Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Wow, would you look at that!  It's the end of 2013 already!  This year has been one for the books.  It was filled with ups, downs, and lots of in betweens.....but in the end, we had the best year since first opening in 2004. 

As a THANK YOU to all of our wonderful customers, we are doing something that we've NEVER DONE before.  STORE-WIDE DOUBLE REWARD POINTS!

From this moment through New Years Day, we are giving you DOUBLE CASH REWARDS on everything in our store!

Let me give you an example on how crazy that is:

Let's pretend that you want to purchase the popular smoke making device, VAPR by Will Tsai:


Normally, we would give you $18.00 back when you purchase this item with us.  BUT RIGHT NOW, during this promotion, we will give you $36.00 back! 

What could you buy with $36.00?   You could purchase a butt-load of our instant access DVD Downloads!  Or you could get something like Collateral (Ring and Rope Routine) for FREE (with money left over to spare)!

The possibilities are endless, and the savings is up for grabs!

Once again, between RIGHT NOW through New Years Day, anything in our store that has reward point cash will be DOUBLED!

Do you want to purchase "THE BOX by Mark Southworth?"   Normally we give you $7.00 back......now you will get $15.00 back:


Remember, the savings is there for the taking, but it will expire soon!

- The Reward Points displayed on our website will automatically reflect the double points earned during this promotion.  So you are not doubling what you're seeing.....because we have already doubled them for you!  What you see is what you get!

- This promotion only applies to new orders placed between December 31st through New Years Day (January 1st).   We cannot retroactively give double rewards on any orders placed prior to this (even if they haven't shipped yet).   Nor can we extend this incredible offer past January 1st.

- Don't know what MJM Reward Points are?  Click this link and it will explain it all: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/rewards-points-ezp-59.html

HOLIDAY HOURS: Because UPS is not making deliveries on both Tuesday and Wednesday, we will not be shipping any orders out until Thursday the 2nd.   However, we are still open for online orders, so make sure you take advantage of this Double Reward Point deal!   There is no telling when it will be back again.

Friday, November 01, 2013

On The Loose 4 Volume Download Set - Was $140, Now $39.95!

Personal Note: Thanks to all of you who contacted me about my dog.  In case you missed my last newsletter, my dog had contracted a life threatening disease (Fungal Pneumonia, we later found out).   He spent one week in the hospital, and it was touch-and-go for a while there.  We finally got him back on Wednesday, and he's recovering at our home.  The bill was so high that we had to cancel a surprise trip to Disneyland for my two daughters, but they're just happy to have Bentley back!

Now, onto the reason for this newsletter!

There are ALWAYS going to be new, fresh magicians putting DVD's on the market......but personally, you can't beat the guys who paved the way for all these others.  One of those guys is Bill Malone!

I remember before I started MJM Magic, I would watch Bill on his "On The Loose" DVD series, and he was so entertaining to watch!  And funny too!  To this day, the "On The Loose" DVD series is still a best selling one, which shows just how valuable his magic is.

LINK: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/-p-17604.html

Now you can access this series RIGHT NOW.....no waiting, no shipping charges, no hassles!   We are pleased to offer ALL FOUR VOLUMES of this fantastic series for an UNBELIEVABLE DOWNLOAD PRICE:

Normally $139.80........right now for only $39.95!

OUCH!!!  It almost hurts me to say it, because we are knocking over $100 off the price!   But I'm telling you, this set is worth every penny!  That's FOUR volumes for the price of one!
LINK: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/-p-17604.html

This offer will expire soon, so take advantage of it right now before we raise the price back up!  Don't miss this opportunity to download this series!   If it's any indication of how good it is, the actual DVD's have been sold out and unavailable for months now.....but you can get instant access to all four of these by purchasing through the link above!

(Not familiar with MJM Magic Downloads?  Then check out this video tutorial showing how easy it is to watch them: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/temp/Downloads.swf.html)

Your friend in magic,
- Jeff Mash
MJM Magic, Inc.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Happy Hump Day everyone!  Things have been busier than ever around the MJM Magic store, and it's all centered around our new DOWNLOAD PRICE SLASH promotion that is currently taking place!

However, I wanted to remind you that you only have 5 DAYS LEFT (until September 30th) to take advantage of this particular offer:

4 VOLUME ALEX ELMSLEY DOWNLOAD SET - Normally $100.00, on sale for just $39.95!

Link: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/alex-elmsley-tahoe-sessions-set-vol-1-thru-4-video-download-p-16917.html

Alex Elmsley is the inventory of one of the all-time BEST MOVES in card magic, and this special offer contains FOUR COMPLETE VOLUMES of his hard hitting magic!

BEST OF ALL: It's a DOWNLOAD!  That means as soon as you purchase it, you can instantly begin watching it!  Simply add the item to your shopping cart, complete the purchase through our website, and immediately access it under your MJM Downloads Library!  It's that easy!

International Customers - This is PERFECT FOR YOU!  Not only do you get access to this four volume video series, but there are no shipping charges!  No wait times for customs or international inspections!  Just purchase it, and begin watching!

Want to see all that you get with this offer?  Just click the link above!  You get four entire volumes of teaching from one of the greatest magicians in the history of magic.

