Tuesday, July 28, 2020

50% OFF Sale - LAST DAY to Save! HURRY!!

"It's coming to an end......today.   As in, thousands of items will cost you twice as much if you don't act now!"

We can hardly believe it, but the end of our HUGE Summer Sale is already here.  Today is the last full day to save at least 50% or more off thousands of items.

See the full list here: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/summer-sale-50-off-c-87.html

Don't just think of it as saving 50%.  Think of it like, "All the items in that category are going to cost twice as much tomorrow if I don't get them today."

So if you see something you like, now is the time to purchase it!

A lot of people have been picking up discounted playing cards, but there are so many other great finds on that sale.

Here are the TOP 10 BESTSELLERS of the sale so far:

1. IMPRISONED (DVD+GIMMICK) by Jay Sankey - Trick IMPRISONED (DVD+GIMMICK) by Jay Sankey - Trick
$30.00  $19.99
Sale: $15.00 - SPECIAL OFFER: Order Imprisoned TODAY and receive Jay's fun coin trick called "HYPERSENSITIVE" - Guess the dates on three coins without seeing them. (This is a download and will appear in your Downloads Area after purchase!) Imprisoned Effect: Borrow a coin and have it initialed with...... more info
2. Midnight Breakfast (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by The Other Brothers - Trick Midnight Breakfast (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by The Other Brothers - Trick
Sale: $12.50 - Midnight Breakfast is a gigantic leap forward in the "Out to Lunch" principle as it requires no rubber bands, no clips and is 100% organic with everyday objects. With this invisible gimmick, you can perform every Out to Lunch effect to create powerful, visual moments. The Other Brothers...... more info
3. GT Speedreader DVD by Kozmomagic GT Speedreader DVD by Kozmomagic
Sale: $10.00 - Instructional DVD for the GT SpeedReader deck. This new design is truly revolutionary. It gives the magician an unprecedented advantage while performing card magic. Chapters: Intro to the deck Designed for Magicians Working with a marked deck Cut Force Classic Force Dribble Force Sloppy...... more info
4. Induction (2 DVD Set) by Spidey - DVD Induction (2 DVD Set) by Spidey - DVD
Sale: $24.98 - "Spidey is without a doubt the busiest hypnotist I know in today's market and THE authority on modern stage hypnosis." - Shin Lim Warning: This knowledge is not for the idly curious, the contents of this DVD; if studied properly and used ethically, can change your performance game forever! The...... more info
5. Black Widow Playing Cards Black Widow Playing Cards
Sale: $6.00 - Its venom is reported to be 15 times stronger than a rattlesnake's. In humans, Black Widow bites can bring on nausea, muscle aches, and make breathing difficult for those who do not respect the ruby-red hourglass warning. Black Widow Playing Cards is perfect for magicians and cardists who want to...... more info
6. Double Back 809 Mandolin Back (Blue/Red) - Trick Double Back 809 Mandolin Back (Blue/Red) - Trick
Sale: $2.48 - A full deck of Red and Blue double backed cards with the 809 Mandolin design in a red tuck box.... more info
7. Merry Bits and Patter Quips by Richard Merry - Book Merry Bits and Patter Quips by Richard Merry - Book
Sale: $4.98 - A great book PACKED with bits and one-liners for performers. All bits and lines are categorized by effect. Some of the categories include: liquids, cards, ropes, money, kids, dinners, mental, openers, etc. plus much, much more! VERY limited quantities AND a fantastic price!... more info
8. Murphy's Magic Signature NOC Playing Card Murphy's Magic Signature NOC Playing Card
Sale: $3.98 - As the world's largest magic distributor, we see A LOT of magic and playing cards! We are big fans of the sophistication and quality of the NOC playing card line -- so it was a natural fit to partner with the House of Playing Cards and The Expert Playing Card Company to bring you the Murphy's Magic...... more info
9. Divine Playing Cards by The United States Playing Card Company Divine Playing Cards by The United States Playing Card Company
Sale: $4.98 - "That deep emotional conviction of the presence of a superior reasoning power, which is revealed in the incomprehensible universe, forms my idea of God." - Albert Einstein A DIVINE deck: The Divine Playing Cards was designed using a mathematical pattern discovered in 1200 A.D. that seems...... more info
10. Infinitas Playing Cards Infinitas Playing Cards
Sale: $4.98 - Creativity is boundless, endless, unlimited. A world of possibilities. The Infinitas Playing Cards , designed by Rian Lehman, is a tribute to the world of infinite possibilities and interconnectivity. Printed by US Playing Card Company, with all custom art (pips, faces, even the indices), the theme...... more info

To see more items, you can click one of these links to narrow down your Sale Items by price range:



What do you call a computer mouse that swears a lot?

