Friday, August 23, 2013

In Stock! Hot New Items from Mark Mason, Gregory Wilson

Howdy- ho, everyone!  One of the first things I do in the morning when I come into work (besides read all the baseball news on my S.F. Giants) is to research new items and pass that information onto my customers.   So recently, we spoke with the great Mark Mason, and we got a direct line to some of his newest products!

I find him INCREDIBLY ENTERTAINING to watch, and if you click any of the products below, you can see him perform each of these effects!

X-ACT by Mike Kirby and Mark Mason

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Editor's Note: I have always loved Any Card At Any Number tricks.  This one is so mind-blowing, you will literally see your spectator's brain explode when she tries to figure out how you just did that!

The buzz about this trick is phenomenal.

When Mike sent me his idea for A card at any number I was shocked at the creative, super clean handling he had created.

X-act is direct, killer magic that you will love to perform. You will love the method almost as much as the reactions you will get, when you perform X-act.

Comes complete with all the special props you require, plus two knockout handling's.

Handling one
A card inside an envelope is placed on the table next to a deck of cards. The spectator asks for any number from 1 to 52. The deck is removed from the card case. The cards are dealt face up one at a time until you reach their selected number. The card is removed from the envelope it matches the card at their number.

Handling two
It gets no cleaner than this. A playing card is laid face down on a spectators hand. (no envelope) The spectator names any number from 1 to 52. The deck is removed from the card case. You deal the cards face up one at a time, finally arriving at the chosen number. Its hard to believe, they turn the card over in their hand. I think you have guessed the rest.
  • Instant reset
  • Only one deck
  • No memory work
  • No multiple numbers to learn etc
  • Always deal the deck the same way
  • Only one envelope
  • Only one card in version two
  • No switch of any kind.
  • No adding jokers
  • Learn and perform this miracle in 10 minutes.
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Fully Loaded by Mark Mason

Price: $45.00 (+5 Reward Points!)

Editor's Note: One of my all time favorite card effects is the Ambitious Card Routine!   It's like a whole show of magic built into one effect.  You can literally make it a 30 second trick or a 10 minute trick!  With Fully Loaded, this is the perfect CLIMAX to that effect!  The spectator's signed card ends up inside a sealed deck of cards!  Let me repeat that:

Signed Card to a SEALED DECK!

This one single item has gotten me more bookings for both magicians and laymen than any other piece of magic I have ever performed.

It can be incorporated into any card routine. The incredible thing is, it’s really not difficult to do and is well within the means of the average card guy.

A spectator’s signed card appears inside a brand-new, sealed deck of cards. Not only is it in the deck, it is also in the correct position.

Comes with three handcrafted locking/unlocking card gimmicks that load the card smoother than silk every time. Then they unlock to become a part of the spread deck. One overlap gimmick and the deck holder plus a step- by-step DVD covering everything you need to know about this incredible effect
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No Tear Newspaper 2 by Andy Dallas and Mark Mason

Price: Only $25.00 (and earn +3 Reward Points too!)

Editor's Note: Here at MJM Magic, we have been getting a lot of requests for this one, and for GOOD REASON: It's amazing!

If you do any kind of stage or parlor magic, then you will be very interested in this!   It's a torn and restored newspaper with a twist!

Remove small pieces of newspaper, one sheet at a time, from all different pockets.

Read a gag from each piece. In the blink of an eye, the pieces become a real newspaper.

There’s one small problem, the newspaper has a HOLE right through the front sheet.

No fake pieces, black art, etc. This is a REAL GENUINE HOLE.

Magician realizes that they left one last piece in their top pocket.

This piece is placed into the hole, the last piece instantly restores.

This is a brilliant piece of stand-up magic.

Fits like a glove into any type of act.

Read gags from each piece.

Perform to music.

Use as an Emcee/Compare.

Perfect for any children’s show.

Trade shows, parlor shows or stage.

For the first time ever the DVD teaches step by step exactly how to make No Tear Newspaper 2, in ANY NEWSPAPER, IN ANY COUNTRY, IN THE WORLD, in less than 15 Minutes

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Would you like to see more magic effects by Mark Mason?  Then click this link and have a look through the following items!  Most have a demo video associated with them, and many of these are easy and super visual to perform:

Now onto the one item which ISN'T a Mark Mason product, but still put out by one of magic's most seasoned professionals:

Unleashed by Gregory Wilson

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A custom-designed dog tag penetrates on and off its chain in a way that makes people question reality.

And, for the last illusion, a spectator pushes the tag through your shirt and back on the chain while it's around your neck!

You can now unleash your inner-astonishment anytime, anywhere without any pockets!

Comes complete with a DVD and two custom-designed dog tags.

"I always carry and use at least five effects: Hundy 500, Pointless, Freakey, Exact Change and UNLEASHED." - Greg Wilson

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