Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kaufman Books - REPRINTED for Limited Time!

Hey everyone!  As usual, in between my daily chores of processing orders and answering emails, I like to pass on any magic related news to you guys.  And since I am a BOOK WORM, this was of particular interest to me!

Richard Kaufman has put out some of the BEST (and most popular) books in the magic industry.  The only problem is that they sell out so fast, and it takes a long time to reprint them.  We're talking YEARS in some cases.  Well, I'm pleased to announce that the following books are now REPRINTED and available for purchase!

Strange Ceremonies  by Eugene Burger
Price: $38.80 (+4 Reward Points Earned!)

This is "the" classic in the field of bizarre magick. As Mr. Burger shows us, magic can be more than trivial entertainment, and a temporary escape. Magic can be meaningful, scary, touching, and unforgettable. Mr. Burger details his experiments into bizarre magick and explains in great detail the complex and wonderful presentations he has used to deeply affect people with this dark, macabre brand of magic.

If you are thinking of performing at a seance or simply wish to take your magic to new  heights, Strange Ceremonies will help you find true north.

Performance Of Close-Up Magic by Eugene Burger
Price: $43.65 (+4 Reward Points Earned!)

Eugene Burger's masterpiece of conjuring, The Performance of Close-up Magic is a mixture of essays and effects that Burger used to become one of the preeminent close-up magicians in the world. In this collection he details the gems from his bar magic repertoire, and we are treated to all the nuances and subtleties that make these effects look like pure magic.

Look for Burger's handling of Allerton's Asprin Tin Routine, his trend-setting version of "Haunted Pack" and the amazing "Haunted Matchbox" routine.

Mastering the Art of Magic by Eugene Burger

Price: $63.05 (+6 Reward Points Earned!)

Mastering the Art of Magic is not just one book, but actually a compendium of seven of Burger's earliest, most influential writings. You'll learn how Burger approaches a group before he performs for them, his favorite card trick, and how to manage rowdy audiences. The contents are a mixture of powerful theory and wonderful effects, all explained with Eugene Burger's inimitable "touch".

David Roth's Expert Coin Magic by Richard Kaufman

Price: $63.05 (+6 Reward Points Earned!)

This is, without doubt, the most influential book on coin magic ever written. David Roth is the unequaled master of coin magic, and in this book he details all the techniques-basic and advanced-that you need for a full education in coin magic.

You will learn edge grip and a host of tricks using it, you will learn his masterpiece routine, "The Tuning Fork", and several versions of the very commercial "Wild Coin". If you're looking for a pocket coin routine you can perform anywhere,
try "The Fugitive Coin" or "Flurry".

Swami/Mantra by Sam Dalal

Price: $58.20 (+6 Reward Points Earned!)

In this fascinating compendium of the magazines Swami and Mantra (1972-1974), you will learn countless secrets of "geek" magic: how to swallow razor blades, glass from lightbulbs, stick a needle in your arm, and more. You will also learn how to present magic in an Eastern fashion, like the great Fakirs of India. Most importantly, you will have at your fingertips a collection of bizarre magick and stunts that will elevate your show from mere meaningful experience.

Gary Kurtz: Unexplainable Acts by Richard Kaufman

Price: $38.80 (+4 Reward Points Earned!)

Gary Kurtz was a creative force of the 1990s, and he pioneered many plots and techniques that had never before been explored. In this thin but dense volume, you will learn outrageously clever sleight-of-hand with coins, cards, and more.

Pay particular attention to "Name it" in which a spectator's name appears on her card, and "Attraction", which is a dazzling animated finger ring effect.

CardMagic by Richard Kaufman

Price: $48.50 (+5 Reward Points Earned!)

