Saturday, May 28, 2022

"Easy to do MONEY routine with a SURPRISE ENDING!"


"An ideal routine for close up magic!"

Recently we launched our new product line of Realisitic Fake Money, so it's only fitting that we share with you an AMAZING MONEY EFFECT that is super entertaining to perform!

It's not just a trick with money.  It's an entire ROUTINE that has a funny story built into it.  


Here's what happens: As if by magic, the values of the money in your hand keep on changing!   Even though you are very clearly COUNTING the money, one by one, the total amount continues to change!

This completely BAFFLES people, especially those who think they're good with counting money, because they start to think that they're seeing things that aren't really there!

Just watch the performance video, it's great.....especially the kicker ending:

  •     Exceptionally clean short change routine with a very clear ending.
  •     Takes the best concepts from short change routines and Pat Page’s Easy Money.
  •     Engaging story built in. Based on a routine from The Professor, Dai Vernon. 

You will need to do some easy DIY to construct the gimmick, but then you're all set forever to perform it!

TIP: You will be shipped the special gimmicks to make this work, but you will still need to provide your own bills to use in this effect.  So if you didn't want to provide all those real bills, then consider purchasing our Realistic Fake Money here:

In fact, we just added new purchase options for SINGLE BILLS of this Realistic Fake Money in case you didn't want to purchase an entire stack!

Order Short Change Plus today:



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1. Shear Match Refills - (4 Available)
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2. Puff Cigarettes 2-Per PBH - (8 Available)
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3. The Skirt by Nimble Mind - (4 Available)
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4. Magic Sand 8 oz (RED) - (6 Available)
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5. Word Up by Vinny Sagoo - Trick - (2 Available)
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6. At The Table Live Lecture October-November-December 2017 (6 DVD Set) - (8 Available)
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7. Sponge Balloon Dog by Alexander May - Trick - (1 Available)
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8. Premier Edition in Jet Black (Private Reserve) by Jetsetter Playing Cards - (1 Available)
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9. Standard Close-Up Pad 11X16 (Red) by Murphy's Magic Supplies - Trick - (1 Available)
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10. Cartridge for Double Cross (Refill) by Magic Smith - Trick - (1 Available)
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11. Gripper Coin (Set/Euro) by Rocco Silano - Trick - (1 Available)
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12. Winners Dice (Gimmicks and Online Instruction) by Secret Factory - (1 Available)
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13. Gripper Coin Bands (Small) by Rocco Silano - Trick - (1 Available)
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14. Heart Stamper Part for Double Cross (Refill) by Magic Smith - Trick - (1 Available)
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15. TURN (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Peter Pellikaan - Trick - (1 Available)
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As a reminder, we are honoring the Memorial Day holiday on Monday, in memory of all the brave men and women who paid the ultimate price for our freedom here in the USA.   We will be closed that day and resume our regular operating hours on Tuesday.    We hope you all have a great weekend!



Got a vasectomy years ago.

But all it did was the change the color of the baby.


Friday, May 27, 2022

"Write down predictions without ever touching the paper!"


"I have never seen a product that pushed magic this far" - David Penn

We have to be honest......we've NEVER seen anything  like this before.   This really pushes the boundaries of what you can do in magic and mentalism.

Imagine this.  Imagine being able to WRITE DOWN predictions onto a piece of paper, without ever touching the paper!

Think about that.

You have a piece of paper IN YOUR WALLET.   It's your prediction.   You then ask your spectator to name ANY CITY, any mode of transportation, and any time of the day.

And when you remove the paper from your wallet, it already has all three predictions pre-written on it.......IN INK!

Check out a ton of demo videos and performances here:

  • Predict numbers, words and drawings with genuine INK seemingly written by hand, on a business card, playing card and more.
  • Incredible wallet (or place it in other things)… AND it is secretly the same system as the popular lynx blackboard.
  • No need for an assistant. The spectator can write their freely selected thought on your phone.