A cursor!


Everyday Magic Kit for your Social Media! Six Effects!!

"Are you looking for the best magic for your social media?"

EVERYDAY MAGIC KIT (Gimmicks and online Instructions) by Julio Montoro - Trick

The #1 request we are getting is, "What are some good effects to perform on video?"   Well, we are pleased to announce our latest release, "Everyday Magic Kit!"

This features not just one, but SIX amazing effects which translate very well on camera.  So if you're performing it for someone, or just want to record it and then send it out on your Facebook, Instragram, TikTok, or social media platforms, this is PERFECT for that.

Demo video: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/everyday-magic-kit-gimmicks-and-online-instructions-by-julio-montoro-trick-p-31455.html

And don't be mistaken - these just aren't for social media!  You can perform them in real live situations too!

Another great thing - the price!  Only $35.00 for all six effects!   A lot of visual tricks like this sell only one or two for that price, but you're getting a fantastic value with the Everyday Magic Kit!

You will receive the box with all the materials you will need to perform them!

Begins shipping in a few days!   Order yours now using this link:




"Best trick I've seen in a long time!"

We announced it last week, and these are almost sold out.  We will begin shipping the NO CHOICE WALLET at the same time as the Everyday Magic Kit above.

If you haven't yet purchased the No Choice Wallet, you might want to do it soon.  We're almost sold out of our reserved supply.

With the No Choice Wallet, a spectator freely chooses ANY CARD (no force).  They push the card into a clear window of your wallet.  You then have them take out a prediction to read, which says "You will pick the 8 of Spades."  They get to take the wallet in their own hands, remove the card they inserted into it, and it will be a perfect match!

As an optional kicker-ending, they can look at the rest of the cards and see that they're all BLANK!

Check it out here: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/no-choice-wallet-gimmick-and-online-instructions-by-tony-miller-and-mark-mason-trick-p-31444.html

Again, both the No Choice Wallet and the Everyday Magic Kit will ship out around the same time so if you order both, you'll receive them around the same time!   :)



Have you seen the new movie, "Constipation?"

It hasn’t come out yet.


Monday, July 27, 2020

The NO CHOICE wallet - "I still have no clue how it works!"

"Best trick I saw at Blackpool by a mile."

No Choice Wallet (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Tony Miller and Mark Mason - Trick

If you want to absolutely BLOW MINDS, then you need to own the No Choice Wallet.

  • - Spectator freely chooses ANY CARD.  Free choice.
  • - Spectator pushes it into the clear sleeve of your wallet.
  • - Spectator removes your pre-written prediction from the wallet, which says "You will choose the 2 of Hearts."
  • - Spectator removes their card to see that it's the Two of Hearts!   A perfect match.
  • - And the one-two punch: all the other cards are BLANK!  The spectator really had NO CHOICE!

So powerful: The SPECTATOR does everything!   They choose the card.  They push it in the wallet.  They examine and remove the prediction bill.  They can examine the cards.  And yes.....they can examine the wallet!!

Watch the DEMO: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/no-choice-wallet-gimmick-and-online-instructions-by-tony-miller-and-mark-mason-trick-p-31444.html

All you have to do is supply your own deck of blank cards, but don't worry - we have you covered right here.  If you don't want to perform with the blank deck kicker ending, then you don't have to.  You can simply use a regular deck of cards and omit that part of the trick.   It's definitely powerful enough to just have the prediction match the selection.

You can use this as an everyday thin-style wallet (carry your license and cash), and what we LOVE is that it's a small profile, so it's not bulky.   Plus it's examinable so the spectator is holding the wallet at the end!

Stop using a wallet that is so heavily gimmicked that you can't let anyone touch it.  With NO CHOICE, you are free to perform this effect without worrying about being caught.   The spectator is truly caught off-guard when they see that they had NO CHOICE but to freely pick the ONE CARD that you knew they would select!

LINK: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/no-choice-wallet-gimmick-and-online-instructions-by-tony-miller-and-mark-mason-trick-p-31444.html

FREE USA SHIPPING - Any order which contains the No Choice Wallet will qualify for our free shipping option!   This will begin shipping to our preorder customers in about a week's time.



The neighbor’s dog crapped in our garden, so my wife told me to get a shovel and throw it over the fence.

