Friday, December 30, 2022




Things are winding down for 2022.   We had an amazing year, thanks to each and every one of you!

To thank you for your loyalty, we pulled one final product from our shelves, and we SLASHED the price.

We wanted to pick something that taught MULTIPLE EFFECTS.......and something that you could save a lot of money on.

We chose SIX 2.0 by Mickael Chatelain:

Normally $40.00, we have 24 left that we're selling for only $17.95!

You will learn:

1) Through Box: An absolutely incredible and impossible passage of matter through matter

2) Vision: A mental experiment with your deck of cards.

3) Gravity: A perfect close-up experiment, a unique curiosity!

4) Melt: Easily learn how to make gimmicked cards!

5) Hearts: A perfect trick for your evening performances (Marriage, Valentine's Day, etc.)

6) In the Box: The prediction is in the box.

All of that for only $17.95!

DON'T WAIT TOO LONG - We only have 24 UNITS available at this $17.95 price!   Once 24 of you pick this up, the price will jump back to normal price ($39.95).

That means if you click this link and the price isn't $17.95, then you missed out!

Order SIX 2.0 here:



My obese parrot just died.

I’m very sad but it is a huge weight off my shoulders.


Thursday, December 22, 2022

"Didn't order on time? E-Gift Cards are HERE!"


"E-Gift Cards are emailed directly to YOUR INBOX or to your GIFT RECIPIENT!"

Okay, let's face it guys.  Many of us wait until the last minute to get our gifts for any holiday occasion.   It's simply in our DNA.

And even if you THINK that you've gotten something for everyone, there's always that one extra thing you may want to give to someone.

It's surely too late to order something physical and have it delivered in the mail before the Christmas holiday, UNLESS you want to gift one of our E-GIFT CARDS!

Also known as Gift Certificates, our E-GIFT CARDS are perfect because they are DIGITAL: There is nothing to ship in the mail!   You can INSTANTLY email them to any recipient!   That means you can still order one now and email it to whoever you want, any time you want!



1.  You purchase an E-GIFT CARD just like a normal item on our website.  Here's a link for the $25.00 option (most popular):

2.  After you purchase it, we will release the funds into your account as soon as we process your order.

3.  You can then email the digital funds to your recipient along with a message!

4.  Your recipient will get your gift in their email inbox, along with a redemption code, and they can redeem their E-Gift Card to make purchases with us anytime they wish!

Want another value other than the $25.00?  Check them all out here:



1.  After we process your order, you will see your gift certificate balance show up on the right-hand side of our website, like this (see green arrow):

(NOTE: If you're using a smartphone instead of a computer, then this area will show up near the bottom of whatever page you're viewing.)

2.  Then click the "Send Gift Certificate" button to send your balance to your recipient!  That's it!



We have a wide range of amounts you can purchase and send.   Take a look at all of them here:



Our E-Gift Cards are designed to STACK, meaning you can add them together to get the value you want.

For example, we currently have Gift Certificates for $10.00, $25.00, and $100.   But what if you want to gift a $50.00 Gift Certificate to someone?   Simply purchase TWO of the $25.00 cards by adding two into your shopping cart.

When you purchase it, we will then deposit the COMBINED TOTAL ($50.00) into your account, and you can email all $50.00 to your recipient!



If you are sending a Gift Certificate to someone who is just new to magic, we highly recommend our beginner line of products here:

All of those items are under $10.00 and come with video instructions and routines!  

You can always tell people to find that from our CATALOG menu here: 



Everyone knows about Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer...

But few know about Harold the Brown Nose Reindeer.

He was as strong as the rest, and could fly as high. He just couldn't stop as fast.


Friday, December 16, 2022

"The biggest JUMP SCARE in magic! The WEB RETURNS!"


"One of the few tricks that come with an actual WARNING!"

What happens when you mix a PRANK with MAGIC?  You get something like this!

The WEB RETURNS is so fun to perform, and you're going to LAUGH SO HARD when you see the reactions it gets!