Now, total disclosure: this isn't cheap.  It's going to cost you a lot of money, which is why this is strictly for people who are SERIOUS about creating the best magical experience for their spectators.

We are going to do everything we can to make this purchase more easy for you:

  • $88.00 rebate back to you in Reward Points
  • FREE Priority Mail shipping upgrade with Signature Confirmation at no extra cost

Because of the technology and limited supply, these will not be available much longer.   

Order LEGACY SYSTEM right here:



This week, we announced our latest product line: the most realistic fake money you've ever seen!

Most quickly sold out, but we have another batch coming next week!

If you use money in your routines and don't want to carry around real cash, then you should definitely check this out.  We have every US denomination available for purchase:

Heads Up Notice: most of the new batch coming next week is almost completely presold, so get your orders in NOW to avoid waiting even longer!  You can never have too much prop money at your disposal (perfect for magic, mentalism, kids shows, and pranks)!

Order here:



Why do sharks prefer salt water?

Because it makes the people taste better.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

"The most Realistic Fake Money for professionals and pranks!"


"Looks so real in person, it's almost impossible to see that it's not!"

We are super excited to bring to you the most Realistic Fake (prop) Money you've ever seen. 

In fact, this looks so real, it's almost impossible to tell that it's not.  I took the photo you see on the right and you can only tell it's fake if you happen to stare and spot the small "replica" word on it.

Check it out our latest product line (Realistic Fake Money):

As a performer, there are SO MANY USES for it:

  • Think of how many effects require you to use real money to make gimmicks (like Money Printing Machine, where you can turn $1.00 into $100 bills).   What if you don't want to use real $100 bills in your routine?   Easy, use our realistic fake money!
  • You can simply use our Realistic Fake Money as a gag with friends or strangers (opening up your wallet to flash a TON of cash, etc).
  • If you perform any effects where you need to burn or tear up money (as a joke or even as part of the trick), you'll want to use our realistic fake money.
  • Have an effect where you have the spectator choose envelopes full of money?  Use this!
  • Perform for kids?  Kids LOVE money!  Pull some of this out of a change bag or mystery box!

Honestly, there's so many things you can do with this.  Heck, when it arrived in our stockroom, I took about $50,000 and showed it to my teenage daughters, and their jaws DROPPED to the floor!  

We currently have the following currencies in stock and ready to ship: 

Once this initial in-stock batch sells out, we will change the status to preorder, which  will allow you to purchase them in advance for our next batch arriving soon!

NOTE:   If there's something you want that we don't carry (including fake EURO bills, smaller USD denominations, or even GOLD BARS), then send us a message and we will bring those in for you on our next production run!



A guy was walking down the street when he glanced down an alley and saw that it was almost entirely demolished. In the center of the rubble la a man with all his teeth missing and blood pouring from his mouth.

The bystander ran up to the injured man. "What happened?"

"Well, I wath jutht walking along, minding my own buthinethth, when all of a thudden, a group of bank robberth ran by.  And they were being followed by that group of thuperheroeth."

"The Avengers?"

"Yeah, them! Anyway, a big green guy jumped in the air and landed in the middle of them and thtarted fighting them."

"The Hulk?"

"Yeah, that guy! Then a guy in an iron thuit joined the fight and thtarted firing light beamth at them."

"Iron Man?"

"Yeah, him! Then a guy with a winged helmet pulled out a giant hammer and threw it at the criminalth, but the hammer hit the wall and I got hit in the mouth with a whole lot of brickth!"


"I'll thay, it hurtth like hell!"


Saturday, May 21, 2022

"Check out PARTY TIME - organic and fun to do!"


"This is the closest thing to real magic, let's party!"

Do any of you own one of those little Mystery Boxes?  You know the ones.......where you put in an object, close the drawer, and open it again to have it switch to something else?

This is like that, only much more organic!

In fact, it uses a CLEAR SHOT GLASS, making the switch almost  impossible in the eyes of the spectator.

