Wednesday, March 05, 2014

"WOW! We just permantly lowered our prices STOREWIDE!"

OH NO!  We've done it turning back!

We just SLASHED our store prices to remain more competitive, and you know what?  IT FEELS SO GOOD!!!

As you know, most of the new items on the market are what's called "Price Protected", which means we aren't allowed to discount them or sell them on sale.  In fact, no store is allowed to do that.   It's a way to protect the market, and the value of the item.
For example, things like the awesome effect 'Pocket Bizarre' must be sold for $39.95 exceptions.

However, all other items which aren't price protected are fair game, and we've always given an extra 3% off the retail price for these other items.

Starting today (until we decide otherwise or until we come to our senses), we have INCREASED the discount on ALL APPLICABLE ITEMS......all the way to 22% off!  What what WHAT?!?!?!

Bottom line: MJM Magic has long been known for our OVER THE TOP customer service, but we don't want you thinking that we aren't offering the best prices too.  So why look anywhere else?  Shop with confidence and take advantage of our new pricing structure!

We PROMISE that you're going to be satisfied!  - Come on in!


- We aren't some huge corporation with lots of overhead.  We're a family run business who has been in the industry for over a decade.  There's a reason why we literally have the same people continually shopping with us for over 10 years!  Would you eat at a restaurant for 10 years if it wasn't good?  Not unless you like CRAZY SAUCE!

- MJM Magic was started by myself, so the burden of making sure my customers are happy is #1 PRIORITY.  I'm not just "some employee" that reports in for a paycheck.   Our reputation as a magic company is a direct reflection of myself.  That means unlike other companies, you will find us answering emails almost 24/7 because we take care of you like our own family.  That includes weekends, holidays, and after hours.   (Recently I took my family on vacation to Lake Tahoe, and guess what I was doing throughout the day?  You guess it: logging into our email server to make sure any customer questions were taken care of.)

- Because we don't have a lot of overhead, we can afford to pass this new savings onto you.  That means you not only will get the BEST PRICES out there, but you will have knowledgeable people fulfilling your order every step of the way.  Have a question?  Just ask!   Need to modify or change something about your order before it ships?  No problem!   We are very flexible and at your disposal!

So once again, come to our website, take advantage of our NEW Price Cut structure, and most importantly - PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!  If you post on social media or magic message boards, please help us out and tell others about us.  We are like flowers....we want to grow!  Help us grow and we can continue to offer bigger and better deals for you!

Your friend in magic,
- Jeff Mash
MJM Magic, Inc.