Four blank cards are counted onto the spectator's palm up hand. Then pictures of spider webs appear and disappear from the faces of the cards. To conclude, the spectator is asked to wave his hands over the cards. When he or she does, they discover a large, realistic spider on the back of their hand. You WILL make people scream with THE WEB RETURNS!

Watch it performed here:

When The Web originally came out, in was very hard to keep in stock.  In fact, it's been UNAVAILABLE for years now.

The WEB RETURNS brings it back, and it's better than ever with UPDATED CARDS, UPDATED ARTWORK, MOLDABLE SPIDERS, and more!

Priced super cheap, we highly recommend you pick this up!




Looking for the perfect gift for someone getting into magic for the first time?

These are all priced under $10.00, and they come with ONLINE instructions and routines!


Self working coin through cup. Unlike similar effects, the cup is provided.

Purchase Link -



Slide the middle of the card away from the top and bottom creating a zig zag. Easy to do, no mirrors and instant reset.

Purchase Link  -



8 Spikes penetrate the coin, but the coin is 100% unharmed. No sleight of hand required.

Purchase Link -



A coin appears and disappears upon command. Use your own coin, any currency.

Purchase Link -


To see the rest of our APPRENTICE MAGIC items, click this link:



A visual rubber band opening you've like you have never seen!

Slowly make a rubber band materialize around your wrist.

Take a band and throw it instantly onto your wrist.

  • No gimmicks.
  • No dummy rubber bands.
  • Impromptu.

Download it here:



Mr. Anus gets into a fight with two guys at a bar.

He rectum.


Tuesday, December 13, 2022

"The most ELEGANT coin set on the market.....under $60.00!"


"These perfect replica Morgan coins are finely aged."


When it comes to coin magic, you don't want to purchase something that requires additional items.   You want everything to come at once.

You also want it to look nice.

Look no further than our new CS (Morgan Coin) set by N2G:

You will receive everything you see in the photo (its actually four coins PLUS the one sh**l), along with online instructions teaching you the routines like 3 Coin Fly, Matrix, Coins Through Table, and Coins Across!

You won't find a more beautifully aged set of Morgan Coins than these!

Order your Morgan CS Coin Set here:

(All USA orders with this item will automatically qualify for FREE SHIPPING!)



Looking to add some mentalism into your routine?  The POV PAD quickly sold out when we first released it, but we have our resupply and we're ready to ship out any new orders that purchase it!


Have a spectator write down ANYTHING while your head is turned, and you will still be able to see exactly what they write, even through the pad is facing away from you.

Watch it performed here:

  • A clever gimmicked sticky pad that you can peek instantly ANY drawing, number or word. The online instructions teach 4 effects in detail, including a mirror routine.
  • The spectator writes on the paper and then THEY keep it instead of normally where it would be hid “for safe keeping”.
  • No electronics, or special impression devices…the secret is as good as the effect itself.

Order POV PAD here:



There is this annoying stereotype that Transylvanians are vampires. It's complete BS.  I've never met one, and I've been around for centuries.


Friday, December 09, 2022

"Move Ink EFFORTLESSLY with Ghost Ink!"


"An ink circle forms on the back of a playing card......this is GHOST INK!"

Here's the effect.   You show some  ESP symbol cards and have your spectator select one.   You then start to draw the symbol on the back of a playing card......but the pen never touches the card!

The ink just magically appears and matches their selection!

Watch it performed here:


COMES WITH THE SPECIAL ESP CARDS seen in the performance video!

The only thing you need to supply is a Sharpie pen, a single red-double back card, and your own red Bicycle deck!

  • Fully SELF-CONTAINED gimmick: you can manipulate ink at will with confidence due to the precision made gimmick.
  • Great for stand up and walk around. NO threads, NO magnets, NO chemical reusables so you can focus on your performance not lighting or the gimmick.
  • Online instructions included. Use for prediction effects, hypnosis effects and more!

