact that it involves a game that everyone wants to play!   The spectator thinks they are matching their skill against you (the magician), only to discover that the magic happened in the most unexpected way!

Tricks with surprise endings are the best, so be sure to pick this one up today!


LIMITED TIME SPECIAL: This trick begins shipping in just a few days, but if you preorder it now at MJM Magic, we are returning $6.00 back to you in REWARD POINTS and FREE USA SHIPPING!  ** This special bonus is only available to you now during this brief preorder period!


Why did Buddha start pulling coins out of his butt?

Because change comes from within.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

"Read the minds of four spectators instantly!" - DOWNLOAD

"Use this as a mind reading demonstration, a lie detector test, or even a gambling routine!"

The Vault - Four X Four by Harry Lorayne video DOWNLOAD

I am excited to bring you this new Download for two reasons:

1.   I went to high school with Rudy Tinoco (the magician performing the effect in the demo video), so it brings a smile to my face to see him performing this amazing trick.

2.  This is a mind blowing routine that involves MULTIPLE people, so it's great for parties, gatherings, or parlor performances!

Watch the demo here:

This is an effect from the GREAT Harry Lorayne, and Rudy definitely shows how fun this trick is to perform!

If you do this for friends, we recommend performing this like Rudy does, as a way to demonstrate how well you know them!

If performing for strangers, you can use it as a mind reading demonstration. 



I had a job where I had to put shredded cheese back together

It was the most de-grating job I've ever had.

Monday, September 24, 2018

NEW and IMPROVED - "Make almost ANYTHING disappear from your hands!!"

"The latest in disappearing technology is back and better than ever!"

Gecko Pro System (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Jim Rosenbaum

Many years ago, we introduced The Gecko to our customers, which was a device that allowed you to make objects disappear from your hands.   It sold over 20 THOUSAND UNITS!

It's also been unavailable for YEARS now, to the disappointment of many.


Not only is The Gecko back, but it's NEW and IMPROVED!   It now allows you to safely vanish, switch or transform almost ANY borrowed item VISUALLY AND SILENTLY!! It is an easy-to-use, light-weight and unobtrusive magic device that you will carry with you at all times.

Check out the demo to see what really happens when you use The Gecko Pro:

LIMITED TIME SPECIAL: This trick begins shipping in just a few days, but if you preorder it now at MJM Magic, we are returning $7.00 back to you in REWARD POINTS and FREE USA SHIPPING!  ** This special bonus is only available to you now during this brief preorder period!




What does a vegan zombie eat?