I don’t see what that solved. We’ve still got dog poop in our garden and now the neighbors have our shovel.


Learn how to create your own Card ANIMATIONS! Download right now!

"This is insane! Patricio just changed the game!" - Hanson Chien

The Vault - Card Animations by Patricio Teran video DOWNLOAD

It's Thursday, and you know what that means?  We are releasing another DOWNLOAD from our Vault, and this one deals with ANIMATION!

Watch how you can animate things on your playing cards: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/the-vault-card-animations-by-patricio-teran-video-download-p-31429.html

Use this to reveal predictions, or just to amaze your spectators with something they didn't know was possible!

If you perform for kids, we think this is an especially cool effect, because animation tricks are always a big hit with the younger crowds!

You will learn FOUR ingenious close-up animations on this download.  Patricio Teran teaches you step by step how to build your own special cards by applying the concept of the animated card one of the most original animation concepts in magic.

Get it today: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/the-vault-card-animations-by-patricio-teran-video-download-p-31429.html



Our huge Summer Sale is almost over, and now's your chance to save 50% on more than 1,200 different items!

We got everything from Playing Cards to Books to DVD's, and we've even broken it down by price-category for you!

Just go to this link and check them all out before the sale ends!




What do you call a bulletproof Irish man?

Rick O’Shea.


Tuesday, July 21, 2020

BACK IN STOCK - our Haunted Key Deluxe is in demand!!

"Our most popular Haunted Key is back.......but almost gone again!"

Haunted Key Deluxe (Gimmicks and Online Instruction) by Murphy's Magic - Trick

A few months ago, we released our Haunted Key Deluxe, and it sold out within a matter of days.  We literally couldn't keep it in stock.

The bad news is that it took MONTHS to get more of them made........but the GOOD NEWS is that it's back!   

Even more bad news is that they're almost gone again!

But the BEST news is that we have almost all the remaining supply in stock and ready to ship!

Check this one out: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/haunted-key-deluxe-gimmicks-and-online-instruction-by-murphys-magic-trick-p-31130.html

The price is unbeatable at only $14.95!   This key is well designed, and unlike other cheap keys on the market, this one actually LOOKS HAUNTED!  

Imagine carrying it around, telling people that you took it from an old hotel that you stayed at.......and then performing the effect where it slowly turns on your hand!  SPOOKY!!

This is perfect to perform anytime, anywhere........but even MORE PERFECT knowing that Halloween is coming up in the next few months.   And if history is going to repeat itself, that means these keys will probably be unavailable by that time.

Get your Haunted Key Deluxe today (now shipping!): https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/haunted-key-deluxe-gimmicks-and-online-instruction-by-murphys-magic-trick-p-31130.html



My Mexican uncle takes anti-anxiety medication.

It's for Hispanic attacks.


Monday, July 20, 2020

"Come get your Marked Deck plus a FREE Trick included!!"

"Immediately identify ANY card WITHOUT seeing its face.  Plus a bonus trick included!"

GT Speedreader Marked Deck Standard Version (Bicycle 809 Mandolin Red) plus Online effect

When it comes to a Marked Deck, this might be the best one out there!   Think of the possibilities of knowing which card your spectator selects by only GLIMPSING the back!

Watch the demo: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/gt-speedreader-marked-deck-standard-version-bicycle-809-mandolin-red-plus-online-effect-p-31399.html

You shouldn't be asking yourself, "Why would I use a Marked Deck?"  Instead, you should ask, "Why aren't  I using one?!"

In fact, your favorite magicians that you've watched are probably already using one!

Without any sleight of hand, having the power to know the spectator's card is an extremely powerful skill......and this deck makes it super easy to do, once you learn the clever marking system.   Only YOU will know what to look for, and it's completely undetectable to regular people.

FREE TRICK: For those who place their order with us, we are also giving you access to a free trick: "The Trick That Cannot Be Explained!"   This trick is normally taught on a separate $20.00 DVD, but you will learn it free with your purchase of the GT Speedreader Deck!   NOTE:  Access to the free trick will be given at the time of your order shipping.

Get yours today in either RED or BLUE color:



Remember above when I mentioned the free trick we are giving away (which comes as part of the $20.00 DVD)?  Well, if you wanted that entire DVD, we currently are selling it at HALF PRICE: only $10.00:

----- > https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/gt-speedreader-dvd-by-kozmomagic-p-14258.html

This DVD teaches so much more than just that one trick, and it's well worth the ten bucks to unlock the full potential of your GT Speedreader deck!