ALL OF THAT FOR ONLY $39.95!!!   Remember, normally each of these volumes would sell for $35.00 a piece, so we're giving away a ton of value during this limited time offer!

Link: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/alex-elmsley-tahoe-sessions-set-vol-1-thru-4-video-download-p-16917.html



Our hottest offer is still taking place: a handful of popular downloads (that normally sell for $25 or more) are as low as $0.99!  In fact, our most popular combo are people purchasing these two items together:

- Killer Close Up Magic (Normally $35.00, on sale for only $0.99!):

- Casanova Concept (Normally $30.00, on sale for only $0.99!):

The total for both is only $1.98, but you get over THREE AND A HALF HOURS of magic for less than $2.00!!!

Not to mention, all the other great titles we've slashed prices on, like the Ultimate Self Working Cards Tricks (normally $30.00 on DVD, but the full length download is on sale for only $19.99).  This is an excellent video, especially if you like hard hitting card tricks that don't require sleight of hand:

Be sure to click this link and see the rest of our titles on sale:



Thursday, September 19, 2013

DOWNLOADS SLASHED TO $.99!! - Limited Offer!

Happy Thursday!  Normally I don't send out two newsletters in the same week, but we have put a lot of time into bringing you some INCREDIBLE DEALS for this one!  Frankly, I don't even know how we were able to pull this one off!


As you know, MJM Magic DOWNLOADS are the way of the future.   By "future", I'm not talking about some Marty McFly time traveling future.   I simply mean that with technology constantly evolving, and with the internet becoming so much faster on all of our devices, it's becoming much EASIER to simply purchase a product DIGITALLY rather than wait for some physical disk to be sent to us.

Look no further than CD's versus MP3's.  The days of physical disks are fading away, in favor of a virtual cloud of digital storage, where you can access all your videos from ANY computer, ANY time, from one spot.

And we hope that spot is MJM Magic!

Purchasing a Download from us couldn't be easier.  You simply add it to your shopping cart, proceed through the checkout page, and when you've completed the order, you have INSTANT ACCESS to your download!  That means if you're interested in any of these titles below, you can literally begin watching it within a couple of minutes from right now!

Check these out and remember: THESE PRICES WON'T STAY THIS LOW!  This is a LIMITED TIME offering, and we want you to take advantage of it!

That is NOT A TYPO!   This $35.00 title is now only $0.99 for a limited time!  You want easy magic? You want heart popping spectacle? You want material that you will perform for years to come? Then you have come to the right place.

Twelve routines, Over TWO HOURS of content. And more fun than you can shake a stick at!

Link: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/killer-close-up-magic-by-cameron-francis-video-download-p-12187.html

Normally $30.00, we are practically giving this one away for only $0.99!  Steve Haynes has tweaked and developed this closely guarded secret for 17 YEARS! Now, it can be yours! The Casanova Concept is an easy to apply principle that will allow you to perform bona-fide miracles with both playing cards and business cards. It's simple and straightforward, requires the minimum of sleight of hand and will go straight into your repertoire. This is NOT a trick; it's a principle that can be applied to hundreds of routines.

Link: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/casanova-concept-by-steve-hayne-video-download-p-12045.html

4 X Four by Dave Forrest - $9.99
This is normally $30.00, but we were able to pull a few strings and get it to you for only $9.99! 

Have you ever needed four of a kind? In the midst of rubber gloves, blowing bubbles, cross dressing, male pregnancy and erotic pictograms, Dave Forrest and Owen Packard will walk you through 8 varied methods to do just that in ways that will ensure your audience are gob-smacked!

From 'easy-peasy' to 'hard as nails', 4xFOUR has something for everyone including two awesome new false cuts and the head- melting, eye-poping, ball-busting 'F.M.O.B Colour Change' - you'll have to see it to believe it!

Join Dave and Owen on their strangest outing to date, as they take you by the hand through the fine art of 'removing cards in a fancy way'!

Link: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/4-x-four-by-dave-forrest-big-blind-media-video-download-p-12190.html

This price is SLASHED 60% OFF!  What the heck are we doing?!?!?!
Ollie Mealing's Skip Switch is a true utility move. A selection is cleanly sandwiched between two cards and LEFT OUTJOGGED from the centre of the deck. In full view the three card packet is removed from the deck... and in that split second, the selection has been swapped for another card!

Once you have learnt the diabolical secret you can perform the Skip Switch anytime, anywhere and with any deck. No gaffs, no insane finger flicking difficulty.

But this download is not just the in-depth teaching of a new move. Nope - it's cram packed with Ollie's crowd pleasing routines. Eleven (count 'em) barn storming miracles with a deck of cards. 

Link: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/the-skip-switch-by-ollie-mealing-big-blind-media-video-download-p-17056.html

This is normally $35.00, but right now, you can get this for 71% off the price at only $9.99!

FINALLY legendary Scottish magician George McBride has made a DVD. And it's a scorcher.

George is notorious among his fellow magicians as a cardman of devastating calibre. (Indeed, he is part of the underground Scottish Magic Mafia alongside luminaries such as Peter Duffie, Jerry Sadowitz, Roy Walton etc). And on this DVD you'll get the chance to learn eleven of his very best routines.