Check out PARTY TIME here:

Imagine taking a signed playing card, and have it magically appear underneath the shot glass which was in view the entire time!

  •  A mystery box with just a shot glass covering a folded card, in full view from the START…and NOTHING else!
  •  Perform the classic signed card in box plot, any open prediction or a transposition.
  •  Comes with everything needed. A blue and red Bicycle gimmick, online instructions and the shot glass.

Order PARTY TIME here:


THE #1 trick of Magic Live Convention is available now!

  • Stop time on single AND multiple borrowed watches…even with a spectator holding it!
  • Includes NEVER-PUBLISHED-BEFORE time stopping secrets in this superhuman MEGA Masterclass.
  • EASY to master and perform. Control the flow of time on a BORROWED watch through mind power.

Purchase TEMPUS today right here:



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1. Psychophysiological Thought Reading by Banachek - (1 Available)
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2. Twisting Arm Illusion Meir Yed, DVD - (1 Available)
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3. Entity by Jeremy Hanrahan - (Blue Back) - Trick - (50 Available)
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4. In the Frame by Mark Elsdon - Trick - (1 Available)
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5. Where's Baldo - Hair Growing Pills - FUNNY! - (1 Available)
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6. Mugshot by Kevin Schaller - DVD - (1 Available)
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7. Psychology for the Mentalist by Andy Luttrell - Book - (1 Available)
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8. Slice of Cake by Alexander May - Trick - (1 Available)
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9. Trespass by Dan Army - DVD - (1 Available)
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10. At the Table Live Lecture July-August-September 2016 (6 DVD set) - (2 Available)
Link -

11. Flaming Book (Blank) - (1 Available)
Link -

12. Ticket by Joao Miranda and Julio Montoro - Trick - (1 Available)
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13. Prism: Dusk Playing Cards by Elephant Playing Cards - (1 Available)
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14. Piece by Choi Hyo One - Trick - (1 Available)
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15. Zig Zag Coke Bottle by Mr. Magic - Trick - (1 Available)
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My colleagues call me “The Computer.”

Nothing to do with my intelligence. I just go to sleep if left unattended for 15 minutes.


Tuesday, May 17, 2022

"Our new favorite AWE SUM routine!"


"EASY to perform, IMPOSSIBLE to figure out!"

Imagine having a tool in your hands that will allow you to easily do the following:

  • A Card At Any Number
  • Predictions
  • A Book test
  • A Tossed out cube

This is AWE SUM!

Click here to watch the FULL PERFORMANCE of the Card At Any Number routine:

We fell in love the instant we saw that!   Why?  Because we love effects that are EASY, and also that work for both small and large audiences!


  • Everything is examinable.
  • No duplicates, no sticky or roughing stuff.
  • No forcing
  • Cards are genuinely mixed by your spectators
  • No manipulation, your spectators can deal of the cards

And that is just ONE of the five routines you will learn with AWE SUM!   (In total you will learn: a Card At Any Number, a Book Test, a Tossed Out Deck routine, a Basic Prediction, and a Movie Prediction routine).

This has been performed for HUNDREDS of customers, and no one has been able to figure it out.   It's so EASY to perform, and yet, even a math teacher couldn't figure out how it was able to work!

After watching the online tutorial, you will learn the secret in about one minute, and the Card At Any Number routine in about five minutes!  It's that easy, and no sleight of hand!

Order AWE SUM today right here:




Last week, we gave you a heads-up on our latest product, FLAME TAKE.   Here's what happens.  You take a lighter (can be borrowed).  You light it with one hand, and in your other, you literally GRAB and TAKE the flame away from it!

You then can make the flame transform into another object!

Watch it performed here:

As long as you have liquid lighter fluid (which is available in all major stores), you can perform this effect!

We are shipping this very soon, so preorder it today!