Be sure to pick one of these up with your order, because the price goes back to $20.00 at the end of the month!

LINK: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/gt-speedreader-dvd-by-kozmomagic-p-14258.html



Women should not have children after 35.   Really…

35 children are enough.


"An IMAGINED Destination, Name, and Flight Number match your luggage tag!"

"This is perfect in today's crazy world, where people are DREAMING to travel again!!"

Manifest by Vortex and Danny Weiser - Trick

This is so easy and clever to do, you'll be performing it the same day you receive it!  In fact, it works whether you're performing in person, -OR- you could do this online via a video call (Skype, Zoom, Facetime, etc).

You ask a spectator to name a place they'd love to travel to.   You ask them to name some person they'd like to take with them.  You even ask them to imagine what the flight number would be.

Then, you direct their attention to a luggage tag that has been away from your body the entire time.  You open the tag and inside, they see that the last place you traveled matches their destination, their name, and their flight number!!

Watch the demo: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/manifest-by-vortex-and-danny-weiser-trick-p-31392.html

Skilled magicians will probably know how this is done, but for the non-magician people you will perform for, they won't have a clue how you did this!

What we like about it is that there's NO PALMING involved, and no complicated loading of your Manifest gimmick.  It literally does all the work for you.

Manifest comes with everything you need, including Luggage Tag, the notepad and the labels!   And when you run out, you can just make up more labels or use other notepads if needed!

Have any questions about it?  Just go to the link below and click the Ask a Question link on that page!

LINK: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/manifest-by-vortex-and-danny-weiser-trick-p-31392.html


DOWNLOAD - Memory Man Returns is FANTASTIC!

Yesterday, we released our new download called MEMO MAN RETURNS, and I can't stop performing it.  It's so easy to do, and can be performed with ANY DECK.

The premise is simple.  A spectator selects two random cards (free choice), and turn them face down in the deck.  You then mix the deck in a chaotic fashion, and have the spectators make all the choices on how it's mixed.  Do they want you to turn two cards face down, or five cards?  They decide!

Do they want you to flip the deck upside down or right side up?  They decide! 

In the end, your left with a jumbled mess of cards, all mixed face up, face down, back to back, etc.

And yet........by putting your hands under the table, you are able to REARRANGE the entire deck back to normal.......WITHOUT LOOKING........all but their original two cards!

It's fantastic, and you should download this one if you're looking for an easy, mind-blowing effect that can literally be performed ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, with ANY DECK!




We have to keep mentioning it, because it's going to end soon.   We have over 1200 items on our Summer Sale which are selling at clearance pricing!  We have already began to SELL OUT of certain items, but we still have plenty left to choose from!

Click here to be taken to our Summer Sale, and add these deals to your next order!




Yesterday, a clown held the door open for me.

It was such a nice jester!


"Perform a Super Human Memory Demonstration!" - DOWNLOAD

"This is just impossible - Great Effect." - Nicola McBride

The Vault - Memo Man Returns by Lars La Ville / La Ville Magic video DOWNLOAD

If you want to prove that you have a SUPERNATURAL MEMORY, then this is the trick you want to perform!

Short version: from a completely chaotic deck, face up and face down cards, you (the magician) are able to rearrange every card in the same direction EXCEPT for the spectator's two cards!

And you do it without even looking at the cards!

LONG VERSION: The spectator hands you a shuffled deck of cards.  They secretly choose two cards without you looking.  You then mix up the cards in a chaotic fashion, so that they're mixed face up and face down.  To demonstrate your powerful memory, you tell the spectator that you've memorized this chaotic mess, and to PROVE IT, you put the deck under the table and ask the spectator to name their two cards.

You miraculously are able to reverse every card in the deck except for their two cards!

Did we mention that the deck can be BORROWED?  That means there are no marked cards!

Download this one today and begin performing it for friends, family, and clients!

DOWNLOAD LINK - https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/the-vault-memo-man-returns-by-lars-la-ville-la-ville-magic-video-download-p-31385.html



Yesterday we announced our huge Summer Sale, where you can get MAJOR DISCOUNTS on more than 1,200+ items!