But not only that – you'll also get instruction in some of the most lethal moves in card magic.

This could not be any further away from the 21 Card Trick and your Uncle Barry and his badly remembered card tricks from the back of a breakfast cereal box.

This material is truly jaw dropping.

Link: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/george-mcbride-the-video-by-george-mcbride-video-download-p-12358.html

This $35.00 title has been kicked in the stomach, reducing itself all the way down to $14.99! 

In my opinion, culling a card is one of the most powerful sleights that you can perform with a deck of cards.   Imagine spreading through the deck and being able to secretly move a card into a new position, right underneath your spectator's nose!

This is your chance to harness one of the most devastating weapons in the magicians arsenal! Complete, step by step training in the art of culling from Iain Moran - a true master of the move!

Link: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/cullfather-by-iain-moran-download-p-12359.html

Another awesome title from Big Blind Media, normally $35.00 but reduced to only $14.99 for a limited time!

This 2 hour extravaganza has it all - self workers, mentalism, brand new sleights, some eye popping card chicanery - it's all there! These guys have a STELLA reputation in the magic world - and 'Welcome To The Firm' will show you why!

The Con: Underground Poker
A brain ripping 3 phase gambling routine that is almost SELF WORKING!

The Hustle: Misdirection Monte
Jamie Badman's 'signature routine' featuring the Underground Change - a move so deceptive it lies to itself!

The Rip-off: Lisp Aces
The UC's novel take on the classic Christ Ace Routine which not just provides some excellent motivation for the routine but also leaves the deck ready for Misdirection Monte!

And much more!

Link: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/welcome-to-the-firm-by-the-underground-collective-bbm-video-download-p-16921.html

Fingers of Fury Vol.1 (Weapons Of Choice) by Alan Rorrison - $14.99
On download for the very first time, one of magic’s newest and brightest talents, Alan Rorrison, unleashes the very best material from his working repertoire. These are the effects that have gained Alan a reputation as a magician who, time after time succeeds in combining fresh, original plots with unique, off the wall methods.

Volume One – Weapons Of Choice.

Watch as Alan breaks and then restores a borrowed key! Slices a chosen card deep into his arm! Causes a marked coin to penetrate into his cell phone! Repeatedly pushes a coin through an ordinary shot glass! Moves the head of stickman drawn on his business card! All this and more awaits you on this fantastic DVD. Climb aboard and buckle up as we delve deep into the mind of one magic’s hottest new names in FINGERS OF FURY Vol.1 - WEAPONS OF CHOICE!

Link: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/fingers-of-fury-vol1-weapons-of-choice-by-alan-rorrison-video-download-p-12188.html

Make no mistake about it!  This title is still selling on DVD for $30.00, but you can get it at our special low price with this $19.99 download!
You often hear magicians say that one of the tricks on their newly purchased DVD was worth the price of the project on it's own. Well, we firmly believe that these eleven tricks ALL fall into that category.
There are tricks you can do when a friend hands you half a dog-eared deck... and there are tricks that you can perform for a large group that will knock people's socks through their eyeballs.
  • None of the material requires any skill.
  • Presented by star of the BBC hit magic show 'Help, My Supply Teacher Is Magic', along with Liam Montier, Iain Moran & Owen Packard.
  • Interviews with TV personality Paul Zenon, as well as card flourisher Scott Thomson, and top magicians Iain Moran and Liam Montier.
  • High production values and excellent indepth teaching.
Running Time Approximately: 1hr 32min
Link: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/ultimate-self-working-card-tricks-by-big-blind-media-video-download-p-16353.html

24 Mad Skills and Stunts to Make You Stand Out in the Crowd

World renowned magician, pickpocket, trickster and all-round scamp Gregory Wilson invites you to attend THE SCHOOL OF COOL! A DVD jam packed with teachings on all those crazy skills you always wanted to learn but didn't know how.

Walk a coin down your knuckles... shoot a playing card high into the air... break a pen lid with JUST your little finger... make a coin defy gravity and fall UPWARDS... spin a pen on the back of your fingers... always know if a tossed coin lands heads or tails... Twenty five primo-ace slabs of AWESOMENESS await you.

The skills taught on this DVD will allow you to look like nothing less than an ice-cool urban ninja. Using items from the dusty recesses of your pockets (we're talking pen lids, coins, credit cards) and the venerable weaponry of the incorrigible hustler - a deck of playing cards - you can be prepared to unleash the 'awesome' in any environment.

Link: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/the-school-of-cool-by-greg-wilson-and-big-blind-media-video-download-p-16418.html

Earlier this week, we featured a 4 VOLUME SET by the great Alex Elmsley (regular $140 but yours for less than $35.00 until the end of September).  Click here to get it!

And now, we are happy to present the Elmsley Count Project: Most famously used to hide the face of one or more cards as you count through a small packet, the Elmsley Count is actually much more versatile and useful than many people realize.

This is a collection of techniques that combine to give you the most natural and deceptive 'bomb proof' Elmsley Count possible. It looks natural, works smoothly and with cards in absolutely any condition.