Cardmagic is one of Kaufman's earliest and most-loved collections of magic. It features several top card magicians of the late 70s, each one sharing a cutting edge "pet" routine of the time. You'll find contributions from Ed Marlo, Derek Dingle, Darwin Ortiz, Harry Loryane, and many more. You'll learn modern techniques for Triumph, the cull, Ambitious Card, and more. If you're a lover of card magic, you will find a treasure trove of forgotten gems in this small but mighty collection.

Hope you guys enjoyed this update!  Happy reading!

Your friend in magic,
- Jeff Mash
MJM Magic, Inc.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

FREE DOWNLOAD - Perplexo Cut & Restored Rope by Daryl

MJM Magic is proud to present to you a LIMITED TIME free gift!  Keep reading!

I was just sitting at my desk, and pondering at how THANKFUL I am to work here every day.  Not only do I get to see all this great magic coming into the store (with new items added daily), but we have the BEST CUSTOMERS in the world.  Hands down!

In case you haven't noticed, the direction of online magic is going into the DIGITAL age.  We are starting to see more and more products being released as DOWNLOADS, but many of you still are unsure about purchasing them.

"Will I like the download format?"

"I don't want to spend money on anything that I'm unsure about."

Well, let me help reassure you that our MJM Magic Downloads are worth every penny!  Not only do you get to watch your purchase instantly (after we process your order), but you can access it from any computer, and even download the file to take with you on the road!

Nothing to ship!  No lost or damaged packages by the post office!  No having to wonder, "Will my DVD arrive before my show this weekend?"  Since these products are digital, once you're given access to them, they are available to you whenever you want!

So to help show my appreciation to the best customers in the world, AND to let you test drive our MJM Magic Download system, I am giving away a FREE VIDEO for you!

Just click this link and add the item into your shopping cart!  Purchase it with any other items you need, and submit your order!  Once we process the order, you will have access to watch the video for FREE!

Perplexo Cut & Restored Rope by Daryl:

THIS IS A LIMITED TIME OFFER!  THIS EXPIRES ON JUNE 6th!!!!   So that means you have between now and the end of June 6th to get this free offer, and then it will go back to it's regular price.
Again, this is just a THANK YOU from us to you, for being part of the MJM Magic family.  And if you've never tried our downloads out, take advantage of this amazing offer.  I guarantee that once you see how easy it is, you will be wanting to add more downloads to your next order!

For a list of all our downloads, just click this link (or click the big DOWNLOADS link on the top of our website):

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Deal of the Week: Monty the Spiv by Matthew Garrett - DVD


WAS: $30.00
NOW:  $24.95 + 2 Reward Points Earned!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  Today is always our BUSIEST day of the week, and that means I will be working my butt off, making sure we get all of our customer orders shipped out quickly!

Before I lock myself into "Work Beast Mode," I wanted to share with you a DEAL OF THE WEEK.  Every now and again, we work with our suppliers to offer you a greater discount on items which have been on the market for awhile.  These are BRAND NEW ITEMS, but for whatever reason, may have fallen off the radar or been completely missed by most people.

So this week, we are discounting MONTY THE SPIV by the ultra talented Matthew Garrett!  This is a 2 HOUR DVD focusing on card effects and manipulation.  It's also AUDIENCE TESTED, performed in a live parlor setting!

While the main effect on this DVD is suited for parlor settings, the actual flourishes that Matthew teaches is worth the price of the DVD alone.  Take a look at the demo video and you will see what I mean:

In addition to our Deal of the Week PRICE CUT, you will also EARN +2 REWARD POINTS with this purchase!  As always, those can be used to discount money off your next order, simply for purchasing this item!

Hurry though!  This item will go back to normal price on Saturday, so make sure you add this to your shopping cart and purchase before 11:59PM on this Friday night!

THE EFFECT: The effect is you open a brand new deck of cards. You show the card in their new deck order. You shuffle and cut the pack and then tell a story using the cards. Despite the shuffles and repeated cutting of the cards throughout the routine all the cards turn up at the correct place in the story. Repeatedly as you tell the tale, you genuinely lose a card in the middle of the deck and find it again. You are able to include fancy cuts and flourishes during the course of the trick. Every card in the deck is used as you appear to show a mastery of the cards in a highly entertaining routine.