You can see the whole list here: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/summer-sale-50-off-c-87.html

To help narrow things down, here are the current TOP 10 Items on that Summer Sale, which means these are what people have been purchasing the most:

1. IMPRISONED (DVD+GIMMICK) by Jay Sankey - Trick IMPRISONED (DVD+GIMMICK) by Jay Sankey - Trick
Was: $30.00 
Sale: $15.00 - SPECIAL OFFER: Order Imprisoned TODAY and receive Jay's fun coin trick called "HYPERSENSITIVE" - Guess the dates on three coins without seeing them. (This is a download and will appear in your Downloads Area after purchase!) Imprisoned Effect: Borrow a coin and have it initialed with...... more info
2. Hollywood by Alex Pandrea - DVD Hollywood by Alex Pandrea - DVD
Was: $25.00
Sale: $12.50 - Join Alex Pandrea in Hollywood on a journey of card magic. On this DVD Alex teaches 3 moves with cards; a switch, a color change, and a control. In addition to the sleights, Alex provides multiple routines with each move so you can add them to your working repertoire. Filmed on location in Los...... more info
3. FIT (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Paul Carnazzo FIT (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Paul Carnazzo
Was: $20.00
Sale: $10.00 - Performed by Chris James Imagine borrowing a coin and a ring and asking one of your spectators to push the coin through the ring...they can verify for themselves - the coin DOES NOT FIT through the ring. With just a little imagination, the performer defies physics and visually pushes the coin...... more info
4. Induction (2 DVD Set) by Spidey - DVD Induction (2 DVD Set) by Spidey - DVD
Was: $49.95
Sale: $24.98 - "Spidey is without a doubt the busiest hypnotist I know in today's market and THE authority on modern stage hypnosis." - Shin Lim Warning: This knowledge is not for the idly curious, the contents of this DVD; if studied properly and used ethically, can change your performance game forever! The...... more info
5. Card in What? by James Coats - DVD Card in What? by James Coats - DVD
Was: $19.95
Sale: $9.98 -   Card in What? James Coats     Imagine being able to make a signed card appear anywhere you wanted. Join James Coats and Harley Davidson model Leticia, as they reveal these fantastic secrets. You will learn the following:   Card in spectator's bra Card in spectator's...... more info
6. Masterminds (Got Your Back) Vol. 4 by Criss Angel - DVD Masterminds (Got Your Back) Vol. 4 by Criss Angel - DVD
Was: $25.00
Sale: $12.50 - Criss Angel is considered the most influential performer in magic today whether on his worldwide #1 television series Criss Angel MINDFREAK or on stage in his spectacular live show Criss Angel BeLIEve at the Luxor in Las Vegas. On this DVD, Criss Angel finally releases his killer effect, Got Your...... more info
7. Devil's Mark (DVD and Gimmicks) by Alan Rorrison - DVD Devil's Mark (DVD and Gimmicks) by Alan Rorrison - DVD
Was: $24.99
Sale: $12.50 - Finding new and interesting revelations for chosen playing cards is a challenge to be overcome by magicians far and wide. Finding a way to perform a revelation using borrowed objects that are both natural and memorable is another important piece of the puzzle. DEVIL'S MARK solves both problems...... more info
8. Skymember Presents Daily Life (Standard Edition) Playing Cards by Austin Ho and The One Skymember Presents Daily Life (Standard Edition) Playing Cards by Austin Ho and The One
Was: $10.00
Sale: $5.00 - "Colors are the string of time that string together our day-to-day life. From deep blue sadness that envelops our wounded heart, to vibrant red that lifts our lips to a heart-warming smile. So hold within your hands the deck of Daily Life Playing Cards , which therewith lingers your warmth, and...... more info
9. Profiteer (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Adrian Vega - Trick Profiteer (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Adrian Vega - Trick
Was: $29.95
Sale: $14.98 - The Mystery Box is a classic plot that most magicians have in their repertoire. Having a freely selected, signed card, appear miraculously in an isolated container is a plot that is easy to follow, and it drives magicians and laypeople crazy. Adrian Vega, the creator of SCAANDAL, has taken this...... more info
10. Mutation (DVD and Gimmicks) by Adam Cooper - DVD Mutation (DVD and Gimmicks) by Adam Cooper - DVD
Was: $40.00
Sale: $20.00 - From the creative mind of Adam Cooper comes Mutation . This is an incredible new and practical method for the color changing deck. Adam has created an ingenious method that allows you to show a complete deck of cards to be one color - and just seconds later, the back of each and every card changes!...... more info

Sale ends on July 28th!!



What do you call a health conscious cannibal?

A humanitarian!


Wednesday, July 15, 2020

MJM SUMMER SALE Starts Now - 50%+ Discounts, 1250 Items!!

"Our once a year sale is here, and BIGGER than ever!!!"

MJM Magic Summer Sale

Things are heating up this summer in more ways than one.  While temperatures are RISING, we decided to LOWER something: our prices!