Link: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/the-elmsley-count-project-by-liam-montier-video-download-p-17036.html
Remember - All of the items featured in this newsletter will not stay this low forever.   Prices are subject to be raised without notice, so be sure you take advantage of these amazing download titles!

Want more information on how downloads work?  Click this link to watch a tutotial: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/temp/Downloads.swf.html

Your friend in magic,
- Jeff Mash
MJM Magic, Inc.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Paul Harris Presents: ENVYLOPE by Brandon Davis - IN STOCK!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  I hope you all had a fantastic Labor Day holiday!  My wife (Brandi) and I are coming up on 10 years being married, so we ended up going to Monterey, CA to celebrate!  Here's a self-pic that we took from the weekend!

Now it's back to work and let you guys know about a brand new item which is going to SELL OUT!

ENVY-LOPE by Brandon Davis, brought to us from the great Paul Harris!


Only $39.95 (+4 Reward Points Earned!)
Link: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/paul-harris-presents-envylope-by-brandon-david-and-chris-turchi-dvd-p-17099.html

A lonely lost card is about to appear in an envelope in your pocket...when "BAM!" the FULL DECK in your hands VISIBLY MORPHS into an ENVELOPE! BOTH SIDES of the envelope are IMMEDIATELY and CLEANLY DISPLAYED. There's NOTHING ELSE in your hands. The deck is REALLY GONE! There's now really ONLY AN ENVELOPE in your hands!

Your spectator now reaches into the envelope and pulls out her SIGNED CARD!

  • ENVYLOPE Morph is completely self-contained. Nothing to add or steal.
  • Option to start with your normal deck..and perform ENVYLOPE any time you feel like it.
  • Easy no-moves handling to give out the envelope for examination (although it's really not needed).
  • Re-sets in Seconds.
  • Perform surrounded
  • ENVYLOPE comes complete with DVD, sturdy, easy-to-handle, long lasting gimmick and normal envelope.
"Envylope is a great piece of visual magic! Two thumbs up:)"
-Calen Morelli

"A Vanish, Revelation and Transposition all in one super sweet gimmick, I love performing this!"
-Dan Hauss

"The easiest and most visual, scream-inducing card to envelope ever!"

"A signed card to impossible location routine on steroids. This is eye candy of the highest caliber with so much magic happening in such a short period of time. Awesome job!"
-Peter Eggink

Watch your deck morph into an envelope and EXPERIENCE THE ENVY today!

NOTE: For those of you who have preordered the V-DECK and are still waiting for it, you can always exchange it for this and have this item shipped out today while it's still available!

Only $39.95 (+4 Reward Points Earned!)
Link: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/paul-harris-presents-envylope-by-brandon-david-and-chris-turchi-dvd-p-17099.html



If you have a Facebook account, then there is NO REASON why you shouldn't follow us.  Why?  Because every time we add a new item (like Envylope) to our website, it will immediately show up on your Facebook timeline like this:

Not to mention, we usually will offer EXTRA BONUSES or free items for grabs to our Facebook followers (first come, first served basis).

So to follow us, simply go to this link and click the LIKE BUTTON:


Friday, August 23, 2013

In Stock! Hot New Items from Mark Mason, Gregory Wilson

Howdy- ho, everyone!  One of the first things I do in the morning when I come into work (besides read all the baseball news on my S.F. Giants) is to research new items and pass that information onto my customers.   So recently, we spoke with the great Mark Mason, and we got a direct line to some of his newest products!

I find him INCREDIBLY ENTERTAINING to watch, and if you click any of the products below, you can see him perform each of these effects!

X-ACT by Mike Kirby and Mark Mason

Purchase this today and get +5 Reward Points back into your account!

Editor's Note: I have always loved Any Card At Any Number tricks.  This one is so mind-blowing, you will literally see your spectator's brain explode when she tries to figure out how you just did that!

The buzz about this trick is phenomenal.

When Mike sent me his idea for A card at any number I was shocked at the creative, super clean handling he had created.

X-act is direct, killer magic that you will love to perform. You will love the method almost as much as the reactions you will get, when you perform X-act.

Comes complete with all the special props you require, plus two knockout handling's.

Handling one
A card inside an envelope is placed on the table next to a deck of cards. The spectator asks for any number from 1 to 52. The deck is removed from the card case. The cards are dealt face up one at a time until you reach their selected number. The card is removed from the envelope it matches the card at their number.

Handling two
It gets no cleaner than this. A playing card is laid face down on a spectators hand. (no envelope) The spectator names any number from 1 to 52. The deck is removed from the card case. You deal the cards face up one at a time, finally arriving at the chosen number. Its hard to believe, they turn the card over in their hand. I think you have guessed the rest.
  • Instant reset
  • Only one deck
  • No memory work
  • No multiple numbers to learn etc
  • Always deal the deck the same way
  • Only one envelope
  • Only one card in version two
  • No switch of any kind.
  • No adding jokers
  • Learn and perform this miracle in 10 minutes.
Purchase here and get +5 Reward Points: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/xact-by-mike-kirby-trick-p-17004.html

Fully Loaded by Mark Mason

Price: $45.00 (+5 Reward Points!)