Purchase your FLAME TAKE here:



Here are 15 additional items that we just added to our permanent Overstock Sale!  Get 40% off or more on these items (but only for the in-stock quantity listed below):


1. Torn Too by Daniel Garcia - DVD - (11 Available)
Link -

2. Paul Harris Presents Water Works (DVD and Gimmicks) by Uday Jadugar & Paul Harris - Trick - (1 Available)
Link -

3. Switch Up (Red) by Danny Weiser and Magic Tao - Trick - (15 Available)
Link -

4. Cube 3 By Steven Brundage - Trick - (2 Available)
Link -

5. Sorcerer's Wand, Dark Spell (BL33) by Baba Lokenath Supply Agency - Trick - (1 Available)
Link -

6. Uncaged by Finix Chan and Skymember - Trick - (21 Available)
Link -

7. At the Table Live Lecture Bobby Motta - DVD - (1 Available)
Link -

8. Refill for HPad by Henri Beaumont and Marchand de Trucs - Trick - (1 Available)
Link -

9. Fixed Fate aka 'Predicted Card at Predicted Number' (DVD and Gimmick) by Cameron Francis and Big Blind Media - DVD - (2 Available)
Link -

10. Tossed Out Deck - Bicycle - (4 Available)
Link -

11. Matrix 2.0 (Blue) by Mickael Chatelain - Trick - (1 Available)
Link -

12. Psychology for the Mentalist by Andy Luttrell - Book - (1 Available)
Link -

13. Great Big Fat Sidewalk Shuffle by Martin Lewis - (1 Available)
Link -

14. JL Lukas Ball 1.5 inch (Purple) - Trick - (1 Available)
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15. Odd Bods Playing Cards by Jonathan Burton - Trick - (2 Available)
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I named my dog “5 Miles.” So that I could frequently say,

.....“I am going to walk 5 Miles now.”


Saturday, May 14, 2022

"Pick up FIRE with your BARE HANDS!"


"Make fire appear and instantly transform into an object!"

Since the dawn of time, man has been trying to control fire.......and now you will demonstrate that ability in your magic!

Our newest effect, FLAME TAKE, will allow you to grab fire with your bare hands, and then turn it into a different object!

Watch it performed at this video:

  •     Show an empty hand, create fire, and then turn the flame into an object.
  •     Includes tutorials for close-up, walk around, parlor, stage AND social media.

We begin shipping in less than ten days, so order it now from the link below to get yours shipped out first!


NOW SHIPPING - ERUPTION (Perfect Brainwave effect)

If you're looking for a trick that you can perform anytime, anywhere, and fits in your wallet, then check out ERUPTION.

You have a spectator name a Queen.   ANY QUEEN.  And without forcing their decision, you show that their named queen is the only queen that is FACE UP in the packet of four cards.

But that's not all. The remaining three cards are BLANK!

And the kicker: all the other cards have a different color back!

Watch it here:

This sold almost double the amount that we expected, and for good reason.  It's easy to do, instantly resets, is angle proof, and priced super low!

Order your ERUPTION here:



Here are 15 additional items that we just added to our permanent Overstock Sale!  Get 40% off or more on these items (but only for the in-stock quantity listed below):


1. Spontaneous Combustion by Jay Sankey - DVD - (1 Available)
Link -

2. Magic Carvings - Houdini Tux - (2 Available)
Link -

3. Award Winning Card Magic of Martin Nash Set (5 DVDs) + FREE INFINITY & BEYOND DVD - (8 Available)
Link -

4. Inversion by Andrew Mayne - DVD - (7 Available)
Link -

5. Monty the Spiv by Matthew Garrett - DVD - (4 Available)
Link -

6. Genii Magazine - April 2012 - Yumi and The Infamous Brothers Davenport. - (5 Available)
Link -

7. Genii Magazine - January 2013 - Steve Cohen - (2 Available)
Link -

8. Genii Magazine - March 2013 - Danny Orleans - (8 Available)
Link -

9. Genii Magazine - June 2013 - The Duviviers - (9 Available)
Link -

10. Genii Magazine - August 2013 - Ali Cook - (3 Available)
Link -

11. Genii Magazine - September 2013 - Mike Caveney - (11 Available)
Link -

12. Genii Magazine - December 2013 - David Williamson - (5 Available)
Link -

13. Mugshot by Kevin Schaller - DVD - (1 Available)
Link -

14. Reloaded by Dani Da Ortiz and Luis de Matos - DVD - (1 Available)
Link -

15. Mail Shot Red by Chris Congreave and Magic Tao - Trick - (1 Available)
Link -

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My daughter came home from school yesterday and told us this joke:

What do you get from a fat cow?



Tuesday, May 10, 2022

"The CLEANEST version of B-Wave we've ever seen!"


"Finally perform the brainwave without eliminating cards!"

A must have for any walk-around (or even virtual) performer!  This works 100% of the time.

The effect is hard hitting.   You have the spectator name any queen in the deck.  You take out a packet of four cards, and their queen is the only one that is face up!

Not only that, but all the other cards are BLANK FACED!

Not only that, but the named queen is also the only card with a different color back!

See a quick demo here:

It's a triple whammy of an effect!  The named card is the only one face up, the only non-blank card, and the only card of a different colored back!

Unlike other brainwave effects, you don't have to coach or direct people to select or remove cards from their selection.   With ERUPTION, they can name ANY QUEEN.  No force.  No elimination or equivoque.

They name it, you take out the packet, and it's the only card face up, and it's the only card with a different back!

Did you notice the price?  It's super affordable and can easily be carried in your wallet to perform at a moment's notice! 

  • No matter what queen is named, you simply spread the packet and it will be face up!
  • Resets instantly!
  • Easy to perform!

Purchase your ERUPTION here:



Last week, we announced our upcoming product that literally gives you the power to stop time.

That's just the tip of the iceberg.  You will learn how to stop time on a BORROWED watch.   You will learn about stopping time on a hanging wall clock.

This is a masterclass by Menny Lindenfeld who is going to share with you his closely guarded secrets.

Watch the long demo and performance video and purchase TEMPUS here:

Any order with TEMPUS gets free USA SHIPPING during checkout!



The best years of my life were spent in the arms of another man's wife.

Thanks, Mom! Hope you had a Happy Mothers' Day!


Sunday, May 08, 2022

"Learn how to STOP TIME with a BORROWED watch using this mentalism power!"


"This goes straight into my walking mentalism repertoire!"

Okay, STOP.  Stop what you're doing, and just watch this video first:

No that link and watch the video!

Isn't that AMAZING?!

Stopping time is something that many people wish they had the power to do.  So imagine being able to demonstrate that power, with FULL CONTROL!

It's like having a super power!

Borrow a watch.   (Yes it can be borrowed!)  Make the time stop.   How much more convincing do you have to be?!   You can hand the stopped watch around to examine and it will remain stopped the entire time!   You have full control on making it stop and then start back up again!

Menny Lindenfeld is going to share with you his NEVER BEFORE PUBLISHED secrets to stopping time!

With Tempus, you will perform the cleanest and most believable time-stopping demonstrations - that looks and feels like REAL MIND-POWER. Your audience will swear you're SUPERHUMAN.

This isn't just a trick.  It's a MASTERCLASS with over FOUR HOURS of in-depth teaching.   You will learn all the secrets to stopping time!

  • Stop time on SINGLE… MULTIPLE… and…BORROWED watches
  • Once you stop a watch, you can FREELY hand it out; but you have FULL control to make the watch STOP and COME back to life upon command
  • 12 killer routines for close-up, frontal, zoom, impromptu including NEVER published before time-stopping secrets

This will sell out fast, so be sure to preorder your TEMPUS below and we will ship to you first!

Purchase TEMPUS here:



Quiver is a revolutionary new switching device that is disguised as a standard looking coin pouch.

The second the wallet closes, it's DONE.

Check out QUIVER

And it even comes in a PLUS size to switch bigger objects! 