Click here to see a list of over 1,250 items on our Summer Sale: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/summer-sale-50-off-c-87.html

(I know, there's a LOT to choose from!)

To help narrow things down, here are some links that will isolate them into smaller price-range categories:

This MJM Summer Sale will be active starting RIGHT NOW thru July 28th.   But hurry.......if anything on this list sells out before that time, there won't be any rainchecks, so it will be gone for good.

LINK: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/summer-sale-50-off-c-87.html



What did the 0 say to the 8?

Nice belt!


6 packed DVD'S for only $2.16 per disc! - LIMITED OFFER!

"Look at all this magic we are giving away!!"

At the Table Live Lecture July-August-September 2016 (6 DVD set)

Today we are bringing you a deal you don't want to pass up!

SIX DVD's.  THREE MONTHS WORTH of magic lectures from the industry's top performers!  Normally $40.00, today only $12.95!


These discs are crammed PACKED with so much good stuff, you will learn a ton from it.

Featuring magic taught by The Other Brothers, Calen Morelli, Steven Brundage (the man who taught me how to solve a Rubik's Cube), and more!

For only $12.95, that means you are basically getting each DVD for less than $2.16 cents!   What a deal!

We purchased all the remaining inventory for this item, and we're now down to only 18 LEFT!  So be sure to get one before this deal is gone!

LINK: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/at-the-table-live-lecture-julyaugustseptember-2016-6-dvd-set-p-23411.html



Less than 24 hours ago, we announced our upcoming product called BOLTED!  If you haven't yet seen it, stop reading and check this out:


After we sent out that announcement, there was a BRIEF period where the product went offline and didn't allow anyone to preorder it.  If that affected you, don't worry, it's now fixed!

You can now preorder this to reserve your unit and it will begin shipping in just a few short days!

If you're wanting to end your routine with a spectator's SIGNED card sandwiched in-between two bolted plates, then you need to get your hands on this one!




Why were the prisoners of Alcatraz upset when the shortest inmate broke free by sliding down his homemade rope?

It was a little condescending.


"This will be your favorite IMPOSSIBLE way to reveal a signed card!"

"This is my new favorite way to reveal a card.  It's going to be yours too!"

Bolted (Gimmick & Online Instructions) by Jared Manley - Trick

We can't stop talking about this one, and once you get this in your hands, you will see why!

BOLTED is our newest effect which allows you to produce a signed card in the most IMPOSSIBLE way.

Check this out:

  • The spectator can choose ANY CARD.  That's right, no forcing.
  • The spectator SIGNS their card (so it's one of a kind).
  • The spectator's card disappears and ends up SEALED between a BOLTED plate!
  • You can hand it out for examination!  It's REALLY their card in between the bolts!!

Watch the demo video: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/bolted-gimmick-online-instructions-by-jared-manley-trick-p-31363.html

BOLTED is incredibly well made, and the design is so INGENIOUS, it does all the hard work for you!

There are MANY WAYS to produce their card inside of your BOLTED gimmick.  (You don't have to wear a jacket, for example).  You could easily produce their signed card from inside of a playing card box that has been sitting on the table the entire time!

You will be taught a variety of ways to use BOLTED, ranging from easy (sleight free) handlings, to more advanced ones which allow you to switch one signed card with another like you see in the demo video.

SUPPLY IS LIMITED......reserve yours today by preordering it now, and we will begin shipping very soon!

-------- > LINK: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/bolted-gimmick-online-instructions-by-jared-manley-trick-p-31363.html

Performance Idea Tip: One of the ways you could perform BOLTED is with business cards!  Imagine going up to an owner of a restaurant that you'd like to get a strolling job with.  After taking his business card, you put it inside of a stack of other business cards......you then explain that out of all the important business cards that you have received, there is one SUPER SPECIAL one that you keep in a very important place.  You then pull out BOLTED from your pocket to show that it's HIS business card which is securely trapped inside of it!  Talk about leaving a magical impression with someone!


INITIAL SHOCK - Arriving In a Few Days

In case you missed it, be sure to pick up INITIAL SHOCK if you're looking for some EASY to perform visual magic!  Your signature JUMPS onto the back of a spectator's signed card!

Heck, if you wanted, after you perform it, you could end it with BOLTED (product advertised above) by having the card end up sealed inside of a bolted plastic case!

Check out Initial Shock and be sure to preorder it now before we begin shipping in a few days!

Link: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/initial-shock-gimmicks-and-online-instructions-by-alex-latorre-trick-p-31351.html



I always knock on the fridge door before opening it.