Editor's Note: One of my all time favorite card effects is the Ambitious Card Routine!   It's like a whole show of magic built into one effect.  You can literally make it a 30 second trick or a 10 minute trick!  With Fully Loaded, this is the perfect CLIMAX to that effect!  The spectator's signed card ends up inside a sealed deck of cards!  Let me repeat that:

Signed Card to a SEALED DECK!

This one single item has gotten me more bookings for both magicians and laymen than any other piece of magic I have ever performed.

It can be incorporated into any card routine. The incredible thing is, it’s really not difficult to do and is well within the means of the average card guy.

A spectator’s signed card appears inside a brand-new, sealed deck of cards. Not only is it in the deck, it is also in the correct position.

Comes with three handcrafted locking/unlocking card gimmicks that load the card smoother than silk every time. Then they unlock to become a part of the spread deck. One overlap gimmick and the deck holder plus a step- by-step DVD covering everything you need to know about this incredible effect
Purchase now and get +5 Reward Points back into your account!

No Tear Newspaper 2 by Andy Dallas and Mark Mason

Price: Only $25.00 (and earn +3 Reward Points too!)

Editor's Note: Here at MJM Magic, we have been getting a lot of requests for this one, and for GOOD REASON: It's amazing!

If you do any kind of stage or parlor magic, then you will be very interested in this!   It's a torn and restored newspaper with a twist!

Remove small pieces of newspaper, one sheet at a time, from all different pockets.

Read a gag from each piece. In the blink of an eye, the pieces become a real newspaper.

There’s one small problem, the newspaper has a HOLE right through the front sheet.

No fake pieces, black art, etc. This is a REAL GENUINE HOLE.

Magician realizes that they left one last piece in their top pocket.

This piece is placed into the hole, the last piece instantly restores.

This is a brilliant piece of stand-up magic.

Fits like a glove into any type of act.

Read gags from each piece.

Perform to music.

Use as an Emcee/Compare.

Perfect for any children’s show.

Trade shows, parlor shows or stage.

For the first time ever the DVD teaches step by step exactly how to make No Tear Newspaper 2, in ANY NEWSPAPER, IN ANY COUNTRY, IN THE WORLD, in less than 15 Minutes

Purchase Here and get +3 Reward Points: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/no-tear-newspaper-2-by-andy-dallas-trick-p-17002.html

Would you like to see more magic effects by Mark Mason?  Then click this link and have a look through the following items!  Most have a demo video associated with them, and many of these are easy and super visual to perform: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/jb-magic-store-c-41.html

Now onto the one item which ISN'T a Mark Mason product, but still put out by one of magic's most seasoned professionals:

Unleashed by Gregory Wilson

Purchase today and get +3 Reward Points back into your account!

A custom-designed dog tag penetrates on and off its chain in a way that makes people question reality.

And, for the last illusion, a spectator pushes the tag through your shirt and back on the chain while it's around your neck!

You can now unleash your inner-astonishment anytime, anywhere without any pockets!

Comes complete with a DVD and two custom-designed dog tags.

"I always carry and use at least five effects: Hundy 500, Pointless, Freakey, Exact Change and UNLEASHED." - Greg Wilson

Purchase Here and get +3 Reward Points: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/unleashed-by-greg-wilson-dvd-gimmicks-trick-p-16984.html

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"A whole bunch of new products at MJM Magic!"

Available NOW. Get your order in as they are selling fast!
Curious? Click HERE for the trailer and more info. Curious? Click HERE for the trailer and more info.
Alien Concepts
by Anthony Asimov

  • 9 amazing traditional effects done in an unusual, creative way that you have NEVER seen before.
  • 45 minute LIVE show.
  • Over 2 hours of instruction
  • 3 visual performance-only routines that Asimov regularly performs in his close-up show.
  • Available in a 2 volume set or individually
Curious? Click HERE for the trailer and more info.
The Silencer
by Jeff Prace and Blue Crown

  • The ability to mute any device that plays music with NO unnatural movements.
  • Bonus teachings: Scribble and Split.
  • Easy, practical and powerful
  • Gimmicks included.
Release Date: Tuesday,
August 13th
Full Bloom (2 book set)
by Gaetan Bloom & Kevin James

  • 2 Volume Set.
  • Over 150 effects.
  • Stage magic, close-up, illusions, cabaret and mentalism.
  • Includes Bloom's marketed effects and scarce magazine routines.
  • All of Gaetan's lecture notes
  • Many new previously unpublished effects.
Release Date: Wednesday, August 14th
by Gaetan Bloom
and Luis De Matos

  • Used in Gaetan’s own show for years.
  • Torn and Restored card in an impossible location.
  • Includes gimmick and the comprehensive history behind it.
  • Running time: 2h 27min
Release Date: Thursday,
August 15th
Rope, Nut & Knot
by Giovanni Livera and
The Magic Estate

  • Shocking productions, incredibly visual penetrations and a surprise ending!
  • Taught by Golden Cup winner Giovanni Livera
  • Professional Props included
Release Date: Thursday,
August 15th
Miracles Without Moves
by Ryan Schuktz & Big Blind Media

  • JAWDROPPING card magic with the barest minimum sleight of hand!
  • Includes 7 incredible routines.
  • Self-Working.
  • Fool the audience, magicians and even yourself!
Release Date: Monday,
August 19th
by MO & RYU-KA