Quiver PLUS size:



"Opticks" features something for all skill levels. There is everything from complete routines to snappy color changes and moves. This practical material is explained in full detail and accompanied by full performances.

You'll gain access to a video featuring 26 entertaining and powerful magic tricks that test the limits of creative card magic. There are tons of new effects, updated handlings for forgotten early underground material, as well as new performances and recordings for a few old favorites.

  •     Includes Bicycle gaffed cards, limited edition Newton Deck and signature collectable triangular packaging
  •     Also includes 26 effects from Harapan Ong, creator of the book Principia
  •     Great all skill levels. Complete routines explained plus full performances

See more and pick up yours here:



What did the communist cat say?



Wednesday, May 04, 2022

We just gave you $5.00 to spend! CLAIM IT NOW! Expires 5/5!

 You know, one of the benefits of running our small business is that we can just "make up" specials whenever we want!

So as I'm sitting here, I thought, "Let's give everyone a $5.00 off coupon for absolutely no reason whatsoever!"

Heck, it's Wednesday.  You're trying to get through the work week.   So take this little coupon and use it if you need it.

COUPON CODE (at checkout): 5OFF25

All you have to do is order at least $25.00 or more worth of items, and apply that 5OFF25 code during the checkout process.  We will then deduct $5.00 off your order!

May not work with reward points or other coupon promotions.

EXPIRES MAY 5TH AT 9:00pm!!   This is a very limited time offer, but don't worry......if you miss out, we will have another one down the line.   (Only applies to new orders placed Wednesday thru Thursday)

Happy Hump Day!!!



Here are 15 additional items that we just added to our permanent Overstock Sale!  Get 40% off or more on these items (but only for the in-stock quantity listed below):


1. Ethereal Salt by Vernet Magic - (1 Available)
Link -

2. Ellis Aces IV (Vol.4) by Ed Ellis - DVD - (1 Available)
Link -

3. Award Winning Card Magic of Martin Nash Set (5 DVDs) + FREE INFINITY & BEYOND DVD - (8 Available)
Link -

4. Alice's Revenge by Bob Farmer - Trick - (10 Available)
Link -

5. Smiling Assassin (Bicycle Edition) by Meir Yedid - Trick - (1 Available)
Link -

6. Lotto Square by A.O. Smetsers and Alakazam Magic - DVD - (1 Available)
Link -

7. Jinxed by Peter Turner - DVD - (2 Available)
Link -

8. Magic Magazine July 2014 - Book - (3 Available)
Link -

9. Ash and Ember Gold Beveled Size 10 (2 Rings) by Zach Heath - Trick - (1 Available)
Link -

10. Bizness by Bizau and Vanishing Inc. - DVD - (2 Available)
Link -

11. Decode Red (DVD and Gimmick) by Rizki Nanda and World Magic Shop - DVD - (3 Available)
Link -

12. On/Off by Nicholas Lawrence and SansMinds - DVD - (1 Available)
Link -

13. Last Laugh by Mark Elsdon - Trick - (4 Available)
Link -

14. Magic Magazine March 2015 - Book - (4 Available)
Link -

15. Something Out of the Ordinary by Nicholas Lawrence and SansMinds - DVD - (1 Available)
Link -

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I find Miss Universe contest very suspicious.

I mean, how come every single year, someone from OUR planet always wins?


"How did you do that?!" - SWEET EXPLOSION


"It looks like a camera trick but it's not!"

Last year, we brought you an effect that quickly rose to the bestseller list.  It was called TRIPLE HELIX, and it gave you the power to instantly reproduce decks of cards!  

It was even performed on America's Got Talent and is still available if you want one (click here).

Now we are happy to bring you a more organic version of that same effect.  Instead of cards, you will do this with boxes of gum!


  • Includes 2 gimmicks that you can use together or one at a time... it's up to you.
  • We give you 2 additional items (5gum / Juicy fruit) so you can build a new gimmick or use it to restore it.
  • Don't worry, you will be taught in detail over-the-shoulder camera-shootings how to use it and how to perform it.