Order GHOST INK using this special link to reserve yours and get it shipped first!

Link -



"Miracle One" was designed to be a very fair and clean "ACAAN-style" effect that works every time. All without any complicated sleight of hand. This amazing effect is within the reach of any magician.

  • Deceptively fooling having a chosen card appear at a FREELY-SELECTED number in a deck of cards.
  • Magician Fooler! THEY deal. THEY shuffle and choose a card while the deck is in THEIR hands. The multi-layered methods make it IMPOSSIBLE to backtrack.
  • No difficult sleight of hand. No difficult memory work, plus detailed online instructions so you can perform with confidence.

Order MIRACLE ONE here:



Borrow a glass bottle from a spectator and pour out any remaining liquid. Then, without any unnatural movement, begin to alter the physical properties of the bottle by simply rubbing it with both hands. As you complete the dramatic transformation of the bottle, the audience realizes it is now permanently distorted.

  • Bend a bottle by rubbing it between your hands, with NO unusual movement.
  • So clean, so convincing. Real world tested. Includes online instructions and bent bottle.
  • “Molten has generated the most outrageous spectator responses I have ever witnessed.”

Order MOLTEN here:



100 years ago, everyone owned a horse and only the rich had cars.

Today, everyone has cars and only the rich own horses.

My, how the Stables have turned!


Friday, December 02, 2022

"Wildly fooling. Insanely fair. A ton of fun. This is MIRACLE ONE!"


"A chosen card appear at a FREELY-SELECTED number in a deck of cards."

A magician fooler that works EVERY time.

A spectator chooses a card, and that card will appear at their FREELY SELECTED number in another deck of cards!

THEY deal. THEY shuffle and choose a card while the deck is in THEIR hands. The multi-layered methods make it IMPOSSIBLE to backtrack.

No difficult sleight of hand. No difficult memory work,


"Miracle One" was designed to be a very fair and clean "ACAAN-style" effect that works every time. All without any complicated sleight of hand. This amazing effect is within the reach of any magician.

This is designed to be your CLOSING EFFECT because it's that powerful!




With the holidays here, it can be difficult to know exactly what to give to our magic-loving friends and family.   "Will they like it?   What if they already have it?"

Don't burden yourself with those decisions.   Just purchase a MJM Magic Digital Gift Certificate!

Upon purchase, we will deposit the funds into your account, and you can email it to your recipient at any time you wish!   Even include a message to them!


1.  Click this link to see the $25.00 Gift Certificate:

2.  Purchase it like a normal item through our one-page checkout process

3.  When we process your order, we will email you the instructions on how to email it to your recipient!

It couldn't be easier, and there's nothing to physically ship!   You literally log into your account, and you can email the credit to anyone in the world, along with a message from you.   For example, you could say "Merry Christmas, and have fun spending!"

Your recipient will get emailed a special code that they can use to redeem your gift certificate, and they can shop for whatever they want on our website!

See all the gift certificate values here:



My wife asked me to put ketchup on the shopping list...

...Now I can't read anything!


Thursday, December 01, 2022

"You want DANGER? We have it. MISTER DANGER is here!"


"The most anticipated effect in the Tenyo lineup is here!"


Insert a fully SOLID plastic figurine into a box.   Then proceed to STAB THROUGH IT with a bunch of swords.  There's NO WAY that they should be able to penetrate through the solid plastic, but they do!

Watch it performed here:

This is why TENYO products are so popular.   They are easy to perform, and they're AFFORDABLE.  

Mister Danger has been the only product in their lineup which has been unavailable......UNTIL NOW.

Order Mister Danger here:

This magic trick is completely self-working. And, once you learn the clever way it is gimmicked, you will be surprised yet again!

See all the other TENYO products here:



Wife: "I can’t take it anymore. You have to choose..... it’s either me or the alcohol.  Which is it?"

Husband: "It’s you, I can tell by the voice."