  • 5 card tricks & 5 coin tricks.
  • Taught by MO, third prize winner at Japan Close-Up Contest 2013.
  • No gimmicked coins used.
  • Instruction in English as well as text and graphics.
  • Real world workable coin magic!
Release Date: Tuesday,
August 20th
Flicker Coin
by Rocco

  • Available in Half and Quarter versions.
  • From the creator of D’Lite!
  • An extremely visual version of “Coins Across”.
  • Bonus! Also included is an elegant hand-to-hand production, a snappy spellbound type change and more.
Release Date: Monday,
August 19th
by Arnel Renegado

  • One of the most visual card rises that we've ever seen.
  • Best of all, the signed/creased card can be handed out for examination immediately!
  • Looks like trick photography!
Release Date: Friday,
August 16th
The Red Envelope
by David Sousa &
Luis De Matos

  • Award Winning Silent Act from David Sousa.
  • Can be used in any stage act and applied to thousands of productions, vanishes, etc.
  • Some effects included: Ball to Scarf, Cane Production, T&R Jumbo Card and more!
  • Running time: 1h 35min
Release Date: Friday,
August 16th
The Egg Bag
(DVD and Gimmick)
by Luis De Matos

  • Produce a live chick in the finale!
  • Has been a highlight of Luis de Matos shows for over a decade.
  • Full instructions and details, including how to present and handle livestock.
  • Running time: 1h 04min
Release Date: Friday,
August 16th
V Deck
(with DVD and Gimmick)
by Peter Nardi - Available
in Red or Blue

  • Spectators can pinpoint the moment the magic happens!
  • Easy to do and almost completely self-working.
  • Complete with instructional DVD.
Release Date: Monday,
August 19th

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"The MOTHER of All Book Tests just got better!"

Make sure you keep reading for your opportunity to get a FREE VIDEO DOWNLOAD!

Hey gang!  Jeff from MJM Magic here!  What do you get when you combine two classic book tests into one magical little package? I'll tell you -- One MOTHER of a book test (now with Larry Becker’s Flashback built into it!)
LINK: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/-p-16658.html

The BEST book test in history just got even better!  It's not called the MOTHER OF ALL BOOK TESTS by coincidence!  The MOABT has been the most requested and used book test amongst all our professional performers.

Well now, things have been taken up a notch!  The Mother of All Book Tests is now being shrunk down into a POCKET VERSION!  That means you can take it with you, on the go, anytime and anywhere!
LINK: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/-p-16658.html

Imagine handing the book to a spectator, asking him to turn to ANY PAGE, and then thinking of a word on that randomly selected page.  Now imagine his utter AMAZEMENT when you proceed to read his mind and divulge the exact word that he was merely THINKING OF!  You don't have to touch the book, or do any sort of fancy peeks.  Everything is built into the book, and once you learn the secret, you will want to carry this with you at all times!

The regular size MOABT sells for almost $400.00, and while that's a lot of money for the average hobbyist, it's worth every penny to the professional stage performer.

The best part is that the new POCKET SIZE sells for only $199.00, so it's much more affordable!
LINK: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/-p-16658.html

Whether you're a professional who already uses the full size version, or a hobby magician who wants a tried and true book test that's been used by top performing magicians for years, then this is your chance!

The release date for this is THURSDAY August 1st, so preorder yours now and we should be shipping around that time!
LINK: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/-p-16658.html

Free Video Download - Hanging Coins by Blue Crown. EXPIRES JULY 30th

We want you to have a free gift, on us!  With one of the largest DOWNLOAD LIBRARIES available, MJM Magic is proud to offer you instant video downloads which you can access immediately after purchasing!

How does it work?  Well, if you click THIS LINK, you can see hundreds of Video Downloads that we sell on our website.  Once you purchase it, you can immediately begin watching them.  Nothing to ship!  Nothing to wait for!   Whether you're an international customer, or you simply want to begin watching a particular video right away, then our MJM Magic Downloads are for you!

As soon as you purchase it, we give you the access information to immediately begin watching it!

Today's free video download is called Hanging Coins, and it's an excerpt from a larger DVD.  We want you to have it so that you can see how easy it is to access our MJM Magic Downloads!  Simply add it to your order and proceed through the checkout process.  It's free, but only for a limited time!  Expires July 30th, at which point it will go back to normal price!

FREE VIDEO LINK: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/hanging-coins-excerpt-from-maestro-by-david-roth-video-download-p-16652.html

Your friend in magic,
- Jeff Mash
MJM Magic, Inc.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"Equilibrium will leave you DIZZY!"

"If magic is a brain teaser, this trick is a KICK TO THE HEAD!"

Imagine being able to take off the flimsy cellophane from your card deck, and then slowly balancing objects on top of it......

We're not talking about light objects either.  Balance drinks, playing cards, heck, use a stack of your business cards on the pile and leave a lasting impression on people!

EQUILIBRIUM uses a brand new concept in magic that will fool your spectators and leave magicians scratching their heads at the impossibility of Equilibrium!

• Exciting new concept
• Easy to do
• Resets in seconds
• No threads, magnets, or sticky stuff
• Use borrowed objects
• Never throw your cellophane away again!