Order your SWEET EXPLOSION here:

And if you wanted the Triple Helix (playing card version), you can get that here:



Last week, we announced our latest upcoming product, FORECAST!  You're going to love it, because it's perfect for any skill level.

What is it?  Essentially, it's going to easily show you how to memorize an entire deck of cards like a pro!  But unlike other products, this one is geared for all skill levels.

How?  Craig Petty is going to give you NINE routines, and they're broken into three skill levels.

Three are for beginners.  No memorization is needed!   Three more are for intermediate levels with minimal memorization.  Finally, three more are for advanced users (and Craig uses these in his professional sets to make big bucks!)

Check out FORECAST performed here and order today:



Craig Petty and Lewis Le Val LOVE this wallet!

It's been out of stock for months, but the ORPHIC+ wallet is back!  This plus size is specifically made for playing cards, so you can use it in your card routines!

  •     The most psychologically deceptive peek EVER applied to a wallet, AND 3 and 1/2 hours of routines and instructions.
  •     Bold yet stunningly simple switch, and a super simple secret loading chamber.
  •     Orphic Plus is 1 cm wider for loading poker sized playing cards.

Watch the video and order here:



If a girl says she will be ready in 5 minutes, she will be.

There's no need to remind her every 15 minutes about it.


Monday, May 02, 2022

"Here's how to INSTANTLY recall of the position of ANY card!"


"Are you ready to join the 1% of magicians in the world?"

Do you think you can't memorize a deck of cards?  It's too daunting?  Well think again.

On this extremely affordable DVD, Craig Petty is going to teach you how to easily memorize an ENTIRE DECK of cards.

Here, let him explain it to you by watching this 7 minute video:

What can you do with a memorized deck?  For instance, you could: 

  • instantly tell a spectator EXACTLY how many cards they fairly cut from a deck.
  • predict the amount of cards a spectator will cut before they even do it.
  • perform the world's CLEANEST Card at Any Number routine.

And so much more!

Now, don't get me wrong.......there is some work involved.......but Craig's methods will DRASTICALLY improve your progress significantly!

(I memorized a deck once and trust me, the caliber of card tricks you can do is so much higher when you know the position of every card!)

Not yet convinced?

Consider that the first three routines that Craig  is going to teach you are completely SELF WORKING, killer card miracles. There is no need to remember the position of a single card!

Then he teaches you three more effects that are slightly more advanced, but easily still within your grasp.

Finally, he teaches you three more effects that you will do once you have instant recall on the deck!

All of that for only $30.00!

Highly recommended!  Order today:



"I have not any idea. Not a ******* clue, dude. That's really, really good... I'm completely floored.."

That is what actual MAGICIANS are saying when they see this performed!  It fools everyone!

We still have some of these Quantum Decks available for you!  

Imagine taking a blank deck of cards, with only ONE REGULAR CARD lost somewhere in the middle.   You have your spectator name the position that they think the card is located at..........and as you slowly count down to that position, the card will be located there.   EVERY TIME!

Watch the video:

It really is a real blank deck, and there really is only one printed card!  Hard to believe!

This effect was a sell out a couple months ago, and now you see why!

We recommend it as any fan of Craig Petty would.  He's an excellent teacher and goes over all the instruction in detail.

You can purchase Quantum Deck here:



One of the best organic effects we have ever seen!   You can cause words and predictions to vanish or reappear on your skin! 

We got word from the worldwide supplier that they're COMPLETELY SOLD OUT of this product, and won't have more to ship for months.   The only availability is what is left floating around in stores.

Fortunately, MJM Magic has some and we can ship them out to whoever wants these remaining units!

Order here:

(FREE USA SHIPPING available on any order which purchases it!)



I went to the doctor's about my blocked ear.

"Which ear is it?" he asked.

"It's 2022," I replied.