Suitable for beginners and experts. Includes Matthew's original "new deck order" gimmick cards.

DVD Contents

Live Performance
Learning the Order
Details of Order
Find the Joker
Going Past the Joker
False Cuts (1-5)
Basic Routine
Fitting Patter
Thumb Fan
Spinning Cards
Blank Fan
Sprining Cards
Pressure Fan
KM Move
Double Lift
Push Through Shuffle
Packet Vanish
Multiple Card Production
thumb Count: Finding the Age
Correcting the Order
Deck Switches
Preforming Conditions

"What a great idea for showing a pack in new deck order when it's actually stacked for something completely different." - Daryl The Magician's Magician

Running Time: Approximately 2hrs

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Product Release: RE, Self Bending Paperclip, The Sting, and More!

Happy Wednesday everyone......or as my wife likes to say, "Happy Hump Day!"  Although whenever I hear that expression, my mind immediately thinks of something else!

But I digress!

I've been so busy filling orders these days, I am starting to slack on sending these product newsletters out!  So here are some new products which have hit the market recently. Just doing my part to keep you all up to date on the latest and greatest!


A selected playing card is torn into four pieces. Then with one piece at a time and the hands being shown cleanly at every phase the card repairs itself. The card is then handed out for examination.

With this self-contained gimmick you will be able to perform a visual four piece torn and restored card with ease. The gimmick can even be personalized to match any deck. You will be taught the 360 version allowing you to show the card back and front in most of the phases. Filmed in HD, with in depth teaching including extra tips, ideas, & how to perform the effect with a signed card.

Comes complete with DVD and a hand crafted gimmick 

Price: $30.00 (+3 Reward Points Earned)




This one has been preselling like a banshee!  Scheduled to be released in just a couple of days, this one has been getting a lot of attention.

In the 1st episode of METALISM - The Self Bending Paperclip - magic inventor, Menny Lindenfeld, teaches you two methods (gimmick and impromptu versions) to perform a powerful and highly visual metal bending effect with an easy-to-find object, a paperclip! Learn to fully control bend timing, pace and shape, while causing the paperclip to impossibly bend by itself.

PRICE: $45.00 (+5 Reward Points Earned!)

NOTE: This is a preorder item, scheduled to arrive around May 21st.  Preorder it now with us at MJM Magic and you will get it shipped to first!


What is The Sting?
The Sting is a stage routine for the classic ring flight effect. What separates this from other ring flight routines, is Lou's work to make it play for audiences of thousands of people. Instead of a simple "here's your ring - now it's gone - now it's on my keycase" routine, Lou has weaved a believable story around the routine that is accessible to every audience.

Lou explains every tip and trick that he has gleaned over the thousands of paid performances to flatten out your learning curve and get you up and running asap. Everything from the right clip to use, the best ring flight device to choose, how to manage the audience volunteer on stage and how to get the most response from that volunteer and even more from the audience as a whole.

Price: $99.95 (+10 Reward Points Earned!)



Monday, May 13, 2013

MJM Magic: Official Authorized Dealer for Legacy Thread and Trinity System

I'm proud to announce that MJM Magic is an OFFICIAL Authorized Dealer for the Legacy Thread and the Trinity System.

If you perform with Loops or with Invisible Elastic Thread, then you know how important it is to have reliable bands and thread to use.

Well, Legacy Thread is outstanding, and it's highly recommended (and used) by top performing magicians who make a living doing this stuff.

The Trinity System is a tool which allows you to make your own Invisible Elastic Bands, which are essential to any IET performer.  If you want to make your own bands, get the Trinity System.  If you just want to have a spool of high quality invisible thread, then pick up a pack of our Legacy Thread.