Monday, December 31, 2018

"Your spectators won't believe their eyes!"

RETRIEVE (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Smagic Productions

RETRIEVE is an extraordinary and unusual effect! Incredible visual magic!

With a TAP, you can make an object appear right in front of your spectator's eyes - instant and amazingly visual. This effect was created for walk around and professional magicians. Produce a card corner, a coin, a bill, candy, even a butterfly with no angles to worry about. Perform with confidence! You'll enjoy performing this as much as your spectators will love being mystified by it!

This is RETRIEVE - check it out!



Tonight at 11:59pm, lift your left leg...........So you can enter the new year on the right foot!


From us here at MJM Magic, we wish you all a very safe and HAPPY New Year!   We thank you for supporting us in the 2018 year, and we definitely look forward to walking alongside you in 2019!

Friday, December 28, 2018

"Shrink an entire deck and show both sides!"

"This is visual EYE CANDY!"
Micro Red (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Alchemy Insiders

One of the very first tricks we carried in the MJM Magic store was the Shrinking Card.   A great effect, but there was always one problem: you could only show one side of the card.

Now check THIS OUT:

With this gimmick, not only can you show BOTH sides of the card, but you can use it to shrink the entire deck!

You can purchase red or blue, depending on the color deck you usually perform with:


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Thursday, December 27, 2018

The Vault - Solid With Happy Ending by Paul Harris - Download Today!

The Vault - Solid With Happy Ending by Paul Harris video DOWNLOAD

One of the most popular card effects is where a deck of cards turns into a SOLID BLOCK.   It blows people away!

Well, the great Paul Harris has come up with a handling that goes full circle, turning a deck solid, and then back to normal.

If you have an extra deck laying around and want to prepare one of these, you can watch this and learn the routine today:



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Friday, December 21, 2018

"Banked is the new innovation of the Coin To Bottle effect."

"Prepare to be amazed!"

Banked by Taiwan Ben - Trick

If you're looking to perform a Coin in Bottle effect, then definitely check this one out:

Demo video:

What makes this one different than other versions and other selling points:
  • It doesn't need any magnets or PK rings to perform.  
  • Bottle and coin can be borrowed.
  • The spectator holds the bottle while the penetration happens.
  • The coin is removed from the bottle and immediately drops into the spectator's hand to examine.
  • Bottle and Cap are handed out for examination.
If you own a double folding coin, then you can do this effect.   (You can pick one up here if you don't:

Depending on the kind of bottle you want to use, this is sold in three different colors:
It comes with an online instructional that covers all the handling, allowing you to borrow a coin, borrow a bottle, perform the effect, and then hand the coin, bottle, and cap back when you're finished.



Brand and I hope you all have a fantastic holiday with your families.   We will be closed from the 24th through the 26th, although we will periodically check our emails to try and answer any questions that people may have.   The MJM Magic website will remain open to take any of your holiday orders, and we will resume normal business hours when we return on the 27th.

Merry Christmas!



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Thursday, December 20, 2018

"You have complete control over the change!" - Download

"A card change that happens slowly and right in front of their eyes!" 

The Vault - Refraction by Nacho Mancilla video DOWNLOAD

Your spectator has chosen a card and it is lost back in the deck. Let's say they chose the 6 of Spades. You now show them a different random card, the 4 of Diamonds. You take the random card and place it against any light source. Tell them to look at the refraction (shadows) of the card through its back... They see the shadows of the pips belonging to the 4 of Diamonds clearly through the back of the card... then the shadows start to visually change and morph into their chosen card!

You can use the spectator's phone flashlight to make the miracle work! Or hold the card against the sky.

Watch the video here:

You have complete control over the change... You can perform sitting, standing, one on one, or with multiple spectators. This happens under many lighting conditions, from dark to bright, indoors and outdoors. Almost any light source will work!

Make your own gimmick with any cards. Includes multiple options.

Download it today!



Why are candy canes so expensive?

Because they're in mint condition!