DVD includes gimmicks and full instructions

LINK: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/criss-angel-presents-equilibrium-by-jesse-feinberg-trick-p-16621.html
Price: $24.99 (+2 Reward Points Earned)

Begins shipping July 24th!  Preorder today and have us ship your order first!



You only have one day left to get your free download, which shows a very neat effect that you can do with a Mechanic Deck and a Grinder Coin!  This download is going back to regular price on Friday though, so be sure to get this free item before then!

Also, pay attention to how EASY IT IS to purchase one of our MJM Magic Download items!  As soon as you place the order, you have IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the purchase.  So no waiting for shipping, no waiting for processing......nothing!  You literally can begin watching any DVD DOWNLOAD that you purchase, or read any EBOOK that we sell!

LINK: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/grind-out-by-mechanic-industries-video-download-p-16561.html

Be sure to browse through our entire DOWNLOAD LIBRARY to pick up other titles to access instantly:

Your friend in magic,
- Jeff Mash
MJM Magic, Inc.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

FREE ITEM + Downloads Just Got Even Faster!

Every once in a while, my brain goes into "engineering mode", and I start adding new functionality to the MJM Magic website which makes life a lot EASIER for both myself and for you (my customer).  So yesterday, I began coding again, and I am EXTREMELY PROUD of what came out of it!


As you know, our Digital Downloads are the way of the future.  First there was VHS tapes, then came DVD's, and now technology has moved onto Digital Downloads.  With Downloads, there is nothing to ship, which means you pay NOTHING IN SHIPPING CHARGES!   Why wait days (or even weeks for you international folks) to get that DVD in the mail when you can simply watch it online or save it to you computer?

So what's the big deal?  I'll tell you!

Up until now, whenever you placed an order with a Digital Download item, you still had to wait until one of our employees "approved" the order.  While this approval normally came within the hour, sometimes it would be longer (in the case of people who ordered in the middle of the night, and then had to wait until morning when we open for business).


Now, whenever you order any of our Digital Download items, you will get INSTANT ACCESS TO IT!  In other words, IMMEDIATELY!  Literally as soon as you submit your order to us, rain or shine, 24/7, you can then immediately access your purchase!

HOW COOL IS THAT?  And let me tell you, it's a weight off my shoulders, because I no longer have to be up at all hours of the night approving downloads anymore, because this new functionality will do it immediately for me!   So less work for me, and FASTER ACCESS FOR YOU!

(Note: While you now get instant access to watch or access your download immediately after purchase, there will still be a little delay if you want to download the video, but that's only for the very first time you try to download the video.  All videos that are downloaded can take up to 60 minutes to prepare, but while you're waiting for the video to prepare, you still can have instant access to watch your video immediately now, without any wait time!)



In order to celebrate this new functionality (and to show you how easy it is to access it), we are giving away a FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD VIDEO for a limited time!

Grind Out by Mechanic Industries - video DOWNLOAD
Link: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/grind-out-by-mechanic-industries-video-download-p-16561.html

A highly visual piece of magic that see you pull the Joker completely of the card and into the real world, you then take it and smack it straight back on the deck.

In order to do this exact effect, you will need The Mechanic Deck as well as a full dollar Grinder Coin.  However, if you don't have one, then you can still take advantage of this FREE DOWNLOAD VIDEO just to see how easy it is to purchase and access them from our Download Library!  Simply add it to your shopping cart and submit your order to watch it!

HURRY - This offer EXPIRES JULY 18TH!  After that time, it will be back to it's regular price!



Now on our website, we are trying to have a "HOT DEAL ITEM" on a daily basis.  These are items that we highlight and do SEVERE DISCOUNTING to give you the best deal possible.   Today's HOT DEAL ITEM is the Color Changing Rose, a popular trick that's easy to perform!

Link: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/color-changing-rose-trick-p-14711.html
Regular Price: $15.00

A rose visually changes color and your hand can be shown empty after the effect.
  • Easy to perform
  • No magnets
  • Visual effect designed for stage
  • You finish clean

HURRY - This offer expires in less than 24 hours or while supplies last!

Your friend in magic,
- Jeff Mash
MJM Magic, Inc.

Monday, July 01, 2013

Policy Change - Free Shipping to Canada Weight Decrease

This is just an update to our Canadian customers.  As you know, MJM Magic has always strived to offer free shipping to our friends up North.  In fact, when we first opened for business almost a decade ago, we were virtually able to ship almost every order for free.

Unfortunately, times change and the US Postal Rates are becoming sky high.  This has forced us to change the way we offer free shipping.  So while we still have a Free Shipping option available to Canada, it will only be enabled if the following two criteria are met:

1.  The order must be at least $50.00 or more

2.  The order must weight LESS THAN TWO POUNDS.

Both of those requirements must be true in order for the free shipping option to be available.

Again, it's unfortunate, but with rising Postal Costs, we are literally losing money for shipping packages over two pounds.  However, the good news is that aside from most BOOKS, the majority of items we carry (DVD's, tricks, cards, etc) are less than that amount.  So this policy change will really only effect customers who are book shopping.

