Tuesday, May 19, 2009

PREORDER: Blackout! by Brian Platt

Brian Platt approached us recently with this new effect, and we knew that our customers would want to grab this one!

If you're into visual disappearances, and especially coin magic in particular, then this is one effect that you don't want to pass up. Not to mention, it involves our good friend Roy Kueppers whose name is a staple of quality in this industry.

We should be getting these in within a couple of weeks.


BLACKOUT! is a new utility coin that allows you to perform ridiculously clean vanishes, changes, productions and transposition miracles… right under your spectator’s nose!

BLACKOUT! is machined to precise specifications by master craftsman Roy Kueppers. It then goes through a second and third stage of meticulous handcrafting and treatment by Mike Platt. The result of this laborious process is a unique gimmick that brilliantly overcomes the inherent problems of combining “BA” with the unforgiving conditions of close-up coin magic. After well over a year of excruciating trial and error, Brian & Mike Platt’s BLACKOUT! is here!

Perform in any black (or even partially black) shirt or pants or jacket. Comes complete with full length DVD and everything you need to perform impossible looking coin magic.

“It is not until now that there has been such a fantastic gimmick on the market… I'm a perfectionist and I love Blackout!”- Mickey Silver

"I think you have solved the problems (with ‘BA’ and coins) and opened up a whole new dimension in coin magic. There is a special thrill magicians get in knowing that they can hide something in plain sight.” - Gary Kosnitzky

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