Monday, December 17, 2018

"Winner's Dice - force ANY NUMBER between 1 to 6!"

"Not only can you force ANY NUMBER to roll, but you can CHANGE IT at any time!"

Winners Dice (Gimmicks and Online Instruction) by Secret Factory

This is something are customers have been asking us about for a LONG time!

Winner's Dice is a normal-looking die that can force ANY NUMBER between 1 to 6.
Demo video:

It uses a very special technology which makes our die fully examinable. The spectator can check the die and he can try throwing it to make sure the results are random. But actually, you are in control of the outcome!

THESE ALREADY SOLD OUT WITH THE SUPPLIER AND WE ONLY HAVE 12 UNITS TO RESERVE!  So the first 12 people will get this, and the rest will have to wait until more are available.

The forcing result can be changed during the performance, so you can do something like having two different predictions written on two white cards facing down -- one for you and one for your spectator. You throw the die, show the result and turn over the first card -- the prediction matches the number. Then the spectator throws the same die -- the result is different from the first time. Then he turns over the second card -- this card's prediction matches the second result!


You can use this to make a prediction (even an open prediction) or mindreading routine, or you can also just use it as a force in your own routine. The power of this gimmick is limited only by your imagination!!!

  • There is No switch. No other dice. Just one die can force 6 numbers
  • You can control and change the results in real time
  • No electric device
  • Spectator can throw the die themselves to complete the force
  • Fully examinable
  • Use any borrowed Cup or Glass or Bowl
  • Very Practical



A young woman reportedly froze to death.

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Friday, December 14, 2018

"THESE Sold out at FISM 2018" - Infinity Watch 2.0!

"This is over $200 CHEAPER than similar items on market."

Infinity Watch 2.0

I can't tell you how long people have been WAITING for something like this to come along.   It's the old Time Machine effect on STEROIDS and with an amazing new look!

Check it out.
  • It took our team two years to research and develop.
  • It is one of the most famous mentalist effects!
  • It sold out at FISM's first day.
  • It is an incredible ice-breaker - it can be used in walk-around situations, trade-show work, and more.
You show a watch.  Yes, a REAL WATCH that tells time and works like a normal watch!  You hand it to the spectator to examine because it's a REAL WORKING WATCH!

You say you are setting the watch to a predicted time. After setting it, you let the spectator hold it by the end of the watch's strap, with its face turned away from them. You never touch the watch again.

You now ask the spectator to first call out ANY hour. Then you ask the person to call out ANY minute which together result in a time of day.

After doing so, the spectator slowly turns the watch around by himself. The face of the watch is set to their time!
  1. No force. Can be predicted anytime and anywhere.
  2. Easy to do. No sleight of hand.
  3. Remote control. No magnets.
  4. Absolutely examinable before and after the performance.
  5. Fully functional watch that really keeps accurate time even though you have turned the gimmick off.
  6. Real stem that can be pulled out to set the watch.
  7. The measurement of the watch is 40mm and the thickness is 9.6mm.
  8. High quality quartz watch with genuine leather strap and stainless-steel watchcase.
  9. Watch is waterproof for up to 30 meters.
Comes in a variety of styles to choose from:


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Thursday, December 13, 2018

"Ultimate Bill Penetration, Blows All Others Out of the Water!!!" - Download Today

"This is incredible!!!! I'M FOOLED!"

The Vault - A.E.2.0 by Peter Eggink video DOWNLOAD

One of the greatest pieces of walk-around magic is the Pencil (or pen) Through Bill effect.   Most of you know how this works.   You take a pencil, take a bill, and stab it through the center.   Then you pull it out and the bill restores itself (no holes).

Many versions exist on the market, and most involve some sort of gimmick pencil (or pen).   Not this one!

Peter Eggink has developed a way to perform this illusion with a borrowed bill AND borrowed pencil.   Of course, most of the time, you will just use your own bill and pencil, but the option is there for you if you want to use it.

Demo video:

Now, there IS a gimmick involved which will only take you a few minutes to make, and then you're ready to perform over and over again.