Keep in mind that regardless of what you order, we will still do whatever we can to minimize (or eliminate) any duties or fees that may be collected by properly labeling our international packages to you.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Your friend in magic,
- Jeff Mash
MJM Magic, Inc.

"How did he do that?!" - Clean Cash!

Holy crap, it's hot over here in California!  We've been hitting temperatures of 109 F., and other places are getting even hotter!  Of course, that hasn't stopped me from adding great new products to the website!

Here is one that's coming out next week, and you now have a chance to preorder this and reserve your copy:

Release Date: Thursday (July 11th)
Price: $29.95 (+3 Reward Points Earned!)
Link: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/index.php?main_page=advanced_search_result&search_in_description=1&keyword=cleancash

Available in US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds, and Yen!

A bill switch so eye popping it looks like real magic!

Starting with a blank piece of paper, a simple wave of the hand creates a real 20 euro note!

This is magic that a real magician would do, and something that your spectators can really relate to. It's like a license to print money!

Marc Oberon has created a brand new method to this classic of magic, which eliminates any unnatural moves. The performer's hands are clearly seen to hold only the paper or the note, with no funny moves or 'thumb tips' in sight. It is easy to do, simple to adjust to any currency, and looks so incredibly open and fair that your spectators will be stunned by this magical effect!

The magician displays a blank piece of paper to the audience. With a simple wave of the hand, it magically changes into a 20 euro note!

Clean Cash is a very visual bill switch, which allows the performer to demonstrate something that most people only dream of. That is to make money from nothing, or in this case- change a blank piece of paper into a real banknote! With a mere wave of the hand, the performer creates an eye popping change, which looks great, and is unique because at the end, both hands are completely 'clean'. They are seen to hold only the newly created banknote with no 'thumbs' or extra notes in sight. Everything seems incredibly open, fair and 'clean', which makes for a lovely magical effect.
Release Date: Thursday (July 11th)
Price: $29.95 (+3 Reward Points Earned!)
Link: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/index.php?main_page=advanced_search_result&search_in_description=1&keyword=cleancash


Price: $19.95 (+2 Reward Points Earned!)
LINK: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/-p-16486.html
We are one of only a couple stores who still have a supply of this, but they are going FAST!   This is one of the most visual and stunning effects you can do with a packet of cards, and you can take it ANYWHERE you go!
A disturbingly clean 4 card change that happens in the spectator's own hands!

2 jokers are cleanly placed int the spectator's hands and two jokers are placed into your hands, By simply touching your jokers to theirs, all cards change to aces.

Ace combines easy sleight of hand with a devious gimmick. Ace is not a simple packet trick, it's a diabolical card change system that happens in the spectator's own hands. The DVD is jam packed with intense training for 6 powerful routines , ideas and concepts, plus all the inside information on how to turn this into a true miracle. In addition to the DVD training you will also receive the custom cards and gimmick.

6 killer Routines
Use any back design
Instant reset
Psychology and pro tips
Live performances

60 minute training DVD
Custom cards and gimmick

Price: $19.95 (+2 Reward Points Earned!)
LINK: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/-p-16486.html


This one has quickly climbed into our best seller list, and for good reason!
Price:  $20.00 (plus +2 Reward Points Earned!)
Link: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/inexplicable-by-steve-shufton-hot-p-16464.html
There is a SINGLE card in an UN-GIMMICKED envelope.

The specatator will deal cards FACE-UP from a NORMAL deck.

She will stop WHENEVER she wants.

Your prediction MATCHES!

This will leave them stunned.

No Sleights. Single Envelope. Single Prediction Card. No Switches. Ordinary deck. Instant reset.

This fresh look at the "open prediction" will leave the wise ones scratching their heads! Yet, the ingenious method is sheer simplicity!

Everything you need to perform this miracle is included. Use your own ordinary deck!

The effect in detail: A spectator is shown a small envelope, just large enough to accommodate a playing card. In fact, it contains a single playing card. This prediction is left in full view on the table (or in her hand). This is the final prediction. It will never be switched!

The spectator is handed a normal deck of playing cards to carefully examine. In fact, you can use ANY deck - nothing is added or taken away. She can see the deck is normal, well mixed, and there is truly nothing out of the ordinary - nothing to hide!

It is explained that you will not touch the cards again - as a matter of fact, if you would like, she can keep the deck - you will literally never touch the cards!

She is told to deal cards into a pile one by one, from the top of the deck, face-up onto the table (or another spectator's hand if you would like). She is told to stop whenever she wants. It couldn't possibly be more fair!

Eventually, she stops dealing on a particular card. It was a truly free choice!

With empty hands, and with no sleights of any kind, the envelope is opened. There is a single card within - the same card that has been there from the start. The envelope is shown to be otherwise empty - as it truly is. THE PREDICTION MATCHES HER CARD!

When you perform this effect, it feels like REAL magic!

 It is so much fun, so easy to perform, and truly devastating!

I know you have got to be wondering - the effect lives up to its name! But in case you need to hear it again:

    Any deck is used.

    No duplicates.

    Envelope has only one card.

    The single card in the envelope is the one that will be revealed at the end.

    Envelope is not gaffed.

    No sleights of any kind.

    You NEVER touch the cards - the spectator has full control of the deck at all times.