Friday, May 29, 2009

Gazzo In His Element

Gazzo is one of the most well known and popular street performers out there. Thanks to Dezrah at iTricks for bringing this back into the public eye.

Here is a clip of Gazzo performing the cup and ball routine!

Dont forget to pick up some of Gazzo's products right here:

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

Just wanted to remind everyone that we are closed today due to the national Memorial Day holiday in the USA. This simply means that we won't be getting having any inbound or outbound shipments today since UPS and the Post Office are not open for business. However, our online website is always open, and you may continue to place orders as you normally do. We will simply process them tomorrow when we're back in the office.

We look forward to coming back to work tomorrow and getting all your packages shipped out to your doorstep!

Keep smiling,
- Jeff

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

PREORDER: Blackout! by Brian Platt

Brian Platt approached us recently with this new effect, and we knew that our customers would want to grab this one!

If you're into visual disappearances, and especially coin magic in particular, then this is one effect that you don't want to pass up. Not to mention, it involves our good friend Roy Kueppers whose name is a staple of quality in this industry.

We should be getting these in within a couple of weeks.


BLACKOUT! is a new utility coin that allows you to perform ridiculously clean vanishes, changes, productions and transposition miracles… right under your spectator’s nose!

BLACKOUT! is machined to precise specifications by master craftsman Roy Kueppers. It then goes through a second and third stage of meticulous handcrafting and treatment by Mike Platt. The result of this laborious process is a unique gimmick that brilliantly overcomes the inherent problems of combining “BA” with the unforgiving conditions of close-up coin magic. After well over a year of excruciating trial and error, Brian & Mike Platt’s BLACKOUT! is here!

Perform in any black (or even partially black) shirt or pants or jacket. Comes complete with full length DVD and everything you need to perform impossible looking coin magic.

“It is not until now that there has been such a fantastic gimmick on the market… I'm a perfectionist and I love Blackout!”- Mickey Silver

"I think you have solved the problems (with ‘BA’ and coins) and opened up a whole new dimension in coin magic. There is a special thrill magicians get in knowing that they can hide something in plain sight.” - Gary Kosnitzky

Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Richard Sanders Effect: Identity

It's the weirdest thing: whatever Richard Sanders comes out with, it automatically becomes a highly sought-after effect that flies off the shelves!

For this reason, we are giving you a heads up on his latest effect which will come out soon. In fact, we are taking preorders for it right now:

Product Link:

Walk up someone you've never met and have a card chosen, marked and shuffed into the deck. Next, you draw a series of random marks on the back of any indifferent card. Those marks VISIBLY JUMP from card to card, finally VANISHING COMPLETELY. The deck is slowly spread to reveal the marks on the back of one card...the spectator’s signed selection.

One last incredible kicker... you offer the card to the spectator as a souvenir. In order to personalize shake the card...and get ready for this...THE MARKS ON THE BACK OF THE CARD VISUALLY REFORM INTO THE SPECTATOR'S VERY OWN NAME!

Yes, the marks VISUALLY REFORM with no cover whatsoever ...into the name of the spectator that you just met!

With NO SWITCH... the card is immediately handed to the spectator to keep. It is completely examinable!

Key Points:
  • No previous knowledge of the spectator is necessary
  • Perform for anyone
  • Instantly reset
  • Completely examinable
  • The ultimate give away
  • Bonus material, sleights and handlings included
Over 2 hours of no holds barred, DVD training:
  • Indentity Extended: The full monte, multi-phased effect.
  • Identity Condensed: Short and sweet, go straight for the jugular!
  • Identity Maxed Out: This is a take no prisoners, maxed out version of the effect. This will fry magicians!
  • Plus: A special surprise addition, sleight of hand workshops, bonus moves, psychology, handlings tips and more.
Note: a basic to intermediate level of card handling skill is recommended for this effect, however all sleights used in this effect are well taught on the DVD.

Package includes:
  • Gimmicked Bicycle card
  • Full training DVD that will guide you through every step of this effect, including method, performance, variations, handling tips and all the subtleties that make this effect so devastating!
Product Link:

Friday, May 15, 2009

Backorders a thing of the past?

Happy Friday, everyone. I mentioned this in the latest newsletter we sent out, but it certainly deserves a spot in the blog because it's so beneficial to you guys.

We have some exciting news that we've been waiting to share for a long time! As you know, one of the main disappointments with online shopping is that sometimes, an item you THINK is available turns out to be on backorder. You get your hopes up that this item is going to arrive on your doorstep in a matter of days, only to find out after you order it that the supplier doesn't have any left.

This is something we have battled for a long time. Let's face it, when you're as large and popular as our store is, these availability problems become more and more frequent. We have over 10,000 items in our catalog which we purchase from multiple sources, and trying to keep track of "who has what" can be a daunting task.

However, I am happy to say that we have found a way around this! We have implemented a solution which will make backorders almost a thing of the past! Out of the 10,000 items that we carry, there are about 9,000 that we can guarantee real time availability status on them! What that means is that when you shop with MJM Magic, you can have confidence that the chances of getting a backorder are now slim to none.

But what about the remaining 1,000 items, you ask? Why can't those be guaranteed? Simply put, roughly 10% of the items we carry are purchased from suppliers that can't provide us with availability information. We literally find out the same time as you if it's available or not......this is limitation that these suppliers have, and there is currently no workaround for us to side step it. However, the other 90% of the items in our store do not fall into this category, and the new system is working beautifully.

So while this doesn't mean that you won't see a backorder from time to time, it DOES mean that they are drastically reduced by over 90%. Since this new system has been in place, we have had ZERO backorders in the last few weeks!

We hope this helps make your shopping experience even that much more enjoyable in our store. We're always looking to improve our service and we feel this is one thing that will go along way in the shopping community! Heck, just the other day, we have added over 100 new items to our store, so be sure to visit the New Items section to see what's new:

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Our first blog post!

So this is it.....the official FIRST POST of the MJM Magic Blog! I haven't been this excited since I ended puberty.

Yes, it's taken years for us to hop on board with a blog, but better late than never. So what can you come to expect from this blog?
  • We plan to announce new and upcoming products that deserve special focus
  • We will highlight specials and promotions that you may not be aware of
  • Most importantly, we may simply use it as an outlet to rant and let you know what is going on in our personal lives
Bottom line: when people think of MJM Magic, they think of customer service, and this is one more way for us to bring you into our world. We want to inform you not only of magic related items, but also of things that are important to us.

I know when I shop at a place, I like to feel like I KNOW the people. This is what this blog is all about.

So check back frequently for any new updates.

Keep smiling,
- Jeff