Peter also explains how to handle it so that everything can be examined at end.

Download it today right here:



How do you find Will Smith in the snow?

You look for fresh prints!


Wednesday, December 12, 2018

"5 Great Selling Products now BACK in stock!"

It's HUMP DAY (Wednesday) and we wanted to take this quick moment to share some of our bestselling products which were previously out of stock, but now are back in limited quantities!
If you don't already own these, we invite you to click the links and check them out:
Bare by The Other Brothers
A special, hand-altered Sharpie marker allows you to cause ANY card, initials, number, or simple shape to appear ON A SPECTATOR'S HAND. As performed on the Tonight Show.


Sucker Punch by Mark Southworth
"Sucker Punch is a real world answer for those who want to perform gaffed coin magic for a fraction of the cost of traditional coin sets."- Eric Jones
Static Marker by Wonder Makers
7 incredible effects with a Sharpie. Including Shock, Magnetic, Stopping Time, Telekinesis and Mental Prediction Effects! 
Mesika Elastics by Yigal Mesika
"Your single-thread container will make the impossible that much easier!" -Michael Weber

Open Warp by Zoyu and Hondo

WITHOUT folding ANY cards you can make one card turn completely over, and visually back again in a blink!



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Friday, December 07, 2018

"The Most Technologically Advanced Effect for Close Up Magic!"

"I was completely fooled by 'this' and when I saw how it worked, I realized only João could have invented such a clever solution." 
- Joshua Jay

TIMELESS (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Joao Miranda

Guys, this effect is AMAZING. 

A beautifully packaged box is placed on a table before the performance begins. The magician then borrows any small object from the audience, has it signed then makes it vanish!

The magician then walks over to the table and picks up the mysterious package.The package is opened, and from it the spectator removes a red gift box tied with a golden bow. The spectator then unties the bow, removes the lid and finds inside a beautiful wrist watch. The watch is cleanly placed on the spectators palm.

Without ANY suspicious moves the magician cleanly unscrews the back of the watch. The back is then lifted off of the watch and the borrowed object is found inside!
Watch Multiple Demo Videos:

TIMELESS combines everyday objects and modern technology, making the trick 100% automatic and self-contained.

Take a look at these features:
  • The cleverly gimmicked boxes and hidden electronic system do all the work for you.
  • You will be blown away once you see the ingenius method behind the trick!
  • The trick works 100% automatically, and the boxes and watch can be handled freely by the spectators.
  • The trick can be performed in close-up situations, parlor, or on stage.
  • Due to the clever way the gimmicks are built the trick is very easy to perform.
TIMELESS comes in 2 different designs:

We know it's not cheap, but this is something every serious magician can (and WILL) use in all your performances!



I made a belt out of watches.

I regret it so much. It was such a waist of time.

(See what I did there?   I made a joke about watches because of the awesome new TIMELESS effect.  You know, because both deal with time?   Eh, nevermind......)

Thursday, December 06, 2018

"Go Ahead, TRY to Figure THIS One Out!" - Download Today

"I've watched this four times, and I still can't wrap my brain around it!"

The Mysterious Puzzle of the Missing Dollar Bill by Nicholas Einhorn

You're going to LOVE performing this mind bender!

There is a natural mathematical law that states "Two plus two equals four."   Numbers don't lie.   And yet, watch this video and see if you can explain it:

Demo Video:

This is the MYSTERIOUS Puzzle of the Missing Dollar Bill!   What's GREAT about it is that you can perform it over and over again, as you see in the demo video.

"Every time you repeat it, and that dollar bill is vanishing, the mystery gets deeper and deeper." - Bro Gilbert

It's a smashingly fun puzzle that you will show at dinner parties and gatherings, where they will scratch their heads in disbelief. Open and honest deception has never been so much fun.
  • Works in all currencies
  • Easy to learn and perform
  • Instantly repeatable
  • Carry it and perform it anywhere
Download it today:



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