Thursday, December 22, 2022

"Didn't order on time? E-Gift Cards are HERE!"


"E-Gift Cards are emailed directly to YOUR INBOX or to your GIFT RECIPIENT!"

Okay, let's face it guys.  Many of us wait until the last minute to get our gifts for any holiday occasion.   It's simply in our DNA.

And even if you THINK that you've gotten something for everyone, there's always that one extra thing you may want to give to someone.

It's surely too late to order something physical and have it delivered in the mail before the Christmas holiday, UNLESS you want to gift one of our E-GIFT CARDS!

Also known as Gift Certificates, our E-GIFT CARDS are perfect because they are DIGITAL: There is nothing to ship in the mail!   You can INSTANTLY email them to any recipient!   That means you can still order one now and email it to whoever you want, any time you want!



1.  You purchase an E-GIFT CARD just like a normal item on our website.  Here's a link for the $25.00 option (most popular):

2.  After you purchase it, we will release the funds into your account as soon as we process your order.

3.  You can then email the digital funds to your recipient along with a message!

4.  Your recipient will get your gift in their email inbox, along with a redemption code, and they can redeem their E-Gift Card to make purchases with us anytime they wish!

Want another value other than the $25.00?  Check them all out here:



1.  After we process your order, you will see your gift certificate balance show up on the right-hand side of our website, like this (see green arrow):

(NOTE: If you're using a smartphone instead of a computer, then this area will show up near the bottom of whatever page you're viewing.)

2.  Then click the "Send Gift Certificate" button to send your balance to your recipient!  That's it!



We have a wide range of amounts you can purchase and send.   Take a look at all of them here:



Our E-Gift Cards are designed to STACK, meaning you can add them together to get the value you want.

For example, we currently have Gift Certificates for $10.00, $25.00, and $100.   But what if you want to gift a $50.00 Gift Certificate to someone?   Simply purchase TWO of the $25.00 cards by adding two into your shopping cart.

When you purchase it, we will then deposit the COMBINED TOTAL ($50.00) into your account, and you can email all $50.00 to your recipient!



If you are sending a Gift Certificate to someone who is just new to magic, we highly recommend our beginner line of products here:

All of those items are under $10.00 and come with video instructions and routines!  

You can always tell people to find that from our CATALOG menu here: 



Everyone knows about Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer...

But few know about Harold the Brown Nose Reindeer.

He was as strong as the rest, and could fly as high. He just couldn't stop as fast.


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