I do it just in case there's a salad dressing.


Monday, July 13, 2020

"Initial Shock is a real moment of magic!"

"Eye candy magic that is actually PERFECT to use in the real world!"

Initial Shock (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Alex Latorre - Trick

We asked our customers what is most important in a card trick, and they all said the same things:

  1. It needs to be easy to perform (no advanced sleight of hand).
  2. It needs to be quickly repeatable (no long reset times).
  3. It needs to use different cards every time (for multiple performances in the same venue).
  4. It needs to leave the spectator with something to keep or examine.

Then check out Initial Shock by Alex Latorre!  This one checks off all those boxes:


This amazing effect was produced by Mark Mason, so you KNOW that it's going to be a great worker for you!  Mark has put out some of our most favorite tricks ever created!

After you watch the demo, keep in mind: the card and the box can be handed out for examination!  This works with ANY CARD in the deck, so no forcing.  Plus, it's EASY to perform, so a beginner could do it while a professional can get a lot of mileage from it.

Bottom line: a lot of magic these days LOOKS good, but may not be practical.   Initial Shock is something that is both!  You will not be putting this one in a drawer, because it's too good for that!

LINK: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/initial-shock-gimmicks-and-online-instructions-by-alex-latorre-trick-p-31351.html



We mentioned that Mark Mason has created some of our most favorite effects!  Check out his other products below.  Most contain demo videos to preview, and Mark is one of the best teachers when it comes to explaining the handling of his effects:




Yesterday, the doctor told me I was colorblind.

The diagnosis came completely out of the purple.


Download the CLOUD Pass - "A revolutionary color change!"

The Vault - Cloud Pass by Casey Lewis video DOWNLOAD

Cloud Pass is a deeply fooling color change that allows you to make one card visually change to another while ending clean!

Watch the demo video: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/the-vault-cloud-pass-by-casey-lewis-video-download-p-31343.html

Not only is Cloud Pass easy to learn, but it requires no set up, can be done with a borrowed deck, and you can spread the cards before AND after the change!

That checks off ALL the boxes in my book!

And get this: it's a digital item, so you can literally begin learning this as soon as you submit your order!  Just head over to our Downloads Area to access it after placing your order!




Just to give you some more variety, here are the TOP 3 CURRENT bestselling downloads for the week!   Definitely worth checking out if you'r'e looking to add more content to your Download library:

1. The Vault - Induction by Spidey video DOWNLOAD The Vault - Induction by Spidey video DOWNLOAD
$49.95 - Learn Hypnosis! "If you are looking for practical information on building a show, I think you will be sufficiently impressed with Induction ." - John Wilson, Magic Magazine "Spidey is without a doubt the busiest hypnotist I know in today's market and THE authority on modern stage...... more info
2. The Vault - Dinner Table Magic (World's Greatest Magic) video DOWNLOAD The Vault - Dinner Table Magic (World's Greatest Magic) video DOWNLOAD
$14.95 - In this volume, you'll learn some of the best magic effects to perform around the dinner table. Experienced performers know that after a meal, everyone is ready for some entertainment, you'll learn some of the most amazing magic ever created that can be performed with items routinely found on a...... more info
3. The Vault - The Marsupial Vanish by Kyle Purnell video DOWNLOAD The Vault - The Marsupial Vanish by Kyle Purnell video DOWNLOAD
$10.00 - Get ready to fry your audiences with Kyle's absolutely devastating ring vanish! Silicone Rings are more popular than ever before. CHEAP. TRENDY. SAFE. What more could you ask for? With the Marsupial Vanish , Kyle has come up with a new way to utilize a property of this ring to achieve a CGI level...... more info



If "womb" is pronounced "woom", "tomb" is pronounced "toom", then shouldn't "bomb" be pronounced:


I hope that blew your minds!


Monday, July 06, 2020

"The Transparent Forcing Dice can force any number!"

"This is pretty incredible.....just watch!!"

TF DICE (Transparent Forcing Dice) RED by Chris Wu - Trick

One of the most requested magic items has always been a way to force a dice roll on a spectator.  Dice are always recognized as being a great randomizer.......a way to have the a number selected that couldn't possibly be predicted beforehand.

With the new TF DICE, you now have the power of controlling the rolled number!

Just watch: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/tf-dice-transparent-forcing-dice-red-by-chris-wu-trick-p-31312.html

It is designed to be performed in a cup, a glass, or even your hand.

Whether you're using this as a prediction (by divining what number will be rolled), or using it as a way to force a selection on someone, the TF Dice is going to be your secret weapon to accomplish this.  

Example: Imagine having six envelopes.  Five contain a $20.00 bill, one is empty.   You bring out your glass with the die inside, and have the spectator give it a shake  Whatever number it lands on, they get to keep whatever is inside the envelope.   But alas, the number they roll just happens to match the only empty envelope!   (That one might be a cruel example, but you could always reverse it, so that you give money away for a birthday boy/girl, and then reveal a note folded on the table that said, "I knew you were going to roll Number 3!")

Available in two styles:

NOTE: The TF Dice works best with you placing the die in the cup before you (or the spectator shakes it).  If you are looking for a forcing die that doesn't have that restriction, which allows the spectator to hold the die in their hand BEFORE (and after) the roll, then check out our Winner's Dice here: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/winners-dice-gimmicks-and-online-instruction-by-secret-factory-p-28134.html

The Winner's Dice also uses a cup, but there is less setup and the die can be freely handled by the spectator.  So if you're wanting them to have the most control over the die, we recommend Winner's Dice

Otherwise, the red or blue TF Dice is a cheaper alternative to forcing a single number by shaking the die in the cup.


NOW SHIPPING: MAJESTY (Red) by Sebastian Calbry

In case you missed it last week, check out this amazing gimmick which allows you to perform THREE DIFFERENT ROUTINES with the same cards:


It's quickly rising on our Bestseller list for the month (currently at #5 in just a few short days).  Now available and shipping!!



What do you call someone who steals Viagra?

A hardened criminal.


"Quick change effect with SNACKS!"

FRESH SNACK by Julio Montoro - Trick

Are you familiar with the Quick Change CLOTHING effect?  You know, the one where the male and female magicians keep changing outfits in the blink of an eye?

This is just like that, only in a small, snack-size package!

Check out FRESH SNACK: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/fresh-snack-by-julio-montoro-trick-p-31311.html

Not only do you change one package into another, but you do it MULTIPLE times and it changes from candy to chips!

This is a perfect effect to perform on camera, or as a quick walk-around performance before moving onto something else!

The gimmick itself is well made and designed to last!  Make your magic more video with FRESH SNACK!



FOLLOW UP INFO: The Evolution Project Download!!

Yesterday, we announced our Evolution Project download, and we wanted to clarify a couple of questions that we have received.

In case you missed it, first watch the video to see what it's about: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/the-vault-the-evolution-project-by-alejandro-navas-p-31308.html

The Evolution Project is truly amazing, because the magic literally happens in the spectator's hands, because you aren't physically near them!   And yet, you still perform impossible mind-reading skills!

Can these effects be performed in person, or does it have to be over a video call as shown on the video?

No, these effects are specifically designed to be performed over a video call, where you are in a completely different room.   This works to your advantage, because it makes it even more impossible that you could pull off these effects!  

Are these effects worth the cost?

Absolutely, and here's why: this is actually an ENTIRE ROUTINE.   One trick leads directly into the other, so many are connected!  What you do in trick #1 will set yourself up to perform trick #2, etc.   You are literally learning an entire show that's all streamlined together, with each trick more powerful than the last!   However, some of these can just be performed as a one-off effect if you only want to do a couple of them.

Do you have a favorite effect?

Honestly, they are all great, but I was REALLY IMPRESSED with the one called "The Rite."  It's an Oil and Water effect that is done entirely by the spectator, and man, it's mind blowing!   Keep in mind, the SPECTATOR interlaces three of a kind with three other indifferent cards, and yet, they all separate on their own!  This can be repeated too, so you can immediately do it again and it will work!   Definitely one of our favorites and worth adding to your arsenal!   This is also one of the few effects that could possibly be performed in person, sitting across from the person.

How do I access it?

It's super easy!  This is one of our digital items, so you literally can access it immediately after you place your order!  Just head over to our Downloads Area and it will show up there!

For any other questions, you can submit them on the product page here:




My wife asked me, “If I die, will you re-marry?”

I replied, “I don’t know love, I don’t think about those sorts of things.”

“Well If you did, would she live in our house?” she asked.

I said, “I don’t know, I haven’t thought about it!”

Then she asked, “Would you let her wear my clothes?”

I replied, “Nah, she’s not your size.”


From all of us here at MJM Magic, we hope you all have a great holiday weekend (for those in the United States), and stay safe everyone!   We appreciate your business and look forward to bringing you even more exciting magic next week!!

- Jeff (and Brandi) at MJM Magic!!